Striker ready to snub Man United thanks to Arteta’s influence

Napoli striker Victor Osimhen is claimed to be keen to play under Mikel Arteta as the Spaniard continues to impress at Arsenal, and is willing to snub Manchester United in the process.

The Nigeria international has been impressive throughout the current campaign, helping his side to secure their Champions League place with three matches to spare, although they look likely to have to settle for either third or fourth in the table despite being favourites to lift the title earlier into the campaign.

Their fall out of the title race could well have come due to Osimhen having been out injured, and it would have been interesting to see how close they could have come to the Milan clubs had he remained available throughout the season.

Despite his important role in the Azzurri’s side, hit club appear to be open to his exit in the coming window as they look to cash-in on the interest in his signature, and both Arsenal and United are claimed to be keen on his signature.

The former Lille star is claimed to be have told us that he is ready to turn down a move to Old Trafford in favour of coming to the Emirates, FourFourTwo cites La Gazzetta in reporting, having been impressed by the rebuild that has seen our club progress somewhat in recent seasons.

The report adds that Champions League qualification could well be important to our efforts in sealing his arrival from Naples, something which we cannot take for granted at this point in time, but I certainly hope we can not only seal a top-four spot, but bring Osimhen to the club ahead of the new season also.


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  1. So we now want a player from a dead league?? Wasn’t he being impressive because of the dead league he’s playing in??
    So our club have been on progress in recent seasons??

  2. So said player is going to give up playing under a manager who gets the best out of the players compared to a manager who cannot get any striker he’s been managing over 2 years to hit the high notes .
    Reeks of bullsh1t .
    As much as I would love him here (said it 18 months ago)I honestly cannot see how any top striker would look at our club with the way we set up and think I’m going to be a big hit .
    That is why we are rumoured to be after Jesus and DCL ,players that are safe but not the next lvl .

    1. so 3 strikers we’ve had and no new one since MA took charge, right?

      Lacazette scored as many goals last season as he did in any season he has played for us, 17 in all comps, the same as he managed in his 1st season.

      Auba played well for just over a season after MA took over and then just declined in massive fashion as we all see, his heart wasnt here anymore, he was not captain material and the weight seemed to burden him with responsibility he couldnt handle, thats my opinion on him – had to move.

      Eddie, well up until 3 games ago was a waste of a squad space and Balogun wasnt or isnt ready to lead our line.

      Laca has been plauded over the last 2 seasons for his overall contribution to how we play today.

      but your right he cant get any attacker to hit the high notes right?

      he’s managed to get 2 20 year olds to hit double figures this season, has consistently fielded the youngest team in the league this year but apparently he cant coach kids and yet we could be 2 games away from returning to the UCL.

      Jesus would do well here, im 100% sure on that if he were to move, he is a fast, mobile and pressing striker that is in the mould of what MA wants from his attackers.

      How about we let him sign his own striker and not have Wengers left overs from 5 years ago taht dont suit HIS play style, then lets judge him on coaching strikers or is it that you are just hell bent against him and wont see things in another light?

      1. Sorry val
        But Laca and Eddie have scored how many goals between them this season ?
        Our top scorers are 2 attcking midfielders ,I was talking about getting the best out of his strikers ,I’m not sure what you didn’t get from my post regarding just that.

        1. You seem to have something personal with MA that isn’t about this club. If you have your way, he would be outta this club already.
          I personally prefer steady progress for Arsenal. We will eventually get better and I believe MA will be the man to lead the guys.
          You are allowed to reluctantly get along.

        2. your post said last 2 seasons dude, i know you hate MA but still you know sod all about the coaching and managing side of the game so how about you just hush up about him and get behind the team?

  3. The same way we were after the players that re safe like Tomi, Ramsdale ,Odegaard and you all praise them today…you don’t know more than Arteta cos its not your field.

    1. Buddy I don’t think you understand my point
      Tomi ramsdale and Odegaard have us scrabbling for fourth place ,do you think these players will get us challenging for top honours?
      Absolutely not that’s why I said safe players that Arteta can control without having his ego challenged.
      Let’s see what what next season brings and what the Matorbore can produce .

        1. Great reply val ,thought more of you but I was obviously wrong ,just another fan who can not except someone’s else’s opinion without resorting to let’s be honest making yourself look like a 10 year old .
          So I’ll say jog on buddy and give your football knowledge next time to someone who actually gives 2 fcks 👍

          1. haha, well i can see what MA is trying to do at the club, you obviously are blind to it, but you shouldnt knock and diss a man about his job when you cant even come close to what he has done so far

      1. Regarding Auba he declined as soon as Arteta came in not after a whole season ,let’s just see what he’s done as soon as he left .
        Xavi said it was gift from the gods when he got hold of him ,all Arteta did was make him a scapegoat for his own egotistical inexperience as a manager.

        1. so auba declined as soon as MA joined you say yea?

          Emery was sacked in 2018 MA joined in December that year

          so the stats for Aubas goals are:

          18/19 – 31 goals all comps – big part of our FA cup success

          19/20 – 29 goals all comps

          20/21 – 15 goals all comps

          21/22 – 7 goals all comps

          you waffle isnt backed up by the stats buddy

      2. Maybe a neighborhood troll unable to see us rise or still upset because his dudes Ozil, Kolasinac and Mustafi are not around anymore, I can understand his feelings towards our Matador or magician or Mikel, call him what you like. He’s going to be here longer than he thought, and I thank Stan/Josh for the miniscule incremental they have offered him.

  4. Well we can say all we want but the fact is we are building step by step and you saw salah and mane of Liverpool without a proper defence twas all in vain so don’t say that the players acquired are only making us scrambling for top four. Think of what how the club will be after filling the holes that need filling coz the Liverpool squad wasn’t made in a single season! So i bet with a proper squad having a runner and a fighter like nkentiah what we can be as well as having a good and strong midfield backbone. Even now if ozil was at arsenal he would have been your favourite coz he has young players doing the running and him doing the creating and organising the team wearing the arm band. We ain’t a defensive team yet the players have been here for less than a season together. So let’s hope he won’t be making substitution mistakes like his mentor yesterday!

  5. In my opinion, Victor Ohsimen would be a great acquisition to Arsenal because he possesses everything Arsenal need to reclaim their glory…so,I do recommend him to join Arsenal.

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