Is Suarez transfer from Barcelona good for Arsenal or just Emery?

The first transfer signing by Arsenal Football Club in the current January window has not been completed yet but judging by the strength of the reports in the football media this weekend it does seem to be very much on the cards. The player in question is the current Barcelona player Denis Suarez and the fact that he is currently playing for one of the top clubs in Europe would generally make me excited about getting him.

However, I have some concerns, not least the fact that he is not really playing for the Catalan club much at the moment. Just two appearances for Barca in the league so far does not really inspire confidence and I have a feeling that this transfer is being made to help our under pressure manager than actually give the squad a boost and increase our chances of success on the field.

I may be a little harsh but when I read the Metro report about the possible move, it struck me that Unai Emery and the player’s relationship seemed more important than the actual footballing ability of Suarez.

The 25-year old was full of praise for Emery after he played under him for a season with Sevilla, stating, ‘He is one of the best coaches around. He really gets the best out of us.

‘He considers each and every one of his players and always puts those who are in the best possible shape in his starting line-up.

‘I have been playing for him for a year and I am really happy.

‘He always talks to you, both in good moments – to prevent you being distracted – and bad, to help you recover. The way he treats players is exceptional.’

I am not sure that Mesut Ozil would agree with that, and maybe Emery is looking for some moral support in the dressing room. It seems a little odd that after talking about Arsenal needing a wide player he should sign a central midfielder, especially when we are already quite well equipped in that area, don’t you think Gooners?


  1. Xxnofx says:

    I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t know much about him .
    I’m just hoping it’s not one of them gap filler transfers which we always do ,the ones that are always just ok players but not that lvl above ,which we need .
    Like the article says ,he’s not in their team atm so again we are signing fringe players .
    Also what’s the betting this transfer if it happens will take Weeks to complete .

    1. Peter says:

      Suarez is a very good player. He is fast and skillful and young. To play for Barcelona fc is not easy. I know that he is finding it difficult to play because, he is competing with dembele, coutinho, artur and maicon. He has a vision of giving killer passes. Let us support emery and give him time.

      1. Invisible says:

        James Rodriguez ???? True? I’d prefer isco Alarcon.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      I have the same worries as well as myself also knowing nothing about the guy. 14m is very cheap in this market, and he’s still young. The one thing I like is that he left Barca because he didn’t receive game-time, allot of players have stayed at Barca and Arsenal and others, without too much game-time, so he’s not one of those. I’m wondering if he’s going to be a utility player though, different to Ramsey but they might have that in common. Emery talked about both wide positions and even said he could get one player for the both if necessary. Suarez also can play centrally, so he looks like he might be a utility player unless he can excel in one of those positions. Barca prob wanted him for the same reason but it didn’t work out for him, I also here, don’t know if it’s true. I heard that they tried himself central when Xavi vacated, he must be comfortable in possession and an eye for a pass if that is true. Though, until we see our first targets being signed, the gap is too big to feel much happiness about a signing of this magnitude.

  2. d says:

    “maybe Emery is looking for some moral support in the dressing room.” You can’t seriously be telling me that you actually believe Arsenal, with our EXTREMELY tight transfer budget, would waste £15m purely to have an extra pro-Emery player in our team? You honestly believe that? Lol.

    1. Nikhilesh says:

      Admin do you think sven and raul will allow 15 million to be wasted, no chance!

      1. enagic says:

        Arsenal need Suarez who is better than Ramsey technically and his playing style is very close to Iniesta and we need Banega too.

  3. John says:

    He was left/right winger while playing at Sevilla.

  4. waal2waal says:

    All i know is we’ve need to replace ramsey – and as an available alternative suarez’s young, his cabinet is laden with winners medals and we’re in great need of a fresher attacking options from central-midfield.

    *Usually, though not invariably – i still like to believe an former-barca players can make a seemless fit into arsenal playing-style and overall set up. If there’s is already a connection between him and emery then surely that is great news for us?

    1. sammy says:

      i have just watched this lad a few times but i think he is a very good ball carrier,we need that in midfield as we have none at the moment save for iwobi .how many players can beat a player one on one since santi cazorla?

  5. jon fox says:

    I disagree with the article in saying that we are “quite well equipped” with central creative midfielders. Of that type we have only Ozil and Mkhi , who are BOTH hugely disappointing and unable to live up to the silly hype that Ozil in particular attracts from his “fan club” on here. We urgently need a new hungry, ballsy and quality CM who will week in week out live up to the wage he is given. Neither of the other two do so, even though both are gifted with natural talent but simply do not use it as they should and could, IF ONLY they had the necessary CHARACTER to go with their talent. They do NOT however, and so we need someone in who does have it. This does NOT mean however that I think we WILL get in someone who fits all those requirements, for the simple and obvious reason that he would cost REAL money, something Kroenke is pledged, deep within his miserly soul, to avoid spending.

    1. enagic says:

      The guy who wrote an article has no football knowledge – arsenal now needs an upgrade to Ozil and Miki.

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes. An upgrade in work ethic, balls and will to make the most of their talent. An upgrade in Ozils once in a blue moon talent will be virtually impossible. But as I KEEP saying, what use is talent without FULL COMMITMENT? This is such a BASIC necessity in ALL players that I am constantly amazed why SOME otherwise fully intelligent and wise fans simply refuse to see this truth. It just seems to me that there are some who support such and such a player MORE than the club they watch. Seems bonkers to me.

  6. Goonster says:

    Imagine the depths some would go to have a go at the new manager. Even speculating that him signing a player is for his own morale boost as he needs players that pay him compliments?
    I think the Ozil crowd need to understand that the wenger soft days are gone. Days where all our cutie sweetie players were pampered and told they are amazing even if they were rubbish.

    I think the people besides themselves are the ozil fan crowd that resent Emery because he is not having the laziness and underperformces.

    I don’t know that much about this Denns Suarez kid but lets not make up nonsense about why Emery is reported to be interested in him.

    1. jon fox says:

      As a fully paid up member and deeply committed to my very soul member of the “reality club” I welcome a fully committed fellow member in you. I want to heartily agree with your post and the welcome truth about the Wenger pampering of ALL lazy and non committed players being no more ,EVER AGAIN, now that we have a rightfully demanding and intolerant of lazy players man in charge of our club. Had Wenger been even remotely like Emery in that respect, I suggest that he might never have suffered the humiliating indignity of having the fanbase turn on him as forcefully as they did. His willingness to condone the wilful laziness shown by a number of players, one of them still here, finally did for him. Emery, being the polar opposite, attracts the ire of the few diehard Wenger brainwashees who still remain on here. Midkemma being just one of those prominent “Emery out, AND NO GRACE PERIOD OF REALITY” people! His post just yesterday attacking Emery was an absolute disgrace and there are a FEW, VERY FEW, only others like him still here. No doubt still pining for Wenger and OUR MOSTLY GONE lazy players. Our last lazy player remaining will not be here a year from now. I need not even mention his name, as his simple description identifies him to all beyond doubt.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, no different to your follow up disgraceful post after your very reasoned response to midkemmas post in my opinion.
        Still waiting for your response.
        As for the reason given to this rumoured transfer, does the author really believe our fanbase is that gullible?
        I know nothing about the player, but to propose that UE might be bringing him in for any other reason than footballing reasons is as farcical as Jon Fox. saying some fans are no doubt pining for AW.
        The only person who keeps mentioning AW at every opportunity is Jon himself.
        We just reply to your incessant worship of the man.
        Interesting that you only see one remaining lazy player from that previous regime Jon.
        Since UE took over, the only player to have left is Jack Wilshere, has realism finally dawned regarding the others ?
        I actually think Iwobi has improved considerably under UE, despite you still sticking to your previous views of him.

