Sublime Arsenal destroy Bournemouth but are denied by VAR twice

Considering Arsenal’s form after an excellent preseason, it was no surprise that Arsenal were bristling with confidence ahead of the trip to Bournemouth, and they were yet again looking totally in control right from the kick off.

The gunners were just too quick for Bournemouth and their fast football in small spaces meant the small pitch didn’t affect them at all.

It didn’t take any time at all for Arsenal to take the lead through Odegaard, but it was the dazzling ball control from Gabriel Jesus that mesmerized the Cherries defence, and when he gave Martinelli the shot it was saved but dropped nicely to Odegaard who nimbly poked it into the net.

IT was Jesus again who did all the legwork for the second, but his touch was not quite right and Odegaard pounced again. The captain gets into the right places.

The Cherries tried to put up a fight after the break, but Arsenal were just too good when they went on the attack. The third goal was brilliantly taken by Saliba, who got his very first Arsenal goal and he fully deserved it.

It seemed certain that Jesus would get on the scoresheet and he did get the ball into the net, but VAR ruled for a two inch offside, so Arsenal had to wait until added time to get their deserved 4th goal but yet again VAR denied Jesus his expected goal.

But all in all it was a stroll in the park for Arsenal and we end the day on top of the table.

What a difference to last season after 3 games!

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  1. Great game

    Arsenal were simply far superior to Bournemouth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bournemouth get relegated

    1. I didn’t think we played to our potential, but it’s a positive thing bcos it means we can simply just overrun smaller teams like it a training session.

      1. I think the players just slowed the tempo down to avoid injuries and fatigue, as Man City players usually do after leading by a big margin

    2. But they beat Aston villa 2-0 in the first week, they are just unlucky against two Teams challenging for Premier league

  2. Really proper football.
    Enjoyable all through, I’m eager to see us against the big boys TBH.
    Very good squad depth too.
    Saliba goal was a WTF moment.
    Zinchenko’s reaction says it all.
    Ødegaard great game, sad Jesus’s goal was ruled offside.
    The fans finally made a chant for Xhaka. I loved that moment.
    The Saliba chant is golden.
    Are there still people doubting the style of play and what out football is?
    Have a great week you folks.

  3. Great result. Not being negative but this was a victory earned by playing a great system well rather than any outstanding performances. Plus I can’t see Bournemouth staying up!

    1. @guy
      There’s no walk in the park in this league, and you to have to do a professional job every time

  4. Great win
    Bournemouth offered nothing ,way to strong for them .
    Saliba MOTM ,elegance to go with that pure steel ,looks amazing .
    Odegaard,Jesus and white best of the rest for me .
    Saka was probably the only negative for me and we should have got more goals .
    Onwards and onwards

    1. Dan Saka looks like he needs a break not been on it from day 1 of the season got enough depth in squad to take him out and give him the extra time off he badly needs!

      1. Saka will be fine. Last week it was Odegaard that people were saying was off his game and he’s picked up a brace today. I’m not worried about Saka because we’ve all seen the level he plays at. He’ll have another good season no doubt. I don’t think he looks tired and is just adjusting to the changes in personnel and patterns of play this season.

        1. Agreed… he is playing just fine in the current team

          Also bear in mind he looked great with Tomi behind him last season…this time round white is there who is a different player

          1. I think the reason why Saka is less influential so far in three games is because we have left side which is overloaded. While right side is a bit thin because we switch to 3 at the back. So there is no real right back as white is playing the role of RCB most of the time. I think Tommy gives us better balance and more link up play on right then white.

      1. No mate he is Saliba, not being compared to some Liverpool player, he is his own player, compared to some of the great French Defenders like Blanc or Thuram-Ulien, maybe Marius Paul Trésor, I am sure Saliba will know who they are, that is who you compare him to

        1. @foreverinourshadow
          Going all the way back to Marius Trésor is too much…..As for Van Dijk i think it’s too early but Saliba is the closest thing i have seen to the dutsch monster

          1. Compare him to great French defenders, and you can never go back too far to compare players to legends

  5. Another all around great game. 3 goals, controlled the tempo of this game and never really gave Bournemouth a chance. Lets remember last season every away game was a struggle. MOTM for me is Odegaard even without his two goals, he is just fantastic at stitching everything together. Zinchenko again a very very strong performance. And Jesus is just a level above in terms of the forwards we’ve had in the past, so happy to have him. Let’s keep this strong start going GOYG!

