STUNNING stat puts Ramsey’s Arsenal place at risk

The Arsenal and Wales international star has not kicked a ball in anger since the first game of the Premier League season, when he picked up the hamstring injury in our disappointing defeat to Liverpool. He is set to miss the latest games for Wales over the next two weeks, with Chris Coleman having another go at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for it.

But the prognosis is good after that and according to the injury table on he will be back in contention to play for the Gunners when domestic football returns after the international break. The big question is, though, how will he get into the team?

If Arsenal were struggling, especially in Ramsey’s preferred central role, then you would expect the boss to bring Ramsey back in straight away, but we are not. Not only is the side in good form, with five EPL wins in a row, the player currently occupying the Ramsey role is one of our top performers this season.

In fact the stats website has revealed a stunning statistic from the win at Burnley on Sunday, with Santi Cazorla registering an unbelievable passing success rate of over 98 percent. That was from a player who completed the whole 90 minutes against a very physical and hard working side and not just from a sub who came on against tired legs.

In fact the Spaniard completed over 100 passes during the match and only two did not find their target. When you consider that he is not the deeper lying midfielder but one trying to create then it makes it all the more impressive and now that he is also the club’s designated penalty taker and has two goals already this season, how on Earth is Ramsey going to get his place back?


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  1. It would be interesting to see our win rate with and without Ramsey and find out if his critics are right

    1. He must be out close to 50% of the time. So my guess is that whatever Arsenals win rate is, it would be very close to that.

      Unless those certain months that every team has which they believe is their teams bogey month, unless he’s always missing on those, or always available for that matter.

  2. I don’t need a stat to tell me that Cazorla is better than Ramsey, just watch almost any Arsenal game with those two playing, and see for yourselves. I am very worried about his return though, as it will weaken us. For some reason he’s a Wenger favourite, which means he’ll be more or less straight back in the starting XI.

  3. Ramsey will get plenty of chances. If he’d been available on Sunday he would’ve gotten some time, and we could’ve done with him too. We looked slow and out of ideas on Sunday, Ramsey would have added a bit of tenacity, so long as he was fully fit. I think Welbeck for me is the one I miss most though, he can be under appreciated sometimes. He’s a very good player to have around the squad, not a prolific striker nor a majestic midfielder, but he has got allot to offer to a squad. Looking forward to himself coming back because we are only one injury away from taking Alexis out of striker role, we need him to keep learning and to keep improving up there so we don’t have to hear that no bloody Aguero up front thing anymore.

  4. If you look at the last game it would have been very good to have Ramsey on the bench to come on. I don’t get the discussions. Top clubs have more than 11 good players. Santi won’t play every game. Injuries will defenitly come sooner or later. The more top quality players we have the better.

    1. Would truthfully rather give the time to Elneny im such a big fan of mo money mo problems he’s got a touch of elegance and intelligence about his game

    2. I don’t understand how Arsenal fans behave a times. Always try criticize one Arsenal player over another. All of them are our asset and we must apply them appropriately as situation demands. I will praise an Arsenal player over another FC player in public but not over another Arsenal player. Every Arsenal player has a part to play; LP, AR, ME, OG, DW etc. Proud to have so many talented players in this great club. They are squad mates and not opponents.

  5. Ramsey may be perfect as a super sub, With fresh legs he may even be able to go past defenders!

  6. Thanks Bob for manufacturing a debate to keep us awake. But those match stats are meaningless, much as I adore Santi. The story of the match is Arsenal failing to penetrate Burnley’s defence. Santi may have completed a lot of passes but they produced no result so evidently Burnley weren’t troubled. 98% in this context says nothing about the player’s skill, only that Burnley had a gameplan and stuck to it. And that’s the problem with match stats.

  7. The answer is Walcott!!!
    Player of the month nominee, Theo Walcott, will drop to the bench, for Rambo to take his place 🙂

  8. how predictable!!even before reading one comment i knew there will be at least one who would come up with something like”wenger,s golden boy,wenger,s son/favourite”as they say there is always one:)

    1. yeah i know before they said that to giroud and walcott to but now that one has been dropped and the other being one of the best players right now for us they are labelling ramsey as the one getting favored by wenger.. they have no plan ^^

  9. I liked how Ramsey played for Wales, in the no.10 role, so.perhaps if anyone should be looking over their shoulder it should be zero assists ozil.

    He looks like he could do with a breather more than anyone and unlike cazorla, coquelin and ramsey. The likes of Xhaka, Elneny and ozil will all be on international duty. Likewise, ospina, bellerin, mustafi, holding, koscielny, Walcott, iwobi, chamberlain and alexis will all be on duty whereas cech, Martinez, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gabriel, Monreal, gibbs, perez and giroud all have time to get their fitness and also rest.

    This next period between the two international breaks is usually where, we suffer fatigue and our injuries start to get out of control. We have a relatively easy run during that period, 2 champions league games against the weakest team in the group and efl cup home game against reading, 1 away game at Sunderland and 3 home league games against swansea, Boro and the hardest one coming a month away against the filth.

    If wenger ever had an opportunity to rotate his squad, show his knowledge about his players fitness and display the confidence in squad depth this would be the period to do it.

    7 matches with the hardest one being the last one before the next international break. Certainly you would expect cech to play the 4 league games, ospina the 2 champions league games and Martinez the efl cup game. That’s the easiest position to rotate and sort. But Certainly I want to see Jenkinson, Debuchy, Gabriel, holding, gibbs, coquelin, elneny, Ramsey, maitland-niles, adelaide, willock, perez, giroud and akpom get more than just a run out against reading, so that those who have been playing the most football can get a breather during what is likely to be the easiest period of the season.

    Over to wenger to show he still has those management credentials

    1. Assist stats are overused. I’m not saying Ozil wasn’t outstanding last season but key passes is far more helpful. Vs Chelsea walcotts goal was a Bellerin assist, but he just had to pass across the goal. The one that opened up the defence was iwobi. It’s mainly for fantasy football if I’m honest

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