        1. jon fox says:

          Your post shows again very clearly Ken, how much you resent the truth being told on Wenger by not only me, as you wrongly allege, but also by a number of fans on here as you well know and despite you saying that “I am the only one who keeps mentioning him at every opportunity”. Just to state some facts, Ken, one of which is that I will continue to write exactly as I please, whether or not that upsets Wenger fans like you or whether it does not,. THAT IS MY RIGHT AND OTHERS , YOU INCLUDED, HAVE THAT SAME RIGHT. WE SHOULD ALL VALUE THAT FREEDOM, LIVING AS WE DO IN A FREE PRESS COUNTRY AND GRATEFUL FOR THAT BASIC FREEDOM. I presume you writing (about Wenger)” your incessant worship of the man ” was a feeble and unfunny (not to mention also nonsensical) attempt at humourous sarcasm. But sarcasm gone wrong in fact! If you are going to use it I would suggest that you need to make it make sense at least, if it is to have ANY point. I SAY “YES” TO YOUR QUESTION ABOUT “HAS REALISM FINALLY DAWNED REGARDING THE OTHERS”. Those who needed to anyway. Though most have clearly bought into Emerys new work ethic it is OZIL , WHO, PROMINENTLY , HAS TOTALLY FAILED TO BUY INTO IT. THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT WE HAVE NOT HAD OTHER LAZY PLAYERS UNDER Wenger. Both Mkhi and even Auba do not work nearly hard or regularly enough for my liking. But Ozil is by far the worst example. And then there was Walcott. Perhaps you missed my last 500 posts slating him for laziness? And THAT is sarcasm but used effectively!! Finally, I do not know what post you want me to answer from before so why not ask the question again on this thread and I will answer it on here. I do not relish bandying words with you, as opposed to civil discusssion, which I do relish. But the later Wenger years are a non removable sticking point between we two , so I suggest that neither comments on the others various answers to other people eg midkemma nor anyone else. Otherwise we shall be forever at daggers drawn and I am sure neither of us wants that. We must agree to differ on THAT subject and allow each other their opinions, even thougn we may resent them. Because I can tell you now, since we are discussing this matter and hopefully for the last time, that I honestly DO resent the wasted years of WENGER VERY DEEPLY, mainly because it directly affects the present and near future. Once Emery has ALL his own preferred players in – if KROENKE ever allows- the Wenger years will naturally fade from needing mentioning. BUT not until then! Many Gooners , I would suggest , see his 22 years as a JEKYLL AND HYDE period. First glorious , then horrible and bad. Or relatively bad, anyway, by comparison to what went before and what we COULD have still achieved had he not stayed so stubborn, wilfully blind and out of touch with modern methods. Yes, lack of money since the stadium move was ONE huge factor. But to claim it was the ONLY difference, as some Wengerites do, is nonsense. No selling club puts a price premium on taller, physically more powerful players compared to skinny dwarfs and frail injury prone players. That was deliberate and profoundly wrong policy.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, the point is it’s the truth from your perspective …and of course you are perfectly entitled to it… just as I am mine and, of course, a number of fans on here.
            You try to belittle those that don’t have your views by saying ridiculous statements like “no doubt pining for Wenger”.
            So I will retaliate with equally banile quotes like “your incessant worship of the man” and it seems to have worked, you object to it!
            Why do you feel it’s appropriate for you to do this, then act with such indignation when it’s returned?

            Let me make it clear Jon that I am also very aware of how precious free speech is and I try very hard to be constructive in my responses and posts. I do not deliberately try and humiliate others, or the person/subject I am discussing.

            I am really pleased that you see only Ozil as the last of the realky lazy players left, I thought you always classed every AW player as lazy and dross, especially Iwobi.
            Let’s wait and see if Ozil can change your view as well.

            No fan has ever suggested that the stadium costs were the only reason for anything, but I like the way you slip it in “as some wengerites do” as a factual statement.
            Not true as you well know, another irritating habit you have when discussing AW.
            That’s why I read your comments regarding him with an avid interest.
            We are poles apart regarding the “barren” years and while some of your criticism is most definitely warranted, others go completely over the top and need refuting.

            Your generalisation of your personal views as those of the majority is another irritating aspect of your posts.
            You recently stated that your views on Ozil were now the majority view. This was challenged by GB or Xxnofx I believe.
            You might be correct…I don’t need a”comfort blanket” to believe and/or express mine, so I stand or fall by what I say, without involving others.

            The reply I was referring to was in the post that you actually mentioned regarding midkemma and UE and the thread really needs continuing on there to make any sense.

            Jon, there is so much we have in common, not the least being a personal respect for each others ability to debate and be realistic in our thoughts and expectations.
            While you keep on bringing AW into nearly every post, it is inevitable that I will respond to anything I see as wrong and you will reply in kind.

            I look forward to your reply regarding UE and midkemma, it being in the same vein as this one.

            1. jon fox says:

              I have never accused Iwobi of being lazy Ken. I have said he looked overawed and a little out of his depth and when I said that about him last season I think it was true. Of late he has again regained his former better form of a few weeks ago which he then lost. But with young players that is a recognised condition. I thought him our best player yesterday, along with AM-N and WILLOCK , all of whom did really well. But we need to see how they go against far better opposition first. At least with Willock and Nketiah, who also looks promising but unready for Prem games IMO. Ken dear friend -if you will allow that familiarity and I do feel that you are a friend and hope we may meet one day – you are indeed right that we share so many things far more important than the last Wenger years and far more important than even football. I say that even though when aged about twelve and in the middle of a boring maths lesson, I had sufficient mental arithmetic skills to tell anyone who cared to know – which no one much did – EXACTLY how many seconds were left from that moment until our 3pm kick off that Saturday. Back then NOTHING in the world came anywhere near football in importance. Fortunately, somewhere along the line, I learned that football was way down the list of lifes priorities and sensible obsessions. I say that for context in our Wenger discussions. As to the main, or more accurately, the ONLY point of constant confrontation between our views, I really want to put it to bed now. I see no future in this constant quarrelling in between decent periods of getting on so well. I DO NOT WISH TO UPSET YOU NOR OTHER GOONERS BUT OF COURSE I HAVE DONE SO AND AM TRULY SORRY TO HAVE DONE THAT. Where true passion lies feelings can become bitter and counter productive, as I believe the whole Brexit issue has done to MANY of us Brits in general. That is surely not a wise state to have got our country into and I want to act as a peacemaker on our “JUST” Arsenal matter. By comparison with REAL life it is not at all important what we think but it is as to how we behave. Therefore dear Ken and by your leave, I want now to put this whole matter behind us once and for all and not directly refer to it again or to dig over old wounds. As I write this, a dear friend of mine and a West Ham supporter is fighting for his life in hospital after a heart attack just yesterday. I know you will understand why I do not want to talk in vexacious manner of very minor matters, in lifes great scheme of things. As you have correctly said, you and I share far more important opinions on far more important life matters than the TRIFLING difference of opinion that divides us. Goodnight Ken. I will be retiring early tonight.

              1. Sal says:

                sorry to butt in guys!! but jon you said it sorry bro… you said him ( iwobi), bellerin, and granit should be sold, i remember because i was the one discussing bellerin and iwobi with you at length before the season even started, you also said that lich was way better than bellerin in every sense and he should be in our starting eleven due to the fact the latter was useless at crossing and defending at everything compared to the great lich all he had was pace… hehe sorry for the reminder but that’s True and it’s from you too :), oh and granit is a terrible player also came from you mate,you said he can t tackle and is to blame for most bad passes and being caught out of position!!

                just to keep each other on our toes fox, love ya 😉

                Ps: you know i got a chant just for you jon as soon as we get to the end of the season, i got another version that you might enjoy just cause it came to me whilst i was proofreading if the banter went to far, but i know you can handle it or you wouldn’t dish it out 😉

                so here goes:

                flying down the wing hear the arsenal sing, hector bellerin!! ( 2x)
                oh john fox you where wrong, you sounded like a moron it’s Hector Bellerin!!

                you can chant this whilst i chant the above one mate 😉

                flying down the wing hear the arsenal sing, hector bellerin!! ( 2x)
                now get back on defence, and our love is immense oh Hector Bellerin!!
                His hair is filled with moss, cmon just block that cross oh Hector Bellerin!!

