Study finds that Arsenal overpaid for signings by £50 Million this summer

Arsenal splashed out more than any other Premier League club this summer, and a study claims that they spent over the valuations of those players by a hefty £50 Million.

By these calculations, our club has overspent by just over 46% of the players’ actual valuations with Ben White‘s transfer our biggest over-reach, paying 136% over his £21.2 Million valuation as reported by the Mirror (who cite TicketGum).

Aaron Ramsdale is another we overpaid for, by a reported £19.2 Million of his £10.2 Million valuation, meaning he comes in as our worst value signing of the summer having paid over the odds by a whopping 178%, but the £28.8 Million overspend on White is equally painful on paper.

Arsenal clearly believed in their efforts however, and those players will now have to live up to their enhanced price-tags, and there could well be added pressure to come good after a tough start to the new season, and the last thing we need is these relatively young players feeling like the expectations on them are too high.

White has already endured a tough fixture against Brentford, and has since had to be sidelined after testing positive for Coronavirus, but hopefully he hasn’t been stewing on that performance too much.

Will our supposed over-spending add pressure to our new players?


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  1. The data source was…..they are a community of enthusiasts that argue over forums until they agree on a value. The values on that site are collective opinions from a bunch of fans, they are not experts with proven knowledge. Even they think it is insane that their market values are taken seriously.

    That said CIES Football Observatory, actual experts, rate Ben White at 20-30 million euros…so yeah, did over pay a bit. But, spread that fee out over a 10 year Arsenal career and it doesn’t look so bad.

    1. Transfermarkt values White at 25M,tell me where they’ve gone wrong?as for the article it clearly states that was the source as does the Mirror.

  2. Dear oh dear…… is there any ending in sight to these never ending articles that seem to want to knock The Arsenal at every opportunity and on one of our own sites?
    What does it matter to the supporters what kronkie deemed a sensible way to spend his money?
    If MA secures a trophy this season, would these daft articles be harping on about a bunch of individuals giving their take on what a player is worth?

    Good on you Stan for giving MA more money than any other PL club in this transfer window… let’s see if MA /Edu have spent it wisely.

    1. No Ken there is no end!

      That sad fact is why this site is fast regressing. There are fewer and fewer worthwhile articles these days.

      I have been trying to get Ad PAT to give me permission to write a long in depth detailed article – more a series of articles actually, as there is ahuge amount I wish to say that I consider will prove very thought provoking – about fan behaviour, fan attitudes, fan self entitlement and todays spoilt social attitudes .

      I also want to examine in depth the harm that increasing player and agent greed is doing to our game.

      But PAT has ignored my direct email to him three weeks ago now AND two public posts on JA asking for his answer.

      I need his say so as my article will be far wider reaching than just Arsenal matters. It will ofcourse affect Arsenal but also other clubs and this site is called Just Arsenal , even though that is clearly not so, in practise and in reality.

      It goes without saying that his deliberate neglect of my request has made me less inclined to use this site and I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING IF IT IS WORTH MY TIME REMAINING.

      Esp as most articles are puerile and worthless and so many simply moan, moan, moan about MA, which I, as a true SUPPORTER, cannot put up with much longer.


      1. Jon, yet another one appears in lightning speed just two articles after this!!
        I can’t be bothered to contribute to the spuds having a more valuable squad than The Arsenal, as it means absolutely nothing to the fans of both clubs if neither win a trophy or qualify for the CL etc etc.


  3. What was Tierney’s value when we bought him? Chelsea even paid £50m 4 Chillwell. How much was overpaid? CIES observatory team is a group of confused, selfish individuals. I don’t take them serious.

  4. It is called a losing mentality it has transferred from the team to the fans.. all we do now is cry cry cry complain complain complain.. I know the team is struggling but I am more sorry for the fans who have accepted the losing mentality because they can’t find a way out of the dark.. very soon we will start complaining that the sun shines half bright in the emirates I’m done

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