Supercomputer rubbishes Arsenal’s title chances

Arsenal has made some serious progress this season and has topped the Premier League table for a long time.

They could go back top and stay there if they keep winning, but most people still do not believe they can win the Premier League title.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been in fine form for most of this campaign, but their recent results will make doubts creep into the minds of their fans and players.

They remain a team with the potential of doing great this season, but a supercomputer has rubbished their chance of winning the league title.

FiveThirtyEight’s supercomputer tips Manchester City to retain the league title and gives them a 76% chance of winning it.

Arsenal has the second-best chance of winning. However, there is just a 13% likelihood of that happening.

This is so far behind City that the supercomputer clearly believes Arteta men will just make the UCL.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Supercomputers do not know more than the data being inputted into them and we shouldn’t take this one seriously.

What we need to do now is to work harder and win more matches so that we can achieve our seasonal objectives by the end of the campaign.

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  1. That their supercomputer is super rubbish. It only goes on current form, rather than any skilled projection. For instance, anyone can say Newcastle will make top 4, because they are doing very well at the moment. But if their form changes in March, and they are 7th then that silly supercomputer will change its mind again!

  2. 2 more seasons before we can win the league and that depends on 5 more real quality signings. Still it’s nice to be in the hunt again anyway

  3. These people are back with super computers again??

    🤣😂 poll where they ask audience which team was going to win the league, and these were the options;

    Manchester city


    Man United


    My annoyance… Arsenal was not even in the top three. I laughed.

    They aren’t ready for what’s coming at the end of the season.

  4. All a so called supercomputer actually is, is the product of the basic average of bookie odds programmed into it. It has no mind of its own , unlike humans. So anyone can quite easily look up all the various bookies odds, which will not be much different from each other and bet accordingly, if they wish.

    The term “supercomputer” is just a basic computer, in reality, that is used to fool certain less wordly wise fans into believing it has a sort of mind of its own.

    It has not and is essentially quite meaningless and largely pointless in trying to predict outcomes. It simply gives the broad percentage chances of various outcomes. BIG DEAL!!

  5. Does the so called Supercomputer know how many players that will get injured at the world cup and how many new players Arsenal will buy at the January transfer window? I do hope it’s not a Man City fan operating the hapless Computer.

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