                1. jon fox says:

                  Sal, A good laugh your post gave me, esp your amateur attempt at writing a chant without any scanning , rhyming and without ANY musical or literary talent. But nevertheless , for an amateur quite good when compared to many of the dire chants that pass for “singing” in football generally. I DO NOT MIND AT ALL YOU INCLUDING MY NAME BUT PLEASE TRY TO SPELL ALL THREE LETTERS CORRECTLY AND WITHOUT ADDING AN “H” THAT MY NAME DOES NOT HAVE.

                  As for what I ACTUALLY DID SAY about iwobi , it was that I wanted him sold and also that he was looking overawed and out of his depth. He is playing distinctly better this season, though in patches of better form and then poor form. I still do not think him remotely the standard we need if we are ever to mount a title challenge. So chant or no chant, I am consistent and you are wrong in what you claim. On Bellerin, I always said that he could not defend and i say the same right now and have regularly said so at all stages too between then and now. HE CANNOT DEFEND, though he is good going forward. As you claim to monitor my posts so closely and thanks for the implied compliment in that statement – moths always being attracted to a shining light as we all know- you must surely have seen my many posts saying precisely the same as I say in this post. So to sum up, thanks for the good laugh, the amusing but embarrassingly amateurish written so called chant too, But no marks for false statements written about my past posts. But I am sure you must surely be younger , fitter and better looking than I am so in the greater scheme of things, well done!

                  1. Sal says:

                    Lol sorry you took it personally. Happy thoughts bro :)….and yes an on the spot chant happy with my self there to be honest, was reading the above and got inspired, sorry it was not to your liking was thinking of the viva Ronaldo when I wrote it 🙂

                    amateur for sure mate it’s coming from me, and I don’t write chants for a living it’s banter here buddy…so cmon fox the thing with you is you don’t take it on the chin when someone puts you on the spot, but you live/love to do it to others , also nothing I said there didn’t come from you just scroll back a few months mate you’ll remember !!

                    and how did you know about my physique I’ve been trying really hard not to advertise that, shhh let’s keep that between ourselves 😉

                    1. Sue says:

                      Sal… how about ooh aah Cantona? ?? I find myself singing that sometimes, don’t know why ??
                      If you come up with any others (about any of us!) put them on here… have a laugh & I’ll try & sing along!! ??

                    2. jon fox says:

                      But I did not take it personally at all. Clearly Sal , you and I are on different wavelengths. I was teasing you about your “lack ” of song or chant writing” ability but I thought YOU took that rather too seriously. That , anyway, is how I saw it. I did say, if you recall, that “I did not at all remind you including my name etc” . Perhaps it was just the pedant inside me and love of our rich language that made me tell you off for failing to correctly SPELL a mere three letter word, ie my name ! But I get called John all the time and even from people close to me and honestly do not mind in the slightest. You may or may not believe that. Lack of spelling ability is rife throughout society and it is THAT, rather than just my own unimportant name that was slightly irritating. I should not have made fun though, as clearly you are far younger and spelling today – as we oldies well know – is usually poor , even among university graduates and those in middle, even senior management. I also had a private laugh about how mistaken you are about my own real personality. It is easy to misjudge people you have never known, probably never will and have never met. It is a common problem shared by ALL social media. As the Brexit debate is still showing us over two years on, judging people by MERELY one issue and on which you may disagree, is unwise. I would also suggest, something that reeks of lack of real thinking. I am often, among friends and like minded folk, as flippant and off the wall as almost anyone I have known, but flippancy/ humour and seriousness are merely two sides of the same well rounded coin! Wouldn’t you say?

                  2. Sal says:

                    Got to give you credit for this one sue, oooh ahhh Xhaka , i say oooh aaah xhaka I say ooohh ahhh Xhaka!! You got me singing too 🙂

                    Just imagine it after he shoots as we all go ooohhh when he is in front of goal!! That would be a party!! Great one Sue!!

                    1. Sue says:

                      ? brilliant Sal ?

                    2. Sal says:

                      Not like the cantona one , much faster like as in oh to be a gooner, and then faster and faster until it we all ended it with a loud ahhh …my girlfriend loves it for now as I can’t seem to stop chanting it, hope you do too thanks for the inspiration Sue or we could start slow than make it faster and louder as we go on, I’m sorry but that’s a great chant for the guy, don’t know if he deserves it but I can’t seem to stop Sue. It just rolls of the tongue ..thanks for that very muse of you 🙂

                    3. Sue says:

                      I love chanting ooh to be a gooner!! Your gf will be singing it in her sleep tonight then ?
                      That sounds good to me Sal… even better when it rolls off the tongue!! Nice one Sal ?

          2. Midkemma says:

            No hate in this Jon. Could you break your posts up when you have a lot to say?

            Me personally, I find it harder to read those big chunks of text, I deal with my dyslexia well but I do have a bit of difficulty in large chunks.

            Sorry if it sounded like I was moaning, this time I wasn’t.

            1. jon fox says:

              Of course dear fellow. I had no idea and will be glad to do so from now on. Do please remind me though if I get it wrong.

              It is odd though because when not on here I write a great deal, mostly on political and theatre music matters and I use small paragraphs. I must now do likewise on here.

              I have a dear relative with dyslexia and feel your problem. GOOD LUCK!

              1. Midkemma says:

                Thanks Jon 🙂

                I enjoy reading your opinion, even if I disagree with most of it 😛 But I do like to expose myself to other points of view often.

                If I only talk to people who think like I do then I’ll never challenge my own thoughts and grow ^.^

                Debating with you can cause me and I bet others to evaluate their own perspective, is what I think to be true, really true? It causes me to check myself. I kinda wish we could find the threads we have posted on easier, maybe some kinda profile which tells us when a reply has been made in a notification? It would make it easier to see your perspective instead of feeling like we are just bashing our heads against a brick wall.

                1. jon fox says:

                  midkemma, Your mature and wise post has given me cause to be ashamed at how I have often and harshly replied to you and I ask your forgiveness.

                  If you care to read my reply to Goona (just below), you will see my fuller thoughts on this whole rash comments issue.

                  I DO SO MUCH HOPE that from now on you and I will now have a far closer understanding of each other as two real people. Not merely our own , obviously passionate thoughts, on the joint obsession of ALL OF US on here.
                  We all have cause to be extremely grateful to Pat the Admin and for the dedication he shows to this fine site, which in my opinion is much improved since the days of the “thumbs”.
                  You will surely have noticed how many more fulsome and thoughtful posts are on here these days by comparison with the “thumbs” era.
                  I hope Pat has taken note of your fine suggestion too. I fully endorse it! Indeed, one of my own several gripes to Pat – albeit a while ago now- is that the threads change too quickly and can deny longer and more thought through replies / discussions. I still believe this.
                  It seems to me that many of the constant and too speedy thread changes are just re-hashed former ones, phrased ONLY SLIGHTLY differently.

                  1. Midkemma says:

                    I know we all love Arsenal and passion can make me… Well, I can always be better. I assume others also have that bit of passion issue as well 🙂

                    I agree about the thumbs, I hated them but I did get a lot of downvotes.. I wonder why XD lol

                    My main gripe with some of your posts Jon is the quick bash on Wenger and while you have said Gazidis was largely to blame as well, that gets dropped.

                    I think that if a duo is referred to by the dominant individual then the other becomes part of the background, hidden through lack of exposure. I personally feel that Gazidis was the bigger evil and I think it would be a crime if people ended up forgetting that man but remember Wenger for all the problems from both of them.

                    You got nothing at all to be ashamed about ^.^ I’ve been pig headed and should be equally ashamed, we’re part of the Arsenal family and family can get away with more 😛

                    1. jon fox says:

                      Midkamma , An interesting thought about the dominant name in a double act (to paraphrase your words) Do you mean like shopping at Mencer and Spencer, or driving a Roycer rather than a Roller? Or A Benz rather than a Merc?

                      I DO slightly tease but we will have to differ on the relative damage the careerist Gazidis did to Arsenal compared to the real Arsenal fan , Wenger.

