Surely Arsenal must cash in on Nketiah rather than Balogun this summer?

“What I can say is that I definitely won’t go on loan again,” said Balogun about his Arsenal future.

“I’m not sure on the discussions that are going to take place; I’m not sure what’s going to happen. But I’m just committed to now; I try to stay present.”

Such remarks may have “convinced” Arsenal decision-makers to sell him, but he may be staying at Emirates despite the admission.

According to the Independent, Arteta is still undecided on who to let go between Balogun and Nketiah. So the USMNT striker has a bright chance to stay.

According to the publication, the Gunners are hell-bent on making expensive signings and might pay £200 million or more to recruit Rice, Lavia, Havertz, and Timber.

After such a shopping spree, the Gunners may need to balance their finances, so Arteta and Edu are reportedly willing to cash in on Kieran Tierney, Thomas Partey, and one of either Folarin Balogun and Eddie Nketiah.

Looking at these claims, I get the feeling Nketiah, not Balogun, in addition to Tierney and Partey, could be on the move. Given that Nketiah failed to capitalise on his opportunities when Arteta relied on him, I believe it’s appropriate to give Balogun, who scored 21 goals in 37 Ligue 1 outings for Stade de Reims, an opportunity to show us what he’s got next season.

It ought to be tempting to try out the 21-year-old. With Arsenal back in Champions League action and Arteta having to keep his squad fresh, I’m sure he’ll be eager to rotate a situation that may satisfy practically everyone in his squad, Balogun included.

Also, to sell Nketiah makes Arteta look like a genius after persuading the Englishman to extend his contract last season….

Darren N

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  1. Yes. And don’t call me Shirley!
    (Sorry. Old gag from film Airplane lol)

    I rate Balogun higher than Nketiah

    1. Stephanie, a good, if rather old and hackneyed old gag.

      But when you use a gag, its nornal to use it only when its relevant to the debate and NOT when it has no connection with the topic at all.

          1. KEN that is the sort of extremely tenuous so called but untrue link that down market publications such as red top newspapers use.

            They are never funny and usually SO very tenuous that any ACTUAL RELEVANCE is hard to spot, EVEN BY highly observant people,such as I.

            Of course I SAW THAT WORD, just as I see all words whenever I read anything.
            But I repeat that surely is to Shirley as cucumbers are to potatos ; completely different , save that both begin with an S. And not even a half decent pun therefore. I was simply trying to be kind to Stephanie in my post, when I called it agood gag. Truly good gags are original and not as old (and oft repeated) as the hills.
            Remember, I am a Shakespeare and English language devotee and know what top class puns are really like.
            BTW, KEN I have written countless limericks and much other comic verse over the years, including ones that only oldies such as you I and a few other roldies on here will know what I even refer to. Most are non football but heres one that is:

            ” A football coach, name of Don Howe, Said he wouldn’t leave Arsenal just now, But he then changed his mind, Leaving no staff behind, And causing one Hell of a row!”

    2. Sent worry Shirley
      I found it funny
      Still tickles me when I come across the film
      Yes i do agree with you

      Balogun has definitely got something about him and would love to keep him
      Eddie stood in when we needed him too but imo Balogun looks the better player to keep

    3. We should sell whom we are getting best offer, including Jesus as it has been proved non of these are unexpendable. We can sell two of these to collect 70-80 mil and get one world class by adding few millions more. So keeping one world class player and one good back up player is better than keeping unlimited no of very good players. Most successful teams are built by selling their best players so we should not hesitate to sell any of our players if we receive insane amounts like Liverpool got for Coutinho. But we have to make sure we are getting absolutely beast of a player in return.

        1. Nketiah+ balgaon or Nketiah + Jesus or Jesus + balgaon probably would get us 70+80 mil, then we would have 1 very good striker + 80mil, now add few mil to that to get 1 world class player.

  2. Yes. But it’d be easier to sell Balogun, because of his productivity in France

    As for the overpriced fried Rice, I think we can forget about him after Man City decided to make an official offer. Arsenal could end up with Kalvin Phillips, Conor Gallagher or Ruben Loftus-Cheek instead

    1. My own preference has been for Phillips all along. Should be able to get him for around £40 mil., but how would he fit with Havertz?

