Suarez confirmed as an Arsenal player at last

I guess I should be really excited that Arsenal have finally signed someone, and I should believe in Unai Emery and his choice of players to fit his system,but to be honest I’m not!

Anyway hopefully I am wrong about that, but we have to report the arrival of Denis Suarez as good news eh!

As I have just arrived in Palawan in the Philippines so my source has come from FOX SPORTS and this is what they have confirmed….

Arsenal sign Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez on loan

Barcelona midfielder Denis Suarez is joining Arsenal on loan to the end of the Premier League season with an option to buy, the Catalan club said on Wednesday.

Arsenal manager Unai Emery worked with the 25-year-old Spaniard, who has made few appearances for Barcelona this season, during a previous loan spell at Sevilla.

So what do you think? Am I just being a little pessimistic that a 29 year old Barcelona flop can help transform Arsenal’s fortunes?



  1. He’s 25 not 29.
    personally I think u guys bad energy isn’t helping arsenal at all.
    get behind the coach and team.

    1. Exactly. Suarez is a good signing for any team. Plus he’s so young. Just go to any Barcelona message board and see that all of them have been praying he plays more. He’s very good. So good in fact, that he’s going to make Arsenal so much better instantly.

          1. So saying someone has a negative premeditated mindset is harsh, yet calling someone a flop and getting their age wrong by 4 years isn’t?

    2. well said instead of pulling the team apart all the time nice to hear a more positive view after all the manager knows the player so give him a chance

    3. Well said,I,m sick and tired of all this negativity too especially because most if the time it comes from the same people who seems to be clueless!!

    4. Something I have been saying all this time. It’s becoming really annoying. It’s like some people here would never be satisfied no matter what happens. They complain when we lose, they complain when we win. We fail to sign a player, they complain, we sign a player they complain…WTF!

  2. He’s not 29. He’s not a flop. He’s 25 and a very gifted player. The only disappointing thing is that he’s a midfielder when we need defenders. But alas we sos need to replace Ramsey and have completion for Iwobi in the left. And Suarez plays on the left very often.

  3. Poor story! I will put it down to jet lag of flying to Philippines.

    How you can write someone so negative, sight unseen? Reserve comment until after a few games, before blurting out crap.

    1. if you take nytol one-a-night before leaving for the airport, you will sleep all the way to the Philippines.

  4. Admin you should apologise for misquoting someone’s age, shouldn’t you? That aside you should also carefully examine whether you were right to call Suarez a flop. While it is true that we are short on defenders due to injury there is a limit to how many players you can bring in. If I understand the Coach well Suarez is being groomed to replace Ramsey who is slated to leave Arsenal in the summer. Is it wrong to bring in a replace early instead of stampeding in the summer window? Furthermore both Koscielny and Sokratis should be able to return within a month. Mavropanos and Monreal are back in the squad and both Bellerin and Holding will be returning next season as well as Chambers. So where would we put all those defenders? Even if you question the quality of some of them you can’t recruit more defenders than you can accommodate. It would be illogical!

    1. We can recruit a defender IF it’s only on LOAN juz as we did with Suarez who might be just a temporary replacement for injured Mikhi & the all so injury-prone Ozil..
      Even when Kos & Sokratis returned in a month, they wont be in match-fit conditions… Rightback is the position we need reinforcement the most as Lichtsteiner is not an EPL quality player & both him and AMN are never convincing as rightbacks.. We need enforcement in defense if we really want to finish top 4 this season.

      1. Arslan, from what I’ve seen in this window CB’s and RB’s of any quality have been in very short supply, particularly for loan deals. I would rather make do with what Arsenal have, including U23’s, and strengthen at the end of the season, rather that take someone lacking quality.
        Arsenal need to give players such as Medley a chance.

    2. we need more comments like yours to explain to a lot of our fans how football works,you,re making a good point what would we do if we were to buy defenders when the injured ones come back??and people have the cheek to criticise the club for wasting money no common sense!