                      If you were asking me which one of these men I would ask round for dinner, it would be Arsene, and only Arsene in a heartbeat.
                      BUT as to which did the more damage since Gazidis was appointed , I would answer that BOTH did enormous damage, but that it was Wenger alone who bought so many duff defenders, esp CB’s; who was cavalier about defending our goal with at least ONE full back always in place; who ignored the “gaping hole” at DM apart from mediocre fill ins like Song and Coq, whereas the new regime immediately filled that decade long hole with Torreira and with no more money available to spend than Wenger,not Gazidis, wasted on Mustafi and Xhaka.

                      Hope that makes my thoughts clear as to “Laurel and Hardy”, even though THEY were two equally incompetent “clowns”( though only on stage and screen, and they were TRYING to be so, therefore the analogy is an incorrect one.
                      Where I DO hugely blame Gazidis is for conning we fans as to the ambition the club had under Kroenke. He sold us a pack of lies , knowingly and damningly and was in fact, a con man- which you could well argue and on which I would agree, that in life generally is far worse than being merely incompetent.
                      I thought that Gazidis made dreadful commercial decisions too and we way underperformed , by comparison to our rivals, in sponsorship.

                      When he finally left, after typically, playing both ends against the middle, I was thrilled. But slightly LESS than when Wenger left. Hope that makes it clear as to the relative emphasis I put on both mens faults.
                      Finally, as a human being, I remain a HUGE fan of Wenger.
                      But , as our manager for the last decade -the Kroenke/ Gazidis years AND WITHOUT David Dein to steer him in the right direction – he went from superb to losing the plot, in increasing stages.

              2. Goona says:

                My word,Jon Fox apologised ,I never thought I would see the day.Good for you Jon

                1. jon fox says:

                  I am personally ashamed that you find it difficult to believe I would apologise, as in matters away from here and away from Arsenal I often do so and usually in person.

                  It is important to do so, when by carelessness or by omission we , however unintentionally , hurt other folk. One of my many faults is that I am way too impatient and hard on folk in general and the flip side of that is that I am even harder on myself. So I apologise humbly with contrition to anyone on here who has been hurt by my strong and often harsh words.
                  That does not mean that it will not happen again, MERELY that I hope it will not . But, sadly, like everyone else, I am only human.

                  I am also long in the tooth enough to know how much damage can be repaired by an apology sincerely made. There is a well known saying “To err is human, to forgive divine.” I have found that to be true in life.

                  I much appreciate your kind closing sentence which has given me cause for this necessary post. Thank you for helping me.

                  1. Sue says:

                    Jon… first of all I hope your West Ham friend will pull through… horrible times.

                    Also you replied to a comment of mine a few articles back, I did reply but you obviously haven’t seen it…. all I asked was do you sing??

                    1. jon fox says:

                      An interesting question Sue. The answer is a definite yes I do and have done throughout my life. Whatever made you ask though? My friend is stable at the moment, thanks very much. I have been deeply involved in theatre, music , singing, directing productions and latterly also as a reviewer and it is my other main passion in life , apart from family and Arsenal. When we played Liverpool back in the FA CUP semi finals wich went to several replays, I think it was in 1979 or 1980, I was onstage as we held a 1-0 lead over Liverpool in the only one of those games I could not get to. When coming off into the the stage wings I found that Liverpool had equalised in virtually the last minute,. I threw my transistor radio down in anger and broke it. I have dozens of other stories about when stage and watching Arsenal clashed and of how I coped.

                    2. Sue says:

                      Well Jon, we were talking about Kroenke & other ‘scrooges’
                      In your reply you mentioned Christmas Carol singing for Charity. Wow is there no end to your talents??
                      You and I have something else in common – breaking things over Arsenal ?

        2. Midkemma says:

          Which post of mine dude?

          1. Midkemma says:

            Nevermind Ken, I found it, I had replied to it and then moved onto next topic and forgot all about it XD
            Also replied to you on it Ken.


      2. Break-on-through says:

        I know of a few chatbots that are looking to get into that club, maybe you can help them out Jon.

      3. Midkemma says:

        JON: “Midkemma being just one of those prominent “Emery out, AND NO GRACE PERIOD OF REALITY” ”

        Midkemma: “I would hope that Arsenal look at options and any manager will have targets to hit, if he misses them then look at our options.”

        Or was it this part?

        Midkemma: “I will treat him like any other manager who would have taken over, he has to prove himself to us fans. I do not need to offer undying loyalty to a man who hasn’t earned it! Neither should any of you.”

        or was it…

        Midkemma: “6 months at most for his free pass as we do not want to be relegated or turned into a lot worse, we need to take stock of how things stand in 6 months”

        Emery out?
        No Jon, realism, something you claim…

    2. Declan says:

      Goonster, Suarez is hardly a kid at 25.

      1. Sue says:

        Hope you’ve had a great Birthday Declan ??

  7. Terrah says:

    the dennis suarez deal is agreed already.the only delay to announcement is that barca wants a buy back clause inserted which arsenal are not willing to give in to,it will be official in the next few days.talks are also on going with nicholas pepe of lille but player wants a summer move

  8. Ackshay says:

    So according to reports and rumors if we are exact, our targets are dennis suarez and nicolas pepe or cengiz under. A ball playing CM ala cazorla to improve our building attacks from back which is bad and a young winger to take on defenders and create havoc which both pepe and under can.

    Yes they are not the world class players that we need to rise to liverpool or man city starting 11 level but after having shredded most of our squad in wenger last 2 years we have no squad players. To compete for the title we need both a strong lineup and adequate squad.

    1. Mobella says:

      I was quite enjoying your comment until you said the players you list are not world class players we need to be on the same leve with city and pool. This leads me to ask you; what are the qualities a world class player should have and how many each are in city and pool. Mind you,imo I think what we need is efficient and dedicated players.

      1. jon fox says:

        I will answer your question gladly as to my personal opinion. Liverpool have ALISSON, VVD, SALAH, MANE, FIRMINO, with no obvious not good enough players in their main squad at all, save possibly Levran. Man City have Ederson, Kompany, both Silvas, Aquerro, Sane, Sterling, Gunduggan, De Bruyne, Walker, Fernandino and NO WEAKNESSES AT ALL. What makes world class then? Simple; top quality produced week in week out. NOT once in a blue moon like OZIL, FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T FACE FOOTBALL REALITY AND CONTINUE TO HYPE THIS LAZY, FRAIL LARGELY NON PRODUCTIVE PLAYER AS A LUDICROUS WORLD CLASS,

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, could you put transfer prices paid for each player you mentioned, along with the transfer kitty UE has to work with.
          Maybe then the fans who have no idea of realism will finally grasp what your getting at!!

          I will ignore your Ozil comment of course, safe in the knowledge that he has promised to see out his contract and fight for his club.

          1. Ryan says:

            Mr ken,am happy you now understand what MR JON has been saying and people always tackling him for saying the obvious truth. Emery transfers kitty can’t even afford a decent world class player and still you see people criticize him for just this short term he has spent with these present set of average players. Still we are ahead of Man u. its a shame that most people still can’t differentiate world class players from average players. Ozil is a good player and has paid his dues to this club but it’s clear to say now that he doesn’t fit in to this present restructuring of this club.He fits better in a team were there are world class players and he doesn’t have to stress himself like his time at Madrid. SMH. It’s a pity the club hierarchy have blinded some fans with their deceit but I for one won’t fall victim.

            1. ken1945 says:

              Mr Ryan, surprising as you seem to be about it, Mr Jon Fox and myself see many, if not most, things Arsenal from the same perspective.
              Also life in general as it happens.
              I am as excited about our new coach/manager as you are and expect to see at the end of next season, just what a great asset to the club he is.
              What you say about UE’s transfer kitty is 100% correct and until kronkie changes,it means w/c players are out of our league as a club.
              I’m sure from your post that you agree with that?
              My question to you Ryan is this… what calibre of player do you think UE can afford and was this not the same situation our previous manager had?
              As a point of interest, what deceit is it that you haven’t fallen victim to?

              1. Midkemma says:

                “What you say about UE’s transfer kitty is 100% correct and until kronkie changes,it means w/c players are out of our league as a club.”

                Do you truly believe that Ken?

