Supercomputer makes new Premier League prediction

Liverpool, Manchester City, and Arsenal are identified as the three main contenders for the Premier League title this season. Despite Aston Villa being in and around the top three, it is perceived as challenging for them to clinch the title, leaving the other three clubs as the primary challengers.

As we enter 2024, Arsenal needs improvement to stay in close contention for the top spot in the league table and potentially secure the championship in the summer. While Mikel Arteta’s team has had a decent run in the league this season, they have not managed to pull clear of their rivals as they did in the previous campaign. Despite facing a tougher season, they are still considered one of the clubs in contention for the Premier League title.

According to a supercomputer prediction reported by The Sun, Arsenal is forecasted to win the league this season, marking their first title since 2004. The prediction suggests that Arsenal will outperform Liverpool and Manchester City to become the champions of England.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Winning the league is not an easy feat, but our players were very close to achieving this last season and can do better in this campaign.

We need to focus on ourselves and get back to form. If we can build a good winning run between now and the end of the term, we will be unstoppable.

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  1. Supercomputer is as reliable as VAR. The only thing I want to know is,, when is Mikel Arteta going be shown the door. The fraud needs binning. Not today,, not tomorrow,,,, but yesterday. By the way,, there is no such thing as phase 1, 2, 3, 4, or phase 5.1 . That’s the Arsenal PR team making up such nonsense. There’s no such thing in football. This PHASE nonsense originated from POLITICIANS brainwashing people to trust a PROCESS that doesn’t really exist. This season so far has been poor. Players are starting to regress. Lately the players have been fighting amongst themselves on the pitch. There is no way in the world Ivan Toney will come to the Arsenal Circus with Mikel Arteta as the Chief Ringmaster. Happy New Year to everyone at Just Arsenal

    1. Relax Admiral, we are in a different approach that is of realistic attempt to achieve a long term success. The fact you are not familiar with it does’nt a PR nonsense or brainwashing, That may be the case with other teams but not us. I’m looking forward to what you think when he proves you wrong.

      1. Not sure how you can refer incidents such as Rice-Gabi or Martinelli-ESR as “fighting amongst themselves on pitch” cos nothing suggests such ridiculous claims.

    2. Honestly, Arsenal of this season is terrible to watch. They are playing like the last few seasons of Wenger

  2. @ Vamos. Been involved in professional football as a player, Goalkeeping Coach at European Club and International Level for 38 years, and still kicking to this day in Japan with the Men’s and Women’s Japanese International teams . There’s been disharmony since the Carabao Cup match where Arsenal lost 3-1 against West Ham. Nothing to do Martinelli or Rice. What are you going to say if Arsenal get beaten against Liverpool in the 3rd round of the FA CUP????? You can’t keep making up excuses for failures. All of the failures are adding up. Arteta won an FA CUP with a team of so called rejects. Gets shit loads of money to buy the players he wants. Mikel Arteta wouldn’t last long at football clubs like Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Those two clubs have HIGH STANDARDS,,, something Arsenal lack. Arteta has only won one CUP out of 17. Why is that????? You keep waffling on its because Arsenal have BIGGER FISH TO FRY. What fish have Arsenal fried???? The only fish Arsenal have fried,, is what the Head Cook cooks for the Arsenal players at the training canteen. A little food for thought

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