Surely Alexis Sanchez is worth more than 50m Pounds?

 If recent Arsenal transfer rumours are anything to go by, then there is the possibility of Arsenal selling Alexis Sanchez for 50 million pounds or thereabouts. If he does not sign a new contract with them. 50 million pounds for our best player! Is this a joke or what?

 50 million pounds is well within the range of any of our major premier league rivals and it will gladden them to bid for him with that amount in mind, knowing full well that Arsenal will be forced to listen to offers for Sanchez, once the asking price can be met. Arsenal are about to box themselves into a corner they may be uncomfortable with; they will have no choice than to sell to either Chelsea or the two Manchester clubs, once they can meet the selling price, which I am really sure they can. What a funny way of selling a contract rebel.

  Arsenal should try everything within their powers to keep Sanchez; we should be keeping our star players and not selling them! We should rather add more to the squad and not subtracting from it. Sanchez is not asking for much; all he wants is for the club to pay him what other clubs pay their star players and show a little ambition! That is not too much to ask, is it? 

 But in a situation whereby an agreement can’t be reached between Arsenal and our star players, then it will be a wise choice to sell them after this season or risk losing them for nothing after but selling them cheap is what I don’t subscribe to. 

 Chelsea can never sell Hazard for 50 million pounds, Man City will never sell Aguero for 50 million pounds, Tottenham will not sell Kane for 50 million pounds! So, why does Arsenal sell their stars cheap and to a premier league rival? When are we going to stop being the feeder team for other clubs?

Seriousness is all I ask from Arsenal; enough of being unambitious, enough of being the butt of jokes, enough of clowning around in the world of football! It is a good thing that contract negotiations have been suspended but that should not stop us from doing everything possible to entice our star players and give them every reason to sign for us! Is that not how a club is run?

Sylvester kwentua


  1. muffdiver says:

    global top ten world class player
    anyone in that list is worth 70 plus
    but as we let his contract run down and we cant offer a opportunity to compete so will push for move
    he will go for probably same amount as john stones or raheem sterling
    hahahaha laughable son , laughable

  2. Juhi McLovin says:

    I believe it so.

    For every other top club bidding for Sanchez would start after £60 millions. But we are a top, top selling club. But not retail price selling club. No, we sell for wholesale price!

  3. Nebsy says:

    Nothing is sacred for Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger.

    If there’s a chance to sell him for more than what they’ve estimated him for, he’ll get a blooming spuds jersey of all clubs.

    I wouldn’t be surprised he ends up in Chelsea, as they’re quite famous for giving whatever amounts of money to a player they want. I can already see Kroenke and co salivating over that massive 60 million pound offer from the London rivals.

  4. Pablo Picaso says:

    Selling Alexis to a PL rival will be one of the biggest mistakes this Board has made in recent history , among them not fixing Alexis contract issues and giving Wenger licence to decide when to leave.

    If Alexis insist on living the club, 65M from Bayern / Juve / PSG / or China (85M) would be fair, no PL teams please!!!

    Sad part about all this is that we will not even invest the money into buying a player near Alexis quality or another WC player, we will end up with more 17M useless players from the Swiss league.

  5. gotanidea says:

    If he leaves, I want Neymar as his replacement!

    1. muffdiver says:


  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    OT: How about that Gigio Donnarumma, what talent, might end up been the next Buffon.

    Hey idiots running Arsenal, here’s an ideal, Millan are interested in Wilshere who we do not need, throw in Schz as a sweeter and a couple of pounds and get this kid before Juve pounce on him. God knows our goal keepers are all over the place and we have nothing coming from our academy.

  7. Jansen says:

    Arsenal have mismanaged this one in a big way. I said it before and I say it again, early in the season when we still had the feel good factor, perhaps after the Chelsea win, we should have signed Sanchez for 250k per week or even 300k, after all he is more important to us than Aguero to City and Ibra or Pogba to Man U. He would have signed.

    Had he renewed last year and still wanted away now, we could sell him for 100. Monaco wants 150 for mbappe, I am sure Lukaku might go for close to 70 million or so. Instead, we let his contract run down, the atmosphere sour in the process and now we will be lucky to find a fool to pay more than 35 IMO.

    This situation with Ozil and Sanchez should have never been allowed to develop. It is not like this is the first time we have been forced to sell a want away player with only one year left on his contract. What’s wrong with insisting contract renewal when there are still 2 years remaining?

    Penny wise pound foolish. The extra 5 million a year between 200 per week and 300 per week is more than offset by theoretical extra 50 million you would have to spend to replace Sanchez if he even is replaceable.

    1. Jansen says:

      We have all said it before, some of the problem lies in Wenger’s belief that all players should earn more or less the same. This means that our wage bill is amongst the highest in the PL (did I read it was higher than Chelsea’s?) because we pay players like Theo and Ramsey and Jenkinson more than any other club wants to pay for them whilst not being willing to pay enough to keep the likes of Sanchez.

  8. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The Arsenal switchboard:

    Hello you are through to Arsenal football club

    If you would like to place a bid on one of our players please press 1

    If you would like to make an enquiry regarding one of our players please press 2

    If you are an agent for a player in Ligue 2 please press 3

    If you are an agent of a top top player please hang up now

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Hello, yes can I get a bigmac and large fries please, what ya mean you don’t deliver (wink)

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    In today’s market place I would say Sanchez is worth in the region of £90 million, but he’s only got a year left on his contract, which really effects his value. It’s shambolic that we’re in this position. They should have got Ozil, and Sanchez, to sign new deals with two years left on their contracts. If they had refused, then they should have been sold with two years left, thus allowing Arsenal to get true value.