    1. RSH, unfortunately many on here under rate the contributions of Odegaard, particularly his ability to be in the right place at the right time and “stitch things together”.

  6. Great win today. The team controlled the match from start to finish. The team is playing more together and it’s good to see the passes been sharper and faster. Hope they continue to play like this and keep on improving game after game. It’s also good to see the team using the middle more often than to the byline like when Tierney was starting. Happy for the win.

  7. Fantastic progression compared to the first three matches last season. Only 91 points left to 💯 🫶

  8. It seemed to me that saying Bournemouth was poor underscore Arsenal’s top performance. The Arsenal team stiffled any life they could have in them out and limited their long ball threat. Bournemouth werent poor, they were outclassed by Arsenal as it should be. Sublime game. No room for complains. But it is this kinda game I love to see 7 goals thriller to send a warning. By and large, three points in the bag. Up Gunners

  9. When you see this kind of gap in the level in games it means that you’r headed the right way…..Bournmouth ,Let’s not forget,has beaten easely Aston Villa…

    1. Mitrovic is the next challenge. Should be trickier than this game for sure but at home I think we can get another three points. More Jesus goals as well please!

  10. Most Arsenal fans aren’t living in cloud cuckoo land but we’re certainly happy with the clearly evident progress made….

    We lost our first three games last season. Now we got 9pts from three games. We haven’t done this over a decade I guess..

    We ain’t carried away. We are only happy for the progress thus far with good results. Yes it’s Bournemouth but remember we lost to newly promoted team last season in Brentford. Fulham gave Liverpool a run two weeks ago..

    Top 4 is the goal. One step at a time.


  11. I’m happy with both the win and performance! it’s also great not having to go through a nervy end of the game!!one thing,I just didn’t get the last 2 (very) late substitutions .could someone explain??

    1. Siamois, One reason that so many Prem teams make such late subs, is to protect key players from muscle strains and fatique. Also to give non starters a run out and make them feel involved. All are sensible reasons.

      Nothing out of the ordinary about our two late subs .Its quite normal in Prem games, now that we have five subs available to use.

    2. @Siamois, it’s just about resting players and giving some other players a match day feeling. Nothing wrong with that, when you’re already 3goals up.
      I’m happy with our almost error-free performance today. Saka no longer has to carry the team almost single-handedly. Now, other players are stepping up too. G. Jesus, Martinelli Odegaard and even Xhaka.
      All round positives.
      I can’t fault any player today.
      This game could easily have ended five or six nil.
      Two clean sheets away from home, nine goals scored so far!
      It feels good seeing Arsenal on top of the table 😃😃😃.

    3. Siamois, and this is my opinion
      1) To give the fans a chance to show their appreciation to players
      2) To manage the game by gently killing it off.
      3) Some time to protect special players.
      4) And some time to get as much players involved as possible.
      Some time it’s just to manage the game by taking the sting out of the game and running down the clock though this might not be the case in this one

        1. Siamois to protect key players from injuries and promote the feel good factor.

          Just imagine if one of our key players should get injured in the 85th minute and with the game firmly in the bag.

          The hard line merchants would crucify the gaffer

    1. Stop comparing him to VVD, compare him to any great Arsenal defender or French defender, sod the bin dippers, this Arsenal

      1. We are, it is lovely to enjoy the moment, by the time we meet Man Utd, we could and should have fifteen points, play it right we even could have twenty five points before we play the team from Enfield……… nice thought and no reason why not

    1. After todays splendid perf, some may feel the premise of your question is false. I mean that it is quite possible that some will feel NO team at all will finish above us.

      I predict a solid third place but we could do better than that.

      I rule nothing out right now. We plainly are miles better and a deeper squad than last season.

      1. third place and a pretty european trophy to add to the cabinet would be a dream JF. I may be getting carried away but idc. Just enjoying the feel-good moments of being a fan when the moments come. 😁

  12. What a performance, great attacking, midfield dominance and a defensive masterclass, never being bullied, quite the opposite in fact.

    I asked for consistency and Mikel has given it – the same team, working hard and covering each other to the empth degree.

    Not to put the mokkas on it, but no injuries either and that might just be a record for MA.

    Take a bow Mikel and humble as ever… please keep it going!!

    1. Meant to add, what about our away support?!?!
      Brilliant and as good a performance as the players 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      1. @Ken1945 – nice saying.
        Our away supporters have been brilliant for a long time. Their love for Arteta is amazing but I can understand them 😉

      2. Agree entirely ken, at last some proper football and attacking. Maybe we can get that consistency, challenge the top teams and have the good season that has been set up.

