Stunning news that Everton have made a £30 Million bid for Alex Iwobi

Sky Sports News are claiming that Everton has made a bid of £30 Million for Arsenal forward Alex Iwobi.

Their main transfer news anchor Jim White has just tweeted this

Now, Sky Sports News do not always get it right so this could be up there with some of their more notorious fake claims but I have to admit, it does make sense to me.

Iwobi’s place is clearly under threat at Arsenal now with Dani Ceballos and Nicolas Pepe having signed and £30 Million is a bloody good offer for the Nigerian international.

Everton are preparing for a deadline day blitz, they seem to be popping up everywhere and have just had a huge bid for Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha turned down and so them making a move for Iwobi does seem very plausible.

This one is well worth monitoring because I would not be surprised if it did happen and I would also not be surprised if Iwobi himself would welcome a move to Merseyside, he would certainly get more regular football.


  1. Alexander Iwobi can only leave if Arsenal replace him with Wilfried Zaha. Otherwise he should stay, because he is currently the best right-footed LW at the club

    We all have seen how the other right-footed attackers played badly on the left side, such as Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan, Nelson, Nketiah and Martinelli. Because their left feet are not as good as Iwobi’s, which has the most adept weaker foot in the team

    However, we can ignore this silly tweet, because Everton have got an excellent right-footed LW in Richarlison. If they want another winger, they would most likely get a left-footed one

    1. Everton have Richarlison and yet they bid for Zaha. Common man, don’t act like you know all that happens in other clubs or our club. Most of the guys you mentioned have better end product than Iwobi and this is the main reason why many fans want him out.

    1. 35m can’t get any decent attacker this time ok
      Iwobi must never be sold now at least not for 30 0r 35m
      Arsenal still need Alex Alex iwobi until Nelson improves

  2. Good to see he’s valued more than most Arsenal fans do. If he stays I will be happy. If he leaves for 30m and above, fine. I’m happy he is being valued even if it’s just Everton.

  3. 30mill for Iwobi to put towards getting a CB and KT done…. Yes please.

    I don’t mind Iwobi but he isn’t needed as others can fill the same role and the money could sort out our defence and turn this into an amazing transfer window imo.

  4. Iwobi now worths 30m lol, where are you Iwobi haters?
    I’ve always said that in a few years time he will become the next Zaha.

    1. Eh-I’m one and I’m here.So Everton have tried to buy Zaha, who is soon to be 27 years old, for a total of Fee and players meeting Palaces valuation of £80m.Everton have offered £30m for Iwobi.So Everton believe he is lass than half the player Zaha is.Says a lot.

        1. Not to Iwobi I’m not PAL-Grab whatever money we can and get a proper player in.God knows what they are smoking in Merseyside these days????

  5. Snatch their hands off at £30m.
    Iwobi is a very average player who occasionally produces a 10 out of 10 moment (like Ozil).
    Looks lively when he comes on as a sub then goes missing!
    If we are building a decent side as we seem to be then he is better off leaving as he won’t get game time.
    A nice guy…… But nice guys don’t help you win three points!

  6. Iwobi must not be allowed to leave
    We don’t have enough ball dribblers in the team
    We don’t have guys who are good in spaces and good on one on one……

    This is why we always struggles, this is why we always passes sideways and backwards…..

    In this Team, Pepe, Iwobi and Ceballos are the only ones who are good on the ball…
    They are the only Ballers we have got

    Martinelly is also interesting…

    Iwobi must not be sold, unless we are bringing in Everton Soares

  7. If Arsenal are too silly to sell Alex Iwobi, then expect Everton and Leicester to finish above us.

    This is the kind of stupid unfocused decisions that only the stupid coach would make.

    1. Seriously? We haven’t cracked top 4 in 3 years, but somehow Everton and Leicester will with Iwobi?

      Iwobi average player, sub or rotation. Martinelli and Saka are the future. Iwobi had his chances over 3 years, and he pissed the bed.

  8. Why are Clubs not bidding for all this deadwoods like Xhaka, Ozil, Kolsainac and Mustafi….

    Am not a Nigerian

    Iwobi is one of the game changers we limitedly have…
    This guy always plays very well against the Big teams most especially when coming from the Bench…

    He is a threat going forward

    Why all this hate against this young dude…
    He is not yet a finished product
    He is still going to get better than this…

    He is far more better than Ozil
    Why all this Hate

  9. It’s like doing all the good work this window i.e. bought good winger on RHS and good CAM then you sell off the only good winger on the left. UTTER NONSENSE!!! Like shooting yourself in the foot.

    I wouldn’t even sell him for 70m that’s being offered for Zaha.

    I told you earlier that if he goes to another club, he would make them IMMENSELY BETTER.

  10. Everton is trying to destabilize big guns Arsenal and Man Utd by bidding for Smalling and now Iwobi.

  11. Arsenal need Iwobi he is the only viable option we have for left wing, Nelson is unproven and raw on the edges, miki will be 31 in January. he is worth way more than 30M although it’s the opening bid but selling him is insane because we would be needing a player like him in a year or so when miki leaves and by then he would be worth more than double.
    People in Everton can obviously see who is better between iwobi and Nelson, it’s a shame some supporters can’t see beyond their nose and will cry foul when he finally leaves, you did it to Ramsey and you suddenly realized his value when he is one foot out the door, you are doing it again with iwobi.

  12. Weeks ago u read a review of sarri transformation of Chelsea and I marveled. The coach came in and turned Chelsea style of play around, he made them better with the ball and a possession team, a feat that the current arsenal can’t be termed after. It vividly showed in the final, how they played us calmly and got results, we used to play like that, and are known for swift and creatively moving the ball the way they did against us at the Europa final. Now we played like the formal Chelsea, no style of play, players not being able to dominate the game without giving the opponent few chances at goal. Now this is my point, emery is a great coach but I’m yet to ascertain his style of play is. He should be able to improve our boys like klopp,pep,and poch are doing. This season is his assessment season, if he likes he approves the sale of iwobi or even Winlock, he better come out this season with good result else, he will be so gutted

  13. Iwobi will be a 27 year old bench player and some fans will still say he has potential.

    They’ll still say he’s out of position and should be played as an inverted midfielder or a reverse number 10.

    If we got offered £30 million for a bench player then sell FFS! That can go towards Soares or another winger.

    1. @Durand Do you remember Zaha at 23 . I do and he wasnt all that ,i still remember him in MAn utd . he was terrible .
      Sterling could score a goal at a time . Players do improve especially ones who are still 23 not 31. that being said IWobi needs to leave arsenal for his own development as i reckon at this age staying on the bench wont do you any favors .
      i hope Nelson doesn’t suffer the same fate , I like Saka though . I am still surprised we let Xavier Ameachi go for peanuts. Miki , Xhaka, Mustafi ,Elneny can leave now .

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