    From top to bottom, Arsenal is in absolute disarray. One of the most respected clubs in the world has now become the butt of all jokes, and are now a great example of how NOT to run a club.

    1. Guneal says:

      One year left on his contract does not make any difference. From my little knowledge on economics, raise in price is as a result of increase in demand. Sanchez has over six powerful clubs chasing him. £90m is cool. But due to the pitiful state Mr. Arsene has plunged our club into, at the last day of the summer transfer windows we will be begging for £35m or less like van persie.

      1. Jansen says:

        Not quite true because economics also considers the situation of the seller. Arsenal are a forced seller that always puts downwards pressure on prices. Bidders will know we can not afford to let his contract run down. This is more like a foreclosure sale where there are many bidders who all know what amount the bank is looking to cover. In foreclosure sales properties seldom go for market value.

        Guess time will tell but if you were to be right we should get 100 million for Sanchez without much of a problem.

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    First when you let negotiations drag on to the last year or two, you won’t get as much unless there is a team willing to pay. Chelsea, City, United could be those teams but we must NOT sell to them.

    RVP was our best player his last season with us. He was the PL top scorer.

    Then we sold him to United. What happened? United immediately won the PL.

    One of our most embarrassing moments (losing 8-2 the previous year was also)

    This cannot happen again

    Its not worth selling to our rivals even if they are willing to pay more.
    Alexis is WC and will strengthen any team

    Sell him to Italy, Spain, Germany, China anywhere but the PL

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I suspect a bidding war will happen. Look at what Juve had to pay for Higuain who is older. Well I’m expecting at least double what we paid for him, that’s what I reckon but ya never know.

      1. Arsenal_Girl says:

        That would be great if we got double ie around £60-70 million

        However, I am not convinced that Wenger would use the money wisely in terms of getting a Top forward. He could get cheap again

        But hope your right about a bidding war
        He is one of the few WC players in PL. Most teams would improve with him

  11. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Sad to see everyone resign their faith
    Damn!…Wish i own Arsenal….

  12. Break-on-through says:

    Stones went for 50 and he’s a defender. Carrol went for 35 about six years ago. Lacazette is starting at 60, starting. I hear Chelsea want to replace 100m valued Hazard (cool name) with Alexis, the only thing Hazard is better at is dribbling, and maybe using the weaker foot. Imagine adding Alexis’s engine, commitment and stamina to a team that already purrs, already have Kante and they want Bakayoko, then Alexis? My god Conte’s out to dominate this league like he done Italy’s.

  13. Midkemma says:

    Low contract and lack of good enough people to make the best out of transfers.

    ARSENAL need to look at this and make changes, we are a club that should be bigger than 1 man and as such we need multiple men to compliment each other.

    Be honest to yourself, Alexis in his last 12 months and showing desire while being one of the best CF in the EPL this season… RvP? A guy who wanted Arsenal to invest in the squad because he wanted to win titles. If a player feels their ambition is being ignored when they try to be vocal then they can threaten to not sign a new contract and use that as leverage… Not like players of that quality will be short on suitors is it?

    RvP was sold for £25mil, the price of CL to us…

    No real surprise to me that the value has increased because that is how football has gone but I can not trust ARSENAL FC to make the best out of this bad situation, they will make profit and consider that a victory. I doubt they will look at making a profit on £36mil investment as bad even though us fans recognise Alexis is worth more.

  14. Vlad says:

    There are 3 parties involved when it comes to selling a player. 1) The club who currently owns the player; 2) The club who wants to buy the player; 3) The player himself. The first two are pretty straight forward. Knowing Arsenal, I can’t see them letting Sanchez for free in a year, so they will definitely try and sell him now. And there will be plenty of suitors for Alexis given his performances in the last couple of seasons. City, Chelsea, Utd, maybe even Pool, PSG, Bayern, Inter are just a few clubs of the top of my head that I see going for him. Here’s where it gets tricky though. What does Alexis want himself? Does he want to stay in PL? If that’s the case, that won’t go well with the fans who worshiped him here. Arsenal gave him a chance of a lifetime, and if anything, I think he should show some gratitude by going abroad. If he does, I wish him all the luck in the world. But if he decides to stay, and goes to either one of our direct rivals, I’ll be the first one to say that he’s a traitor, and a rat. I hope he does the right thing. But even more so, I hope we can persuade him to stay.

  15. lord wafflebury says:

    Sanchez has already come out in the press and says he is happy in London but wants to move to a successful, winning club…Chelski everybody ?
    This has happened because one man has been left responsible for everything that goes on at the club and that includes contract negotiations.
    Who is going to pay the going rate for a player when they know they could possibly get him for free in 14 months !
    Sanchez holds all the aces so prepare yourselves for Mr stubborn to run his contract down to hopefully win something with him next year, regain his lost legacy, retire, get his statue and then let him go to Chelsea for free. Economics dont come into wengers thinking even though he has a degree in it. The man is a delusional fool and the board should sack him for his contract negotiation failings.

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