Super-computer predicts Arsenal’s final league position this season

Arsenal is having a good season judging by their start to the campaign alone and the Gunners will want to continue their impressive term until the end.

Having come close to finishing inside the top four last season, earning a UCL place at the end of this campaign would be a good improvement and show progress.

The team currently top the Premier League standings, but the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham are following them closely.

This means the Gunners do not have room for complacency if they want to remain in the mix to win the league title.

They have to keep winning, but do they have the players to make the top four?

 A new supercomputer thinks so and predicts how their season would end in a recent report.

FiveThirtyEight’s supercomputer, as reported by Sussex Express, predicts Manchester City will win the Premier League again.

Liverpool would finish second behind them, while Arsenal will maintain their impressive start to the term and finish third.

That finish would be above Antonio Conte’s Tottenham, who will settle for another fourth-place finish.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We have started this season very well and it will help us finish the campaign in a good position.

However, there are 31 more league games to play and we need to stay focused.

We would face Tottenham and Liverpool soon, and those games will test our ability to stay competitive in the long haul.

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  1. Games against Spurs is the most important now . Win that and top four is ours to loose.
    Against Pool I would take a point and still be happy as long as we beat Spurs

  2. The media love that word 🙂

    Why would you need a “supercomputer” to run through the miniscule data set for one set of PL predictions?

    More importantly, it’s not the “computer” that does this, it’s just a model, a set of inputs, assumptions, rules etc… leading to an output (a predicted league table).

    The rules etc in the model are created by *people* so the output is as good as the set of assumptions that are input…

    There’s an old saying in IT: Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).

    If they assumed Partey would get injured… what does the predicted table look like? How does it look if they assuem that he plays 10 games? 20 games? 30 games? All about the inputs.

    1. IDKWIC, Such plain common sense. Such a shame that it NEEDS to be said too, but plainly it DOES, for SOME less bright Gooners. Sigh!

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