Supercomputer makes a new end-of-season prediction as Arsenal remains top

Arsenal’s continuous winning streak has positioned them as a team that could truly win the Premier League this season.

Mikel Arteta’s side has just two games left and sits atop the league standings. However, Manchester City can still claim the title if they win their remaining three matches.

At this stage of the season, Arsenal can only focus on winning their own games while hoping for a miracle in City’s matches.

However, what does a supercomputer think about both teams’ chances of winning the title?

A report in The Sun reveals that the supercomputer BETSiE believes both Arsenal and Manchester City will drop points before the end of the season.

It predicts that Manchester City will be champions with just a one-point lead, setting a new record of four consecutive Premier League titles.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Predictions do not always come to pass, and we do not need to focus on them.

What is within our control at the moment is our performance when we step on the pitch, and we need our players to be at their best for the next two games.

If we defeat Manchester United and Everton, we will play our part and now wait to see the outcome of the other games.


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