Supercomputer predicts the final Premier League table and its good news for Arsenal

Arsenal has spent most of this season atop the Premier League table and a supercomputer predicts they will win the title.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been the most in-form club in the league and continues to deliver fine performances whenever they step on the pitch.

The Gunners have bolstered their squad in the January transfer window, making them even stronger favourites for the title.

A supercomputer via The Sun has predicted that Mikel Arteta’s side will win the title with 88 points, with Manchester City following them in second place with 82 points.

Just Arsenal Opinion

As we win more matches, it is expected that computers and humans will tip us to win the title.

However, that should not distract our players because there is so much more work to do and the clubs behind us on the table are looking to take advantage to overtake us.

For now, the boys must stay focused and determined to win one game at a time until the end of the term, when we expect them to emerge victorious through hard work and dedication.

City is very experienced and has the players to take advantage if we slip up, so we cannot allow that to happen.

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  1. A supercomputer”? In other words the opinion of a programmer. Talking about a supercomputer as if it is something superior and more clever than humans who programmme it, is so daft!


  2. Not actually how it works these supercomputers that are used for this kind of thing by the sun are behind the curve but it’s not an opinion it’s weighted statistics. If Liverpool were in our situation the prediction would likely be close to 100 points based on the historical weightings. It will be nowhere near the level of accuracy that bookmakers or top clubs now use but also not remotely just the opinion of the programmer.

    If you had a computer like this 10 and certainly 20 years ago then you’d be a millionaire with very little thought betting on football not debatable.

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