Surely Arsenal should make a cheeky bid for Chelsea star? Whatever you think of him…

The Chelsea striker Diego Costa dropped a bombshell yesterday when he claimed that Blues’ boss Antonio Conte had sent him a text message saying that his services are no longer required at Stamford Bridge, further going on to state that he is looking for a new club after clearly being told by his manager that he does not have any part in the plans for next season.

So with Costa now available, could Arsenal move in for the Spaniard with a cheeky bid? In all honesty, I would not mind having him at Arsenal. Looking over all the animosity us Arsenal fans have with Costa, there is no denying that the Blues’ hitman is one of the best strikers out there. Apart from being physically imposing and having a great eye for goal, the player also carries the attitude of a winner.

Moreover, he has proven himself in the Premier League and has shown that he is very capable of leading a team to the title. Besides, a move to a rival club might well be appealing considering that Costa may be a little spiteful for the way Conte conveyed the information to him. Despite all his problems with discipline, I believe Wenger can manage that as he’s done with numerous players over the years.

With Chelsea communicating that the player is not required and Costa making a statement that he is looking for a club, it is unlikely that Chelsea will slap an exorbitant price tag on him. While it is uncertain whether Chelsea will sell to a direct rival and whether Costa will be willing to sacrifice Champions League football, the sheer quality of the player should be enough to warrant at least an inquiry from Arsenal.

I would love to see him score a hat-trick against the Blues!



  1. Nah, he is a virus or poison, whichever is worse and will destabilize the team. I would rather we keep Sanchez and Ozil, if City persist then they should throw Augero to us in place of Sanchez and a bit of cash.

    1. no hes a bulldog!
      we have a team full of lightweights bar soon to leave sanchez
      he guarantees 25 goals and a fighting spirit and highest level experince

      lose with class or win trophies like a dog- woof thats my say
      ud rather regular injured aguero?
      u must miss wilshere

  2. Costa is a good striker (complete arsehole) but a real threat but he is the last thing Wenger needs.

    He doesn’t want a hot bloodied , temperamental and disruptive and loose cannon (Arsenal) on his hands even if he does bag an important goal. Wenger wouldn’t be able to handle him and besides Costa is just looking for the largest pay packet no doubt before he sulks and hustles his way into the sunset.

    I’m thinking China Bound where they will pay him a kings ransom until they realise what a d£ck he is.

  3. Wenger doesn’t like strong players or people with strong opinions. It makes him feel insecure.

    Probably best to avoid this one……

    1. simple
      he just doesnt

      so he wont even consider costa
      shame hes a winner and a pitbull-perfect

  4. Has any player ever said Wenger is a great tactician or manager for that matter? Everyone always says he’s like a father figure to them. If that’s the case maybe he should start an orphanage and bring in players for free.

    1. Wenger is that dude at work that no one knows what he does or ever did to get props but still hangs around. Every time something needs to get done – it doesn’t but it is always someone else’s fault but then this dude stands around near the photocopier just so he can steal other people’s stories.

  5. A front 3 of Sanchez, Costa & Ozil would be deadly. He’s exactly the type of determined, scary, imposing player that we need.

    But he doesn’t have any highlights in his hair, and doesn’t post any selfies on social media, so I don’t see how he would fit-in with the rest of the team.

    Also Wenger would feel far too threatened by a player like that, and wouldn’t be able to handle him.

      1. He would have to do something with his hair if he joined.
        It’s far too unruly , like the man.

        Giroud and Ramsey would probably show him the path to hairven though.

  6. Costa is a good striker. Dangerous inside the box, good with both feet, good in the air, hungry and a fighter. he nearly equalized the second goal in the cup final. i will pick him ahead of Giroud IMO. However, he lacks discipline and personally i wont forgive him for his role in Gabriel paulister’s red card in the 2-0 defeat. we can try bidding for him

  7. I think we are limited in our choices
    City, Chelsea, United can out bid us and out salary us
    We are not in Champions League

    I would love Aubemeyang, Lewandowski, Greizmann, Lukaku, Mbappe etc. But it’s not going to happen

    Lacazette is possible

    However, if we end up with Costa, it’s not the end of the world.
    He is an excellent striker
    He would be fantastic with Alexis and Ozil

    Try not to be too choosy and picky
    We aren’t attractive to the cream of the crop at the moment
    Losers can’t be choosers

  8. arsenal fans are jokes
    like we couldnt use a european class striker like costa

    na we’re better than that….5th place and 20 points behind ‘better’


  9. The one question I want know Is..

    Does the board actually back Wenger in the market or is it the daft old fool with his penny pinching ways?

    Something has to change this summer.. or what’s the point in giving him a 2 year deal and be the same old BS year after year..

    He needs 2 big signings Lacazette and James Rodriguez by the end of June early August.. stop dithering and pay the money Wenger!! I swear he thinks it’s his own money.. but then who is actually making these decisions and putting valuations on players??

    1. What’s the point?

      Keep the money rolling in for Stan and co with little investment , all the while your expectancies are lessened and their bank balances grow.

      Think they call it the soccer business or moneyball.

  10. So our only hope is usamov to buy out kroneke? What do we as fans want from our board? All our important members of the board are old farts.. we just need them to out their money where their mouths are!!

    Spend Wenger spend

    1. The war chest is reported to be around £160 million and the board/ owner have instructed the old fart to spend and to get his targets in early.
      They even sent Gazidis out with him, to poke him now & then to remind him.

  11. Chelsea will never sell Costa to Arsenal………and Wenger will sign him if it is possible………..Sanchez and Costa are similar in temperament……..

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