Supercomputer predicts Arsenal will return to the Champions League next season

Arsenal will finish ahead of Tottenham, Manchester United and West Ham in the fourth position at the end of this season, according to a Supercomputer.

Mikel Arteta’s side didn’t bolster their squad in the January transfer window, however, they have remained an impressive unit in this new year.

Since the return of football after the winter break, the Gunners have earned wins against Wolves and Brentford.

They will face the former again tomorrow and will aim for yet another victory in front of their fans.

Despite still having to face the likes of Liverpool, Leicester City, West Ham and Manchester United before the end of this season, a supercomputer via Sun Sports predicts they would finish this season inside the top four.

It claims the Gunners will only struggle to catch Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea who will finish inside the top three.

However, in the race for the last spot, the Gunners are favourites, with Manchester United finishing 5th and Tottenham finishing 6th.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arsenal has shown significant form since they returned from their trip to Dubai and it could continue until the end of this campaign.

Mikel Arteta’s side has lost some key players, yet in their recent matches, they have missed none of them.

If they keep the upward trajectory, they could end this season in the Champions League places comfortably.

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  1. Supercomputer is not to be taken seriously. they said at the beginning of the campaign that Arsenal will end up below the 8th position, then came back to Europa League. Now it’s Champions League. That’s not good enough.

  2. Its a fair call but obvious no need for a super computer. Westham have dropped too many points have played more games and have FA Cup and European committments. Wolves are
    unfancied but still a threat. So Man U Arsenal and Spurs are the logical teams to finish 5/6/7. Man U have CL games but they have a huge and talented squad with massive fan presure to make top 4. Spurs have the FA Cup to play. Arsenal have only PL games to play so have huge recovery times between games. So yes Arsenal are slight favourites but every week the picture will change. It’s like a 15 game penalty shoot out. Which manager and team will keep it’s nerve. Great 3 months of football awaits.

  3. if it’s so “super” why does it wrongly predict sh** so often…I would think a better name would be OK Computer, at least that would conjure up good memories whenever it was mentioned

    1. Lol you beat me to it …
      Seems this so called super computer is little more than some nerdy guy looking at the table and current form lol

  4. maybe the computer isn’t so bad after all… cos Spurs just lost to Burnley..

    Am guessinging the computer is fancying us to win our home games against Wolves, Liverpool, Manutd, Licester, Everton, Leeds and Brighton

    Win away to Norwich, Aston Villa and Watford

    Then probably drop 9 points at Chelsea, Westham, and Newcastle

    Then draw at Spurs, Palace, Southampton…

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