Support comes in for Mesut Ozil from Premier League rival

Juan Mata comes out in support of Mesut Ozil calling him a creator and player with a lot of quality.

Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata has voiced his opinion on the situation between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery. In very diplomatic terms, Mata calls Ozil a quality player who he likes to watch. However, he avoided criticising Emery’s handling of the German playmaker.

‘To be honest, I don’t know what’s going on,’ Mata told the Athletic, as cited by the Metro.

‘I was with Emery for three years in Valencia and I know him very well but I don’t know the day-to-day thing in Arsenal right now. But, of course, Ozil is a creator, a player with a lot of great quality that I like watching.

‘This type of player, this pure No 10, is … how do you say? Extinct? Maybe not extinct, but not as used as before

‘In the past, there was always this pure No 10, behind the striker or the two strikers, depending on the team.

‘With different systems now, that position has evolved into a different one. ‘But these are players I like, where natural talent brings the best of them and they can change a game with a pass or something that nobody else sees.’

Mata is spot on when he says the game has evolved and therein lies the problem for Ozil. The game has evolved but the 30-year-old has not. Mata faced the same problem under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, albeit they resolved their issues when both where at United together.

Managers expect players to trackback and that includes luxury players. Emery is not the only manager saddled with this type of problem. Mauricio Pochettino has it with Ericksen and Alli at Spurs, Guardiola has it with Jesus and to some extent Aguero.

It is ok saying it is a pleasure to watch a playmaker in full flow but it is not enjoyable when they basically go AWOL.


  1. Mata’s comment about no 10 is correct. It is not extinct, but not as used as before

    Bayern Muenchen still use it occasionally, but European winners such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City and Liverpool have ditched it

    If Ozil thinks he can break the opposition’s defense by simply waiting for a perfect through ball, his avid fans and him can wait for that forever. Breaking defenses can also be achieved by stealing the ball from the opponents and by pressing them hard to force errors

    Messi is one of the attackers that uses this strategy effectively and Sanchez imitated his strategy at Arsenal, before running out of gas at Man United. I just assume Ozil is unwilling to risk his legs or doesn’t have enough stamina to do this hard work

    1. Most ridiculous comment iv ever seen!! You all called on Wenger and the club to show passion and avoid a situation where we had been loosing our best players easily without trying to hold onto them and at the moment Ozil and Sanchez were on equation and everyone was happy when they were not let go regardless of giving them big pays or holding them up till end of their contracts. Wenger tried keeping Ramsey at Arsenal till his last day here (against the will of many fans who wanted him out) Ramsey left after Emery clearly said he had no plans for him in his team.
      Emery has had a financial support that Wenger never had. Wenger suffered blame because of his personality (he is just a manager on and off the pitch who would never expose anyone) But how many times did Gaziddis say that the club had no money?? Was it Wenger’s fault? Wenger held on when the club was financially troubled and kept us in champions league single handedly. The club sold our best players and you keep bringing him on downfall issues. Do you think selling our best players like Song, Fabregas, Nasri, RVP and many more against his will gave Wenger any positive multivation after all he had gone through to mold them to a team? You people should leave Wenger out of useless and unnecessary criticisms. He did what he had to do. He over stayed because of the love he had for Arsenal. We clearly know that PSG, REALMADRID, AC MILAN & CITY has tried getting him out of Arsenal but he stayed put despite all what the club was going through and am sure if we got someone else say Emery when arsenal was struggling with the new stadium we would be close to relegation if not getting to the same with both feet.
      Reflect how much Liverpool and city and Even Chelsea under Mourinho has to invest in order to perform and win trophies. Wenger shot himself on the foot when he remained in top 4 with fringe players and the management realized that since he could do that, then there was no need for investment because for them, top four was enough.
      Let me stop less I’ll write a novel about how I feel when someone tries to demean someone who is wholly credible for the Arsenal we have today

  2. OT.. Watching Everton v West Ham.. Richarlison really does my head in..goes down like a 5 year old, spends more time on the floor than on his feet..and those sulky looks he gives.. he’s one ugly sod!
    And bloody listening to Chris Sutton commentatong (if you can call it that) he’s soooo boring… he’d be great for an insomniac!

  3. Written with no bias as usual Martin, I congratulate you.

    I find it weird that UE is now saying that he sees Ozil playing an important part in his team, especially since his incredible return to fitness.

