Super Arsenal go 8 points clear at the top with 2-0 victory over Tottenham

Well, what a game that was!

From start to finish I was never worried about Tottenham even getting a point off us in the North London Derby today. Once we went 1-0 up due to Hugp Lloris’ first ever own goal after Saka’s blast across the goal, I knew that this was going to be yet another win in our march to the title, and when Odegaard scored a sublime strike to make it 2-0 before half-time, I knew that Arteta would make sure that we were set up to hold off our noisy neighbours and open up a massive gap in the race for St Totteringhams Day.

Yes, Tottenham tried to rally after the break, but if Eddie Nketiah had had a bit more luck, or if we had scored another one or two of our myriad chances we would have been even more comfortable.

I’m not sure I really need to add any more as I am totally emotionally drained after being in a state of nervous tension all day.

We are now 8 points clear of the chasing pack, and all I have left to say is MIND THE GAP!!!


  1. Arsenal played like a champion in the first half by dominating Spuds and generally just maintained their lead in the second half. Gotta thank Conte for not parking the bus

    It was interesting to see Tierney play LW. I think he can be a super-sub in that position

    My MOTM were Odegaard and Ramsdale. The runner-ups were Partey and Saka

    1. Great performance.
      Don’t agree about Tierney, but Ramsdale and Odegaard for me as well as the best today.
      But so much to be happy about in that performance.

      1. Yeah. Spuds’ shots could’ve gone in and they looked dangerous in set-pieces, but Ramsdale was excellent today

        1. After the writer said; “From start to finish I was never worried about Tottenham even getting a point off us.”

          He ended it with; “I am totally emotionally drained after being in a state of nervous tension all day.”

          U are deceiving Urself

          1. And I can’t recall where he said he had the nervous tension cos of Arsenal game. Not everybody’s life revolves around Arsenal.

            Also, read the next sentence, that qualified the previous one he made. He wasn’t perturbed about the game anymore imediately arsenal scored. To be fair to you, I think your arguments comes from ‘the start’ instead of ‘once we scored’.

    2. Yes GAI. This was a massive win.
      We can go into other games with belief.
      I see us having 95 points this season.
      We need 3 signings this January

      Ferran Torres/ Asensio
      Douglas Luiz

      1. If we can beat Man United, I think our worst case scenario will be the second place finish, as long as Nketiah, Martinelli, Odegaard, Saka, Partey, Saliba and Magalhaes don’t get injured

        I agree we need a couple of new players. Our key players looked a bit tired and there is no way they can play all games

        I like Torres, Asensio and Tielemans, but Douglas Luiz has just extended his contract. I agree with Arsenal that a new LW is necessary, because Nelson is injured and Smith-Rowe is inconsistent in that position

        1. Add Ramsdale to your list, and we have 8 players, who will give us a seríous a headache, if they get an injury, that keep them out for many games.
          And that is why, we can’t expect to buy us cover.
          The players perform so well together in the rehearsed systems, that they almost all seem irreplaceable.
          We need to be lucky to keep being able to keep the same starting 12 or 13 players as all PL games so far, and we need to prioritize in favour of the PL.

          1. I’m not worried about Ramsdale, because we’ve got Turner and Hein

            But Martinelli got tackled frequently, so he’d likely get injured at some point. I think we’ll see a new LW before the transfer window is closed

        2. Nketiah can get injured as long as Jesus is back

          Odegaard is on super form, but Viera can do a job

          Ben White can switch into CB if an of Saliba or Magalheas gets injured

          Smith-Rowe will get fit and can do a job in Martinelli’s stead

          Partey almost irreplaceable but assuming Elneny was around against Man Utd instead of Lokonga we might not lose that match
          (remember we had good run of forms last season with Elneny – Partey was largely injured)

          It’s not a wide quality-vacuum btw Matt Turner and Ramsdale

          So that leaves Saka,
          He’s the only that we don’t have someone that can even come close

          All we can do is shuffle Martinelli/Nelson/Viera/Smith-Rowe in his stead

          Guys !!!
          We do need quality reinforcement but Arteta can find solutions till the end of season even with this crop

          We’ll be fine

          1. Spot on bro! These guys panic too much. There are a lot of decent options in the squad currently. No need to spend hastily till a player who’s truly needed and worth the spending is found.

