Supercomputer predicts the final Premier League table and Arsenal qualify for Europe

Arsenal’s win over West Ham pushed them inside the top four and means fans can look forward to a challenge for the Champions League places now.

The Gunners are that high on the league table because some clubs below them have games in hand.

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the likes of Tottenham and Manchester United would win their outstanding matches.

A supercomputer, as reported by Sun Sports, has predicted the most likely position every club would finish this season and it is not good news for Arsenal.

As most fans would expect, it predicts that Manchester City would win the league with Liverpool finishing a close second, while Chelsea would be third.

Manchester United, West Ham and Tottenham would all also finish the campaign ahead of Arsenal.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Mikel Arteta’s side finished last season outside the European places in 8th and a 7th placed finished as predicted above would be an improvement.

However, it is not good enough for us as fans considering the investments in the team and the form of some of our new signings.

The good news is that this computer is simply making a prediction and it doesn’t know enough of reality to decide how the league table would be at the end of this season.


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  1. PJ-SA says:

    WHU I very much doubt would end above us but Spurs and Man U def a possibility.

    1. foreverinourshadows says:

      too many games in hand and European commitment, being out of Europe is benefiting us at the moment, West Ham will go for the EL as a way to get CL football, so we have a good chance to finish fourth, the title is between City and Liverpool

  2. Havyn says:

    It’s a long way. The computer has been fed by someone’s subjected view.

    Chelsea’s position might also be competitive if we keep on winning and beat Pool and City at home in the second round of games. Very possible.

    1. John ebenyo says:

      Arsenal must be qualified for europa and champions league

  3. Jo-Gunz says:

    Barring Arsenal pipping Chelsea for 3rd, occupants of the top 4 currently is a dress rehearsal for the top 4 come end of the season.
    It’s a free world😄

  4. Fred says:

    You never know what to expect from the arsenal lately. Buh for sure there is a project in place.

  5. Knight says:

    Does that “Super Computer” put into consideration that Spanner thrown in the works that is Omicron?

  6. Dickerson rowe says:

    Teams are beginning to get weary and injuries too. Has that been considered by the super computer???

  7. jon fox says:


  8. O.T.S says:

    Supercomputer my ass😂😂😂…… The same computer forsaw Arsenal fighting for a stay in the division, after those three losses at the beginning of the season, and now, it is predicting a finish under Westham, Man u, and who??? Nonsense!😂 The computer and it operator(s) deserve to be thrown into the lagoon.

  9. Pindogo Jakes says:

    Arsenal is going for it

  10. Egah mukhtar says:

    The super computer aren’t a human neither is it God but the most important thing is, most a times the prediction will be 85- 90% a reality.

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