STUNNING striker transfer to Arsenal BACK ON?

One of the biggest Arsenal transfer rumours of the summer so far has been the one linking us with the Porto and Combia international front man Jackson Martinez. And with an awesome goal scoring record of 92 goals from just 132 games in his three seasons in Portugal, a lot of Arsenal fans were looking forward to seeing him at the Emirates stadium.

The 28-year old has been linked with a move to the Gunners in the past but this time he was clear about his intention to leave. But all that positivity had a big bucket of cold water thrown over it last week, with the Porto chairman declaring that Jackson had made his mind up and was set to join AC Milan.

I did think that was a little stranger because the Italian club have not even managed a place in the Europa League, while Porto have a place in the Champions League group stage confirmed. And now, as reported by the Daily Mail, the striker has dismissed the idea that he has agreed a move to the San Siro, although Milan do seem to be one of his choices.

The 28-year old said, “I’m as close to Milan as I am to other clubs. In the next few days I will decide my future.”

We still do not know whether Arsene Wenger is trying to bring him to Arsenal though. Perhaps the Frenchman is waiting to see what happens with Colombia and Jackson at the Copa America over the next few weeks, although from his words it sounds like the centre forward will make his choice sooner rather than later. Will it be Arsenal?

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  1. No need to buy him. He’ll just eat into my war chest.
    Need to sell first! #AlwaysBeSelling #WarChest

    1. You are right, Poldoski, Sanogo, Campbell
      Loan Akpom
      Maybe sell OG

      Then we get him for nothing, plus wages would be less than all the above combined

    2. Martinez who?
      Just 3 seasons ago, Van Perise – around the same age – left us for only 24M when he is the top scorer of EPL and one of the best player in the world. Martinez is for the desperate club like Milan who desperately need to strengthen.
      Buy Cech and keep the remaining budget for any real proven world class star (Martinez no where near) who may be made available later in the window. Bar our AM position (Ozil), GK (if we get Cech), we can make do with any top top signing at any other position. Arsenal need top players who can break in the first 11 and contribute immediately not squad players. Jack Wilshere is the star for England, yet not able to get proper minutes at Arsenal

  2. My first choice would be IBRA but if we get Martinez I won’t mind at all, can’t see it happening cuz I hear from a number of sources that his transfer to Milan is almost done and dusted. He will play for Milan next season. I hope Wenger reacts fast and signs him within the next few days which I can’t see happening. Wenger just can’t sign anyone early always has to leave it late,fkin always. The only player we snatched quickl was Alexis, the only time Wenger acted fast and bought a super star.

    1. Ibra? I think the idea of that transfer is driving it more than the reality. Would 33 going on 34 year old Ibra transition into the Prem and give us more than 1 or 2 seasons? Very questionable, especially for the money involved in any deal for him.

      I’m not convinced we’re actually going to target a ST, the biggest hint will come in the decision whether Theo renews. Once that’s confirmed (or not) I can’t see us getting a ST and we’ll probably instead target a RW.

      If that’s the case then I think we’ll try and explore Sterling + a player like Poldi/Campbell. Talk of Griezmann and Reus just seems fantasy, neither will cost less than 40mil and I don’t see us getting any player (bar potentially a genuine ST) for that price this window despite all the desperate fan logic that gets banded about this time of the year.

      1. IBRA plays like he’s 25…he has at least another two superb season left in him,he would fit in immieditly.why not go for him??he’s magical, we could use a player like hin

        1. He does not play like he’s 25 don’t talk nonsense. He’s at the best team in a less demanding league, at Arsenal there’s a massive fight to be had for the title and I’m not convinced 33 year old Ibra could handle it physically.

          Talent-wise nowhere is beyond him, but let’s be sensible cos at his age not many (if any at all) take to the Prem and boss it. Like I said for the 12mil fee and 150k+wages the return would be far too risky.

          1. The thing about Ibra is he was never a player to burst a lung, a little like Berba he relies fully on his ridiculous skills… maybe Kanu too. I think because of his talent he would still have allot to offer even if it is a season or two. Giroud, i think Ibra would hold ball much better than him and assist with aplomb, some screamers also but we would lose what fighting quality Oli brings in attack and defense.

        2. @seancali ibra plays like he is 25 years old and yet he has ONLY 2 superb seasons left in him?

      2. I would agree under other circumstances but I think Sterling will be long gone by the time Walcott makes his mind up and puts pen to paper I get this horrible horrible feeling that Walcotts machinations surrounding a new contract include being put up through the middle as the tip of the spear and if this is the case then we’ll see no top striker coming to the emirates this summer, remember Wenger stated that his main aim was keeping his team together and I think that’s what taking up his time.
        We’re NOT linked now with anyone else and that’s a worrying thing in itself, I personally really don’t think Walcott is good enough to play that striker role and I know I’ll get roundly “thumbed down” for this but its how I feel about the boy he’s good but NOT as good as he thinks he is and it annoys me that theres a possibility that all the toing and froing around his contract may be stopping us from signing a top notch striker (and I DONT think Martinez is this)
        I do feel that AW will opt for the cheap and second rate options again and this will also include not buying a striker and putting Walcott in this role, meanwhile all our rivals will be putting strong established players into the positions where they need to bull up their squads we are not well known for doing this and its not going to happen now, which is infuriating as this is the right time to break that mould and go for it!!