    3. Ramsdale man of match for sure. Made so many life saving saves. Otherwise the game was not quite assuring. The difference in goal keeper in both sides was quite evident today and made the difference in evenly contested match. Our lack of depth is evident and there doesn’t seem much option is our 1st team doesn’t work. In this match all it matter was points and we got it. Glad for that n hope we can get similar result in the most win united game.

      1. Vz If you honestly feel that was an “evenly contested match” then you and I INHABIT DIFFERENT PLANETS .

        And I am firmly on Earth, where reality reigns!

        1. If I can sum up the first half, I would say one would be forgiven to think it was vintage Barcelona or mancity on display. Arsenal was unplayable and a joy to watch .. but sadly, nketiah is not an elite player. He is a decent squad player who will run and hassle the opposition but as a goal threat, he is seriously lacking. He wasted chances to put Spurs to bed today. We should use part of the murdyk money to get Ivan toney

          1. I LIKE THE WAY NKETIAH IS FULLY COMMITED HUSTLES PRESSES AND RUNS . BUT HIS FIRST TOUCH MAKES ME THINK OF LUKAKU. The boy can score lots of goal if only he made a fine first touch.

      2. Totally agreed 👍

        I believe this season is our best chance to win EPL, so Arsenal had better bring in some reinforcements soon

    4. the title is ours unless we blew it

      City lacks the hunger and motivation having won it multiple times with predominately the same players

    1. Arsenal don’t have to sign players. What need to play reserves in the FA CUP & EUROPA. we have to forget these cups and focus on the EPL.

  2. We won the league,
    (We won the league!),
    At Sh*ite Hart Lane,
    (At Sh*te Hart Lane!),
    We won the league at Sh*te Hart Lane,
    We won the league at the s*it-hole,
    We won the league at Sh*te Hart Lane…

  3. Amazing result, wow. Now I’m really starting to believe..

    However, we have United, Everton, City next. Nothing is decided yet, but the team and manager should keep their heads high because today they were SUBLIME.

    Now hoping we’re going get our reinforcements (Big Sergei anyone..?)!

  4. Who says Odeegard won’t be named the Player of the Season if he keeps playing like this. Ramsdale is my MoM though for his vital saves and command of his area when facing those long balls and crosses.

  5. Great to be a gooner today. My MOTM were a combination of 4 players: Saka, Odegaaard, Partey & Nketiah (who worked his socks off. He is allowed a few errors for his workrate). Ramsdale was not far behind making crucial blocks.

  6. Merse was sure we would win. Such a good performance. Saka/Odegaard/Ramsdale 10/10. What a numpty Mudface is joining Chelsea. A beautiful performance.

  7. Wonder if Mudryk was watching that.

    Anyone else notice how he barely has a smile on his face in any of his pics??

    1. Why must he watch Arsenal when decided to sign money rather than the sport?

      He must just concentrate on wealthy club now.

      Best wishes for him.

      1. Tyndale I never say or think “best wishes” to ANY opponent whatsoever. If they do well, it harms us. Not in a million years for me old son!

        1. @jon fox

          I’m perfectly with you. That was tongue-in-cheek. I’m actually upset with how we have been taken through the circus.

          And that for the second time Raphinha says today he’s not interested to me that’s a straight turn off about such players and those ” chased by many big European clubs”!. Such players we should straight walk away from them

    2. Mudryk chose a 8,5 year contract with a salary of +200k a week. There’s no way anyone would accept a contract that long if the salary wasn’t extremely high.

      So he’s going to rake in 80 millions until he’s 30 no matter how he plays or if even stays fit.

      He just chose to be set for life.

