Should Emery demand support from Arsenal now that Bellerin is injured?

It hasn’t been confirmed but Hector Bellerin could now be out for the season. His loss is such a blow it could be the difference between Arsenal making the top 4, or more particularly our willingness to replace him this month. Arsenal have made it clear they are only able to do loan deals this month.

There’s a difference though between there being zero money in the bank compared to not wanting to put your hand in your pocket. If ever there was a moment Emery should demand support from his owner, it should be now. He’s tolerated the transfer policy but could now make a fair argument to Mr Kroenke that by not releasing funds for a right back this month could cost him money in the long term. It’s depressing we have to talk in business terms but that’s the only language the American understands.

Explain to him that the Champions League means more revenue so it’s worth the gamble of taking some cash out of the summer kitty now as the reward is so high. Not having that ambition could cost us a trophy or what European competition we play in next season. Our Spanish full back is going to be on the side-lines for a while, so we need more than our recruitment team trying to find value. Competition in this area would have been one of our priorities in July anyway so you’re only asking for an advance on the money.

Maitland-Niles has designs to play further forward and is viewed better than a squad player playing out of position. There seems an acceptance that it was mistake to give a contract to Lichtsteiner. That’s no criticism on a man who’s had a hell of a career, there’s no disgrace that at 35 he’s found the pace of the Premiership too hard. he might respond now that a run in the first team is up for grabs? Yet I know some Gooners who rather Carl Jenkinson get a chance over the Swiss.

So, our choices are a youngster who’s not a natural defender, or an individual where age has crept up. It’s a long time to only have those two options so I don’t think it would be unfair if our manager asked for some help.
At Chelsea, Sarri has demanded a striker and he’s going to get Higuaín. So, is the injury to our right back enough to get Silent Stan to reconsider his policy?

Does he know who Bellerin is?
Does he know what a right back is?
Does he care?
I think I know the answer to those questions!

Dan Smith


  1. Emery should get at least a loanee, to push both Maitland-Niles and Jenkinson to perform better

    I think Arsenal should have a good young right fullback in reserves

    1. We have AMN, Jenkinson And Licht in that position. It also looks like we are getting Denis Suarez on loan from Barca which means AMN will probably be our first choice RB for the rest of the season, with Suarez paying in midfield.

  2. If Emery were to try demanding extra money from Scrooge to bring in another defender, he would get the immortal raply”Bah! Humbug!. Kroenke is a taker in life, NEVER a giver This is our club tragedy.

    1. Agreed. He knew before taking the job so he should suck up to them and I don’t think he can push Ozil out of the club. The man gets 36 million in two years so a wise manger will throughly utilise what he has in human resources

  3. I think if arsenal dont buy a new rb we are not going to get into top 4,
    Also we need a rb with lots of pace and can cross a ball, also think amn should start playing as a cm.

    1. IMO, we are not going to make top four, either way. I also think Chelsea will miss out.We are just not good enough, even though we have raised our game against Spuds, Liverpool and Chelsea but all at home. I will never start fooling myself that something will happen just because I desire it. Others will differ and are free to do so too.

      1. Agreed Jon, we have an outside chance of making the top 4 at best. To me it looks like the revived ManU will get that spot, maybe even 3rd above Spurs.
        The one thing going for us is that Chelsea and Spurs can also be super inconsistent. If Unai sticks to the diamond formation keeps playing Ramsey and AMN excels at RB we have a chance. It’s a lot of ifs but hey this is Arsenal after all.

    2. I doubt very much we’d bring in another rb even if we had money. Niles can play there, we brought in Litch, and Elneny can play there unless he gets sold. It’s not ideal, but Bellerin is first choice, unless we have allot of money I doubt we could get a high quality rb willing to come in and fight with Bellerin for a spot. Youngsters are our best chance of having a high quality option after Bellerin, maybe that’s Niles, or maybe we need to look to bring one in if there isn’t one in the academy.