                I can’t help but look at the last 5 years of spending in the EPL and see we have net spent more than Chelsea and Liverpool while UTD who was bought using UTDs own income are 2nd to City…

                If it was as simple as Arsenal not having funds to buy WC players then how have we net spent more than teams who have those WC players?

                I do think some praise needs to be recognised in Liverpool’s backroom staff, they have squeezed every £££ from their transfers that they could, esp the big ones which make a big difference.

                Same can be said for Woodward of UTD, the way he raised their income massively before taking over as top dog and now he spends that big income on big names which just drives up the UTD brand. Even when they are doing poorly, they have ambition and will spend, that will draw in some top players and coaches.

                We now have Raul who helped Barca increase their income and he knows how a big club should act, well, I assume so when seeing his history. While we may have been wasteful under Gazidis, do you think that can’t turn around? Not saying we will spend £500 million tomorrow… 😛 but we can find WC players who are not going for an arm and a leg, Torreira for example.

                In time those WC players could be bigger household names, a bit more established or hype to drive shirt sales… but is WC really out of our league?

                1. ken1945 says:

                  Midkemma, yes I truly believe we cannot afford w/c players, with the caveat that we will be priced out by any of the bigger clubs who want the same player.
                  Your suggestion that Torreria is world class is tempting, but I ask you if he would get into the Invincible team?
                  In my opinion, Vieria was w/c and Emanuel not far behind.
                  I don’t see Torr replacing either of them.
                  He is an incredible find, one that the new regime should be congratulated on. A couple more finds in the positions we need will see us competing again.
                  But it needs a massive rethink on transfer fees and salaries before this happens.

                  There is no doubt that our funds and contracts have been handled disgracefully by Gazidis and I think we are finally seeing where the real blame lies in this area. I have real hope that Sven will bring some sanity back to proceedings, but the Ramsey debacle does not bode well.

                  1. Midkemma says:

                    Fair play Ken.

                    I would say Torreira is WC, he may not be a big name and that is why we got him is my honest opinion, he did do well at the world cup and he puts in the effort. He is at the start of his WC period for me, if he develops himself well enough then he could be considered as not only a WC player but one of the best for his position as well.

                    I would agree we can’t compete for celebrity WC players easily, that would require larger funds, getting world class players before they obtain the big name tag though… I say it like this because we are not the club that developed the player but bought him at the cusp of the WC tag.

                    For Torreira getting into the invincible team, I would say he would but not as a starter, he would have been an ideal backup/rotation player for Gilberto. I remember the 1st team fondly but remind myself that it was the whole team that done it 🙂

                    If I could have had Torreira during that period then I would, he could have grown and learnt from Gilberto and we may have won a bit more since due to the balance he would have offered some of Wengers attacking style.

                    I have hope with Raul and Sven, Sven is already proving himself in my opinion with some gems… Overlooking Lich lol. Gazidis done well with our kit deal before leaving and that kicks in next season doesn’t it?

                    1. ken1945 says:

                      Midkemma your points on Torreria are relevant and make sense.
                      He is certainly a very very good find and we can only hope that Sven finds two or three more.

                      As for Gazidis, good riddance. It has to be said that Jon has, for as long as I can remember, held the same views about this so-called CEO and I really hope that the other thing he left us worth shouting about was UE!!

                      We were so lucky to have witnessed the Invincible team, they were absolutely mind blowing in their approach to football.

                      Strangely, I think that team has been the cause of so much unrest,, along with the sacking of David Dein.
                      The club has never really recovered from those heady days of such wonderful success and it’s been a millstone around the club and the fans.

                      But the interesting thing is that their was only one recognised world class player to begin with, Dennis Bergkamp.
                      Of course we ended up with numerous w/c players, so your points about Torreria just starting that journey is, hopefully, a sign for the future.

                      Good debating going on here tonight, with such varied views of our club.

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, Frankly your first paragraph question puzzles me. It seems that you may, I only say MAY , think I am blaming the lack of world class players at Arsenal on Wenger or Emery or both. I am obviously NOT doing so. I do blame Wenger for largely wasting much of the limited funds Kroenke allowed on far worse than need be players. £35 mill on such as Xhaka and Mustafi was a disgrace. I also think Licht has been a poor buy and he is clearly over the hill and Jenks , though nowhere good enough himself, would surely be a better stop gap right now, as yesterdays game showed. But I still don’t see why you are getting at me for something you seem to wrongly have thought I have ever suggested. I BLAME KROENKE for his meanness and I only called out WENGER FOR PROTECTING HIM , INSTEAD OF HAVING THE GUTS TO STAND UP TO HIM, ESPECIALLY GIVEN THE DESERVED AND LEGENDARY REPUTATION Wenger had when Kroenke first took over and for sometime after too. THUS CAME THE YEARS OF DRIFT and Wenger played a full part in those But he was not responsible for Kroenke’s “couldn’t care less about glory” attitude. THAT was entirely the fault of those directors who sold their shares to him. EVEN David Dein whom I still revere but NOT on that HUGE AND DAMAGING ERROR. As for Ozil and what has been said, I had always previously thought, clearly wrongly, that YOU of all people were not so naive as to listen to what football people have said and to take that as gospel. I have news for you Ken dear fellow. Football folk and esp agents have been known to lie! Some agents do nothing else but lie! Finally, my post above that has so upset you was nothing more than a straight reply to a straight question from Mobella. I have the right to answer him, as does everyone else. THAT LAST POINT IS TRUE REALITY KEN!

            1. ken1945 says:

              Jon, no I am not saying that at all.
              We both know what is required to buy w/c players and that is in kronkie’s bank account.
              I hope you agree that it is so much safer to buy proven w/c players with an unlimited budget than gambling on the lower tier of player due to a restricted budget.
              That is what both UE and AW have/had been doing.
              Both had made mistakes, as you highlight.
              What I want is the recognition that both managers had to conform to under the owner and just what damage Gazidis has done.
              What AW and those lower tier players, or dross as you refer to them, actually achieved needs recognition.
              This, in my opinion, is exactly what UE has to do within a two year period, but with the three musketeers instead of the worst CEO in football today.

          3. Mobella says:

            I think the term world class may have some relativity to it and often loosely used. Are you putting players like Mane, Sane, Sterling, Firmino, and others attacking players in your list in the same class as Messi, Ronaldo, Neyma class. Aguero may be there but those mentioned above imo are exceptional and good in their role players. but world class they are not .I don’t put Salah in there because he surprised me in the flawed all epl clubs defenders. This is a player who struggled to scored 20 goals in each single season he spent in Serie A. So he has something going for him. What constitute a world class in attacking players is largely different from what constitutes WC in defenders that is why I’m not arguing with Kompany choice and despite his injury he is a consistent performer. As for Van dyke he is nearly there. He can’t suddenly being called a WC because he now plays for Liverpool but he is a defender with great abilities. And let us not make this about Ozil or other Arsenal players because I just asked the guy for his opinion on which criteria you can call a player WC.

        2. Break-on-through says:

          Salah, Mane, Firminho were not world class when they signed and I wouldn’t say they all are now either. Salah, who I wanted Arsenal to sign by the way but some realists in here saw it differently to me. He has last season as a world class performance, this season Auba is leading him. As good as he is, he doesn’t deserve the tag as much as Auba would. Firminho, very very good player, but his striking talents are kinda new, is he world class, would he get into almost every top side and start. I don’t know, haven’t seen him enough times, Liv fans you can’t trust to give an honest view, you’d have to ask the people who watch every game that is available to watch on all the channels. Mane is not world class, pure and simple, good player, all round, but certainly not a world class talent.

          1. Sue says:

            Mane’s just a dirty sod

            1. henry says:

              kindly explain. am an arsenal fan but I respect mane having read his personal profile and how humble the guy is. he never flaunts what he has. did you read his comments when his emirates goal was disallowed? he said it was nothing because he previously had a goal allowed.
              Nothing personal Sue but I think the guy is just a fine hardworking footballer

              1. Sue says:

                He might well be the nicest person in the world off the pitch, but on the pitch he’s a dirty player! He got away with throttling Lichtsteiner last week (although I want to do that myself most of the time ?) I’ve seen him hit Andy Carroll in the stomach… you just have to look at his red cards!!
                Each to their own as they say Henry ?

