Super-Computer expects St Totteringham’s day to be cancelled!

The latest results have been fed into the so-called ‘Super-Computer’, and Arsenal’s updated final finishing position has been predicted.

Chelsea look assured winners of the Premier League title, holding a 10-point lead over second-placed Tottenham currently, as well as having no European football to distract them from their ever-nearing goal.

That leaves us to battle it out with five rivals for the three remaining Champìons League spots, and with our life in Europe hanging by a thread, we will likely lose that distraction in the next couple of weeks, and should have enough in the locker to qualify for the elite European competition for the 21st consecutive occasion.

This term is the tightest battle I can remember in the race for the illustrious top four, and you will be pleased to read that the Super-Computer also expects us to retain our place within the top tier of the table.

Picture found at The Express.

The table also predicts that there will be no St Totteringham’s Day to come this year, with our noisy neighbours tipped to finish ahead of us by five points.

A computer most likely had the same expectation last season also however, but Spurs capitulated once they were mathematically ruled out of the title race, and we usually pick up pace once we find ourselves knocked out of the Champions League.

I’m also shocked that the table has Liverpool ahead of United considering their disgraceful form in 2017, paired with the performances of the Red Devils. Man United are most definitely more of a worry in our hunt for the top our than the Merseyside Red…

Is St Totteringham’s Day really going to be cancelled this year? Do you expect our side to seal their place in the top four comfortably?

Pat J

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  1. Twig says:

    Tough one. Let’s focus on winning our games… starting with Liverpool…

  2. otunba_007 says:

    St Totteringham’s day means nothing to me as long as we are not winning trophies and titles, so what is our JOY ? what are we celebrating?…. What a Shame, Arsenal is now a JOKE, we are no more interested in winning tittle but finishing above Spuds (SMH)

  3. dragunov762mm says:

    The day when London Spuds fans finally mock their dashing cool neighbors (haha…) at the end of season will come. This season? I don’t think so. Still thirteen fixtures (12 for them) left separate only by goal differences. Last time I remember, they slipped in the finish line against relegation side Newcastle in such hilarious way.
    However, St. Tot Days is an important event for London gooners to celebrate. Twenty solid years of bulling your neighbors that’s another Arsenal “weird” records under Arsene. Weird because you can’t exactly proud of it, but you can’t totally ignore it either.

  4. otunba_007 says:

    OT: Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique has announced that he will not be in charge at the Nou Camp next season. IS this the best chance for us to get someone like him? i am sure he will win us titles…MAYBE

  5. invisible says:

    FYI football is not weather, u can predict a weather by crunching datas in a supercomputer but not a football match, but you don’t need a supercomputer or a psychic to predict where spuds will finish, always in our shadow, i wish spurs finish in 2nd.

  6. khangunners says:

    This day has to come to an end. It is blinding us arsenal fans. Cmone if we finish 6th and totenham 8th we will be calling that a successful season? I want us to pick our heads and play football lately we hve just been turning up in the field and looks like it was just because of there income that they decided to play

  7. Jansen says:

    We will not finish in the top 4. Is the computer waiting for the annual resurrection once we have been eliminated from all competitions?

  8. Nebsy says:

    This season no champions league and no st totteringham’s day. How sad. I’m repeating myself, but this season is the turning point from bad to worse for Arsenal. I believe that Arsenal will switch from an UCL club into a europa league club.
    I wish someone on this forum will do the math and let us know if the club will actually make more money for being consistently in Europa League with players that are at the same level as Ramsey, Szczesny, Gibbs and Giroud, meaning that the wages never cross the 100 k a week line(even though Giroud is on 120 if I’m not wrong).

  9. Onochie says:

    Oh,how low we have fallen. Admin please not all Articles are ought to be posted. What’s the joy when you finish above spurs but ended up with no silverware?

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