    3. Thats right! Hang the poor Admin for a sleep induced slip!! Good thing some on here are not police, as they would arrest someone for merely coughing without covering their mouth.! After all the poor hugely and unfairly criticised Admin does for us all on this fine site too. I STILL LUV YA PAT AND AM GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOUR STERLING WORK! PERISH THE THOUGHT THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION TOO AND THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS IT TOO. Bloody snowflakes!!!

  5. Suarez will be a good signing at 25 and 1 Spanish international full cap, plus having played for the age teams. There is minimal risk to Arsenal because they have the option to buy at a pre agreed price.
    He can play right across the midfield, centrally as well as wide where Emery used him at Sevilla.
    The fact that he has had trouble breaking consistently into the Barcelona midfield, is a minor issue given the strength of their current midfield. The reaction from the Barcelona fanbase is that they thought he had a future at the club and didn’t want him sold at the end of a loan.

  6. I am no Arsenal fan but a Barca fan who is in love with your so-called flop. That lad is a G, and your coach knows him better because they worked together before; if you dont know somethings you better not write coz you clearly don’t know Denis; he didn’t get a chance because Barcelona has lots of quality midfielders and no one at Arsenal can match them. You got a good player be patient with that guy.

  7. well to be honest, Sanchez and ozil were both Barcelona and Real madrid flops. ooh almost forgot even Sala was a flop at chelsea and de bryun at man city. thought you should know

    1. charles, despite Mezut Ozil’s current situation you can’t call Ozil a “flop” at Real Madrid. Why was Christiano Ronaldo so upset when he was sold?

  8. Hi ‘admin’ I’m in the Philippines, South of Manila. I take it you are (scuba)diving in Palawan and not the other kind?

  9. People just keep emphasizing on defense been d problem….
    Am a footballer but not by profession…
    If the attacking unit is not good enough, the defense suffers…
    Even if we sign four Van Dirk today, and we don’t have enough ball dribblers both on the wings and in central midfield,
    The defense will still continue to suffer…

    Let me tell you guys this,
    Man city and Liverpool defence unit are good not because their Defenders are better than ours but because they have an efficient Attacking system that absorbs pressures from getting to their defense unit….
    Same with Barcelona….

    Iwobi is the only player in our team that can take d ball to an opponent, and make a driving runs on his own
    Iwobi is the only player that is more of a threat to our opponent..

    That shows how poor our attacking system is; Very very poor
    That is why we hardly create good chances
    This is why backward passes and sideways passes are always dominant in our pattern of play……

    We need Ballers, we need Artistic Dribblers with brain….

    1. Perhaps you missed lacazettes goal Tuesday night!! Not only drove at defence but finished off as well something sadly Iwobi never does

      1. The guy was talking about driving at defenders and im inclined to agree with him about Iwobi being the only one. laca does that as well, but as a striker does he do it like Rashford or Martial or even Anaurtovic? We are poor at that and only rely on passes to get us there and if we are playing against a compact team we easily fail to score because we lack dribblers

      2. @iffybright-why didn’t you suggest playing Iwobi in defence?Another who seems blinkered to Iwobi’s limited ability.Rkw summed your post up perfectly.Lacazette has ability that Iwobi will never have and he quite often goes wide to receive the ball.
        This thing with Iwobi is now beginning to embarrass all his admirers.So,yes.He can run at defenders with the ball.And yes.He is most probably the only attacker we have in this present squad who is able to do this.But how effective is he?How many chances does he create?How many goals does he score?And I have yet to see him scare the living sh.t out of an opponent that you all feel he does.
        You will notice I said Iwobi was “ the only attacker in this present squad”.And that is easy to justify.Kolasinac is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE when he runs at defenders than Iwobi.And he is not even an attacker.It would be interesting to see the stats between these two for chances created and goals scored.Not a lot of difference between the two I would imagine.
        And for all you so obsessed with Iwobi I give you some other points to consider.If Emery really rated your player that highly why is it the Club are still so determined to sign midfielders and wingers as a priority?
        Iwobi is a stop-gap and nothing more.Reiss Nelson will be ahead of Iwobi in the pecking order next season and we will undoubtedly buy a specialist winger.
        Still,it’s not all doom and gloom.Im sure there is a JUST BRENTFORD or JUST QPR for them to follow.