    So, if UE sees him as important now, maybe those who congratulate him on leaving Ozil out, should now agree with him regarding Ozil’s role?
    If UE sees the change, so should they…or is that too simple a way to look at the situation?

    Also, isn’t it weird that Mata and Ozil are both playing in teams that are struggling to find a flowing, attacking football that, yet neither are seemd worthy of a place?…Well not up until this weekend anyway!!

    1. Now here’s a thing Ken-it’s amazing how some teams create very little just at the time they leave out their most creative players.Funny that.
      It’s also amazing that when managers are finding themselves under pressure for their teams lack creativity they realise that they might just need them after all.

      1. Thank goodness that our backroom staff can perform miracles Phil…one day a player is unfit and not giving his all in training and, after said player finally breaks his silence on the matter, these boys can drag Ozil kicking and shouting into consideration for Mondays game.

        Being a little sceptical about this and having watched the blacez play, there’s a part of me that thinks, if he is selected, he is being set up as the fall guy once again…imagine the outcry if he says”we were scared of them”, probably be awarded the captaincy and play in every game thereafter!!!

        1. But Ken – that was against the mighty Watford let’s not forget.Who are where exactly in the league? Ah.Rock bottom.God help us when we play a side as high in the league as -say-Norwich.

    2. I would point out Ken that Emery says everyone is an important part of the team – and he’s right, he wants a 25 man squad of starters not just a starting 11 and a B team.

      And as one of those who does congratulate him for having the balls to bench Ozil, I’m also happy to hear that he could be back in the team. I’ve never doubted his quality, just the consistency and work ethic that accompanies it.
      Under Emery I’ve seen improvements in Ozil’s work rate on the pitch, he closes people down more and doesn’t just disappear all the time now, which helps if his creativity goes missing, but could still be doing more imo. If Emery now says that Ozil is putting in more then I for one will be looking forward to seeing this when Ozil gets given the chance 👍

      1. MadHatter, so can you tell me when you saw this actually happening?

        Was it after the forest game, where UE immediately dropped him, because he hasn’t even made the subs bench since then?

        Or was it after the Burnley game, where once again he was substituted after 70 minutes znd then disappeared until the Burnley game?

        I would be really interested to know how you want to see even more from him, when UE, up until today, has given us the fans 140 minutes of this season to judge him.

        1. Come now Ken, let’s not be pedantic here my friend. I am talking about in both matches and preseason – you compare Ozil’s movement when we are without the ball in any of those against his performance when we were without possession last season and you see a marked improvement (and even last season was an improvement on his defensive work rate under Wenger imo). Not enough for me as I’ve also seen moments in those same matches where he is still jogging aimlessly. Now Emery says Ozil is putting in even more effort, we haven’t had chance to see this yet but I’m in no position to question/confirm that statement until Ozil makes the pitch 🤷‍♂️

          1. MadHatter, you and I afe both ardent fans and like discussing points with you.

            So can I ask you, in all sincerity, have you followed any other player in such a diligent way?

            I want to see and judge Ozil on this season, as the past is the past.

            Jogging around is something that every single player does in a game, the prime example being Aubameyang in my opinion.

            What both Auba and Ozil do, however, is anticipate and move into areas that are effective…one doesn’t need to be a water carrier to influence games. ..but what one does need is playing time and a coach who understands that simple fact.

          2. I too enjoy our debates my friend.

            To answer in short, yes as much as I’m able to I evaluate all our players as much as I can, part of my condition includes insomnia so when no one else is awake and I have nothing better to do I study our team and make my own analysis – I’m no expert of course but it’s something to do lol 🤷‍♂️

            Your correct about Auba too, that’s why I don’t like him on the wing. Out wide he has more responsibility to track back and help out and whilst he does and has made some important contributions he could do more imo, but for me he is an out and out striker and shouldn’t be put on the wing. We have youngsters like Saka and Martinelli who both work both sides of that role so much more naturally, Auba has to remind himself to move back and help out,which of course robs him off the opportunity to drift away into the channels for the counterattack like his instincts tell him to do.

            Its not that I have a problem with them jogging around when we have possession or when the play is away from them on the pitch, but both have done so when they should have been closing people down instead and that’s the part I have issue with

  4. No matter what anyone thinks,Ozil still has that killing passes that breaks defense,i can’t wait to see him line up behind Laca,Auba and Pepe. Whoever saw the standing ovation for Iwobi when substituted for Everton vs W.Ham? He needs to work on his finishing though.