  3. To be honest I just want a striker asap, higuain/benzema/Martinez/IBRA/dzeko/negredo….I fkin don’t mind, just sign a damn striker.the more time goes by the less chance we have of even getting a striker, I’m just scared Wenger has decided to name Theo our new top draw striker. I hope that doesn’t happen

    1. We have G-rude, Walchart & Wellback and a goal scoring Sanchez (LW) so AW will not be buying any new striker over the summer unless Theo leaves as AW and quiet a number on here believe our ‘strike force’ have what it takes to take us to the TOP.:(

      I am not one of those.

      1. I don’t get this pre-occupation with removing Alexis Sanchez from these goal-scoring/forward discussions – I sense your derision with the “goal scoring LW” dig.

        I don’t see Real Madrid fans moan about their CF’s 15 league goals this season whilst ignoring their wide left forward’s contribution. Nor Barca ignoring Neymar and launching in to Suarez with his measly 16 league goals.

        1. My thinking is only that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I think it fair to say that AS phenomenal success in his first season and considerate goal haul has been achieved in his self professed best position (the left wing).

          Obviously he is a top player and can (and has) played in other positions for other teams across the front. So no doubt if he was moved to a central forward position he could do a good job. But would we get the best from him? And who would take his left wing spot? We have no-one who can fill his boots if he is moved to the middle.

          Now if we had a Griezmann also in the team , then yes, put AS as CF to see how he performs… but we don’t.

          I just want to see the bar to be raised and would like a specialist CF of top quality to help Giroud lead the line and to take some of the burden from AS on the LW where he has been magnificent.

      2. No mate NOR AM I!!!
        as I’ve argued continually on here, if they were enough then they would be the champions now, if this strike force were effective then we would have gone further in the CL and finished second NOT third!!! we’ve improved but NOT to the point where we don’t need to improve any more and the attitude of some by believing this is utter stupidity (don’t give a F@CK who this statement)
        We are currently NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! we WILL BE WITH TWO NEW PLAYERS, a striker and a DM without these additions we will still not be good enough!!! watch this space and remember I said this if Im wrong Ill happily eat my hat buuuut if I’m right what will you AKB’s say??? I wonder??

  4. Theo doesn’t count as a striker and welbeck needs at least another season to be what we expect from him.that leaves us with just giroud as an all round striker, not enough not enough not enough. Wenger hear us plz

  5. Martinez is the hero Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a goal machine, a perfect finisher. A Dark Knight striker.

  6. Sorry guys DWL i have to be laughing because this happens to us every season, every single transfer window. Wenger wont be buying anyone until he see what chelsea and The Manchester teams are doing so guys and girls please relax our manager is in waiting mode. Until we loose all the top players then the excuse will be that these players werent available. That 4 players that we need to win the title wont come and I sure of it.

  7. Another STUNNING striker transfer to Arsenal is BACK ON….. and he is none other than LEWANDOWSKI. The dream signing!

  8. I will be disappointed if wenger and d board refuse to sign martinez.
    chelsea Goalkeeper’s coach has tipped cech to choose Arsenal.

        1. Agreed 🙂

          Looks like Danny could show Thierry how to bench press more though!

          In the new home kit unveiling wellbeck looks like a heavyweight boxer compared to Henry!

          As the game changed that much where a CF needs that much bulk. He is certainly a great athlete (and I will leave it there:)

  9. I’m not sure about Martinez. Firstly he’s 28 years olds, so if he takes a year to adapt he will have at most 2-3 years at his best, which makes £25mill plus wages quite expensive. Secondly it’s the portugese league… even I could score…. Finally, his international record isn’t great. It says alot that Falcao is still getting picked over him when Falcao has only scored 4 all season.

    On the plus side he looks like a beast, very suited to the premier league, and good finish. I’m just not sold….

    1. Falcao is first choice, second choice is carlos bacca then jackson martinez, can you believe that?

      why pay 25 mil for a 3rd choice ST

      1. I don’t think its so much about money now, what I’m worried about we have enough strikers so we won’t buy, we have four goalkeepers so no need we have, attacking midfield and I agre on this one we have enough, we have enough defenders well you get my drift what is AW in the market for ? Do we know last year we all knew ST and DM

        We have to sell one or two players and upgrade no mater how painful

      2. We paid £16 MIL for Danny. Maybe we would get a better return on Martinez for that extra £9 MIL?

        We may never know..