    2. you are mostly right apart from hyping Iwobi.yes he can drible past players but his vision and final ball is quite average .we need Carzolla type

      1. Am not hyping Iwobi
        just saying that for Iwobi to be rated as d only dribbler we have in the team, shows how bad the team is….

        You guys all failed to understand d point am trying to bring out….

        1. Forget that Phil of a guy, he detest Iwobi mentioned in the softest of any good light.
          Iwobi is average at best, but he’s the only one that does what he does in the club. We need one on the right, left and central to be able drive at players at will.
          City has Sane, KDB and Sterling. L’Pool has Mane, Salah and Wynadllum.
          Iwobi is far below these players, we need the board to get us better players or the coaching crew help develop our lacking players as fast as possible. The world wont wait for us.

  10. After being critical of Emery, i would say this is a superb signing as our midfield never created any chances of late.we have a good CDM good clinical striker needed some creative person in the midfield.Ramsey though moving on still plays with his heart unlike Ozil.Hence i should say Suarez is a replacement for Ozil.Good decision by Emery, this should bring exciting football back. Yes defence needs to be improoved, lets hold that for next window. Addition of carrasco on the wings would be good on a loan .Hope these 2 can get us the UEFA cup and a top 4 and redeem Emery.

  11. I believe the coach knows what he is doing. I see us making the top four at the end of the season. Thanks to Chelsea irregularities!!!

  12. Arsenal may be able to squeeze into top 4 this season. BuIld up the defence next season and get the title within a few years. Liverpool will probably win title this season if they maintain the advantage. The last EPL title that Liverpool won 89-90 was more than 2 decades. Arsenal should not wait too long.

  13. Suarez will prove to be useful imo. He was one of man city’s brightest prospects at one point but his fascination with Barcelona has definitely stagnated his development, Still got time to do it at arsenal though. Carrasco deal would be ideal but if that’s all we get then I hope lady luck smiles on us the way she has been on the spuds, cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride to champions league football.

    Extremely disappointed if the rumours of Ozil rejecting PSG are true. Why is he content with not playing football and earning a monstrous wage? Paris is just as good a city as London. The club keep giving him these hints that his unwanted but the lads unfazed. It’s extremely disappointing

    1. Apparently he loves arsenal so damn much ..
      Ozil has lost his desire for the game .People can say otherwise.
      He may have all the technique in the world but it is not implemented on the pitch .
      It was sad to see he couldn’t even boss Cardiff team .
      Football has changed .Certain Players have more power than the managers .

      1. I’m usually against booing a player but I can see the gooners turning on him if he doesn’t turn it on for the rest of the season. His behaviour throughout this season has been appalling from his inability to follow UE instructions because he can’t be arsed putting extra effort in, to doing hippy crack in a public place, to hiding behind his agent when people started questioning his wage. This guy whole heartedly believes that cause he sells some jerseys he doesn’t have to do his job. UE has said multiple times that Ozil has been fit and he has left him out for tactical reasons, if that doesn’t scream “GTFO” then maybe they should just banish him to U23’s till he gets the idea. Absolutely fuming he rejected going to PSG

          1. @Sue You’re gonna have to elaborate. I’ve never wanted a player to be booed, I’ve definitely wanted players to leave but never booed, so don’t get what exactly is so funny

            1. I was being sarcastic Malik…. you say you’re USUALLY against booing a player, but not in this case hey? Because it’s Ozil we’re talking about!! Put the boot in hey!!

        1. @Malik.HOW DARE YOU.
          You have GONE TOO FAR.
          You should be BANNED FROM THIS SITE FOREVER.
          What you have just said is BLASPHEMOUS to the point of SLANDER TO MANKIND.