  5. Juan Mata could offer any defence for Ozil. But the simple and hard facts presently on ground as it concerns Ozil is his football has declined from top quality that it’s once was to average quality which serves no usefulness to Arsenal. For, Arsenal are playing at the top quality level of the game, but not at the average quality level of it in Sky Bet League 1 which now I think is Ozil’s football quality level.

    Ozil has offered the same defence he defended himself with against Germany to Arsenal. This is not only ridiculous but absurd and unacceptable. To me, Ozil’s defence against Arsenal to justify himself doesn’t hold any water in it as it is an empty clever defence he has put out. And it is therefore dismissed for lack of merit. If he doesn’t improve drastically on the low quality or shit football he’s currently playing at Arsenal to high quality football between now and the next January window, and if he continues to miss games for Arsenal especially in the PL where he has already missed playing in over 100 games for the club since he joined them, I think Arsenal should give him an ultimatum to go on transfer from the club to another club side. Maybe to one of the Chinese Super League club sides or an MLS club side. But if he refuses to go after one of the Chinese or MLS clubs have submitted a bid to Arsenal sign him and they have agreed. Then, the club should stop paying him his weekly wages. If he likes let him report the matter to CAS adjudicatory Chamber for Adjudication. I am sure Arsenal will win the case.

    1. Eh-ever heard of a contract? Ever thought that Ozil might just have lawyers and agents who know what they are talking about? Unlike you.
      Ozil goes nowhere until he decides when and where until June 30th 2021.

        1. My pleasure Gerry-let me know if you need me to explain if you don’t understand anything.I took care to not use joined up writing which adults use so hopefully it’s not so difficult for you

          1. no bothers phil, i do appreciate your efforts, over and above i would have to say , fair play boy.

    2. Samuel, as I have just asked MadHatter, on what evidence are you judging Ozils current level of low quality football on?

      Ican only assume its 140 minutes this season, when we won both games in question.

      As I have watched every single game so far this season, either live or on TV, there is no way that I would judge ANY PLAYER on 140 minutes, so please explain where your judgement that, by the way, UE disagrees with, Ozil is now league one standard?

      Also, please supply details of thereasons you belive The Arsenal could overturn a watertight contract that they, under no pressure whatsoever, agreed 100% too?

  6. Kenyanfan
    We are all entitled to our opinion with the difference being mine is a fact. The overblown salary we give the laziest player in our squad has caused us huge problems. When Ramsey wanted a better deal because he was not getting anywhere near what we were giving Ozil even though he was running his socks off and we all know how that turned out. One thing I’ll agree with you on though is that we did not want to lose Sanchez but sanchez was excellent for us and rarely had a bad day where as ozil rarely has a good one. Saying he is a gifted player that can make a difference means jack $#it if he almost never delivers. If someone is paid three times more than another colleague then their performance should mirror that gap.
    I think that with what we pay for merchandise tickets etc to ask for players to put in a shift is not irrational.

    1. Love it when fans compare Ramsey to one of ours ,is this the same Ramsey who was injured for half his career with us and the other half pretending he was a centre forward?
      How’s his injuries holding up so far in Italy ?

      1. Don’t forget Dan, Aw let him go for nothing, losing £50,000,000….no wait I’m getting confused with Sanchez, it was UE who let Ramsey go!!!

        1. And why was Ramsey let go?
          Because AW, as with Sanchez and Özil, had allowed Ramsey to run down his contract, so he could hold Arsenal to ransom.

          Wengers famous “’s a perfect situation, when players are in their last year…” has shown to be such a stupid notion.

          1. Sorry, but Ram sey WAS offered a contract extension that UE took off tbe table…yet again nothing whatsoever to do with AW, but if that’s what you want to believe, then so be it.

            Unlike Sanchez, who wanted to leave and created a toxic environment, Ramsey wanted to stay, but UE let him run his contract down and we lost £50,000,000…not even another player in a swap deal, but you keep on blaming AW, I’m sure it makes you feel good.

          2. Who gives a sh1t that Ramsey was let go ,he was at best average and that’s being kind .maybe go follow his Italian adventure then come back and tell us at the end of the season how he’s getting on .