      1. Apparently we offered 37k a week, which Mudric was happy to accept UNTIL Chelsea bombed in with a huge 200k a week. Dont blame the lad, we would all do the same. Pity he embarrassed himself on social media but he isnt the first or the last to do that!!!!!!

        1. It was 50k per week plus performance bonuses on a 5 year contract. He will come to Emirates to play Arsenal and see he made the wrong choice.

  8. Did anyone see Richarlison slap Ramsdale in the face at the end? That led to that spu@ fan kicking Ramsdale in the head. That man’s behaviour was disgusting from the minute he walked on the pitch, and the referee should’ve given him a yellow card during the game. I hope the FA look at the footage and ban him for several matches.

  9. Ramsdale MOTM
    Harry Kane no penalty against Arsenal, so he can’t score🥴🥴

    Let your apologies be as loud as your disrespect for doubting thr process and all the names you called Arteta and for constantly disrespecting and saying Ødegaard brings nothing to this team.
    We toyed with them and I love it

    1. Eddie always looking for an “I told u so moment” is so stale and petty tbh. Can’t you just be happy that all Arsenal fans are united for once backing tge club, players and manager.

  10. Deserved victory. Let’s all just enjoy what is happening. Screw the window. Screw the petty arguements. We are 8 clear and have done the double on Spurs. Enjoy!

  11. I have lost a voice shouting in ecstasy!
    Now I have started to really believe.
    I just hope the hierarchy will help the squad by investing in at least two quality players to keep the momentum. We may not have a better chance than now.
    We have been relatively lucky with injuries so far. But it takes only a few to derail the momentum

  12. Trust the process…

    London is red….

    One game at a time….

    Dare to dream……

    Welldont boys. The game was won in the first half. Blew them away and then managed the game properly in the 2nd half.

  13. Glad Saliba and Saka avoided yellow cards and are available for United game. United fans must have been hoping at least one of them missed the game through suspension, lol.

  14. What a win, and what I loved most was the audacity of the team to do that celebration when everyone is complaining about those.

    Now commentators want Arsenal players to be investigated and punished (especially Xhakha and Ramsdale) for ill discipline. “Arteta does not have discipline himself, so who is going to discipline the team?” – seriously!!?

      1. There’s an idiot called Mr. Richard keys in Qatar! He’s actually blaming Arteta for what happened to Ramsdale. I dont watch Bein sports “analysis”

  15. I’ll repeat this: The scum werent as bad as evryone is trying to say, they just met a vastly superior team that exploited their streghts. If you were keen enough you’d notice the scum had the best 1st half of the season, we were just a vastly superior proposition for conte.

    1. I agree with fifa ,had they played a different team than us today,they would have probably drawn or won the game.the way they did it a good few times this season,there is a reason they are called the 2nd half team.

  16. Well done, Arsenal FC. Excellent performance by all Arsenal players.. Thanks to Arteta. What we saw today from the players is the result of Artetas hard work with the players. My only concern is the depth of the squad. It was obvious that the players ran out of steam. Its a long season. But wonderful result today. Let us be happy.

  17. We’ll done to the manager and the team!

    If we can pick up 4 points in our 2 EPL games vs United and City i think we’ll be well on the way to giving us a chance at the title.

  18. Surely Arsenal must now dip into the market
    and spend that reported £105 mil published by football London on the 16th of December.

    Test West Ham resolve with that £88 mil we didn’t spend on the little rat, engage Raphinha and Savic right away.

    Time is running out we must act, strike the rod now while it’s still hot.

    1. ??
      He had a good game. Didn’t score but did a good job all around.
      In fact, vey much like Jesus has done in many games.

      1. I have to agree,the only thing missing were goals and it’s not like they were glaring misses.let’s not forget that Jesus didn’t score for 4/5 games.also, I’d rather he doesn’t score during a win and this could be what he needs to humble him.

  19. Very satisfying game and a nail in the spuds coffin. The only player i was disappointed in was Martinelli, he looked a little slow and laboured but best Arsenal player by a mile was Ramsdale, made some crucial saves. Utd next and redemption time fot OT.