    2. Very harsh. 28 is a great age, ST’s produce it until 34 now, even beyond. Plus the portuguese league has been home to forwards like Falcao/Ronaldo…not a La Liga or Prem level but the numbers he’s produced are far and away the best. To suggest he can’t get in the Columbia side ahead of Falcao is again unfair, Falcao is God to that nation and when he’s fit he plays. Period.

      1. I’ll address my concern for each point
        1st: 28 is fine but he will have to adapt, 34 is very optimistic though There is no way he will be scoring frequently at 34 in the prem. Last striker to do that…? Maybe Drogba, but Martinez is not Drogba’s standard, there is no point arguing that because Drogba achieved so much more than Martinez and at the very highest level… annoyingly…Look at RVP (31), can’t beat a man at the moment. 31 is the decline in Strikers. 27 -30 is statistically the peak.

        2nd point Ronaldo left young, and falcao left at 29 and scored only 4 in this league… not really a defence there. Martinez is about 28 so potentially the same problem

        3rd He is third choice behind Falcao (maybe fair enough considering Falcaos status) and Bacca (Really!?) Also when he has played it has largely been against poor teams i.e. Japan, or he has disappointed/disappeared.

        Like I said he has the physique and qualities to cut it at the top level, but given that he won’t improve on what he is now and that we may get a few years at his best 25 mill is a lot of money, especially + wages… Bear in mind our transfer budget is approximately 50 mill I may be proved wrong, but I’m not sold…

        1. I don’t agree with your age scenario, RVP is a victim of his own body being fragile as it has nothing to do with his ability/physicality. I also think it’s completely hypothetical to say a player isn’t at anothers level based on what they’ve achieved to date. Ibra/Tevez have both filled their boots at 30+.

          Drogba went to Chelsea at almost 27 after being no more than a good player in France, the right club often makes the player as opposed to the player being this constant source of X amount of end product. What i mean is Jackson could move to Arsenal and be totally at home here which may lead him to really define his career as one the worlds great ST’s.

          How often do we hear about former Arsenal players moving on and falling from grace hleb/nasri/song etc, marry the right club with the player and that’s when the legacy is built. Until a player makes a move to one of the top clubs it’s pure speculation as to whether they’ll succeed.

          Yes Bacca, latin americans watch la liga primarily so you tell me who they’re going to be more keen on? You talk about the Portuguese league being inferior then question why his national side choose players from bigger leagues…make up your mind. Would England choose a player from the Prem or someone banging them in the Dutch league? Look no further than the Brazil national side, they prioritize those in the Brazilian league over your willians/firminos who play in Europe.

          Look I think there’s better options than Jackson this window, but I’m not dismissing his transfer based on any of the criteria you set out. He’s comparatively inexpensive and the age concern is unfounded. If Wenger was to make a move I’d be confident in his judgement and excited at the prospect.

          1. Again I’m Not saying he WON’T be a good signing, but statistically strikers in the PL fade after 30… Not my opinion it is a statistical fact!

            I don’t think 25million is a cheap transfer for someone who is 28 and is playing in the portugese league.

            Like you said he may come to Arsenal and be a sensation, but that is half of our transfer budget spent on a 28 year old gamble with no PL experience and a poor international record. Not worth the gamble.

          2. Oh and Ibra never played in England and Tevez left England before 30. I’m not saying all strikers suck at 30 but in the EPL it is statistically observed that striker goals reduce at 30.

            1. Sheringham seemed to get better with age and he was at his best during 30s, Van Nistleroy played at the highest level well into his 30s, Haslebank played into his 30s. Bergkamp. Zola. Di Canio.

              1. I’m not saying there aren’t exceptions obviously there are… But statistically most strikers in the EPL fade after 30… MOST not ALL…Maths people… Learn some Maths…

  10. Before we buy we need to off load about 8 players that are being paid to not play. And why would AW buy this lad at his age? We do need a CF but 24-25 year old someone that will be with us for a few years. He could do a part X with OG. He is not good enough for arsenal if we want the PL TITLE
    TW will stand out next season and I think yes I no I’m nuts but he will hit 40 in all competitions. We need a CB and DM and someone to replace SC as next season he will go. Tbh I don’t think he was in the top 3 best players last season but that’s my opinion

    1. @arsenalkid1970
      I think a striker around 27/28 has grown enough confidence in his game where he doesn’t fear taking on defenders 1 on 1. This guy looks like he’s at that point in his career. One of the few exceptions is Saldado for Spurs. One of those Cellblock FC(Stoke) defenders must have struck fear in him, because he is afraid to go at defenders in the EPL…

  11. would welcome him, but i think he is on his way to Milan. Too many clues on that front IMO.

  12. Lacazette and chech = 40m + 15m…….Total 55m and I will be happy.

    Le Coq gets a chance for a year…..which would be good for him.

    Podolski, Campbell, Arteta, Flamini, Diaby sold.
    Schezny, Jenkinson, Chambers(may be) on loan.

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