Sunderland beaten again and will DREAD playing Arsenal

Arsenal may have dropped a couple of points to their local rivals Middlesborough in our last Premier League outing, but the last thing that Sunderland and David Moyes need this weekend is a visit from the Gunners, especially after they were knocked out of the EFL cup last night to pile on the misery and the pressure on their new manager.

The unlucky Black Cats were undone by a wonder goal from Sofiane Boufal in the second half of a very close game and that will surely leave Moyes and his players feeling as sick as the proverbial parrot. They were also denied a decent penalty claim in the dying minutes and to make matters worse the manager was sent to the stands for complaining.

I am not sure but I think that means he will be banned from the touchline for the match against us on Saturday, which I very much doubt they are looking forward to with much relish. Moyes only made a few changes to his team in the hope of getting a much needed win but it did not work out and with Arsenal having rested all our key players, what are the chances of Sunderland getting anything but beaten again this weekend?

Sam P.


  1. Zimbo says:

    Most of the lowly ranked teams have resorted to ‘Parking the Bus’, when playing with top teams or those that are offensive and l see Sunderland trying to do that when we visit them. l am just hoping Wenger will be quick to respond and change tactics and not wait for his usual 60th+ minute substitutions. l also believe we have enough fire power to power through any Sunderland bus. All the best to the boys!!!

    1. muda says:

      That’s where Giroud comes to effect bro.
      If they like let them park a train. Lolz

      1. Alexis the Great says:

        Not Giroud! I’d rather have Lucas. He tries harder to impress

        1. I think he picked up a knock midweek.probably won’t be risked.

  2. Gunner says:

    I remember an overconfident article before the Middlesborough game – Look what a happened. I wouldn’t disrespect any team in the PL. I hope we have a plan if Moyes decides to park a Bus. With the log being so tight at the top , i dont think we can afford to drop any points.

  3. Malayali Gooner says:

    When teams play defensive against us, that is when we need giroud.

    We need balls flying in from the wings for Giroud to head them in. I am sure the game against Middlesborough would have been different if Giroud was playing.

    Alexis should play striker against teams like Chelsea, pool and city and UCL games. But when you that your opposition is going to play safe, you need change of tactics.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    It’s an away game, I expect Sun to be cautious but I don’t expect the same kind of negativity that teams bring to our place. Sun will get forward and try to get back, they’ll at least allow some of their players a bit more freedom than if they were at the Emirates. I don’t think it was just the bus parking that denied us last weekend. It was a mixture of that along with our players being mentally tired as well as feeling some effects on the body, versus a team that planned and rested for our game. That is why they say a team not in Europe has an advantage. We cant put it all down to bus parking when we know this to be true.

  5. G-Rude says:

    We should be very scared. That David Moyes has been brilliant in every job he has taken!

  6. Gunner says:

    I dont understand the big hype about Giroud being our key player when teams park the bus. Last week wasn’t the 1st time that a team has parked the bus against us. This has happened numerous times even with Giroud on the Pitch – and the same guy used to get slated when we failed to score. Giroud may help in terms of crosses into the box but we need to make sure the crosses are decent enough. He is also good with 1,2 pass into the box if we make use of it.
    I still dont think that Giroud (who was rated 5th slowest player in the PL), is solely the answer to teams that park the bus – another plan is certainly needed. Probably get our “dribblers” players like Carzola, Ox, Sanchez, Iwobi to work their way into the box – trying to draw a foul at worst.

  7. 254gooner says:

    Who’s the fourth slowest? Per? He must feature somewhere lol

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