Surely Arsenal must see that we desperately need another midfielder?

Arteta and Edu must see the blatant need for a new CM by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people. It’s all been good so far, we’re sitting pretty at the top of the table, but as you all know, things in football change very fast. We’re playing Aston Villa and even though we had a great start, the depth of our squad in some areas is already under question.

Reports say that Mo Elneny has suffered a serious injury and there are already questions how our midfield will look like tomorrow. It looks at first glance that Sambi will get another run-in with the team, as Partey’s return from injury is yet to be decided.
We may even have to stretch to AMN. A player we want to move on. Add to the fact that we’ve already moved Xhaka back to CM against Fulham, a position where he has proven to be a liability over the years, it just baffles me that we didn’t expect this given Partey’s injury record last year, which practically cost us the top 4.
I must say, I’ve been less than impressed with Tielemans from what I saw of him this year so far, but the state of our midfield has already dropped 2 levels without it’s main pivot – Partey. I will happily take a Premier league proven midfielder, especially given the fact we are starting to play midweek games pretty much every week until the WC.
We might get away with it against Aston Villa, who’ve been poor, but I have slight concerns it might be another tough game like Fulham, as I fear our midfield might get overrun. Then we go to old Trafford, a place where we rarely win. Without Partey and Zinchenko I am worried.
The wheels might start to come off, as you could saw with Liverpool. Their midfield has been poor, and they lost at OT, and despite hammering 9-0 a poor Bournemouth side, their start has been massively influenced with the misses of Thiago, Keita, Ox and Fabinho.
Just to highlight the importance of Partey, we had a 66% win record with him in the side last year, compared to just 42% without him. I hope the good results so far don’t blind us from the fact that we are short in depth and we adress an area that could’ve used some bodies without the injuries. Hopefully they force the issue.
It’s a team marathon, not a sprint, and our midfield needs more men to go the distance.

Mikel Arteta talks about Odegaard, Nketiah and bloody injuries ahead of Aston Villa game.

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  1. I would incude both Azeez and Smith on the bench, and start Sambi. However, i think we might see White moved into midfield.

    Interesting that we made a late move for idrissa gueye, but he has turned us down to return to everton.

    We should go for Ndidi or if not how about a straight swap deal Bellerin for Carvalho?

  2. Arsenal enquire about paredes but he want juventus. Meaning we are after a DM. Now focusing on Danilo and i beleive he will be a good buy

    1. Danilo could be more useful than Tielemans because he mainly plays in deep-midfield area and he tends to pass to the left side, but:

      – He’d likely cost much more, because of his age and long-term contract

      – Signing a Brazilian who has no European league experience is generally very risky for an EPL club, despite our success with Martinelli and Man City’s with Jesus

      – His arrival would likely force Sambi-Lokonga to leave

      I bet we won’t sign anyone and will depend on Sambi-Lokonga/ Azeez until Partey and Elneny become fit again. We also still have Akinola who hasn’t been tried out in the cup matches yet

  3. We can easily have well over 50 games this season. Without the real quality and size of squad we will eventually fall off as we get injuries and fatigue. Injuries and fatigue are certain, so we need to be prepared for when they come. Definitely a midfield player and a forward. However good our window has been, and it has been good, it will mean little if we don’t finalise our last two signings in this window.

  4. A no brainer Konstantin. Let’s hope there is some positive action in the next 24 hours, meaning that Arsenal get who they need and not some ad hoc last minute stop gap. We saw what happened last season when Arsenal were caught out under maned.

  5. If we fail to sign a good holding midfielder in the next 48 hours, then all the good work and high expectations of the early season efforts would peter out badly.
    There is some noise about Paredes of PSG. That would do perfectly well. Or if he goes to Juventus, his rumoured preferred destination, then we could take Authur Melo from them. We had been inked with him throughout the last January window.
    For tomorrow’s game we’d be fine with any of Sambi, Zinchenko, or even White filling in. But after that we certainly deed a DM. I’d be devastated if we didn’t get one.

  6. It is sad that Edu and Arteta have failed to address a major priority in the team. Even Partey being fit all season, I still believe that we need another quality addition in the middle of the park.

    I would expect both Edu and Arteta to know better, given that they are former midfielders. They obviously have chosen to ignore that position, and it might cost us so dearly like the end of last season.

  7. we don’t expect new CM this summer, zinch will play against Aston villa and united as we wait TP5 return

  8. I think it’s really time to move Partey on as we can’t keep relying on him…..same with Tierney. Both excellent players but they are letting the team down too often

  9. We should bid around 55m to 60m pounds for Ruben Neves. He is what we need in midfield.

    Lokonga and Azeez should should be loaned out.

    Lokonga is not a Defensive midfielder. Azeez is not ready. That position is key. We should get it right.

    2 more signings are needed

    Ruben Neves

  10. A recognised DM would be great but it looks like neither Tielemans nor Neves is coming. A slight tactical tweak and Sami or Azeez coming in can help but should be introduced gradually. Parteys boots are very hard to fill.

  11. How about Ben White playing as a DM, he’d be the safest option I think with what’s in the squad but yes we definitely need a new top DM in our squad due to Partey’s injury record.

  12. I have some questions to fellow Arsenal fans.. please enlighten me

    1. Can Turner be trusted as Ramsdale’s backup?? After what we saw in preseason
    2. Playing both Zinchenko and Tierney week in week out with the current injury crisis,do we have a backup for this role? Do we have any academy LB
    3. With both Elneny and Partey injured do we have any one other than academy players?
    4. Even after getting a DM before September 1St,do you all think should loan Lokonga considering the fact how thin we are in midfield?
    5. We need one more forward,are we lining up for a forward and DM? Can we make it with a day to go

    With 60+games to play,these are my genuine queries,not sarcasm

  13. I think we should go for Norgaard from Brentford the guy is good and always available I’m sure the guy will not turn us down

  14. We need to splash the cash for Ruben Neves. Premiership proven and operates as the deep-lying playmaker and can score goals. Perfect replacement for Partey.

  15. In January we f***** up the Window and handed Conte 4th place by not signing anybody although Conte had signed Kulukevski and Betancur. This Window we have done well, but I will not be happy if we screw it up by not signing the last two players we need to have a squad ready for 50 or more games. If Edu hands Conte another **** up of a window it will be sick. We are already showing what injuries and fatigue do. We need TWO more players urgently or later in the season we will suffer.

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