    1. @Reggie
      Very satisfying match indeed. To me, Zinchenko was our liability player. He kept getting caught out. That’s why they concentrated their attack his way…Jus sayin.

      1. Tomiyasu is by far the best defensive lb we have, Tierney is the most complete lb back we have sticking to the wing area. What Zinchenko offers in central areas is hard to quantify but worth it I think particularly against teams who want to sit. His technique as a midfielder come defender is invaluable.

        1. Good points Angus. Far more insightful than just X is not a good LB etc.
          Zinchenko is not a natural LB but he is important (and at the moment a better fit) to our overall game plan which is why he gets picked. His ability to read the game, awareness, passing ability etc. may be difficult to quantify but he provides additional support to the platform in place with Partey, Xhaka and Odegaard.

      2. NY Zinchenko is not a great left back and against Kulesevski, he was physically embarrassed (not his fault) but his intelligent play did start a lot of our moves. Plus Arteta has him playing an inverted midfielder, which doesn’t help defensively. I thought he did all right considering. Maybe it was a came for Tierney instead of Zinchenko but it doesn’t matter now. We stuffed them😁

        1. @Reggie
          I was hoping MA would bring on Tierney earlier. I was gettin nervous watching Zinchenko struggle to defend. If Z plays against MU, they will exploit his weakness for sure.

        2. Yes Reggie, a really good game overall, he did loose the ball 4/5 times but created so many good passes going foward. and Tierney should have come in earlier.

    2. Agree about RAMSDALE, but Partey Odegaard and Saka were top level too. Also agree about Martinelli, who was out of sorts in the Newcastle game too.

      It gives a wrong impressiion of the game to say our keeper was MotM, even though he was!

    3. Think we targeted the right to be fair so willing to cut him slack that way. Few times Martinelli was annoyed for not receiving the ball when he made good runs ( same goes for Nketiah to be fair in that regard.)

    4. I agree about Martinelli but I think it is a good thing if we win while not all the players are firing up at the same.during the season,players will go through dips in form but as long as others are doing it in the meantime, it’s all good.

        1. Hoping you’re wrong Reggie but you never would we react if the club was trying to sign a player in the position we play? probably not too happy but that’s to be expected when playing for a major club.

      1. cant remember him beating his man, not the best at the moment. his wing was a bit dull ild say but glad others stepped up

  20. A truly memorable day for the Arsenal.
    To go to white Hart Lane and win in the manner we did only breeds confidence and belief within the team
    Well done to the team and manager for getting it spot on today
    What a difference 8 months makes. Us progressing and then watching the demise and degression of the spuds.
    A world class manager who cant get a tune out of a disjointed team of individuals.
    Onwards and upwards

  21. Fabulous to watch in the first half as the spuds seemed largely mesmerised by our control of the narrative

    Spurs couldn’t be that bad in the second half and were clearly much better as Ramsdale was busy and deserved the MOTM. Odegaard is really growing as a player but I couldn’t fault a very good team performance.

    The nonsense at the end of the game shows how high the stakes are but Richarlison deserves censure and the Tottenham twerp needs prosecuting
    Very unseemly
    Since when did the winning team not celebrate with their own fans?

    1. Richardson has no class, he thinks he is big bad guy and acts like it against decent ppl but cries like a baby when ppl pick on him. He is an idiot everytime I see him.

    2. AngusJanuary 15, 2023 at 8:48 pm
      Disgraceful. Only saving grace was the fan didn’t follow through on his kick otherwise it could of been an injury. Richard keys was trying to blame Arteta for it….. Other commentators didn’t exactly rail against Tottenham either. Neville called the guy an idiot and then reverted to Arsenal needing to have control.

      Nevilles done his podcast since where we can’t win the title (caveated with every caveat to downplay it if we do win it.) United can of course, we can’t apparently… 😂😂😂 Everyone outside Arsenal is desperate right now (view the reaction to the Newcastle draw.)

