Super Sanchez shows what Arsenal have been missing

When Alexis Sanchez limped off the pitch as Arsenal were held to a draw away to Norwich City at the end of November, a lot of Arsenal fans were left fearing for what might happen to our season without the Chile international. But as the Gunners managed a very good run of results in December without the star man, we might have become a bit blasè about what he brings to the team.

Not after today though, as Alexis reminded us all just what he brings to the table. Pace, power and hopefully the Premier League trophy once the dust settles in May. The return of Sanchez comes just as the Gunners were starting to falter in our race for the EPL title and it is no exaggeration to say that he will make the difference to us winning it or not.

As well as a brilliant all round game from Alexis today, which also served to inspire the Arsenal players around him to greater effort, he provided a goal and an assist which made the difference in the match against Burnley and that difference is what we need for the rest of the season.

The fact that his return comes around the same time as we are getting back other key players like Coquelin should give the whole club a huge lift and I expect us now to go up another gear and start playing like we were earlier in the season before we lost the Chilean.

Starting with Southampton on Tuesday, is Alexis set to steer Arsenal back to the top?

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  1. tuesday will tell us alot more then today.
    southampton have given us alotta grief these past few years

    not to mention them destroying us few months back.
    actual demolition

    sanchez being back is huge,
    is elneny ready tho?

  2. Starting line up for tuesday;
    Rambo – Elneny Sub
    Campbell – Ox/Rosicky Sub
    Giroud – Walcott Sub

      1. Santi to rotate with Ramsey. Welbeck to rotate with Campbell/OX. Wilshere won’t be fit for this season, you could bet on it.

  3. By the way, the first 20 minutes today were the best I’ve seen of Arsenal this calendar year. We looked like we were playing against 10 men and Burnley parked the whole bus inside the box. Very skillful finish by Chambers. But then after that Burnley goal we kind of collapsed.

    Iwobi was really impressive. Misplaced only one pass but tracked back and won back possession. Hopefully we will see more of him.

    1. I think Sanchez confirms
      the gap between our top
      10 players and the next 14.
      Top ten.
      Bellerin Koz Mertz Monreal
      Coquelin Santi
      Sanchez Ozil
      Worryingly 6 of the 10 are over 30 already.

      1. disagree about mertz. give gabz a run in the team he would be up there believe me.
        cant expect gabz to be bench living and turn up every game hes asked for out of nowhere- he needs a run in the team

        but rest of that list is good

      2. So we have the top 10.
        Then we have the 8
        English quota players
        Chambers Gibbs Wilshere Walcott
        Chamberlain Wellbeck Iwobi Macey.
        Ospina Gabriel +Ramsey lift the total to 21.
        Flamini Debuchy Arteta Rosicky and Sanogo are leaving.
        7 mill Elneny has replaced all five as we are saving
        money for one or two fan pleasing marquee purchases.
        That makes 23.
        Then we have Adelaide Akpom Zelalem Hayden
        Bielik Vlad Wellington Toral Gnabry Niles Crowley
        +the 300 “2mill Kids” the club is feverishly stockpiling 🙂

      3. Mert is not better than Gabriel. Cech has 4 or 5 years left, age is not such a big deal for a keeper. Ramsey is a different type of player from Santi but there is not much of a talent difference between them. Monreal has performed well but it is not like he is an all-world talent that can’t be replaced. Koz will be the most difficult player on that list to replace.

        Overall, age is not a problem.

  4. Sanchez motm
    Iwobi is doing his rep no harm very promising the thing that impresses the most is his compusure that u can’t teach prime example theo n ox after years at the club both still don’t have any lol

    Absolutely dredding saints wanyama the monster just destroying our midfield is highly likely will wen get learn and adjust tactics???

    Tell Ramsey f***** do ur b***** defensive duties and stop thinking ur Ronaldo greedy sod,
    Coq, Sanchez n Campbell will be massive in regards to their duties that’s a given. Ozil will only shine if the defence is spot on its that simple He will create guaranteed

  5. Ox displays great glimpses of skill, but never seems to stitch them together on a regular basis. If he does have that eureka moment he could be a great player. I don’t think Theo will ever make a striker now. He doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the spotlight being on him. He can score goals from a winger position, but today in his 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, he had umpteen options – chipping, bending high to the right, low to the left but he falls over the goalie.

  6. I don’t care what U say, what Arsene Wenger has done is in d past now. U can thump me down if U want, but d Club needs to make progress, needs to move on and with modern football management. We can’t continue living in d past. Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal a top European Club, but has also limited Arsenal’ success with his stubbornness and Stinginess. We could have celebrated him d more, but over 10 years without d EPL, CHAMPS LGE trophy and 9yrs trophiless made him less popular. How are U a Hero when U destroy same things U built?
    Respect to Arsene Wenger, yet, Time Up!!!!!!

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