Super computer predicts the 2022/2023 season and it is not good for Arsenal

Arsenal will want to make progress from the 2021/2022 campaign by the end of next season, and that means finishing higher than fifth and earning a return to the Champions League.

Their efforts to achieve that nearly paid off at the end of the last campaign, and they should make it happen by next summer.

This transfer window offers them a good chance to equip their squad and prepare for a very important season.

Before a ball is kicked for that campaign, a supercomputer has already predicted the outcome of the season, and The Sun reports that it is the same familiar story for Arsenal.

It says the Gunners will miss out on the top four again with a 6th-place finish.

The current top four will remain unchanged, but Manchester United will finish the campaign 5th on the league table.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is too early to take any predictions about Arsenal’s season serious because we haven’t even finished our transfer business.

The last campaign was an improvement on the previous one, and that is enough reason to be more optimistic that the next one will be even better.

Hopefully, our new signings will hit the ground immediately after they join the club.

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  1. Where did the super computer predict we’d end at the start of last season? Anyone know or remember?

    1. it predicted we end fifth when we were about to play palace I said to myself this computer predictions have failed well hear we are?

  2. “Super Computer” sure…..kid in his pants, sitting in bedroom..scoffing pizza, spamming with drivval….cheap,worthless clickbait at best.

  3. Super computers ha ha ha… it can even predicts wrongly plus things changes. What I know is my Arsenal will finish better this coming season.

    1. On a different subject see Jamie the Spud is claiming that Spuds are proving how much bigger and better then us they are by signing Bissouma adding that he is, and l quote, “athletic, good on the ball, strong, and showed good quality.” Isn’t that a perfect description of Partey which is why we never made a bid for him.
      So not sure how the Spuds beat us to signal player we weren’t trying to buy

      1. @Brian
        Bissouma is streets ahead of Partey. We got mugged once again with that deal. If Bissouma didn’t have a”sexual assault” charge hanging over his head, I’d prefer him over Partey…IJS

        1. Streets ahead???
          If that’s the case how come last season Partey scored more goals provided more assists and got booked less ??
          Oh and don’t throw Parteys injuries in to the argument as he played just 2 games less than Bissouma.
          Also when we signed Partey other clubs were interested and again this summer Juventus are being linked with him.
          As for Bissouma?? Only club that were interested was Spuds

  4. Can the super computer predict someone missing an open goal , defender making a cock up, ref making atrocious decision, VAR operator being blind, injuries… I didn’t think so. So not worth taking any notice of it then.

  5. My prediction is 6th, i cant see any reason why we should finish higher. But i dont go with this Super computer Bow Locks.

  6. The silly term “super computer” is meaningless . Sensible fans will not rise to this daft descriptionof a computer. Ignore this tosh article!

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