      3. Our away support has always been class except for the morons from the poison Arsenal TV who still taint our great club

  13. Great performance, Saka still not out of the woods yet, wonder if the contract issues affecting him, we really need to have another option at right wing.

  14. Great stuff, but also an interesting match because of the Bournemouth selection.

    They played Lerma, Moore and Pearson, physical players, which looks like an attempt to get under our skin. That was always a bit of an Achilles heel and a standard tactic for “lesser” teams against us so the fact that it didn’t work speaks volumes for how this side cope with such opposition.

    Onwards and upwards.

    1. Until this Arsenal team proves that they can’t be bullied, I suspect that most managers of mid to lower table team will keep going back to the tried and true tactic of being physical with us. A couple more 3 nil scoreline will hopefully confirm that there is a different Arsenal mentality these days.

      1. Yep, exactly, keep doing that and they’ll change to a counter-attacking style.

        They might change a bit quicker if they notice that playing the physical players seemed to backfire today – they made Bournemouth slow to move the ball upfield when they had possession.

  15. Fantastic result on the pitch backed up by fantastic singing bu the away fans in the stands. If Lokonga breaks through I’m eager to hear Lo Lo Lo Konga being sung to the tune of LaBamba.

    My sole concern is squad rotation but appreciate its early days and it’s a tough balancing act. I don’t want to see a PL starting XI and a Cup starting XI so hopefully Arteta can figure out how to get meaningful PL minutes for the likes of Nketiah, Lokonga, ESR, Viera, Tierney and Tomiyasu before too long.

  16. Great result, great performances all round and the away fans were truly fantastic. Think everyone got a song near enough and it was so nice to see Xhaka getting some appreciation. Could not be happier 🙂 Best start in 18 years.

    Onwards and upwards!

  17. Great Victory. Gabriel Jesus and Alex Zinchenko are at another level. What a goal by Willie Boy. Happy making football 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Gutted I missed watching the game! Could feel the quiet efficiency and perfection of our gameplay from the highlights itself. From what I could gather, Jesus, Ode and Zinchenko again were unplayable, Granit and William came just next or possibly equal. Also was very impressed with Ben White’s early forward forays. He has won me over this season after last season I was not impressed with him. Looks like a proper rolls royce giving competition to a Porsche in William Saliba. And I dont know whether its appropriate to say such sweeping statements now, but Gabi Jesus for PL top scorer and Willie Saliba for best young player? What an amazing performance that was! Jesus is mesmerizing to watch and I can truly believe that he would have a hand in atleast 30 goal contributions in the league at this rate. I am not worried much about Saka as he has always shown to be a player with a strong personality and special skills who will come through and start playing like little chilli. Also, other guys were really good as well.
    My only points of concern in this game were that Martinelli could have tried to cut in more as the shot that was saved for our first goal was because it was taken towards his weaker left foot. If it was by design then I appologize. Similar issue with Eddie who came on and had a good opportunity but just could not get on the score sheet. So cutting in and shooting by our LWs would be amazing.
    Happy weekend people!

    1. Long way to go fixture wise not the hardest but still have to do the buisness and credit to the team for doing that but let’s see when we play the big boys that will be the ultimate test to see how far we have come get results against them then every right to start getting excited about the times ahead!

      1. Mark, no fixture is “easy”; the difference is that Arsenal turned up to play against Bournemouth. That sometimes was not the case in past seasons.

    2. Where do you hail from Sid, that is is not possible to watch the game onTV? I assume it was not your personal choice to miss it, obviously, though perhaps I should not so assume.

      But I am genuinely curious to where you live and how come you could not watch it.

  19. Great performance by the boys.

    Said it many times still can’t believe city sold us them both.

    Martinelli is on another level with Jesus he’s been fantastic.

    Think saka needs a rest.

    Ben White I thought had a great game got forward more and was on the ball more.

    Nketia needs more than just 20 minutes and doesn’t do it for me on the wing but can see why Jesus was left on to try and get a goal.

    I actually thought ESR or Nketia would’ve started this game over Saka.

    We have a lot of options this season and we are going to need them once Europe comes into play.

    Great start very happy. Well done every gooner

    1. If we can kill our next 2games at hand, giving us 15 cool points! Mehn’ I don’t see us falling outside Top4.. No brainer!

