Sublime Tottenham win is the reason why Arsenal fans are frustrated!

Well very few Arsenal fans and footy pundits saw the Gunners producing such a sublime performance to destroy Tottenham yesterday, with our (so-called) uninterested contract rebels, Ozil and Alexis, both producing Man Of the Match displays.

Many fans had called for the pair to be dropped as their work-rate seemed to have gone down since last season, but as Wenger said, he never doubted their commitment. “If you have to give me one credit, it’s that I’ve never questioned that. I know them well and I know that when these guys go on the pitch, they want to win the game.

“They’ve shown their commitment again today. I’ve never questioned their commitment. They can have bad games but the problem is that, when a player gets near the end of his contract and has a bad game, everybody says it’s because he’s going. Their interest is to play.”

But it wasn’t just those two. Shkrodan Mustafi returned and played like he was on top of his game. Ramsey and Xhaka clicked at last, in fact every single player showed that they could fight for the shirt when it really mattered, and therein lies the problem!

Where was this fight and passion when we played at Liverpool, at Watford, at Stoke? Where were our best players playing in their best positions? Wenger has consistently tried to blame the referees for our problems, but the fact iis that if we had played even half as well as we did yesterday then we would have been so far ahead of those teams a small referee decision would have had no effect at all…

It’s great seeing the Gunners play to the best of their ability, but why do we have to wait until we play against Spurs before we see it come out on the pitch? Yes we are back in the race for the Top Four, but we are still 12 points behind Man City and it is probably too late to fix that even if we played like this every week. Which we won’t!

Darren N


  1. jon fox says:

    Darren N, I don’t always agree with your articles but on this one, you have hit the nail fully on the head. You perfectly sum up the frustation of being a Gooner over the last ten years or so (and in my own case for sixty years as a fan). You quote Wenger saying , outrageously, that he has never doubted their committment, which in the case of OZIL IS A DOWNRIGHT LIE. Next he will be telling us he has never doubted Walcotts “ferocious committment to being in the heat of the battle” these last twelve years. How can we respect a manager who tells such ridiculous lies for reasons of keeping – as he thinks – lazy , bone idle players happy and content to remain here on their huge salaries for many years, irrespective of whether or not these shirkers actually EARN their money. I for one am not fooled in the least by Ozil’s decision to fully earn his money for the first time in ages, against Spurs. He clearly saw this opportunity, in this widely publicised vital game, to advertise himself in the shop window and get clubs that may have been appalled by his idleness over the years, wetting themselves to sign him anew. Naturally on huge WAGES. Like all Gooners, I fully admire his world class talent , on the FEW times he can be arsed to use it by working hard for the team and actually running around and fighting for the team. To be honest, over the whole last decade I am appalled by how Wenger collects timid players, ESPECIALLY 9 stone dripping wet midfield dwarfs, whom he generally plays out of postion on the right wing for a spell, thus undermining their condidence, most of them injury prone , yet kept unproductively for years and years, on the treatment table whilst still pocketing huge wages and rarely playing 100% even when fit. He also collects loads of dud CB’s who are just not good enough and a host of sub par would be CDM’s few of whom are powerful,fast, mobile, and with a football brain(eh Xhaka?). You may not like this realism but I have always believed in not deluding myself, unlike some on here and on all fan forums of all teams. But by far the most damning of Wengers many faults is his total inability to find Warriors who will fight , wek in week out, for the shirt. The reason fans are wetting our knickers about Kolasinac is because as a warrior he is so rare in this this last decade. Without “over my dead body types” throughout the squad and would be captains with the right mentality, you just have the blind leading the blind, most times. Until this policy changes, we can delude ourselves all day long but yesterday, where we had eleven MEN not boys, fighting for the shirt, was no more than the exception that proves the sad truth in my post. If any Gooner says he or she knows for sure which Arsenal will turn up at Burnley next week they are deluding themselves. I REFUSE TO DO SO, PERSONALLY.

    1. dragunov 762mm says:

      @ Jon Fox
      The boys including our contract rebels were highly motivated, that’s the different that night. To be inferior in north London after 20 years, it’s hard to accept. The boys played for that pride. However, I doubt we could it in weekly basis. The main reason, my opinion, Arsene is loosing connections with his boys. Arsene and gunners are just like an old antenna with a modern TV unit. Everything depend on the weather. Most of times the TV will show the buzzing picture, unless you change the antenna into digital one. If Arsenal worldly famous for the fluid football then they now are sediment for each other. Both Arsene and Arsenal need change for their own good. That’s mean for our own good.

      1. jon fox says:

        Good analogy!

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I can bet next week when Burnley park the bus, Our players will as usual go back to their normal selves, not their beast mode. I’m Happy we won, but I’m not getting carried away to start thinking we’ll start performing like that every match.

    Man city is performing like that in all their matches, why can’t we???

  3. Trudeau says:

    I kind of feel that yesterday’s win is being blown out of proportion in the same way that the “massive” gap between us and Spurs was being talked about last week. There was never a massive gap and yesterday’s win was just that, one win (fantastic, chest-thumping stuff but nonetheless just one win)

    I don’t know if it is possible to play at Saturday’s level every single game but if Arsenal (and especially Ozil) don’t bring that type of performance next week at Burnley than of course fans will feel frustrated and a sense of déjà vu.

  4. Tristan says:

    Good to see a win Hasn’ t got in the way of the compulsory doom and gloom of being an arsenal fan.

    1. Ivan says:

      Well Tristan that is because we need more than A win. If they play the rest of the season like yesterday we will have a lot of happy supporters with very few gripes.
      How do think they will play the rest of the season? Will it be the team that were in beast mode yesterday or the lazy CBA team that turned up against Liverpool, Watford and Stoke?

  5. Mitch Connor says:

    It’s because of Wenger, our not winning orvcoming close to winning the top 2 Trophies and immense frustration that I took up the guitar. I was soooo miserable with how we have been doing in the last 12 years that I needed a hobby to occupy my mind and not thinking about how far we’ve fallen.

    It’s mainly WENGER who is the cause of our Frustration. He doesn’t want to do what is necessary or doesn’t know what is necessary to compete for Premier League and Champions League.
    Why on earth has Wenger not got a Top defensive midfielder or box to box who is also defensive minded and skilled as good as Viera. It’s been over a decade now. United, Spurs, City, Chelsea and Liverpool ALL have central midfielders who are better than our own (not including Cazorla).

    Wenger is the major cause of our frustration (Kroenke too, but he hasn’t stopped Wenger from spending £32-35 million on Xhaka Mustafi Alexis, £42 million on Ozil, £55 million on Lacazette)

  6. samuel says:

    lets be more focus

  7. samuel says:

    2003-04,a team that played with lightning speed,to go a whole season unbeaten.they pushed and inspired each other,bringing out a strong character like jens lehmann,a self mad german,sol cambell an intense competitor,robert pires an instant friend when you give him football,patrick viera a soft spoken hardened captain,gibelto a thoughtful brazilian,thiery henry,a supremely gifted and obsessed scorer and creator and dennis bercamp,the perfectionist conductor.
    what is happening to wenger this days.somebody pls help me

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