      1. Phillips should be much cheaper because of his age, stature, injury history and last season’s game time

        1. Gai, Philips injury record not encouraging. I would prefer RLavia.I watched again Arsenal vs Saints at the emirate last season, that Boy held his own in the midfield. We can also consider Milan Nicolo Barela. Honestly, there are good midfielder out there to explore..

          1. Lavia is my choice too. In my opinion, Barella’s stature and skillset are similar to Jorginho’s

      2. 40 mil for player unused for 1 yr? Mancity bought him for 45 mil. So if any player doesn’t play for 1 yr then his value will be half of his initial valuation so at most 25 mil for philip, we would be crazy to spend more than that for unproven player. So spending 100 mil might be wiser than pouring 45 mil in water,

  3. ‘ Surely Arsenal must cash in on Nketiah rather than Balogun this summer ‘

    Its easier said than done, but it make perfect football sense.

    But even with Havertz now in the team surely someone game is now at stake,

  4. A big question is whether Belagun will accept a number 2 role. If not, we are better off cashing in on Belagun since we would not want to see him goon a free at the end of next season.

    But all else being equal, I would be curious to see how Belagun would do in the PL. I don’t think Nketia embarrassed himself or Arteta when he had to fill in for Jesus, but I am not convinced of his upside potential and at the moment he seems a bit light for a CL squad.

  5. Sell Nketia, keep Partey and hopefully Man city win the race for Rice, hes good don’t get me wrong but 100 mil is too much. For that we can get Lavia and Zubimendi

  6. If Arsenal fail to get Rice, then there is something wrong with the recruitment team. He is our priority target for this summer and if £65m can be spent on the non priority, why not £100m+ on the priority? or Edu is trying to save money to spend on a makeweight Brazilian! Go big on the priority and send out a message that you can win big games at all fronts because this is one of them.

    1. I like that idea. I have not looked at his supposed valuation and if he would be available. But he is very promising.

  7. Keep both and sell Jesus he is not a strike but a forward. I’d play with academy players than buying overrated players like Rice and Caicedo. These two boys are lethal and fighters we lost the league because our striker couldn’t convert simple chances and coach kept him on pitch. Kane was given a chance to be a star no player can be a star without trust from coach nketiah has shown that fir two seasons now. They can alternate with Balogun. I said from before G. Jesus will not take his tally to 15 goals he’s not a finisher at all. If we keep him at striker position expect another collapse at the end…

    1. Jesus doesn’t actually keep to the striker role but uses the whole pitch, but I’m sure he’d have scored 15 if he’d not been injured for so long.

  8. I doubt if any club would be willing to match Naketiah’s pay, so I think Balogun would be the most likely to leave, especially so now that he’s making demands.

    1. No one has mentioned Xhaka yet and I’m sure he won’t be here next season.
      Unfortunately I think out of N and B it will be Balogun who gets sold due to his low wages and higher value, but hope not.

      1. GB “Xhaka not mentioned” but ONLYnot on THIS thread.

        He has been constantly mentioned on countless other recent threads, so where have you been?

      2. I’m certain that it must be taken for granted that he’ll leave as soon as Havertz is confirmed as an Arsenal player.

      3. Nor Soares, Pepe, Holding, Tavares and Lokonga. I would add Jorginho and Elneny to this list as well.

  9. Here me out. More Jesus to the bench to rotate as a winer so that way we have Saka, Martinelli, Nelson and Jesus as wings.

    Give Balo the starting striker roll and give him at least 5 games with Eddie as 2nd choice. If it really doesn’t work then slot Jesus back in

  10. So now fans are admitting Eddie isn’t good enough
    I’m sure many of us said that 12 months ago
    Just stole 100-000 pound a week off the club for a season then
    When other players were happy to sit on bench and collect wages they were called all sorts

  11. Eddie is better than Balogun , They were both there during last preseason when Eddie was preferred and Balogun shipped out on loan o .

    Eddie in french league will score even more .

    A lot of arsenal fans underrate Eddie who actually is the only real 6 yard goal poacher that we have.

    Sell Balogun and even Jesus ,Keep Eddie buy maybe rasmund and we re good to go

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