      Was supposed to be a reply originally

      1. Technically Neville said United can’t win the title either but they finish above us in 2nd. So he doesn’t make sense as far as I’m concerned he’s said it is between City/United so we’ll see how that plays out with us 8 clear.

  22. What a win and on top of that what performance that too of different types in two halves. Gabi is our best defender since the EPL has resumed, he has really taken the world cup snub in positive way. He is a beast💪

  23. Disgraceful. Only saving grace was the fan didn’t follow through on his kick otherwise it could of been an injury. Richard keys was trying to blame Arteta for it….. Other commentators didn’t exactly rail against Tottenham either. Neville called the guy an idiot and then reverted to Arsenal needing to have control.

    Nevilles done his podcast since where we can’t win the title (caveated with every caveat to downplay it if we do win it.) United can of course, we can’t apparently… 😂😂😂 Everyone outside Arsenal is desperate right now (view the reaction to the Newcastle draw.)

    1. Let him and all others keep doubting us. I have seen many arrogant Man Utd fans saying they are going to roll up to the Emirates and take 3 points like we are some joke team, can not wait until next Sunday when they leave empty handed again.

  24. Antonio are you listening,
    To the song that we’re singing,
    We’re 14 in front,
    You Italian c**t,
    Walking in Mikel wonderland

      1. Yeah I thought it was “clot” too but then… I couldn’t see how it rhymes with “front”. 😉

    1. Enjoy the moment we haven’t had a lot of them recently! 14 clear of 5th, punch me. 1st double over Spurs for how long? 1st away win at spurs for how long? This season keeps giving and we should all be thankful! No team has a right to this or that, you do or you don’t and we are doing!

      1. I think the last away win at Spurs was 2014 and Arteta was playing in midfield. iirc Xhaka too

        1. The other Arteta fact I’ve done to death and didn’t want to bring up again unprompted is we only dropped out the top 4 when he left as captain when he was not captain material according to various opinions.

  25. Possibly y most satisfying victory thus far this season both for our players’ intensity and where it left us on the ladder.

  26. Great result. Who needs Muddy Ricky?

    We should be able to spend £89m on better options than that. I read today (can’t remember where) that he’s played 72 games in the Ukrainian leagues and scored 12 goals.

    Didn’t sound right, but if it is Mudryk would’ve been a big risk.

  27. I always enjoy it Angus. Hate that lot with every bone in my body.

    When I first started going to watch The Arsenal we were in a relegation battle and finished 5th from bottom. We had some very lean years. Going through those lean years makes winning trophies so much sweeter.

    Mind you, Easter Monday in 1977 gave me a lot of pleasure, beating the vermin 1-0 to virtually relegate them 😊

    1. I started following under rioch myself (primary school for me and from a non-footballing family.) Got lucky there with Bergkamp signing. Read history but you don’t know it unless you lived it. Enjoy the moment!

  28. I think we had a great game today,but we need to add a winger asap because matineli played nothing today.4me Ramdale motm.go on young gunz

  29. Now every Jack man knows Arsenal is after a winger, am seeing a young winger at Napoli playing on the left Kvaratskhelia, maybe he’s under the radar but their resolve needs to be tested

  30. Great result, first half impeccable, after halftime we saw the game out professionally. Ramsdale and the back four solid bar a few shaky moments from Zinny. Partey, Odegaard ran the game with Xhaka backing them up, Saka running riot down our right, Eddie worked hard, Martinelli our poorest performer.

    Hopefully we might get some news of transfer activity this week which will be icing on the cake. Really think Neves and maybe look at Lindstrom would be good signings to bolster the squad.

    Looking ahead to next Sunday game against Man Utd will be difficult but as long as we deal with their counter attack threat, not allowing Ericsson and Bruno to thread passes to Rashford in behind our backline we will win and it will be so sweet given the amount of Man Utd fans I have seen saying that they are going to waltz to Emirates and up 3 points, not giving us any respect like we ain’t 8 points clear at the top.

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