  4. we can only loan.. I’m sure Emery knew what he was signing on for. If we can’t buy players why not start using players from our academy as Spurs? Emery will struggle with this club, his style of gameplay we all know it, but to get it perfectly he needs the players who will play to his style and have the energy for his gameplay, that’s where the funds come in, to get his players he needs money.. That’s where Kroenke comes in and ruins everything

  5. we can only loan.. I’m sure Emery knew what he was signing on for. If we can’t buy players why not start using players from our academy as Spurs? Emery will struggle with this club, his style of gameplay we all know it, but to get it perfectly he needs the players who will play to his style and have the energy for his gameplay, that’s where the funds come in, to get his players he needs money.. That’s where Kroenke comes in and ruins everything

      1. maybe because I don’t fancy mentioning Kroenke in most of my discussion? What’s the point in me dragging and mentioning Kroenke when the man won’t change or sell his club.
        I prefer not to talk bout him, and instead I always see us as if we are left all alone to cater for ourselves, including the coach. So I’ll focus on the coach and team instead of ever talking about Kroenke, and still I won’t start discussing Kroenke now. I know the truth about him, so I accept it and pretend he doesn’t exist for my own sanity and peace of mind

        1. Eddie, I can fully accept your reason and thanks for explaining. I personally find it impossible to accept this scumbag is constantly harming our club though. Whatever our own personal way of handling this problem, he REMAINS our real enemy and nothing fundamental will change til we force him out. i just think Emery has no real chance of truly competing with City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool with no REAL money to spend. They all have though , so it is not a level playing field and I do not forget THAT when some want Emery gone and after a few months only.

          1. Jon what I’ve noticed, this club aint for the weak minded, you’ll break mentally if you’re a weak minded person while supporting Arsenal. In one way or two, everyone of us have learnt and adapted to the treatment we’ve been dealt with by this club and the scrooge.
            Like I said, it’s up to us, the coach and the team to cater for ourselves because the scrooge doesn’t care, now Sven is leaving, this will be much more harder for us.
            How worse can this get?
            Emery will see and feel what Wenger went through for most his years at the club, Kroenke isn’t a good discussion man, he’s toxic

            1. Eddie, that last paragraph is so true and real, something that I have been trying to say for ages.

              As ozziegunner has asked many times, what top manager,, in his right mind, would want to come to AFC under this owner and his values? Not worth talking about until the situation arises.

              It’s not healthy to keep revisiting the past, no-one can ever change it.
              We have just got to give the current manager, staff and players our full support, but still be able to come on here and question / discuss the present and future.

              The real truth is that we will never compete with any club that is bankrolled without any concerns as to the future of the game as a competitive sport.
              I guess we are now coming to realise what “smaller clubs” must have felt like when we were spending money that they could only dream of.

              1. Ken, that’s why I refused to mention any top manager because it’ll be the same story as long as the scrooge is still there.
                Ugly truth as you said, we will never compete with those big boys except we get a new owner… Now the hard time Wenger had to bear, Emery’s the one going through it now.
                Well I hope it gets better any way

                1. Well Eddie, how about you support the coach, given the difficulties most of us know he has?
                  In answer to Dan Smith, Emery has shown with his “Arsenal have no money for transfer signings, only loans”, that he is prepared to put the spotlight on Kroenke and the board. Emery is young, well credentialed and respected enough, that should he not be supported by the owner and board, he can walk away easily and get another job.
                  As I have said and supported by Ken1945, that should that happen, Arsenal’s reputation in the football world will be such, that thd club would only attract a compliant yes man mercenary. Good luck with that!

    1. Just seen that myself, absolutely gutted. Torriera and Guendouzi, coming off a game like that, makes this one more baffling. Overmars will be a popular choice if he comes, I hope they know what they’re doing.

      I’d rather Niles play there, going by Lichsteiner’s performance, and seeing Niles start to play more with passion recently. Niles can be good in defensive situations, he’s fast, strong, and stubborn. It is a big blow though, Bellerin was looking on course for a fine season in total, he improved in areas. I was enjoying watching Bellerin, when he drives forward like he’s been doing, powerful player on his day, would be a nightmare for any defender. Get well soon Bellerin.

    1. Sue, I’m already past 1000 times and still counting. I was SO wrong on him, when he came. I never realised he was SO way over the hill, even though I knew his age.

      1. you’re not alone. Jenkinson before Lichtsteiner. It’s a move that didn’t work out. Just run down the contract and say goodbye in the summer.

        1. We certainly were Sue, but I guess when your legs have
          gone, they are gone for good, however great you may once have been. He goes down as a bad buy , clearly.

          1. Sue and jon, it goes to show what a step up it is from Italy to the EPL; although to be fair at his age the injuries haven’t helped.
            Who knows, injury free, he may yet surprise?.

  6. Arsenal confirst the departure of Mislintat.

    Great f’n job Arsenal.

    Wanna work with a budget? Mislintat was the person to work with that.

    Who’s to blame, Emery or Sanllehi?

    One of them haven’t listened to Mislinta and now he’s gone.

    1. Blame must be on both.

      Emery insists on his own targets (Suarez, Banega, Nzonzi..) while Sanllehi has dimished Mislintat’s role in the club. Offered technical director’s role to Edu (WHO REFUSED!!) while Mislintat was not even in contention.

