Surely Arsenal can’t allow crowds at the Emirates as the epidemic grows?

Let me clarify, I don’t want to see any companies go out of business, you have to be quite a bitter person to wish that on anyone. So, if there is a way to save anyone from losing money, of course we should be as flexible as possible to help. What you can’t do is prioritise that ahead of the safety of people.

That’s essentially what the Premier League is asking the government to do, writing a letter asking them to reconsider plans to delay fans being allowed back into stadiums after October 1st.

R rate estimates – how many people the virus effects have risen above one, is now doubling every 7-8 days.

Because of this, where sports were being given licence to run pilot events, a cap has now been put on of just 1000 people while they review original plans of 25 percent of crowds being back in venues by the end of the year. Football (and other events) are arguing that 1000 is counterproductive as it’s too low to test/evaluate measures to guarantee the welfare of spectators.

You can understand the frustration of any owner. It’s estimated that the Premiership would lose 547 million even if they got their wish of grounds being allowed to be 1/4 capacity till the end of the season.

Imagine being told that is now being reviewed yet you then see thousands flock to a beach. Yet just because rules are being ignored elsewhere doesn’t give you a free pass to do the same. If anything, it’s certain behaviour from the public that might have given MP’s doubts if next month is too soon to be putting thousands of individuals in one space.

Yes, in theory filling a 60,000 Emirates with only 15,000 Gooners is simple to social distance, yet history shows you can’t trust idiots.

I don’t want to make this political but the reason the UK is in danger of a second lockdown is not understanding there are a lot of selfish people out there.

Do you remember how it was suggested that everyone play at neutral grounds to avoid gatherings outside?

Remember how parliament were accused of snobbery for assuming the likes of Liverpool fans wouldn’t follow advice to stay at home?

What happened?

Not just did they ignore pleas from their own council and club (who still filmed the scenes) by celebrating in the city, they decided to set off fireworks at buildings.

Go to your local shop, how many actually respect the arrows that insist on a one-way system?
I went on the bus the other day and there are passengers who don’t respect the simple requirement of leaving every other aisle empty because they can’t be bothered to walk up a step.

There are those who refuse to wear a mask because it somehow challenges their freedom and rights.
So no, I don’t trust everyone to go to a Football game and follow every protocol.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority you can rely on to be sensible, but it takes just one imbecile and that’s one too many.

That’s the moral dilemma, if one person gets ill, that’s one person too many because no one should be going to watch a football game and coming back with a virus.

One person becoming poorly is not worth millionaires saving money. If it’s not safe it’s not safe. It’s no different to airlines. Holiday packages were cancelled because the figures showed the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. You don’t put people in jeopardy just to help the Tourist economy.

Do I feel sorry for the likes of Stan Kroenke, not knowing when he will get his matchday revenue? I feel sorrier for those who couldn’t go to a loved one’s funeral. That’s a real sacrifice.

Do I believe my wellbeing is a priority to Arsenal? Or do they just want my money? This has always been the case, but Covid has made it so apparent, it’s hard to ignore.

I wrote during the 3-month break that how Football could lose a section of it’s fanbase if they were not more sensitive in how they dealt with this pandemic.

In an era where you can watch the majority of games from the comfort of your TV, I feel less inclined to rush back to the Emirates due to my club’s attitude.

They saw it as an opportunity to save money. An excuse to hide behind to hide their lack of ambition.

A billionaire asking players to take a pay cut (Arsenal were the only top flight club to do that) to apparently stop staff redundancies. Then lying by sacking 55 people to save 2 million yet able to offer Aubameyang 250,000 pound a week.

Lying, saying it was so we could invest in the squad yet only spending 23 million, the majority of which he’s about to recoup by selling Martinez.

A Billionaire whose wealth increased by 323 million this year.

That stinks.

Were gooners who lost their jobs thought of when they were being charged 60 pounds for a shirt?
Personally, Arsenal didn’t correspond with me in any way about my membership, just taking out my yearly direct debit and not informing me what I’m paying for, seeing as I have access to tickets I can’t buy. As I write this, I still don’t know what happens to the money I just paid if fans are banned in 2021.

So, If clubs want Fans to come rushing back to spend money, show us that we matter. Writing to the government asking them to ignore the rise in the virus isn’t a good start.

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Dan Smith


  1. I can understand your view point but social distancing can easily be done easy in the size of the emirates ( Ive worked there before and other stadium of similar size).

    The concouse is alot vaster than most stadiums so fan wont be packed in like a sartine and if you ever been to a women/youth game even thoe numbers would be alot less , alot of empty space to manevour and keep your distance.

    I understand we need to be safe but alot of jobs are on the line and clubs will cut all those backof house jobs first not even bringing into mind the thousand of youth who would usally work in a stadiums as quick temporay source of money wont have that available especially with how the job market is.

      1. 👍 One only has to look at pictures coming out of the USA.
        In Australia, sports are operating on social distancing. Borders between States are currently closed and you can’t cross without a special pass. This sort of control, including lock down of areas of high outbreak is the reason Australia is faring relatively well health wise, despite the strain on the economy.

