Super Computer predicts where Arsenal will finish next season

Arsenal came very close to finishing this season inside the top four, which would have been an overachievement considering that no one expected them to achieve that when the campaign began.

They finished fifth, which is an improvement from their 8th place finish in the previous campaign.

The club will strengthen its squad in the summer and would expect to go one better and end the next season inside the top four.

However, a Super Computer has predicted the final standings for the next campaign and Arsenal will make a regression, according to it.

The Sun reports that Gunners finished 7th on the predicted table, below even Newcastle United, who are tipped to break into the top six.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is still too early to think about the position we will finish next season and this supercomputer is clearly getting ahead of itself.

The prediction makes no sense when it doesn’t know which decisive players Arsenal will add to their squad when the transfer window reopens.

It also doesn’t know if the other clubs in the competition will equip their playing squad better than we would do.

It is a good time to be an Arsenal fan and we expect a better 2022/2023 campaign.

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  1. Super computer makes no sense. they said Arsenal would finish 9th at the beginning of the just ended campaign…

  2. Super computer predicted arsenal would finish in 9th position at the just concluded season but we finished in fifth, and now, it is predicting arsenal to finish 7th, without even waiting for the seasons to start, so I won’t be surprised if we finish second..

  3. It’s going to be hard to break top 4 next season ,if only Arteta didn’t fluff his managerial lines when it was easier to get the Cl place than it was to lose it .
    Liverpool and city will stay ahead of the pack Chelsea will be Chelsea but the problem is the spuds (reportedly having 180 million to spend)and Man Utd both having top rated managers .
    Then you throw in Newcastle and maybe West Ham and it looks bleak for us IMO
    Depending on what players will be willing to come here without CL football it could be the same old same old next season .

  4. Talk about scraping the barrel for a story.
    What next?
    Gypsy Rose Lee with her tea leaves at the bottom of a cup?

    1. Those tea leaves at the bottom of my cup… let’s see … I see your name is Leon and you don’t believe that I, Gypsy Rose Lee can predict the outcome for next year? Whatever next?
      Arteta – Manager of the season
      Xhaka – no red or yellow cards
      Tierney – fit all season
      Arsenal- 1st
      How about that as a start?

  5. At the start of the season just finished a supercomputer predicted that Everton would finish 8th and that Leeds would cement their place in the top half.

    1. btw that’s not a positive outcome unless he’s willing to play second fiddle to a much better incoming Striker…just hope, if this is true, he wasn’t given a significant raise and some playing time assurances

      if Eddie stays and is the presumptive Starter we will be incredibly fortunate to even get into 7th

  6. I wouldn’t take too much notice about a super computer but 7th could possibly be a real possibility time will tell.

  7. Useless so called “Super computer” didn’t it predict that we will finish in the top 4 this past season?…it has not even seen the teams clubs will turn up with for the fight in the new season, it has not even accessed their performances even for a minute and it is now allocating final positions? This useless computer must have been made to foresee the future…please stop playing with our minds. Go back to wherever you came from because your predictions have not always worked.

  8. everyone is mad about 7th, but how exactly are we going to be better than the competition? I really am not confident about our early summer plans, espescially the striking situation I think we are making massive mistakes. If there is not certifiable goal scorer added to this squad we are in big trouble.

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