Super Giroud a certain starter for Arsenal v Spurs?

I still have my doubts about the supposed injury problem that has been keeping the Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud from playing, but after the big man came back with a bang to score two goals with his first two touches of the ball to help Arsenal beat Sunderland in the Premier League this weekend, I could not give a monkeys.

To be honest I think there has been other issues going on behind the scenes but as I say it does not really matter, What does matter is that Arsenal now have Giroud back and he means business, so even if Theo Walcott is fit again for the north London derby with Tottenham next weekend I reckon that Giroud has got to have earned himself a place in the starting line up.

Arsene Wenger cannot afford to ignore the massive goal threat that the Frenchman provides when he is in the mood and his performance today and his comments after the game showed that he is fired up.

Assuming I am right and Giroud does start, however, how will Wenger set the Arsenal team up and who will miss out?



  1. Jim A says:

    Theo, Alexis and Olivier have always been our best attacking option.

  2. Bartender says:

    I’ve been disappointed with Cech this season…he hasn’t been at the standard I expect from him

    Iwobi has been slow and sluggish in the last 2-3 games…he needs to focus again,maybe time on the bench will do him good…this is why we needed a Mahrez

    Ozil missed 3 good chances,as a number 10 that’s really disappointing and we could’ve suffered for that…

    Giroud was brilliant, Alexis as well…Gibbs seems to be slowly getting better…Coquelin still a beast…Kostafi seems solid bar the mistake.

    Elneny isn’t really doing himself any favours…sideway passing with no penetration or change of pace…even Mustafi gives more forward passes into dangerous areas…he’s defensive game is not that great either.

    Good win gunners, I am happy

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Why do you say that about Elneny and not Coquelin. Both of them are defensive options, neither of them are creative players, but Elneny is a better passer than Coquelin. Also, the reason why the PL (and England esp) is said to be lacking tactically compared to foreign counterparts is because the ball gets pumped forward by too many teams. Look in Italy Spain at the biggest teams and you will see side way play being used to suss out a week spot and to tire heads of players. Putting the ball forward every opportunity is poor play, we know our next 1 2 3 moves but doing it your way is hit and hope

      Also I disagree on Cech. I can still vividly remember all the fumbling and needless panic by earlier keepers. Cech is easily the best keeper we’ve had since Lehman, and even Lehman was susceptible to a bit of panic or madness now and then.

  3. Onochie says:

    If Giroud is to start,I think Iwobi would go to the bench,the sanchez shifts to the right. But I would personally prefer him coming off the bench in the last 25mins against spurs

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Yeah, same here dude.

      I also think it’s no coincidence that teams keep trying to work down our left side. Gibbs done alright I heard, I missed the first half of the match. So it’s maybe not just Iwobi’s fault, maybe Monreal and Iwobi are not quite in sync yet, a bit of both of them not being up to scratch. Monreal speaks Spanish as does Alexis, Gibbs and Iwobi speak English, I wonder if this might mean anything. Also some of Iwobi’s English I don’t even understand.

      1. mkgooner says:

        Nacho has been here long enough to speak excellent English

  4. muda says:

    We are doing just Okay with AS7 up front more especially in a more open game (which I expect it to be), just take a look at how he performed against Chelsea, he pressed them hard until cahill made a skul boy error, Alexis must not be shifted we can rotate but not when he’s on top form like this.

    1. Jim A says:

      I feel he would definitely benefit with OG being the one to knock down crosses to him. Greizeman from France greatly benefited from OG’s aerial abilities no reason Theo and Alexis can’t.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        We won’t go 442 though, so it’s gonna be him coming off the wing to do it. And at times Ozil will take up that position like Henry highlighted, said that’s why it didn’t seem so fruitful as it is now. The only way would be putting Alexis ahead of Ozil, and that’s not gonna happen. Whoever plays on the wing has allot of responsibility going up and down the flank.

  5. cescyfab4 says:

    No way Giroud starts, for me.

    The Spuds game is the exact match where we need AS7. We need to outpace and outpress them and Alexis is just the man to lead such an attack.

    The game plan should be to unsettle sp*rs right off the gate, just give them the same treatment we gave to Chelsea; an early goal could really do a lot of wonders.

    Meanwhile, I’d advocate for a rest for Mesut and AS7 on Wednesday. Giroud can start as well as Aaron in the No 10. Any two out of Xhaka, El Neny or Coquelin can play behind him.

    Iwobi also needs to cool off on the bench. He’s being lethargic of late — and he’s not been tracking back as much as he should.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Spurs is a big match
    We may need to rest a few players against Ludogorets
    Maybe play Giroud in Champions League and have him on the bench against Spurs

  7. mohawk says:

    1. The success of starting Alexsis at CF has a secondary advantage. It has made Giroud hungry for goals and playing time. Keep it going.

    2. I keep asking. Why does the EPL put up with Joozhy the Terrible? Just ban him for life and be done with it. I realize it helps sell publications but enough is enough. This is ridiculous.

  8. mohawk says:

    Time on the bench can often help a player focus.

    Giroud is getting the headlines for his sub goals but……..

    I thought Gibbs looked sharper than he has in a long, long time. Some nice play at both ends of the pitch.

    1. Jim A says:

      Agree,,Gibbs looked very solid.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Giroud seems to be hungry for goals
    Giroud battling Alexis seems to be improving both players
    Giroud wants his starting position back
    Alexis wants to excell up front and continue scoring
    Yesterday both scored 2 goals each
    Also Theo and Ox seem hungry on the wings too
    Hope it continues

    internal competition and hunger could be an important factor to winning trophies

  10. Twig says:

    Yes he should start but only because Iwobi has been below par in recent games. He’s still a kid let’s not forget.

    Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    Coquelin Cazorla*
    Back Five

    Sanchez Giroud
    Ozil Coquelin Ramsey Walcott
    Back Five

    1. RSH says:

      Sanchez still has to start upfront for me against Spuds. Problem is I also dont trust Walcott and Ox as our wingers if we were to drop Iwobi. Any day Theo and Ox can both disappear. Even though Iwobi’s finishing is suspect, he still gets involved in buildup plays. Iwobi should get a rest against Ludogorets though, and hopefully put in a good performance against the chicken.

  11. butters says:

    Cech concedes alot of penalties for us, yes alot in my pov for a new goalkeeper. At the same time he also saves us alot of goals. I think its his stlyle

  12. I dont care if Giroud scored a brace yesterday…he could even have scored five but I still wouldnt want him slowing down our game at the front. Spurs are gonna come at us with everything…we need a fast striker with quick feet who can be a nuisance, stretch defenders and create clever chances like Sanchez does. Spurs have only conceded like 5 goals the whole season…whoever plays upfront needs to be at the very top of their game…Sanchez is the man.

  13. Jansen says:

    Let’s keep super Giroud as Super sub. I doubt Wenger will start Giroud against Spurs. He is too slow. Against better teams we need to be able to use our speed. If Walcott is fit I expect him to start, with Sanchez in the middle.

  14. Wilshegz says:

    I really thought goners have learnt a thing or two bout the last 4seasons with Giroud. We can’t win the league with giroud starting games, he makes us predictable and lacks pace n is also a poor finisher when he starts. The wise thing to do is stick with our Xi and bring giroud,Ramsey from the bench in the 2nd half when d defenders of the opponent must have been tired.

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