    2. Agree Nkeitah needs more playing time to adapt into the Arsenal formation just in case Jesus needs a rest or god forbid gets injured. Saka does need a rest because he is distracted by the contract talks. Martinelli will only get better. October will be our crunch month

  20. Bournemouth fans must have been really irritated by the away fans chants for 90 minutes straight 😂

  21. Not able to see game live, watched highlights, so limiter but none the less another 3 points chalked up and confidence should be growing. The football all ready is better than last year, the laboured backwards sideways balls are hopefully a thing of the past. Keep chalking the points up and take advantage of our start this season.

    1. I must be showing my age, but I had to turn my TV volume down to soften the dirge of that highly irritataing Saliba chant, which to my mind has nothing at all to do with SALIBA, UNTIL THE FINAL WORD “SALIBA”!
      Great that fans choose to sing about any or all of our players , I am all for that. But at least sing something that is relevant to the individual, like the old and new Vieira song(Senagal or Portugal) or Freddie with red hair.

      Why not sing about his ability or his assurance on the ball! Why not call him a Diamond and sing Diamonds are Forever? Loads of appropriate tunes out there to use, instead of that ghastly tuneless dirge.

      1. You are showing your age, chants are meant to be catchy and sometimes corny and easy for fans to sing along to, but yes we do get lazy for chants the one that sticks in my mind is Super,Super and whatever Arsenal player fans decide to include

  22. Now you have to feel sorry for leno, Fulham is next……

    It will be very emotional seeing him concede too many goal.

    1. Well, Fulham’s unbeaten, one win and 2 draws, one of them at Anfield.

      They might be easier late in the season if they’re mid-table and nothing to play for but right now they are dangerous.

    2. Michael I think it revealing about how SOME fans, like you are , when as an older fan, I compare them to how Iwould feel if we put halF a dozen goals past Leno. I would not care a jot for his feelings, since he is not in our shirt.

      If he were hurt, in say a car accident, then of course I WOULD BE SAD AND SYMPATHETIC .

      I would love to know how other fans think?

  23. It doesn’t really work that way, while we are amassing these point , still hope , chelsea, spurs, united and liverpool drop points , especially chelsea and spurs , cos liverpool and city are sure top 4 clubs not withstanding liverpool’s present form.

    Let keep grinding, rather than loose , let’s get a draw ..I mean against the big boys, then we are good,

    70 points should see us in top 3

  24. We won’t really play anyone that’s competition until October.

    Then we play Spurs Liverpool and City – all at home (and we still have the away fixtures against them. Then there’s Chelsea.

    I’m not including Man Utd as competition, but that might be a bit premature – we play them on Sept 4th just after the window closes and they seem to have decided to try to buy their way out of trouble.

  25. Need 1 more gear (mostly around maturity) to get to wenger early years. Finally waiting for Arsenal games, instead of sweating and loving how they play plus getting rid of the virus named Ozil!

  26. Hurray!!! Thank you guys for making us proud!!!…. Another 3pts bang… Let’s take it step by step and let’s enjoy the winning while its last….. Last season we were on 0pts with -9 goal difference, this season same period with last season, we have 9pts with 9goals scored, see the difference, whether its early or not, what I care about is the zeal and the way we play, onward and upward…… I don’t care about top 4 or winning European trophy, I just want to see and enjoy beautiful football as I am enjoying now… Thanks Arteta, thanks board for supporting Arteta in everything, thanks players for putting Arsenal first and thanks fans for singing and applauding the players….. Long may it continue..

  27. Hurray!!! Thank you guys for making us proud!!!…. Another 3pts bang… Let’s take it step by step and let’s enjoy the winning while its last….. Last season we were on 0pts with -9 goal difference, this season same period with last season, we have 9pts with 9goals scored, see the difference, whether its early or not, what I care about is the zeal and the way we play, onward and upward…… I don’t care about top 4 or winning European trophy, I just want to see and enjoy beautiful football as I am enjoying now… Thanks Arteta, thanks board for supporting Arteta in everything, thanks players for putting Arsenal first and thanks fans for singing and applauding the players….. Long may it continue..

    1. The strength of a team can be measured by the quality of those on the bench, and in this respect we are up there with the best.

    2. Now that is the big question on every fan’s mind, will he self implode either by getting sent off or giving away a penalty?

  28. What a difference from last year indeed. I remember the doom and gloom last year after 3 games and compare that to the scenario now. The signings of Jesus, Zinchenko and Saliba are a masterstroke, Saliba is like a new signing. Sterner tests lie ahead but looking at the form and confidence of our players, it is now very difficult for any team to beat Arsenal, the positivity is far too much.

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