Supercomputer predicts Arsenal season will get worse, but will they get relegated?

Arsenal started this season looking like they would make a return to the Champions League at the end of the campaign.

But at the time of writing, they are closer to being relegated from the Premier League than earning a place inside the top four.

The season can get better, after all, it is just 14 league games into the campaign but a Premier League supercomputer has predicted that they will survive getting relegated, by just a few positions and end in a worse position than they are currently in.

Arsenal is 15th on the league table and they have the likes of Burnley, Brighton and Fulham as company.

Sun Sports, citing a supercomputer reckons that the Gunners will actually finish this season in 16th position, meaning that things will get worse for Gooners to bear.

This is already Arsenal’s worse start to a season in over 40 years and it is surprising that the club has kept faith with Mikel Arteta.

The computer didn’t say if its prediction will only happen if Arteta remains the manager until the end of the season or if things would change if the club fires him.

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    1. Tuchel did little for PSG and has no PL experience.

      I would go for Benitez to keep us in the PL on an interim basis and Brendan Rodgers at the end of the season. If Brendan Rodgers is prepared to switch mid-season which I doubt I would welcome him today.

  1. A super(sic) computer which predicts Man City to finish 8TH is clearly ready for the junk pile.

    We will not be even nearly as low as 16th either and many other of its silly predictions I am already laughing at. It has the champions correct in Liverpool though. Remember too that computers are programmed by humans , at least for the time being , though in years to come be afraid, be very afraid!

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