      What’s the point of scouting players when Sanllehi doesn’t listen and Emery only cares about players he’s played before with?

      Bunch of clowns at Arsenal. I understand if we would be run like a business as Kroenke is a business man. However we are a f’n joke of a business!!

      1. But we are NOT “run like a business”! Not a successful one at least. Such businesses require owner investment to flourish and grow.

        1. How much was Arsenal bought for?
          How much are they worth now?

          Investment doesn’t always mean money in the bank.
          I would argue that Silent Stan is running a successful business, not trophy success but more in the sense of capitalism, it is worth more and that can be called a success considering how ambitionless we have been.

          Success is different for different people, if it is fame or money… or trophies… It depends on what the aim was.

          1. Very disappointing!
            Raul Sanllehi has the senior management role, so he will have made the decision to sack Sven Mislintat or whether to accept his resignation or not.
            One can understand Sven’s frustration if promises made to him were not kept and he is expected to scout players and then not be supported with follow up signings. This is not to say he would expect all his recommendations to be followed through, but there is no job satisfaction in identifying players, if there is no money to buy them!
            It will be interesting to see how Marc Overmars fares if he comes home to Arsenal.

      2. Modern football doesn’t work that way – the so called scout should report or work with head coach, he cant just recommend players or bring em in without head coach knowledge.
        head coach should be the one to call the shot and have freedom to implement his philosophy same thing we used to do with wenger. Alhough mr wenger had very very limited knowledge in tactically and technically. Overmars shoud be that person because he worked with Barca before also he should be fluent with spanish which is a plus.
        what Sven tried to do with Emery, its the same thing didnt work with Tuchel at BVB.
        Head coach who is the one who shoulders responsibilities and if shits doesnt work who is the first one to get fired not Technical director.

  7. Lol…great work Raul. Fücking great!!
    The whole plan and idea was to build and grow on a smart and effective plan with little budget.
    There goes the blueprint of the plan.
    Sven’s more important to this club than any Technical, or directive role in this club, what’s the point in having all of those roles without the money to spend??..
    Plus welcome back old players of Emery

    1. Absolutely shocking decision by Arsenal. Sven the best at finding value and talent for low cost, and has years of evidence to back it up. A perfect fit for our uninterested and chronically cheap owner.

      I hope it didn’t come down to Emery or Raul thinking they know better than Sven. 5 years from now when Raul is still trying to turn us into Barca, Sven will be filling another club with quality players.

      Meanwhile, if Emery is still here, we’ll probably have a 35 year old Banega in midfield, 35 year old Nonzi replacing Torreira, a defense that still needs sorting, and dreams of what could have been.

      Gutted at Sven leaving; I’d rather keep him of the 3 as he’s the most important if we’re rebuilding with an uninterested owner refusing to invest needed funds.

    2. I relally have trust in Raul/Emery coming summer we will have money for transfer and we need to do things a little bit a Barcelona way bring in players who are ready to play for first team, if you go back over ten years Arsenal main problems had been recruitment of good players so calm down guys lets try this new formula!!!!!

  8. Can any please confirm as to the exact reason he’s leaving the club because speculation really annoy.
    Is it money?
    Are all the Germans leaving our club
    Ozil bench
    Mustafi bench
    Mislintat out
    Mert at basketball game ??
    Somebody explain

      1. Bayern spend whenever necessary and are still a force in Europe till tomorrow. Arsenal are way off behind Bayern.

    1. I’ll try and explain based on what I’ve read, but by no means do I claim to know for certainty, or should anyone else that doesn’t work in club management.

      I’ve repeatedly seen from various places that Raul prefers his personal contact network over Sven’s analytical approach. Despite Sven’s record of success, add Guendouzi and Torreria to the list, and wanting Abdou Diallo.

      Add to that being overlooked for technical director, and Raul minimizing his role at the club. Also Emery prefers his former players over Sven’s recommendations.

      I don’t know the truth, I’m only posting what I’ve read. No smoke without fire, but something major is wrong for Sven to be leaving after only 14 months.

      Personally he’s the best signing we’ve made in years and now he’s walking.

      Fitting I guess, someone else leaving for free, while our “management” has managed to sh!t the bed all over again. Add to that an owner who won’t step in and speak up for what’s best for club.

      Ask yourself this; what’s best for club, Sven with proven record of finding stars for value, or Raul thinking he knows better while attempting to turn us into Barca on a budget of pennies.

