Supercomputer predicts where Arsenal will finish in the Premier League

Where will Arsenal finish this season? Supercomputer makes predictions.

Talksport’s supercomputer predicts the Premier League table at the end of the season and it isn’t good news for Arsenal.

The Premier League has already been won by Liverpool. Despite their first loss of the season coming against Watford last weekend, it would take something out of the ordinary for the Reds not to wrap up their first-ever Premier League title.

However, the race for the top four is still very much on because of the two-year ban placed on Manchester City and the poor form of Chelsea Leicester City and Tottenham.

Arsenal who are down on the Premier League table has been given hope of taking one of the European places despite having one of their poorest ever seasons in this campaign.

No one knows for certain how this season will end, but TalkSport’s supercomputer was asked to predict how this campaign would eventually finish, and it didn’t bring good news the way of Arsenal.

The supercomputer claims that Norwich City, Aston Villa and Bournemouth would be relegated at the end of this season and it went on to predict that Manchester United would leapfrog Chelsea and make a top-four finish.

Liverpool, Manchester City and Leicester City make up the rest of the top four while Chelsea is predicted to finish fifth and make the Champions League if Manchester City’s ban is upheld.

According to the computer, Arsenal would miss out on European football as they would finish ninth on the league table.


  1. its the same super computer that said we wouldnt leave the EU and Boris wouldnt get a majority and have to have a hung parliament !! but funniest thing it predicted was the spuds to win the champions league last year !! pmsl

  2. This is a super-confusionist, to say the least, if it cannot see the resurgence of Arsenal and the waning drive of both Leicester and Manchester United.

  3. I know it’s only supposed to be a bit of fun but if there is anybody out there that seriously believes what this supercomputer predicts then I really feel sorry for them. Of course, it had to come from Talksport as well, the worst radio station there is.

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