    2. This proves whose lazy greedy lethargic unfocused money grabber weak frail looser mentality player.Touchel would not tolerate any if the above. qualities

        1. Red and White,
          So can you explain what Touchel would do then?
          Would he make him captain one day then offer him to another club the next?

          Look forward to your explanation, meanwhile what’s your views on getting the best out of players using man- management skills?
          Would the above be a good example of how not to do it!?

          1. The French league is not so physical, demanding and competitive as the EPL so it would be a good move there, but alas he prefers the bench or elsewhere than abide by the coach and do what he is supposed to do on the pitch.He was in his prime 5 years back, but has switched off, so lets not bask in past glory.

            Sue apologies for the spelling “loser”

  14. Funny how I post a day ago that it’s been announced on BBC News and got flamed as not being “official” but it appears on Fox News so it’s official?
    I’ve just looked and it’s still not on
    Anyway, be that as it may, welcome to The Arsenal Mr Saurez.

    1. Declan, it seems that their is last minute paperwork to sort out, but nearly there.
      What do our fans want?
      One minute we’re not allowed to question the manager, the next minute he signs a player on loan (great piece of business from the club) and their up in arms again, slagging him off for not signing who they want! Laughable but also sad.
      The poor guy hasn’t even been pictured with the shirt on yet!!
      I also thought we were told to wait for UE to choose his own players?
      Well here’s one, so get behind them both and actually support the club!!!!!!

  15. Just watched a clip on gunnerblog which had UE call Suarez to ask him to sign(but singing it to Adele’s ‘Hello’) bloody hilarious!! Definitely worth a look!!

  16. Believe it or not but seeing ramsey playing good and still being the super professional that he has always been kinda makes me wish we had kicked ozil and alexis out and resign ramsey. Yes he is not as gifted as them but he actually plays with passion and actually fits in emery system.

    1. Ramsey is a true, loyal soldier! I never rated the guy but he has given us 100% every time he has stepped on this pitch for us knowing fully well he will be gone at the end of the season! THAT IS TO BE SALUTED! On the other hand Ozil has already retired with 2 years still left on his Arsenal contract, THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT TO BE SALUTED!

    2. Can’t argue too much with what you say about Ramsey in regards his commitment.Always gave 100% so could never be accused of not trying.BUT.Again I will disagree with anyone who says Ozil is lazy,disinterested and should be sold.
      This is my only serious issue with Emery at this time and I will continue to give him until the end of this season before criticism becomes more intense.But MESUT OZIL is the best player we have at our Club.Why can’t our “visionary coach” get performances out of him.Lets not forget Ozil shone brightly in Germany as a young player before moving to Madrid and playing a completely different system.He was voted German player of the season by their supporters Five Seasons out of Six playing yet another system.He came to Arsenal to play another system under Wenger.its not as though Ozil hasn’t got the football intelligence to adapt.But has Emery got the Coaching ability to adapt his philosophies to incorporate Ozil? I believe the Coach has more questions to answer than Ozil.

      1. Ozil disciple spotted…….
        No matter how bad ozil is, this phil guy will still defend him and slander those better players who are giving their all on the pitch…

        People like you must be avoided…
        I dislike people who judges or analyses based on sentiment…
        They are cancerous and must not be giving any leadership positions
        Because they will ruin it with their sentimental minds…

        Phil you always say rubbish here…

        Never say Ozil is Arsenal best player again…
        What rubbish

        1. Iffy, sort your life out and listen to the arguments please. That is not what Phil said at all. Cancerous is a word that you should think about at least three times before you even consider calling someone that…..

