Super-computer predicts positive end to season for Arsenal

In recent years we have heard all about this super-computer predicting results using all wisdom of knowledge at hand, and the application has now played out the rest of the season with us finishing the campaign with European football.

The so-called ‘Script’ as they are now calling it, uses a range of statistics, form and data from OPTA, Google and Squawka to play out the remainder of the season‘s matches a number of times, before leaving us with a prediction of what the league table will look like at the end of it.

None of you will be shocked to hear that Liverpool secure their first Premier League title, although the computer did see them draw with Everton in their first fixture to keep things interesting.

We will skip over the part where City beat us 3-0 in the game in hand, a result that is rather flattering for this very beatable City side of 2020.

Leicester regain form to seal their position in third spot in order to secure their place in next season’s Champions League, with Man United securing fourth, and Chelsea picking up the consolation CL spot thanks to the ban for the Citizens.

The Script then has us next in the table, leapfrogging Sheffield United, Wolves and Tottenham to secure sixth place, with rivals Spurs a point behind also securing Europa League football.

We most certainly have had an upturn in fortunes, while Sheffield United and Tottenham have been stuttering a bit of late. Wolves finishing position looks a little harsh if you have been watching them at all lately, but who am I to argue?

Are any of you certain that we would secure a top seven finish should the campaign continue? How would you predict the table to look?



  1. Dream on if you actually think this seasons fixtures will be completed before next Autumn or at best late summer. Or even at all, which is my opinion. Oh yes, I don’t doubt all WISH to complete and there will be intense pressure to do so at this Thursdays Pren meeting. But it is obvious that all are helpless before the inexorable tide of moving events and this virus swamping all hopes . Football is – and forgive the sacriligious thought- way, way down the list of societies priorities right now and most, though clearly not all and seemingly not Patrick either, realise that.

    That being the case, this computer prediction nonsense is no more relevant to reality than those who play football manager. It is an enjoyable and harmless, game so go ahead, if you wish . But we realists know that it is no more relevant to reality than is barking at the moon.

  2. Only God can say, this season will be completed or not. But as at now , this season is still a mirage.

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