Striker says Arsenal will NOT mess up the FA cup! Now prove it!

Arsenal fans will not doubt be nervous and worried about being on the end of another FA cup upset on Sunday. Although we have a home game against a team from a lower league, their position at the top of the Championship and the very impressive form of Middlesborough means that the Gunners could well come a cropper.

The north east club have been tighter than a giant’s backside at the back, conceding just 20 goals from 30 league games (and none in the FA cup) tells you that the Gunners will have to make the most of our attacking talent. And with six wins in a row in all competitions, including the away win at Man City, the Boro players will be oozing with confidence.

But all this should also mean that Arsene Wenger and the Gunners wil definitely not be taking the game lightly and that is exactly what Olivier Giroud told Arsenal Player. THGe French striker has assured the Arsenal fans that our players are well aware that we are in for a tough game.

The big man said, “”If they are here it’s because they succeeded in beating a great team like City, so we need to be aware of that. We need to play our game straight away from the beginning and not let them take confidence.

“It will be a tough game, especially in the FA Cup. We know that even though a team is playing in an inferior division, they will really want to beat us at home, especially Arsenal. We are really cautious and we want to start the game on the front foot.

“Every game is a tough game in the FA Cup. It’s always a big fight. We have the spirit because we won it last year, we have more experience maybe and hopefully we will keep this trophy with us.”

Just because the Gunners are not going to let any complacency creep in does not mean that we will win, but it is a good start, and will hopefully mean that we don’t throw away the trophy that we waited so long to win. Arsenal are ready – so bring on the Boro!

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  1. Enough talk! Lets do the talking on the pitch gunners, and take care of business against middlesborough! Coyg!

  2. Championship side at the Emirates. Victory and into the next round. Don’t care if we get two players sent off in the first minute there are no excuses for not winning.

    1. Watch any of the Boro/City match mate? If Arsenal trot out and play the same pedestrian brand of football they did against LC this past weekend, the Gunners will be embarrassed @ the Emirates.

      Boro should of won that game 4,5-0

  3. the whol squad, from the coach, players to even fans, seem to be so scared of boro 🙁 🙁 🙁
    wengers cowardice is rubbing on to everyone!! poor arsenal 🙁 🙁

  4. Exactly…..we need a new manager….

    come summer priority should be a new manage above anything else…

  5. up front its time to stabilise; + next game isnt for another 7days.
    at back we can play gabriel for mert, gibbs for monreal.
    i’d rather not have chambers AND flam so if chambers plays RB, coq is still in.
    i’d put caz as b2b ahead of coq.
    ozil in the hole .
    sanchez LW, lampost at CF and walcott at RW.
    this will give the A team a chance to play together .
    plus : if we lose this game, we’re out of FA cup.

  6. the main thing is sanchez not at CF: that experiment ran its course: so he’s a shoe-in for LW. i’m ok with either welbeck or lampost at CF. if caz is in the hole, ozil needs to get a rest. walcott on the R. in the middle layer, wilshere could be b2b (?risk) and coq behind him. in all lineups, i cant imagine doing w/o le coq. chesney in GK.
    [if le prof INSISTS on having caz and ozil: ozil at LW, caz in the hole, sanchez at RW]

  7. we could take the boro coach, he knows how to stay on top, like he is in the championship, how to beat big teams, like he whacked man city and how to instill fear in opponents, like he has instilled in the vast arsenal fraternity 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. I want the next trophy won to be the league champions, thats this season out then.What’s the ambition,’ trophy wise ‘for the ‘Wenger to stay ‘brigade.

  9. We need to put a strong team as BORO team is hard to break. Winning the FA cup is definitely a real good thing.
    Chambers Gabrial Kosc Gibbs
    Flammini Rosisky
    Walcott Ozil Welbeck

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