        2. So I’m “cancerous” and “always write rubbish”.Is that correct?Then YOU TELL ME.
          Who exactly at Arsenal Football Club is a more talented footballer than Mesut Ozil?
          The fact Emery is unable to get performances out of such a gifted footballer says as much about the Coach as the player do you not think?
          And when writing maybe you should understand that many millions of people suffer,and have previously suffered,from cancer,my own wife being one.
          I will put your comment being down to the fact that you know as much about football as you do about real life.
          And being a self confessed Mesut Ozil lover is no different to the many who still revere Arsene Wenger.
          Get a life you sad pathetic idiot

          1. Phil, I’ve got the best of both worlds… love both of them to bits!!!
            What’s your take on Ozil being made captain then?
            UE seems to be making some really puzzling U turns regarding him in my view.

            Hope your wife is fully recovered by the way.
            At least an apology was forthcoming, but doesn’t excuse the action.

            1. Hi Ken-My wife had treatment 8 years ago for over three years before getting the all clear.Regular check ups and she is as healthy as she has ever been.But thank you for your thoughts Ken.So very typical.
              Mesut Ozil.The enigma that continues to divide the fan base.I personally love to watch great footballers.Robert Pires was a great footballer.Dennis Bergkamp was a great footballer.Liam Brady.Cesc.RVP.The list is endless.I admire Eden Hazard and KdB as the two best “footballers” playing in the PL today.Mesut Ozil SHOULD be rated as highly as them.But he isn’t.Not by a very long shot.And that really frustrates and saddens me.This is a player with as much natural ability as most (not all) of the great players we have had at our Club down the years but something just has never been right.Wenger mistakenly played him too wide for long periods.Emery seems to want a workhorse when we in fact have a thoroughbred.I feel his days are numbered and I will be matching whoever pays the bet between you and Jon when (sadly not if) he is sold this summer.But I truly hope it is Jon’s cash I am covering and not yours.
              But to the question of why Emery had him as Captain on Tuesday.I just do not know.Was it to try and get a better performance with the responsibility?was it because he was seen as the only natural and most experienced player(Lichstiener excluded)?
              I would hope we see Ozil start at Citeh on Sunday but somehow I just can’t see it happening.I also believe Lacazette will be benched as we shore up the midfield.Emery will have his game plan so we will have to wait and see.
              Still it could be worse Ken-we could be s@t on a beach in the Phillapines with Admin while it’s pouring down with rain.

              1. Phil, good to hear your wife is fit and well.
                The one thing I really don’t want to do is take Jon’s money if UE is going to do next season what he’s been doing this season with Ozil.
                The really interesting thing about all this is the silence within the club and the players in particular.
                If you think back to Sanchez, it was, in my opinion, quite obvious that the players had wanted Sanchez out well before he left.
                That doesn’t seem to be the case with Ozil and his regular upbeat postings seem to indicate he wants to stay.
                Like you,I will be amazed if he is picked for the City game, simply because I hope we set up the bus at the back to contain them.
                Could see him coming on later, but I don’t think any fan can double guess exactly what UE is going to do.

                Back from Portugal this weekend, so looking forward to seeing the boys in action.
                My wife would go spare if she thought we were planning a holiday with fellow gooners, she’s complaining at this precise moment…..”on that bloody Arsenal site again? It drives me mad”!!!
                Marital bliss…. I think I would get on better with JF !!!

                1. Have a safe trip back Ken-And Sunday will be tough.I be,ieve we will set up to contain and try and hit them on the break.We do have pace on Auba and Laca.Ramsey is a must for this game as he will support his front runner(s).But it’s that same old defence that will determined ne what we get from this game

      2. Yes Ozil is our best player in terms of natural ability but he is nowhere near our best player in term of actually play for the last 2 season. he does not fit the current system which shouldn’t be changed just because of 1 player, his age and his repeated injuries also work against him.

        1. No arguments from me on this.I just question the Coach and his abilities on why he has not found a system that can incorporate his most talented player(s) into his team.Laca and Auba have only recently been playing together and they have both proved they can do their job (scoring goals) in the same team.Surely Ozil would only improve their performances if the team pattern and system was right.