  2. So, substitutes maintain social distancing while also wearing face masks. On the other hand, the on-field players are constantly making contact with sweaty bodies. They even shake hands and hug themselves whenever a goal is being scored.

    I’m just curious to know how to the establishment determines those at risk…🤷🏽‍♂️🙇🏾‍♂️

  3. First you have to do some research to realise that masks do nothing. Bacteria are far too minute to be affected by the massive holes in masks used.
    Masks cause hypoxia, lack of oxygen, and acidification of our immune system, depleting it which is the last thing we need when flu is about (we’re told).
    Positive tests has not caused more deaths as government figures show – the media keep that under wraps. Look at Bechamps v Pasteur, the latter being a snake oil salesman which our health system adopted over the scientist that proved it BS. (

    1. Thanks Pat7 for your top notch research. Just a minor point. Coronavirus is a virus. Not a bacteria. The clue is in the name.

      1. ROFL! You kind of get where the term COVIDIOT comes from when you see some of the pearlers people post on here. Governments reduce the death rate to make them look less incompetent. If anyone think the 28 day rule makes any difference they are deluded. The ONS stats show the true picture.

  4. This is only due to more tests, as no more people are dying, and those figures have been manipulated, ie: if a person tested positive, taking into account the inventor of the PCR test, Mr, Kyle mullin, if I have spelt his name correctly, stated it could not be used to detect viruses, also Dr, Andrew Kauffman has also said the anti body testis are no better.

    As I was about to say; if a person is tested positive, and two weeks later they lose their life in a road accident, their death will be put down as a covid death.

    With 80% false positives, it is a test that is actually useless, that is why more medical people are speaking out, even if it means they are being suspended for telling the truth for going against the MSM narrative.

    In America it has been reported that the CDC have reduced the number of actual deaths from covid by 94%

    Dom not take my word for it but research it yourself if you have the time.
    Make of this what you will.

    The R number is meaningless as it does not mean someone is infected. And by studies of T cells, we most probably already have ‘hear immunity.

  5. Let’s be honest about this, all summer we knew with the relaxation of lockdown and people not bothering with mask wearing/social distancing that eventually the proverbial would hit the fan. Combine that with schools going back last week and the Govt encouraging people back into the office it didn’t take much to get infection rates spiking. Don’t be surprised if there are no fans in stadiums for the whole season, unless the death rate in relation to the infection rate stays low. Somehow I just can’t see that happening. COVID seems a lot more potent in the winter for European countries. I took an option to defer my season ticket long before todays rules came into play.

  6. Arsenal must prioritize Thomas Partey to make them difficult to beat.No need to gamble again on the DM position.

  7. The “Scaredemic” is working well, with many people seemingly oblivious to the fact, that this is all just a power grab, taking away as much of our freedom as possible. As @Drew says, the number of deaths have been hugely conflated, with those who have died from Covid, and those who died with Covid.

    This is the new 9/11, with bio-security at the forefront. Those in power are taking away our liberty. piece by piece, under the guise of public health. We are literally seeing freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and soon, freedom of your own body, disappear. These are dark times at the moment.

    We’re being told that this is “the new normal”, and we all know that once any oppressive law/legislation is implemented, they are never removed. Amended at best.

    For anyone who doesn’t believe this, please do your research (just not via the mainstream media), but easier, ask yourself this question. If this virus is as deadly as we keep getting told it is, then why is there so many conflicting rules in place then? E.g. Some governments around the world banned public protests about the lock-down restrictions, but allowed Black Lives Matter protests. Apparently the virus doesn’t spread at BLM protests.

    If 5 million people can travel the tube everyday being squashed up against each other during peak hours, then I don’t see why the Emirates isn’t allowed crowds.

    1. Why do you keep bringing up 9/11 when COVID gets mentioned on here ?
      What I would do would be to keep the conspiracy theories to yourself ,makes you look utterly stupid.
      Let me tell you if you think governments are scaremongering,living with someone who as had to treat patients one day and the next day they have died ,coming home exhausted from wearing Ppe in 35 degree heat ,coming home crying worried that she might catch it ,4 months my partner had these worries, but I read people like you post utter tosh because you read them on the web somewhere .
      Next your be telling us we didn’t land on the moon 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Dan. WOW is an understatement mate. But those facts don’t get publicised on the internet do they. Unless these idiots are personally affected it means nothing to them. Give your partner a hug from me for being an unsung hero without s raise….

      2. @Dan kit

        Like I said, do your own research, it’s all out there. If you feel that 3 steel structured buildings, two of which were actually plane proof, collapsing into their own footprint, and one of those buildings wasn’t even hit by a plane, was definitely Bin Laden, well ok then! Isn’t also funny how quickly the US government identified him as the perpetrator, despite him not releasing a message saying he did it, as some terrorist organisations do. That has to be one the quickest murder investigations of all time!

