Surely Arsenal can carry on their fine end-of-season form into this campaign?

Can Arteta Sustain the Post December Form? by AI


It’s a new season, and for all the noise about Artetaball, those who are fans of the club realize that Arteta has been adapting throughout most of his reign. The 3-4-3 was used for a long time but it was not by choice. When we got Emile Smith-Rowe back from injury, we were able to return to the 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 that had shown so much promise in the first few weeks of Arteta’s reign. That formation and personell change resulted in a run of form that made us one of the best performing teams in the Premier league and put us within 6 points of a Champions League spot despite the dismal season we had.


Some fans still remember the terrible memories of the pre-December/Smith-Rowe games and that’s right. But the truth is that it is no longer our reality. With new additions coming into the side, there is little probability that we will be back in the circumstances that led to that dismal run. And with just domestic football for us, we will be fitter than most teams next season. The question is if we can continue that post-December run into the new season?


And the answer to that question is another question: why not?


Same system, but with better players, more depth and less games. There is no reason why we can’t continue the run of form, which at the moment stands at five Premier league wins in a row.


The likes of Pepe, Saka and Martinelli have hugely improved as well. Thomas Partey is set for a huge season. Emile Smith-Rowe is going to be available from the beginning. We have new defenders and midfielders coming in. And then there is the big hope that Aubameyang can return back to his normal, Golden Boot self. The team is simply stronger and while our competition for the top 4 spot are also getting stronger, all we need is some inconsistency from one of them.


I dare say that even without the new signings, by getting rid of the bums, we have already improved. But the issue is the margin of improvement. To truly improve enough to reach CL level, we need signings that push the ceiling of the team up. That will be our rightback, central midfielder and central attacking midfielder.


If we get those signings correct, we are in for some happy times.


Surely our new signings mean we can carry on from where we left off last season…


Agboola Israel

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Im not expecting that. Over the years ive learned not to have high expectations of the gunners. If it happens fantastic but usually we have a difficult start to the season

    Im hoping and praying that we have a fantastic season ❤

  2. DaJuhi says:

    Current squad (White included) won’t make it to top 6. And the season is 3 weeks away.

    I predict disappointing window and another disappointing season. I guess thats our standard though.

  3. jon fox says:

    One extremely relevant matter that no one has chosen to mention – unless I have missed something – is the extreme likelihood of further Covid isolation problems for probably all clubs. With infections , even though not deaths, going up fast, most teams preparations for the new season are BOUND TO BE INTERRUPTED.

    This will also IMO much affect attendances too, despite present Conservative policy. That will change, for almost sure!

    Our own proposed USA TOUR was hastily called off, thus proving my point. All the posts I HAVE READ ASSUME NO REAL COVID PROBELMS OCCURRING AND THIS IT JUST NOT REALISTIC. IS IT!!!

    1. Voyageur says:

      I agree it could play a massive role – it’ll be nigh on impossible to keep young football players in a bubble when everyone else is getting back to pre-pandemic lives – although the fact that double vaxxed folks dont have to quarantine despite close contact after mid August might mitigate things.

      Looking at the current numbers in Florida I think Arsenal may have dodged a bullet by cancelling, even if that wasnt the stated reason.

      1. Jo-Gunz says:

        Not realistic @Jon, and you’re on point

  4. Gurrosco says:

    There is no harm in hoping. Personally I would want the team to be hungrier for success and not look lost or lethargic on the pitch. A good attitude will at least make certain incoming defeats more acceptable.

    Frustrating style of football is my biggest gripe and it is why I am struggling with Arteta at the helm. For his sake and everyone attached to Arsenal, the team needs to show up consistently and perform admirably.

  5. gotanidea says:

    Unfortunately we’ll lose the midfielders who were largely influential in making that fine 2021 form, Xhaka and Odegaard. So we have to replace them with similar or better players soon, since the new season is creeping out

    We also need to address the high numbers of missed sitters and aerial duels lost in the front line, therefore we should replace some of our senior CFs ASAP. I heard Arsenal have made Lacazette available for merely 15 M

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      GAI, the issue with the Arsenal front line has been the concentration on defense strangling the attack, the slow progression from defense to attack, the poor passing through the lines into space to provide service and opportunities for that forward line and the lack of contribution to goals scored by the midfield. If Arsenal upgrades the quality of midfield, the forward line will be more productive.

  6. CorporateMan says:

    A factor that could negatively affect our performance is the large number of first-team players we’d be losing for upwards of five weeks to the AFCON in January/February – all four of them as is now. No other PL team has so large a contingent

  7. fairfan says:

    To be fair last season was over by the time Arsenal had that late good run and merely saved Arsenal from finishing 10th instead of 8th.
    Emery was sacked for finishing 5th but Arsenal
    has lowered expectations to the point where 8th twice in a row is considered good enough.
    The Florida cup being cancelled is very lucky meaning no long distance travel.
    No European games is an advantage with more time to recover and prepare for PL games and domestic cups.
    Expectations are so low that if Arsenal get 6th it will be oh “we’re back in the EL”.
    Even if we finish 7th it will be “we’re back in Europe”
    So although 4th “should” be the minimum requirement with our expensive squad I fear we will be in a battle with Leicester Everton Leeds Westham Villa and Spurs for 5th 6th and 7th.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  8. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    “If we get those signings correct, we are in for some happy times” pretty massive IF to throw in as an afterthought, considering we’ve not properly addressed any of the positions you mentioned

    1. VasC says:

      Plus, “I dare say that even without the new signings, by getting rid of the bums, we have already improved.”.

      Only Luzi, Guendouzi, Mavopranos, Saliba, Matt Ryan, Dani C & Odegaard are officially not in our squad for new season compared to last season.

      Guendo, Mavro & Saliba never featured for us last season. Luiz, Ryan and Dani C were not involved in the League games towards the end of last season. That leaves only Odegaard to be labelled as “bums”.

      Wonder how the squad is “improved” by the absence of just Odegaard.

      Ideally choosing to ignore Willian in an article that mentions “bums”, I strongly feel that this too is a “pro” management article.

  9. Jakes Mradu says:

    Y all the negativity……be positive….if they had a poor preseason then expect a good start to the new season…….arsenal have got rid of a lot of players..deadwood…and have brought in new players…..expect couple more and the team will be stronger than last year….and Arsenal are targeting very very good players……that shows ambition…….now the fans must shout for their team……..!

  10. Biscuitbum says:

    I see no reason why we cannot. With a strengthened defence, and (hopefully) midfield, and with Martinelli, Saka, Smith-Rowe, and Balogun, and whoever remains of last seasons strike-force, we should be expecting to improve. Nil Desperandum!

  11. Pirate Dandy says:

    I just hope he plays Martinelli regularly.

  12. ArseOverTit says:

    Everything is possible including having another season like the previous underwhelming ones..

    Let’s ‘hope’ it isn’t.

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