          1. Shouldn’t it be the other way around eh Phil? Why does the coach have to bend his system to suite Ozil? Even the great Lionel Messi is able to adapt to the different coaching systems and formations he has played under. He has played as a false 9, he has played on the wing, he has even played in a 3 man midfield as a CAM. Same with Ronaldo, being used as a winger and now a CF. If Ozil isn’t played as a no10, what use is he to the Arsenal team? In the 433, 442 and 343 formation Emery clearly favors, Ozil is useless because a no10 isn’t needed.

            You want Ozil as our winger?

            1. Why would I want Ozil as our winger?He needs to play centrally as a floating No10 with natural pace and widemen up front.
              And to a certain extent I agree thevplayer needs to adapt himself to the new managers thinking.But only to a certain extent.The player himself is as limited as others in that he can only be expected to perform as his natural position allows.
              Would you see a World Class player such as Neymar as a LB?Or Ronaldo as a CB?
              Or Iwobi as a GK?
              Now come to think of it-with the size of his fat arse and his natural ability to flap his arms it could end up as a master stroke to play him there.
              Why has our Manager not thought of this
              EMERY OUT

              1. @Phil I think asking a player who is naturally an attacker to play a defensive role is absurd (your ronaldo example) but a player that refuses to follow a coaches instruction even though no-one else in this team has a problem just shows poor character. Even iwobi can play multiple positions and he apparently isnt nearly as taleneted as Ozil. Ozil has conducted himself extremely poorly this season and to accompany that with how rigid he is in a formation, it just baffles me how he still has a place in our team

              2. Agreed Philip…

                It’s obvious and everyone knows we lack those wide men up front with natural pace, thereby making the 4231 formation Ozil thrives on flawed, should we continue with a flawed system just to satisfy Ozil? To the detriment of the team and our results? I guess not.

                So you agree Ozil is useless without a no10 setup? That settles it then. More bench role for him please while players like Iwobi who can actually adapt to the NEW coaches system continue to play.

                1. Did we ever see DB10 played out wide?No we didn’t.Why?It would have been a waste of his talent.Im not comparing Ozil to the great DB10 but Wenger had a set up that allowed Bergkamp to receive the ball in the areas that made him so effective.Has either Wenger or Emery ever done that?Not consistently they haven’t.Think back to Athletico Madrid at the Emirates last season.Ozil started wide right.It was only the last 19 minutes he was moved centrally.He was pilliored for his performance against a side that played with 10 men for 80 minutes but was it totally unexpected?Not in my mind it wasn’t because whether Ozil is rated or not by an individual supporter even his most vociferous detractors would agree it is pointless playing him out wide.

      3. I read Ozil made more passes , covered more ground,
        (This he usually does even when the bunny Sanchez was still on our book)and created goal scoring Chances than any other players aside Mustafi ( in passes and ground covered ) against cadiff and he is still called lazy. Does lazy has another new meaning.

  17. A younger version of Mik who may be offloaded in the summer?Suarez is a very talented, creative player who is likely to play out wide for Arsenal.The next transfer window will be critical for our Club with lots of poor defenders to be jettisoned for better quality players hopefully! Nelson and Chambers seem to be developing on loan and they may well feature in the first team squad next season.

    1. Grandad-talking to a Fulham supporting pal about Chambers.He says he was abysmal at full back either in a three/five or four back line.He was OK ish at centre back but agreed no worst than anyone else at the Club.But he says he has been outstanding as a holding CDM.
      I’ve always liked the player and felt that you could really see the improvement in him when he featured in the side in the second half of last season.
      It remains a mystery to me He was allowed to go out on loan.He would have been playing just as much at Arsenal as at Fulham.And it would have prevented us from having to play Xhaka and Lichstiener as CB’s.
      Very poor judgement on whoever allowed this to happen.

  18. @phil,you want the admin to ban Malik for life because he said “Paris is just as good a city as London”.thank God you don’t own the site,it’s a known fact that Paris is a very beautiful city so I really don’t get your point.