          3. @ken1945
            Yes, that contract was on the table for months, but why didn’t Ramesey sign it, before it was withdrawn???
            He could have done, and mu guess is, he was holding out for more money. I admit it is just a guess, but maybe there is another explanation. Either way, he had plenty of time to take the offer on the table.

  7. I expect to see the re-instatement of Mesut the Merciless and a thrashing of the Blades .
    Granny Xhagger will be admitted to an STD Clinic and have a diagnostic check for Emeryitis……………..

  8. Anders, I can only go by what was said by both parties at the time:

    Ramsey stated that he was ready to sign an agreed contract…UE took the contract off the table…Ramsey run down his contract….no further contract negotiations took place:

    At no time was AW involved, simply because he had left the club – and yet, once again, he somehow is blamed for UE’s mistakes.

    Both managers made individual errors with sanchez and ramsey, let’s just accept that fact and stop blaming the past for the present.

    My only factual observation was that one desperately wanted to leave and the other to stay, so what’s the problem?

    1. The problem is, you are blaming UE for everything, you can somehow misconstrue into your Emery Out agenda.
      AW, God knows why, let several players run their contracts into their last year, and in that position Arsenal (and UE) could be and was pressurized by Ramsey. As reported, there was a contract on the table for Ramsey. He didn’t go ahead and sign it. He dragged it out, and eventually the contract was withdrawn. Only fair, and IMO also the right choice for Arsenal.

      1. AndersS, how can I blame UE for the last season of AW’s reign?
        It was awful football, no passion, no commitment and (in my personal opinion) the great man had lost the dressing room, time to resign and he did.

        When he left, the club had a completely new regime, with the transfers, contracts and buying /selling of players already having been taken out of Aw’s hands the previous season…remember the “we’ve got our arsenal back” claims?
        They were followed by “Arsene Who” as the unbeaten run was in full swing, remember?

        Then it started to go pear shaped, due entirely to the new coach/manager and his tactis/style of play.

        Within a heartbeat, we were told that it was all down to AW and how he had left a terrible squad of players and the only reason we couldn’t judge UE was because of the terrible long term injuries of our defenders…who happened to be AW’s… players/signings.

        Since then, we have seen just what AW had in mind, with the acadamy of young players, coached superbly by Freddie, breaking into the first team squad. There was also a front line attack of two world class players to assist UE, so, with his new signings a completely new squad was available….and that is what I judge UE on today, 12 new players and a backing, money wise, that AW never had.
        That and UE’s style of play and tactical use of a very strong squ

        Yet, when things go wrong, UE cannot be criticised by the likes of yourself, as if UE has complete blank sheet regarding anything negative.

        So when you start on me for blaming UE for everything, take a deep breath and think about your views.

        This Ramsey debacle is a perfect example of what I am saying: Gazidis introduced the three musketeers over two seasons ago, when AW was released from any control over transfers, contracts, salaries and signing of new players…yet here you are trying to blame him for the debacle over Ramsey and not holding the new regime to any responsibility whatsoever.

        I only judge UE on what he has done since he took control, along with the new regime – you just try and cover his obvious defects by travelling back in time!!!

        Wake up and smell the coffee, it’s UE’s squad, it’s UE’s tactics and it’s UE’s decisions, including letting Ramsey, a £50,000,000 valued player who wanted to stay, go for absolutely nothing…not even a Myk type player in part exchange.

        I just hope he succeeds, because that means my club succeeds, meanwhile let’s judge him on his decisions and not use AW to cover his defects.

        1. Well said Ken, ultimately how we ended up in the situation we are in is largely irrelevant, it’s what we do now that counts and as you quite rightly put it, that’s all on Emery now.

          I will however point out that Wenger did have the same amount of money to play with though, not all the way through but his last two seasons he had just over 200 mill to spend too, and just like with Wenger, if after that spending across 2 years Emery still fails to get us back to the top 4 (convincingly) then he is not the man for the job.

  9. What does the Ramsey saga, that has been beaten to death already, have to do with the original subject matter, which was that Juan Mata said something positive about our most-discussed club employee?

    In any event, is it necessary to make a post on this site every time anyone makes any comment about this guy? Come on tell us, is it just to stir and elicit comments from lovers and haters alike?

    As I said just a day or 2 ago, let’s leave Özil alone. It’s become far too personal.

    1. Very sensible comments SAGooner but I fear it will fall on deaf ears. It will only stop when he finally goes and then they’ll find someone else and so it goes on.

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