Strong Ludogrets pushed Arsenal all the way

After Arsenal beat the Bulgarian Champions 6-0 at the Emirates, everyone thought that the return at Ludogrets would be a walk in the park. Arsene Wenger made quite a few changes to the starting line-up and the Gunners were shocked to find themselves 2-0 down after just 15 minutes of the game.

Wenger denied that he took it easy before the game. “No, we did not come here to produce less effort.” Le Prof said. “Ludogorets even pushed us to produce more effort because we had to give a lot to win the game. Ludogorets is a strong team for me. Sometimes in life you don’t know how good you are, and Ludogorets at the moment doesn’t know how good they are. Maybe they’ll come back next season and learn, they have learned a lot, and they will come back with the same team and make very good results.”

Be that as it may, the fact is that Arsenal finally took all three points thanks to Mesut Ozil’s last gasp solo effort, and Wenger has now guided his team into the knockout stages for the 17th season in a row, but he admits his aim now is to finish top of the Group ahead of PSG. He said after the game: “I believe that the most difficult thing in life is to be consistent at the top level and so it shows that we have been quite consistent there and that we could do it again this season and hopefully we can go further. Now we have a game where we can finish top of the group, at home, and let’s maintain the quality of our results until the game against Paris Saint-Germain and then we are in a good position to finish top of the group.”

We now have three weeks to prepare for the visit of the French Champions, but before that we have the small matter of Tottenham and Man United to take care of. If we can win those two we will face PSG at the top of our confidence, and hopefully top the Group as well….

Onwards and Upwards!



  1. NY_Gunner says:

    They were at home, fighting to stay in the competition. Plus they’d just been humiliated by us…Big ups to them for coming at us with the blitzing 2 goals. They never let up, til that 3rd goal. Even then they kept on coming. Much respect to em…

  2. tiyas says:

    it was a great result. i was concerned wiz Gibbs’s performance. elsewhere good fighting spirit keep trying till z end this is the new arsenal. and ozil bagging goals is what i have been wishing for. now lets kick spuds and manure and show z world we are gunning for glory. Tiyas from Ethiopia!!!!!!

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Last night was a strange one. I like allot of others had some difficulty with the team selection. I am a fan of Ramsey, at least I believe the lad has allot about him but doesn’t always show it. So anyway, I wasn’t happy that we were away from home and we go with Giroud and Ramsey, I know we destroyed this team at home but that’s because they tried coming at us, so with that in mind why aren’t we setting up for the counter. Then the one player you’d definitely want countering is shifted to the wing, ignoring the massive performances we’ve been getting out of him through the middle, why would you even dare mess with that. So I don’t mind Giroud starting but I thought Alexis would be up front with him or else on the bench.

    When the game kicked off I couldn’t tell what our formation was for the first thirty minutes. I don’t think much preparation went into this game, we just put big names out there and expected to win because we thrashed them at home. We had a good solid shape about us for most of the season, there was no evidence of that for long periods last night. Second half our shape improved.

    I like many I’m sure was cussing out a few names during the game, but when I seen Elneny coming on I nearly flipped, said to my self, WTF, don’t tell me Arsene’s happy with a draw, FFS. Then Elneny decides to knock it long and well you know how that one goes.

    These took the lead in their other three games and I think it’ll be a close game between them and Basel. We nearly seen the old Arsenal here last night, doing all the hard work but then thinking all of the work is done by just showing up. Some Arsenal players showed how big they can be in difficult circumstances, that was good. Preparation in my opinion was bad. We need Xhaka and Mustafi more vocal if one of them intends leading us. In the end though, we showed a sort of resilience. I don’t usually talk about stuff like this if we win, I feel I have to in this case, I cussed too many times not to, it would be false if I just ignored it.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    we gave ourselves up to be pushed with the lackadasical defending and rigidity/ lack of flow in attack

  5. Olivier's toe says:

    I don’t care what Wenger says. We did think it was going to be easy !
    This is always Arsenal’s downfall, overconfidence against weaker teams.

  6. leo...fourteen says:

    watch the space….the media isn’t talking about MESUT’s goal…owwww…I forgot they never rate any of our players…..anyways I wanna go back to my videos and watch that goal 14 times before 12.30

    1. seckie says:

      One of the goals of all time….. Mesut Oziiiiiilllll!!!

  7. BUR says:

    I think the 6 nil score of the previous game was not a true reflection on the opposition. They created a number of scorable chances which they never converted so I knew it was going to be a tuffy away game. Going 2 nil down was not a great surprise but I was more than pleased in the way our 2nd string replied. Apart from Ozil and Sanchez it was more or less lads who would not be 1st pick. Good result.

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