      1. Thank you Admin.I Obviously will never apply for a job with the Paris Tourist Bureau.
        How’s the holiday going?Never ventured to the Phillapines myself .

        1. My first time mate. We escaped Bali coz it rained every day (Monsoons!)
          So our first day here and it is pissing down…
          I’m beginning to feel victimized.
          But it’s still a lot hotter than England lol

  19. And can you also back up your “Ozil is arsenal best player,this is Ozil 6th season with us and he’s only been arsenal player of the session once 2015/2016.

      Look it up.
      And pay more attention to what was written before replying.It makes you look a bit stupid when you answer completely off kilter.

      1. @Phil
        Hahaha. Ozil being voted by German supporters for 5 years is as serious as Ozil himself.
        Ozil has more than 30 million followers on his twitter or Instagram etc and i bet most of them are bot Germans. Do you know how the best German player thing is voted? Someone said anyone can vote in it German or not.

        And during the summer “Ozil vs Germany” debacle a lot of ozil fans on here and other platforms assured us that Germans are all racists. People were pointing out that all Germans football fans can’t be racist as they have voted Ozil as their best player for 5 years. An Ozil fan on here then dismissed this notion that it’s the Germans that voted for him all those times, it was his big global following that keep voting for him as anyone around the world can vote in this German best player thing.

        So which is which? The Germans are racists and are not the ones that keep voting for him rather his global social media following?

        And when was the first and last time Ozil won player of the year voted for by his peers in Germany?

        I think this “ozil won German player of the year for 5 years” is flexible and is used bu you guys when it suits you.

        1. Ozil as just broken 500 chances created for teammates (only Ericksen for spurs as more 510 ) in the PL .and everyone raves about ericksen
          But yea he ozil no talent ??‍♂️

              1. A statistic is a statistic.
                What more can you do other than to use them to illustrate or confirm facts
                You never know Some day your Blow Up Doll Iwobi might find himself important enough to have statistics on him and his performances.
                PLEASE NOTE-I mean on the football pitch and not your own personal experiences of him/her or whatever you call it.

                1. What it means TH14 is that it shows ozil creates for the team that’s what he is paid for .I’m not one for stats but I saw this flash up in our match against Cardiff and it backs up why fans stick up for him ,class in permanent (something iwobi will never have in football terms ).like sue said in another post she supports the team not an individual and that’s what this game is a team sport .
                  I agree ozil as gone off the boil these last 12 months but he’s hardly had a chance this season ,then that brings me back to iwobi ,remind me of his stats this season as a constant starter .
                  I’ll be waiting to have a little laugh to myself if you reply (2 man of the match performances dont count by the way ).

                  1. Ozil is 30, whereas Iwobi is 22. You dim it fit to compare both players statistics, Knowing the later is a massive 8 years behind as a professional footballer? It’s crazy man.

                    1. Let’s see Iwobi’s statistics in eight years time shall we?
                      I take it there will be someone at Brentford who takes note of all this?

        2. Goonster, please explain why Ozil has got even more than 39, 000,000 followers in your opinion?
          Out of interest, are you one of them, as I’m not and wouldn’t have a clue?

      2. Agree Phil, thats the past, he was good at some point in time, no ones denying that.We are discussing the present and its game over for him, he has to move on for his own good.With his current form and attitude, he is doing no one favours except his earnings.On this subject i agree with Emery..Hope the player understands this and raises his game.

  20. Only time will tell if Suarez was a good thing or not. Personally, we need the cover and the options.. But, this Carrasco story that is now doing the rounds, seriously?

    Why would (should) we be interested in someone who obviously has more interest in MONEY!?

    We all know that players who go to China go for one of 2 reasons. Money or because they are getting too old. How old is Carrasco? Yep, it’s for money alright.

    Carrasco, who plays in China after leaving Athletico Madrid should be left well alone! We need players who play for the game. Play for Arsenal! NOT THE MONEY!!!

  21. Should we get excited about a reject from Barcelona (whose only claim to fame is being a mate of Emery’s)? I think not

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