        But hey, I’m just a wacky conspiracy theorist! Everything the governments tell us is true! Like when the EPA, in the days following the 9/11 attack, where dust, asbestos, etc were everywhere, were telling everyone that the air quality was fine. A lot of people died, and were very sick just from that lie. Which was just one lie of many.

        Or do you not find it interesting how the US has occupied Afghanistan for about 19 years now, in the name of terror?

        Remember 9/11 allowed them to go to war, and bring in extra security in the name of terrorism, and now even more of our rights are being infringed on in the name of public health.

        I also work with sick people a lot as well, and I am yet to see any problems that we wouldn’t be getting with the flu. I know plenty of doctors who also say the media and government are going way over the top.

        Governments have already got measures in place, like tracking, banning you from going to work, if you haven’t had a test. They are already talking about bio security passports, so no vaccine, no travel. Yet I’m the wacky one! Haha!

        Like I said, none of what I have just said is opinion, it’s all factual, and happening now.

      3. Thank you, Dan. In the USA, deaths attributed to Covid19 are currently almost 200 times more than the deaths on 9/11.Some people would believe that “herd immunity” ie letting a fair number of people to die, so that the survivors are immune makes sense. That’s all right if it is not you, your parents, grandparents or friends!
        By the way Pat7, TMJW and others, wearing a mask doesn’t protect you, it protects others from you!

  8. Im am astounded by the ignorance i see with people not social distancing, not washing their hands, not staying out of harms way when they have it and the total disregard for the vulnerable. I walked past some local pubs last week and was horrified by the brainless idiots jumping all over each other and fighting when they had a couple of pints in them. It was likexall in wrestling, was shameful and not limited to one pub. The 20 to 30 year olds are going to reignite this virusses capabilities on their own, the universities are going to be a hotbed for it spreading. The truth is we cant trust anyone in all this because the ignorance of some people is incredulous. Im sorry but fans can not be let in to football grounds, they will just be another vehicle to increase the spread that is coming. We got all the numbers down to minute levels through a lockdown and hardship but mindless idiots have put all of that back and we are now going to suffer all over again. I think there are many many people in this world who are sensible but it is the many who aren’t who are killing 100s of thousands by their actions, lets not put football fans or any sports fans in that position.

  9. I watched the president of the United states having a rally with thousands over the weekend. This tells me that something isn’t right it’s just a section of the media that keeps promoting cases without deaths.

    1. Jah son, watch out when they follow up the deaths from these rallies, as they will do. Unfortunately response to this pandemic has been politicised in the US and this is not an area where the US has shown leadership. Heavan help us if Trump is re elected. I would rather the world follow the example of South Korea or New Zealand.

  10. So we keep stadiums empty for the next seasonal flu epidemic? That’s the only logical conclusion. We have a virus where in excess of 96% of cases have mild or no symptoms. One that unlike flu barely touches the young and fit. Case numbers are not hospitalisations. Case numbers are not fatalities. We can choose to be sheeple or to follow the real science. Remember Ferguson said 200,000 would die of Swine Flu. It was 50.

      1. 1 million! Give it a rest mate! People on their deathbeds, dying from something more common like cancer, are being labelled as dying from Covid. I find disgusting that peoples lives are being bandied about as some b.s. statistic, for political gain. How you cannot see that is beyond me!

        1. Ok i will let my misses know and I’ll tell her to grow a pair and not to be such a wimp as COVID is not a killer and it’s all government lies .

            1. I won’t comment again ,I’ve held my tongue ,he will comment and look for a response which won’t come .
              You can’t reason with idiots .

              1. Respect to your wife as well, as I’ve also worked on the front line. I know for a fact the way they are recording deaths in hospitals is a joke, just like everything else I said is fact, hence why you haven’t disputed it.

                Remember I apparently have no clue what I’m talking about, so don’t take my word for it.

  11. Agree.

    66 million people doing their thing., on every train, bus, plane in every stadium, pub, restaurant, cinema, theatre, etc etc, lead to the first peak. We are nowhere near, even a significant fraction of person to person contacts, than we were before lockdown yet the graph is starting to rise.

    The virus is still the same virus and as yet no vaccine is available. To imagine we can go ‘back to normal’ is the role of the ignorant and those who choose to deny the obvious.

    I saw a comment saying masks cause hypoxia. I can only assume that person mistakes plastic bags for masks. Or listens to idiot. Either works.

    The scary thing is, people will do it if others do. People are stupid. Even me. I think crowds returning to sport is wrong, at this moment, yet I clicked the link for the ballot.

    Crowds should be prevented to prevent hypocrites like me from spreading the germ.

  12. Another fine, well researched and especially well written article from the admirable Dan Smith!
    Many other passionate Gooners have offered their differing thoughts on Covid, many of which make much sense.
    I will restrict myself to having enormous sympathy for all who have suffered losses and bereavement and also lesser but still serious problems directly because of Covid.

    Please God, rid our human race of this ghastly plague ASAP!

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