                1. henry says:

                  Agreed about those incidences.But that does not take away his footballing skills.
                  zidane and headbut
                  maradona and Thierry hand of god
                  vieira ‘s uncountable reds
                  Suarez cannibal behaviour( and we wanted him)
                  My point is that players can have some disciplinary issues over the course of their career but they cannot be judged based on that alone. If that happened, Barcelona would have missed the first class service that Suarez has given them for over five seasons now

                  1. Sue says:

                    Yes I understand what you’re saying..a lot of players have that dirty side to their game… Yes they shouldn’t be judged by that alone, but the more you see of it, it’s hard not to associate them with it!
                    I get what you’re saying about Suarez etc… mud sticks though, as every time his name is mentioned all I think of is his cannibal behaviour ?

                    1. ozziegunner says:

                      Sue, the Arsenal have needed more mongrel for years. Arsenal’s title winning teams under Bertie Mee, George Graham and Arsene Wenger didn’t mind getting down and dirty with the opposition if they wanted to put the boot in. They had players who were rarely bullied and stuck up for each other.

          2. Mobella says:

            That is exactly what response to his reply of my post but wrote differently. It beats me how a realist like Jon would say players like Walker, Sane, Mane, Emerson and even Alisson are WC. A goalkeeper is as solid as the defense in front of him. The WC Alisson shipped in 7 goals against Liverpool in cl last season. Good goalkeepers they are, WC capital NO but with potentials to be.

      2. Ackshay says:

        I understand your issue, for me a world class player is someone who has performed at a high level for 2 or more consecutive seasons. E.g Salah is not WC yet since he is still a 1 season wonder. WC also rarely performed badly for consecutive seasons. E.g Ozil was WC when he came due to previous good season at real madrid, after an adaptation period he had a good season with 19 assist. So when he under-performed the season after we thought it was a rare bad season.

        The problem is he has continually under-performed for the past seasons so he isn’t WC for me at the moment.

    2. enagic says:

      Carzola = Banega

  9. AYEGBA JOSEPH says:

    Talented, but why always going for a player that has no hope of playing in his current club’s starting eleven?

  10. Peter says:

    Suarez is a very good player. He is fast and skillful and young. To play for Barcelona fc is not easy. I know that he is finding it difficult to play because, he is competing with dembele, coutinho, artur and maicon. He has a vision of giving killer passes. Let us support emery and give him time.

  11. Olivia Dunham says:

    If he’s a direct replacement for Ramsey l hope that he is not a sideways, backpass ,flick master as our about to be exiting player ?.

    1. enagic says:

      If you remember Iniesta thats denis suarez

  12. Footballistrivial says:

    Cazorla still going at it with that awful injury and look at the fraud Ozil.
    Can’t believe actually kept Ozil and let Cazorla go.

    1. enagic says:

      That was was wenger’s decision for trying to do almost everything by himself.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Wenger wanted to keep Cazorla, he even activated the extension in his contract when he would miss most of that season… Just to give Cazorla some peace of mind and to focus on his injury.

        Not everything was Wengers decision you know.

        He had his flaws but to blame a Wenger for all ills is disrespectful of the things he did achieve.

  13. enagic says:

    If you remember Iniesta thats denis suarez

    1. ken1945 says:

      enagic, have you also read the abuse AW has received for keeping Santi too long.
      Many on here wanted Santi out two years ago, so whatever AW did he was going to be pilloried wasn’t he?

  14. enagic says:

    If you remember Iniesta thats denis suarez

  15. Big G says:

    Not sure what or who to believe,the media saying we are buying or the club saying there is no money. Reading between the lines would mean a make-shift player or two to keep the fans happy as in past transfer windows. Personally i would like a first class defensive coach who can organize our defense properly.

    1. enagic says:

      Quality players who understand the game can solve that, defensive coach cant put skills in your fit.

  16. AndersS says:

    Is our manager under pressure????
    That is news to me.
    Hopefully our manager position now is a job, where job security actually depends on the results, and so far I don’t think he is underperforming in any way given the starting point. In fact, I think he is getting results as good as we could hope for, and I think this unfounded questioning of his dedication to get the best results stinks!

    Is the dressing room morally unsettled???
    That is also news to me, but if it is, it may be that players are now being told to work 100% for their fantastic wages. Before it was more like a walk in the park.
    Finally, as far as I know Suarez is also able to play on the wing.

    1. ken1945 says:

      AndersS, apart from the penultimate sentence, I agree with your sentiments entirely.
      We have a media ever ready to criticize our club, for so-called fans to do it certainly “stinks” to high heaven!!

      1. AndersS says:

        Ken1945, Fair enough 🙂
        My penultimate sentence may have been too harsh, but I do think, players now are required to work harder under Emery than under Wenger. The stats in matches show it, and from the reports I have read about the training, it has also been intensified. That may not go down well with all the players, but I believe those, who can’t adapt to it, should, be shown the door.

        1. jon fox says:

          Andrew, as you must surely know, Ken, whom I much respect, and I have polar opposite views on the last decade under Wenger. Ken broadly agrees with some of my criticisms in just the last two years and we have real ding dongs on here, even on this thread (above). I think that “penultimate sentence” of yours perfectly summed up the laid back years under Wenger. Ken does not. C’est la vie!

  17. Linda says:

    I don’t get the object of this article at all. I don’t see the author advancing any demerits on Suarez as a player. Why is his praises of Unai a bad thing? In fact, the rappoire between them would be a catalyst for quick assimilation into the team.

  18. Grandad says:

    Suarez is a talented technically gifted player who has never fulfilled the promise he showed 4/5 years ago.To my mind he would not be an upgrade on what we have and with the likes of AMN Willock and ESR emerging i feel Emery should be using what limited funds we have to strengthen our inadequate defence which is one of the weakest in the premier League.It really is a question of priorities.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, I agree with your assessment of the priority being given to defense; however Arsenal’s midfield needs strengthening as well, given that Ramsey is leaving.
      In the mid season transfer window it is often a case of taking opportunities that are available at the time. Unlike Gazidis, I have faith in the Trinity of Sven, Raul and Unai to make the right choices taking into account the financial constraints under Kroenke.
      With regard to Suarez, as you state he is a gifted midfielder, who can play centrally as well as on both wings. He therefore is an upgrade on what Arsenal has.
      Being a fringe player at Barcelona, just means that the manager believes he has better players to suit their system; it doesnt mean they are bad players.
      Let’s remember that Dennis Bergkamp didn’t fit into the system at Inter Milan. Some so called pundits, including an ex England captain said that Arsenal had wasted their money on Bergkamp and we all know haw that turned out.

      1. Sal says:

        I like what I’m hearing from you guys so far as I haven’t watched him myself or when I did didn’t really notice him on the field, so if he is able to carry the ball and is similar to xavi or the much better inesta then I should have no worries, what worries me is that he doesn’t know what his best position is yet, so very similar to what we had with Alex Chambo and as much as liked chambo, I don’t think he would improve our team loads if he was in it today…well that’s a lie he would be great winger to have this year as we are seriously lacking in numbers!!..what I am getting at is what happens to him when we eventually buy talent in those positions does he become a part time player like welbz was , is the guy starting 11 material?

        And if not why aren’t we just buying a player that will fill that position for the next few years even if that means spending more to get him, or a loan to solve our problems for now with an option to buy to see if he hits the ground running, it seems abit panic but to me that’s why I really want to know if this guy is the guy for us, we need our transfers to adapt quickly we got no time for risky business!!

        Why not go for bailey or Tah this way at least I know what we are getting!!

        Really hope the scouting team knows what it’s doing as the Rodriguez rumour made even less sense to me at that price, yes he had a good Wc years ago and scores the wonder goal but is so inconsistent and is a better 10 than he is a winger so similar to miki and if we have two Miki’s than that would be really taking the Mickey!!

