Summer signing gives a candid opinion about his adaptation at Arsenal

Takehiro Tomiyasu has been one of the finest summer signings in the Premier League this season.

The Japanese star joined Arsenal late in the transfer window, but he has had a transforming effect on the Gunners.

The full-back is now one of the first players on Mikel Arteta’s team sheet, yet in a recent interview, he claimed there is still a lot more he has to improve on to meet the full requirements of his manager.

‘Mikel Arteta’s football is very logical and rational, and one can understand most things,’ he told Japanese news outlet Nishi Nippon Sports as quoted by the Metro

‘I would like to express that style of football on the pitch, but there are still some areas in technique and decision-making that are still lacking.

‘To be able to express Arteta’s style of football, in training I use my mind to process it while ingraining it within myself.

‘Then in the match, I play confidently with a clear mind. With that cycle, I hope to be able to naturally display his style of football on the pitch.

‘Arsenal is a wonderful club at the top level of the world, but where we are now is not the world’s highest goal.

‘There is further and further higher to go, and I think there are no limits to how high we can go from here on. With this unchanging mindset, I plan to keep stepping forward on my path to the future.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tomiyasu is one of the finest right-backs in this league, and in this interview, he showed his incredible dedication to work.

The Japanese player is leading the way in terms of contribution to the Arsenal team and he looks like a leader in the making.

If he has not fully met the requirements of Arteta and he is performing this well for the Gunners then it really is exciting to think about how good he would be when he finally becomes fully adapted to what the manager expects from him.

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  1. What style of Football is he talking bout? I thought our armchair managers said Arteta has no style vof football ?

  2. Perhaps you can articulate this “style” since you intimate he has one? For 2 years Arsenal was slow, static, 11 men behind the ball, summarizing negative football.

    Recently Arteta has the players more on the front foot, and I applaud him for that. Long may it continue, and a bit more creativity and trust in the players would be even better.

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