Supercomputer predicts Arsenal’s chance of winning the Europa League this season

Arsenal has been eliminated from the domestic cups and their best chance of ending this season with a trophy is winning the Europa League.

They were dumped from the competition in the knockout stages by Olympiacos last season and will want to avoid that against Benfica.

They are currently not in the races for the top four places and will probably have to focus on winning the competition in this campaign.

A Supercomputer has now predicted their chances of winning Europe’s second top club competition, and they are not the overwhelming favourites.

FiveThirtyEight rebooted their supercomputer and it revealed that Manchester United has the best chance of winning the competition this season with an 11% chance.

Interestingly, United’s opponents in the round of 32, Real Sociedad has the second-highest chance of winning it at 8%, meaning the winner of that tie should be favourites.

Arsenal is joint 3rd with a 7% chance of success alongside Leicester City and Napoli.

The Gunners do have a 66% chance of making the last 16 ahead of their round of 32 matches against Benfica later this week. 

They also have a 40% chance of making the quarterfinals.

Benfica struggled in the group stage against Rangers and the Gunners should be able to see them off even though the games will be played on neutral ground.

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  1. ?

    Anyway more seriously people chatting crap about arsenal needing David alaba? Yeah right just what we need another old used up vehicle on 400k a week. Ffs we need players for now and the future not has beens that will rinse us.

    1. Alaba’s a really talented 28 year old, who makes about 175,000 per…great player, just seems older because he started at Munich when he was so young…he’s got a lot of football left in him, but I think you’re right in the sense that he’s not going anywhere at this point in his career without a considerable wage, which is probably why Munich appear to me moving on, and likely an unreasonable term, similar to the floundering Willian…on a side note, he’s a vastly better player than Luiz, who’s way older and currently on roughly the same wage

      1. It’s no use using facts to argue with some Arsenal fans, so many of them know far better how to manage a top club than highly qualified, experienced professionals.

        From what I’ve read, a 28 year old is at his peak n football terms but that is a “has been” according to the all knowing Atid ffs!

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