  19. rkw says:

    certainly skilful and quick and hardly surprising hes had a though time breaking in to barca midfield … the kind of player that can combine with torreira and link with Ozil to connect defence to attack …i ignore the dumb comments on that front on this site … way higher level than ramsey and way preferable kind of midfielder to the hapless xhaka … not sure about his defensive attributes … doubt too many had any idea about carzola when he came from malaga and if he can get anywhere close to that it will be a big plus … i dont think we can bolster the defence with quality additions in this window so would prefer to improve our attacking options and wait to bolster defence in summer and hope thats enough to take us to CL

    1. Break-on-through says:

      This is a Wenger signing, it’s a wonder none of the realists mentioned it. The attributes Suarez has are the kind Wenger admired. He almost sounds like the Spanish Wilshere, or a poor mans Santi even though the price is similar. The position he plays, all over midfield it seems, is the position Wenger strengthened when another was said to be more immediate. The price tag, again Wenger would have to work with that type of price. The Barcelona part, yep, Wenger had a good rapport with that club.

      1. sal says:

        Thanks for that man, back to worried again 😉

  20. Palash says:

    My friend is a Barcelona fan he told me Suarez can play as LM or as a CAM but he is not a hard worker and doesn’t defend much similar to ozil

    1. Midkemma says:

      Was Suarez a harder worker when he played for Emery?
      Your Barca fan mate, does he know? Barca bought him back for a reason and I’m curious ^.^

  21. ACE says:

    Suarez is a talented player but he won’t be
    making the switch to the Emirates unless
    Barca agree to a loan deal with an option to
    buy in the summer. Arsenal will not meet
    there evaluation on the player.

    It amazes me that Kroenke is unwilling to open
    the purse strings in January with Arsenal only
    a few points behind Chelsea and with Manure
    breathing down there neck for the final CL spot.
    If Emery was given the greedy yanks full financial support to at least make some serious inquiries
    in January I genuinely believe Arsenal could
    add a few of the quality players listed below to
    secure that 4th spot and seriously challenge for both the FA Cup and Europa League crown.

    Jonathen Tah
    Leon Bailey
    Harry MaGuire

    Just 2 name a few.

    Sadly our beloved club will continue to pursue
    FREE transfers for the summer and look to
    bring in more Kim Kalstrom type players to
    gerry rig the glaring weaknesses that STILL
    exist on the back line and wings.

    In Stan We Forever Rust!

  22. henry says:

    @ break-on-thro
    If I were a coach, I would sign mane instead of neymar. Neymar has huge talent but does not adhere to team ethics. furthermore, he is a cheat and an actor. he has zero respect for opponents likes to use his skills to demean them.
    Of course mane is not world class. but he is a proper football player, team player and does not get easily frustrated.
    Currently, we lack wingers at Arsenal. If mane were available would you say no? I would take him in a heartbeat

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I can see where you’re coming from. I also respect Manes abilities, he’s a soldier, managers love these players. I also see why you dislike Neymar’s character a wee bit, soon as he arrived in Paris he made waves. Talent is talent though, you’re either the most talented, or you are not. But you did say as much yourself. Fair comments buddy.

  23. Ade says:

    This guy Suarez look like a faster version of iwobi, that’s my observation on his you tube videos

  24. Midkemma says:

    I’ve seen the YouTubes and the one that interested me the most was seeing his time under Emery, I am not thrilled by this potential signing but I can change my mind like any one of us can ^.^

    If we get him then I hope I am surprised and thrilled by him, as with any player, it just isn’t the type of signing I was hoping for.

  25. ozziegunner says:

    Denis Suarez for £14 million is good business. Now we can only hope that Arsenal can let Ramsey go this transfer window to Juventus and swap Medhi Benatia in return.
    There is also a rumour Arsenal are offering €37 million for Greek International CB Manolos from Roma.

    1. Well, I heard Juventus rejected the swap deal. I also heard Kostas Manolas’ contract release clause only comes into effect after January 31st. Either way it’s Manchester Utd who are after him so I don’t think we shall get him. As for Dennis Suarez, he sounds like a good midfielder except for the fact guys are saying he can’t/won’t defend. Another Mkhitaryan type of player we should avoid.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        QD, fair enough, as long as Arsenal don’t accept Sami Khedira as a swap.

  26. Dalinho says:

    You must of blocked all the old crowd and kept all these old moaning men on here! It’s weird on this website now. It should be called OAPAFC lol my comment won’t come up anyway coz I must of been blocked

    1. Declan says:

      Yes, I turned on the snowflake filter to block you ?

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Dalinho, don’t believe everything you read online.

  27. sanmi.marvellous says:

    This Samuel Chukwueze is worth giving a look at. I have watched loads of his matches both on TV and live games. He never cease dazzling.

  28. Billy says:

    OT I only saw Pats message yesterday, can anyone help to make sure he gets my message below, I posted it yesterday but on his message from the 3rd.
    Thanks in advance
    Hello Pat
    Good to hear you are well. I live in Perth. I am south of Perth in Secret Harbour near Mandurah, sounds like your sister lives in the north of Perth.
    You are probably in Bali now, enjoying a few bintangs and the Mrs having a few massages. Try and get to Mt Agung volcano and also the tegallalang rice terraces, a car with driver for the day is about $50 Aussie dollars.
    How long are you in Perth? You and your family are welcome to come to mine for a BBQ. We could do a dolphin tour of Mandurah canals. You have my email if you want to contact me, I know these visits are normally full on, no worries if you are too busy

    My list of things to do whilst here would be, a visit to Elizabeth quay in the city, day trip to Rottnest island, a tour of the world heritage listed Fremantle prison ( a favourite for all my visitors ) lunch or dinner at the C restaurant, a revolving restaurant 30 stories up, great views of Perth and great food too. If you like cricket the big bash is on, Perth scorchers play at the new stadium, which is a very nice stadium 60,000 seater. An evening at the Crown Casino is always good, football is always on the massive screens in the casino sports bar on the weekends.

    Oh and lastly, don’t ask for a fosters as the Aussies would laugh at you, they can’t believe it’s the number 1 beer in the UK.

    Enjoy your trip.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Hi Billy, good advice, but note that Admin has visited his sister a number of times over the last 30 years. However I’m sure he will appreciate your offer of hospitality.
      My wife and I visited Perth in 2014 and the Mandurah area is very picturesque.
      You’re right about Fosters; I tell all my overseas friends that Australia exports Fosters because no one here drinks it!

      1. Sue says:

        There’s nothing wrong with Fosters ???

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I used to drink Fosters, hate Budweiser, Heineken, and most top brands because you need the toilet after every can. Fosters is nice though, and three cans later is when you’d need the toilet, well, for me it was.

          1. Sue says:

            I don’t drink that often, but when I do it has to be a pint of fosters (especially at darts!)
            You little lightweight BOT ?? needing the toilet after every can!!! ?? you do crack me up!

            1. ozziegunner says:

              Sue, I’m not disrespecting your choice for Fosters; there are just a lot more high quality beers (lagers, ales and porters/stouts) to choose from in Australia and differing State/Regional preferences.
              There are also a lot of craft/boutique brewing companies in Australia; however unfortunately when they gain popularity/market share the large brewing conglomerates tend to buy them out.

              1. Sue says:

                I know Ozzie ? I’m just boring when it comes to alcohol!!

                1. ozziegunner says:

                  Don’t forget my offer to you and your husband to visit. I live 45 minutes drive from the Hunter Valley Vineyards. I worked up there for 9 years, so I know my way around. Great Shiraz and Semillion.

                  1. Sue says:

                    Thanks Ozzie, much appreciated ? be at least 4 years.. then will be mortgage free!! Hurrah!! ?

          2. Midkemma says:

            Heineken cold filter was my favourite many years ago, nice flavour and not so strong that it’ll put you on your backside 😛
            I found it a great weekend drink, could drink it all day and all I would get was tipsy XD

            I cried for weeks after it stopped in the UK 🙁

      2. Billy says:

        Thanks OZ, I saw his reply to you regarding Margaret river etc, so just gave a few different options, Elizabeth quay is new, Perth’s work in progress to match darling Harbour Lol. Sue I love fosters too and love when I come home, there’s nothing better than watching soccer Saturday with a few tinnies and then an Indian. Oh well one of the sacrifices we make when moving to Oz. If you ,Oz ,Pat, Phil, Ken, the Fox or any fan come over, your all welcome.
        Arsenal family.

