Why this summer’s transfer window is critical for Arsenal’s future

Will not winning the league this year will be biggest disappointment for Arsenal?‏ by SS

For many years now, we have been used to seeing the two of biggest clubs in England, Manchester United & Chelsea in the top four. This year though, the picture is different. With Leicester & Spurs at the top and Arsenal a distant third, this year may turn out to be biggest disappointment for Arsenal & Arsene Wenger. Both Man United & Chelsea are hard to keep out of the reckoning but both these teams are in transition, so this was our best chance to win the league. For that we had to strengthen our team and scrap the deadwood. But instead we failed to sign a single world class player and the results are there to be seen. Though there is always next season, but strengthening the squad for next season will be much tougher for the following reasons….

1) Fierce competition for signing world class players

Pep to arrive at City, Mourinho most probably at Man United, Conte at Chelsea. All three will try to sign the best players available. As money is no issue for all the three clubs, they will in all probability get what they want. This leaves Arsenal in a very precarious position. Will there be any player who would chose Arsenal over these three clubs? I doubt. Only if Wenger decides to leave and we sign someone like Simeone, then things may look different. Even if things remain unchanged, there is every possibility that two of our best players, Sanchez & Ozil may leave as there is no ambition at the club to win silverware.

2) Minnows are no longer minnows

Arsenal have for long enjoyed qualification for CL by being just there in top four. Earlier there was Liverpool, now there is Man City. Arsenal have always been there thanks to other clubs who have not shown any promise or ambition. But this year the scene is very different. With Leicester at the Top followed by Spurs, the fight for Top Four will be extremely difficult. Any slip up could result in years in exile as far as the Champions League is concerned. If we look at the second half teams that have defeated us, we no longer have assured wins over the so called minnows. Not to mention these “minnows” will also have money to spend in the transfer market.

3) Competition from abroad.

Every year we faced a great competition not only from PL teams but also from Europe. This year a new competitor in the face of China has entered the spectrum. Some of the best players in Europe are signed by the Chinese Clubs and more will follow. Barca has completed the ban and will sign the best available players and with PSG always in the mix, our hopes to sign someone great have diminished in the thin air.

To sum it all, we have missed the bus this year and unless something extraordinary happens, we will keep missing it for some years to come. The successor to AW, if and whenever he comes, will be a big catalyst in the mix. Let us watch & see and hope for the best. That is the only thing we can do.

Thanks & regards

Shivprasad Salkar

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  1. We’ve been saying this for ages.
    But as long as we continue doing the same things, don’t expect much to change….things could change, but for the worst (if we do nothing about it)

  2. Arsene missed the bus. Kroenke ruined the transport system.

    We wait at the bus stop for another transfer window, another season..

  3. Arsene’s Pound Land
    transfer window.
    Arteta Rosicky
    Flamini Sanogo
    Sell Debuchy 3 mill Mertz 3 mill .

    Cech Ospina Macey
    Bellerin Jenkinson Gibbs Monreal
    Koz Gabriel Chambers (7mill) CB
    Elneny Coquelin Diarby-Wilshere, Ramsey,
    Cazorla Ozil, Iwobi
    Walcott Chamberlin Sanchez Adelaide
    Giroud Wellbeck.
    Net spend 1 mill

  4. Leicester 1 Southampton 0
    Sunderland 0 Leicester 1
    Leicester 1 West Ham 0
    Leicester 1 Swansea City 0
    Man United 0 Leicester 1
    Leicester 1 Everton 0
    Chelsea 0 Leicester 1

  5. we messed up the Last 10 windows………. Nothing makes this forthcoming window any critical……

    This is still the same old same old Arsenal under wenger.under kroenke and nothing’s changed so far

    our future is not ASSURED….. It’s fLux

  6. Enough of the moaning is my thinking, sick to death of it. I read an article earlier which brought up this topic: How this being our one true shot and god knows how long til the next one.

    They pointed out how first off no-one can tell the future (look what happened to Mourinho). Then they pointed out how ..a great new manager aside, all those teams are going to need big over-hauls.

    Manu and Che do not look good for a quick fix, allot of those players have to go especially considering the manager change. A teams players will take time to settle, some players will come to the fore, but still, it is no certainty that these clubs will immediately challenge on all fronts simply because of a manager change. They have allot of problems.

    New managers have a law that they must first see what they have before they go making huge changes.

    City with Pep is tricky, city have allot of good players but allot of them are in their thirties. Then you have to consider how many of these players can play the Pep way. Probably most of their defenders will have to go, CM will need over-haul, and he’ll want some of his type of players in forward areas. This is an awful lot to do in one season, no matter how big your reputation.

    If we can sign the right players in the right areas well then we will have pretty strong looking team compared to others.

    1. Trevor, i think the moaning comes from a combination of the missed opportunities this season and Kroenke’s comments which appear to say that winning is not important.

      Kroenke pays the piper and calls the tune. The lyrics say that top 4 in PL and last 16 in CL plus occasional domestic cup is good enough. Perhaps someone musical could put something together.

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