Stunning striker stats will amaze Arsenal fans

I know that neither of the options for Arsenal in the centre forward position has quite done it for us yet this season, but with Danny Welbeck out for a long time and Alexis Sanchez seeming to prefer to play in a wide forward or number 10 role, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud are what we will have to make do with.

That may well dismay some Arsenal fans, especially those who were adamant that Arsene Wenger needed to spend big money on a striker in the summer, but there are good reasons for us to feel reasonably confident that our front men will fire.

There are a few stats around at the minute concerning Walcott which will come as a big surprise; such as the one that shows the England international has scored 11 goals in the last 11 Premier League games that he started. Pretty impressive but that has to be tempered by the fact that he has not been a regular starter and a lot of his games have been as a sub.

Okay how about this one Gooners. Walcott´s finishing is a problem right? Well a Metro report reveals that his chance conversion in the EPL over the last four seasons is 20 percent. That is higher than Giroud´s (17%), just less than Serio Aguero´s (21%) and exactly the same as Thierry Henry´s in his last four years with Arsenal. Surprised? Me too.

So I thought I would one of those stat comparisons on and for this I used Theo´s numbers from 2012-13 which was the last time he had a fairly injury free season.

I compared those to Giroud´s in the same season as well as from last season and put in Diego Costa and Aguero from last year as well. The Arsenal strikers came out pretty well and they certainly suggest that people are writing them off too soon.

When you factor in Alexis and compare our forward options to those of our rivals, can you see why Wenger did not feel obliged to sign a new striker?

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      1. Are you serious mate??
        So you’re just coming on here to complain and inspire negativity instead of hope? What does that possibly achieve?
        Some fans actually enjoy focussing on the positives with our players… Crazy, huh? That people would actually want to enjoy watching the things we do well when we play! Not just sook at every opportunity..

      2. Stats don’t lie. AW actually has his reasons and so do us. He might be wrong and we have one whole season to find out. Until then, you should support Arsenal whatever it takes or cheers something else and comeback when AW finally get sack. Fair enough?

        1. Well, would answer my question?

          if this season we only 4th place trophy again, will you join piers morgan WOB brigades?

          No, i don’t think so, ya all AKB’s are the specialist in failures puppets ha?

          I Rest my case.

          1. with a case so strong, how could you possibly not??
            oh no, wait… You didn’t even put forward a case to begin with…

    1. Another attempt by AKB to make us believe our striker are better than world class!!!! When I watched games Giroud chance vs goal is very bad but they try to show it Giroud and Walcott stats are very near or better than Aguero (amazing fabrication of stats!!!!). Before the Stoke game our best goal scorer was OG !!!!( own goal, not Girou), and after that our strikers are compared with world and EPL top goal scorers. If Wenger did not buy a striker because of money, maybe we understand it reluctantly,but don’t try to justify it and sell it to us as stroke of genius!!! Come on AKB’s stop it we are not bunch of fools like most of you.

    1. As a matter of fact the team with the highest number of points win the title. So statistics win the league, only that the only statistics that count on deciding the winner of the league are: First number of points, second goal difference in the event of same number of points, third goal scored should the above two not separate the teams, and finally tossing the coin should stats fail to separate the teams.

      So statistics determine the winner at the end of the day.

      1. I personally, don’t get the hate towards statistics.
        For me, it’s like only watching the highlights of our games. Sure, goals are important in both scoring and preventing. But where’s the harm in analysing all the smaller things that occur over the 90 minutes of the matches? Seeing things players do well, or could be doing better?

          1. Thumps up, right mate.

            Me personally HATES WENGER’S GUT.

            if his guts won us UCL title, i am wrong to judge him.

            but his guts only enough fourth place trophy, for looser is enough,

            but for me winning is not everything is the only thing, but i can not change my support to arsenal, no way, i don’t hate my beloved arsenal,
            i hate wenger’s cowardly arrogance.

  1. It is true that stats don’t win you titles. However stats are based on actual happenings not the abstract. Anyone who ignores stats does so to his own detriment. Stats are not about what we want to see or hear but about what actually happens on the ground. If the stats are unpalatable to some of us it is precisely because the world is not controlled by our emotions and feelings but by factors beyond our control. The old English saying about beggars and horses is always true. If the stats say our strikers are not bad so be it. The main problem is that most of the EPL games are screened same time so that Arsenal fans only get to see the Arsenal game. They oftentimes see only clips of the other teams’ games which will obviously show how so and so scored a certain number of goals. Obviously such clips will not show the misses the respective strikers make before scoring. The only misses they see are those of the players whose game they watched fully! Hence many fans talk about strikers of other clubs as if every strike they make is a goal which is far from reality. The stats for Arsenal strikers are made by those who analyse all games using modern technology. Hence they are objective not subjective like individual assessments.

    1. Giroud – 4 starts, 2 goals
      Theo – 2 starts, 1 goal. And an important assist in the community shield.

      The other supposed ‘top’ strikers in the league have had much slower starts than this. But for some reason our own fans will blindly neglect this. Yes, their finishing and conversion has been absolutely poor. But their work-rate, positioning and intelligence in the box has been absolutely brilliant which is why they’ve been on the end of so many chances.
      I’m more concerned with how they respond after a bad miss than the fact that it happened. Their heads are staying up and both got their goals and 3pts. If they both keep working, the confidence and scoring touch will come. That’s inevitable.

      1. Don’t forget Alexis. He’s so unlucky that night. He’s not “join the party” yet. My opinion, let alone the finishing, we have the best football in England.

    2. Haha a constructive, thought out comment about football in general, no mention of Wenger or our players at all, followed by a regurgitated, self-entitled, stereotypical AOB comment with absolutely no input other than blind negativity?? Who would have guessed!?

      AKB, AOB whatever, it’s all personal opinion about whether Arsene’s the man to lead us forward, both sides have their merits.
      But fans who just blindly attack others who show even a glimpse of positivity as though their opinion is of a higher intelligence because they don’t have any hopes for this squad is just selfish and naive. The funny thing.. It always seems to be the AOB’s trying to bring the AKB’s to their level and way of thinking, not the other way around… Wonder why that is?

        1. We all knew for a long time, all AKBs already brainwashed.

          they only wants to see good tippy tappy football, they deluded to act like aristrocrat in the movie, says ‘ah, what a wonderful sight”.

          it’s called self ignorance belief and idiotic naives.

  2. The 11 goals came from starts as CF and RW. This means Walcott needs to be on the pitch. As to which position – I shall leave it up to you.

    1. I like the competition personally!! We haven’t seen multiple players battling for the striker position in some time, especially ones with contradicting styles. Both players can be great attacking, impact players and options off the bench late in games which is awesome to have as well.
      We have a high congestion of fixtures coming up, with some important games. Both players have been lacking the scoring touch they’ve shown previously. If they both heat up and put pressure on the other, the competition should push them as well as keep them fresh and hungry.

  3. Just quietly… Is anyone else buzzing about the Ox hopefully being unleashed on Dinamo??
    Ivanovic out of form as well.. Great week to give fullbacks around the world nightmares!!

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