        1. Sue says:

          Ooh a nice pint of fosters! Can’t beat it! Love watching soccer saturday too (minus the Indian ?)
          Thanks very much Billy…. hoping to venture down under in around 4 years time ?
          How long have you been there? Prefer it over there to the good old UK?

      3. jon fox says:

        Ah Fosters! That triumph of good and mass marketing over taste! BTW, who else has noticed that while the cat’s away, in Aussie, we mice are discussing almost anything else but Arsenal. I used to moan about this happening UNTIL I discovered what a well rounded, well travelled and interesting load of people we now have on here -and esp since the “thumbs” went – and I now join in willingly. THAT IS, AT LEAST UNTIL “PAT THE CAT” FULLY RETURNS TO KEEP US ALL IN ORDER! SQUEAK SQUEAK!

  29. RSH says:

    I don’t think we’ll get him because Arsenal clearly wants a loan, and it’s a smart move to do so as well. And I know people are asking about defense, but in Jan market, it seems like there are close to none actually available so I don’t expect to pick up a defender. If I were Emery I’d start trusting the kids more over players like Lichtsteiner and Koscielny. You need to be bold sometimes and sticking with players that are clearly past their prime has no real benefit. Liverpool took risky moves and got players like Trent and Gomez to be regualars in their side. You never find that out if you don’t give them a chance though and at this stage our defending is so diabolical we have nothing to lose. It’s not like our older defenders don’t make the same mistake amateur ones do.

    1. jon fox says:

      Agreed on defenders. A defence made up of all over 30 or very near to it is a recipe for regular injuries, lack of pace, lack of concentration and is one main cause of our regular shambles. We urgently need younger blood. Experience is fine but ONLY IF it is not over the hill. All our oldies are just that.

  30. Sue says:

    No Eastenders tonight because of Wolves v Liverpool…… disgusting!!!

  31. Tom says:

    I have had a long and hard think about this potential saurez deal. Although i am not convinced this or any other deal will go through i think a £17m deal for a player who could play both as a winger and central midfielder is a big step towards what we require.
    What we are seeing now is formations being different in matches like when in defence, build up and attack play…well for teams that succeed like liverpool it is, and i feel this is also what unai wants to do. Flexibility

    So a player who can play a % of the season out wide or in CM or move during the game is attractive…but is saurez that guy?

  32. GB says:

    Wolves winning at Anfield!

    1. GB says:

      Er I mean at their place wolves 1 Pool 0

  33. Sue says:

    I hope we get a home tie in the next round… would love to go to it!

  34. Midkemma says:

    Just read this:

    It is not just the Italian giant, Juventus who has expressed interest in the fantasy of the Kosovo national team, Donis Avdijaj.

    Arsenal is another famous European club, which is monitoring the 22-year-old.

    “Blic” writes that the club from the “Emirate” is interested in Avdijajn, who is currently part of the Dutch team, Willem II.

    “The Gunners” are said to be ready to negotiate with the Dutch club for Avdijaj, which in case will be transferred to London, he will join the Albanian duo Shkodran Mustafi and Granit Xhaka.

    The Dardans midfielder, this season of the competition, has scored eight goals and six assists in 18 games of this edition with William II.


    Looking at this guy in transfermarket and it appears his contract runs out in June this year, he appears to be a real goal threat this season for Willem II, scoring 7 in 14 games.

    Might very well just be another random linking to us for the sake of clicks or something… But if Sven has been told to find a gem due to lack of funds then who knows?

    1. Midkemma says:

      Bah, went from wiki for goals while it had the correct figures in the article… Doh.

    2. jon fox says:

      midkemma, Your last line about Sven, what else BUT finding gems for peanuts is he even ALLOWED to do! But sooner or later, if you refuse to properly invest at top level, you no longer REMAIN top level, the Sven’s of this world or not. He is called Diamond Eye and is probably well named. But “miracle worker” he can never be.

  35. GB says:

    2-1 to Wolves

  36. Sue says:

    Thank you Wolves….. now the draw…

  37. Sue says:

    Well we got a home tie…. against those bell ends!! COYG

    1. John Wick says:

      Happy birthday Sue ?? yessssssss nice draw I’ll look forward to it ?

      1. Sue says:

        ? thank you very much John! I wouldn’t have minded a league one team though ?

        1. John Wick says:

          Oh the embarrassment if you crash out though ? I’m happy with United because we can put a stop to them leveling on number 13 with us ? hope you had a good birthday Sue with a nice cake ?

  38. Ackshay says:

    Emery better fix that defense or it could get ugly vs united

    1. John Wick says:

      Solskjaer is having a honeymoon period at United that will end soon possibly this weekend make no mistake that’s a very poor man utd team.

      1. Sue says:

        Yes John, a honeymoon period that all & sundry have been raving about ? I hope they come back down to earth with a thud! And I hope we knock them out of the cup!! That’ll do nicely ?

        1. John Wick says:

          Landing in Manchester after a week in Dubai would be a shock to anyone’s system ? all of the above will happen Sue ?

    2. Sue says:

      Oh it’ll get ugly alright – Phil Jones will be there ?

      1. John Wick says:

        Here here ? and wicked witch of the west Lingard ?

        1. Sue says:

          How could I have forgotten him??!!! ??
          Had a lush cake thanks John… the cherry on top was Wolves winning ?

          1. John Wick says:

            Haha why is Jurgen Klopp always dressed like a chav ? 50 something year old man ? lol he winds me up something rotten Sue all that stupid dancing he loves himself ? I can imagine it was ? I actually wanted revenge on Liverpool have to wait until next season now grrrrrrrrrr

            1. Sue says:

              He does my head in too… I bet he wasn’t dancing at the final whistle John ??
              That revenge will come… might have to wait a while, but when it does it’ll be sooooo sweet!! ???

              1. John Wick says:

                Sue did you see Jason McAteer and Michael Owen fighting? Haha I wanted McAteer to wipe that smug smile off his face ? he’s another Arsenal hater can’t stand him and that 2001 fa cup final will always leave a sour taste ? oh I hope so 9 goals conceded in last 2 visit’s at Anfield that doesn’t sit well with me ?

                1. Sue says:

                  Yeah I did see that John… it did make me laugh!
                  Tbh I’m not that keen on any former Liverpool player… having to listen to Mcmanaman on BT sport drives me crazy!! I really don’t like the Scouse accent ?

              2. RSH says:

                seeing klopps mouth dropping after Liverpool lose is always a pleasure. I wouldn’t care so much if he didn’t overcelebrate every single thing his team does. And the media loves to protect him b/c he hugs his players, while they’ll tear Emery a new one if he had lost to Wolves.

                1. Sue says:

                  ? the amount of times he’s overcelebrated against us.. I just wanted him to slip (like Stevie G!) One day he will!!
                  You’re absolutely right- he can do no wrong in the media’s eyes!

        2. jon fox says:

          John, Without overmuch fear of contradiction , I forecast that the new James Bond will NOT be Lingard. Not unless they choose one that looks like a hobgoblin!

  39. ArseOverTit says:

    Did Kroenke go yet?

  40. Bobby says:

    Denis suarez looks like a agile player who is quick with his feet and can carry the ball forward which is something we need at the moment especially from midfield. He can help us in the midfield and break the press and get it to the likes of Ozil /iwobi to supply either lacazette or aubameyang. The amount of times this season ive watched our strikers having to come back past the half way line to collect the ball since we have know one in the team other than Ozil / wiboi and mhki who can play in between the lines between the midifled and forward line. Can play LW /RW or as a number 6 or 8 going of Emery’s assessment of it and having watched him myself. For 14mill it could go either way. Be a astute signing or a failed one. What we do need is wingers though not CB’s. Our over reliance on our fullbacks to provide the width in our team causes our CB’s to be drawn out wide hence why we look so open. I wouldnt be surprised if Saurez is recruited in to be your utility man at CM or outwide. Is he an upgrade on what we have, no so sure got to wait and see. Is he a player we need definietly.

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