      The only way up for Arsenal is F-ing up. Fantastic job guys, take a bow Raul and Emery. I’ll be waiting for it to blow up in your face. While they act surprised at the consequences, millions and millions of fans who love the club first and foremost will echo “told you so.”

      1. Only a random thought of mine but I think we are witnessing a power struggle.

        Raul wants to be top dog, he can back Emery in his transfer targets to push Sven out which will in turn leave Raul the main man who can replace Emery and get a manager who he wants in…

        Emery got the job largely down to Gazidis, he knows he has a boss above him, Raul knows he can remove Emery at anytime we are not performing (which, atm, is like shooting fish in a barrel). The main obstacle is Sven.

        1. Midkemma I think you may be on to something. Sven does things his way and quite successfully I might add. Raul and Emery both seeking to make an impression the wrong way.

          Emery should sort the defense and coach up players. Raul should increase funds for club, and let Sven find talent. However it’s all gone tits up.

          Raul and Emery think they can get talent better than Sven, meanwhile defense is embarrassing, Xhaka and Mustafi are mistakes waiting to happen, and Raul has managed to have us loaning players, and unable to scrape up funds.

          Future looks as mismanaged and chaotic as always.

          At least Chelsea still interested in Sven, they missed out when we got him. Oh well, at least we still have Raul and Emery.

          1. Midkemma, i agree with your assessment of the power struggle in your first paragraph.
            Durand, I think Emery would be happy to assess any players whether recommended by Sven or Raul!
            Hopefully Raul soon realizes that Arsenal, unlike Barcelona, don’t have the funds to pay out coach’s contracts, unless Unai leaves of his own accord. He would probably need to have another offer on the table to do that.
            As well Raul will have to use his supposedly good contacts to bring in a replacement coach.
            Unfortunately after years of stability particularly under Wenger and Dein, Arsenal may be headed towards a “revolving door”, not unlike Chelsea, but without the Abranovich money and success.

    2. Whats the point of keeping people who dont help arsenal going forward – you kinda of remind me wenger’s for him it didn’t matter wheather players are not good enough it didn’t matter as long as they are loyal to him they will get contract extension and good weekly pay Jenkinson, walcott? injured didn’t matter either diaby, rosicky!! sounds familiar??

  9. But does Emery using Elneny as the substitute on for 8ellerin when he got his knee injured tells us Gooners Elneny could be the Gunner Emery could start in the Arsenal home FA Cup 4th round match against Man Utd on Friday night?

    1. Didn’t you see the personal change in roles when Elneny came on for Bellerin?
      AMN went to RB while Elneny was CM and pressing.

  10. so sven leaving is confirmed. our only hope of building a a super team with less budget. yet fans in england still want to be convinced to boycott games. was a mistake supporting this depressing club from a young age. n this unai smells of jose, clashing with sven ozil n laca. stinks!

    1. Yours is a truly depressing post , as it is the first I can recall that says choosing Arsenal to support was a mistake. I suppose much depends on in which era you begin supporting. When I started we won nothing for 12 years til the InterCity Fair Cup in 1970. I was then 20, had been attending 12 years , supporting for about 16 years and have NEVER considered once changing(as if I could, even if I wanted to), even now after 60 years since first coming. I know I am stuck with Arsenal for life, even if Kroenke stays. THAT is called being a REAL fan and is shared by all on here, I presume, even if not by you. If you never want angst, then don’t support a football team. IT IS IN THE NATURE OF THE GAME TO BE FED UP AT TIMES.

      1. that’s your opinion old man. I don’t need you to tell me who a real fan is or what he should do. just do a favour and plan boycotting games to push for a change for the sake of arsenals future coz modern pl is cruel and we will be stuck in midtable at this rate. sorry but you brag abt how long uve supporting arsenal but that’s as useless as wenger is now @jon

        1. Face It @alberto you are just a glory hunting plastic ‘fan’ and how dare you be ageist to Sir Jon! Do you think fans of Huddersfield are looking forward to relegation? No they are not, but they are also not going to say they will support Leeds as they are doing quite well at present. You stick with your team through thick or thin or loose total credibility as a true supporter. Then again perhaps it will be best for all of us if you go away and don’t bother posting here again. Plastic alberto SMH.

          1. alberto, as an Arsenal supporter since 1962 (age 10 ) through good and not so good times, I stand with jon fox and Declan, together with many othes on this site; “expect the worst, but hope for the best”.

        2. @alberto-Have you ever heard the saying “A dog is for Life-Not just Xmas”?
          Same with a Football Team PAL (K1945).If ANY Football Club relied on fans like you they wouldn’t last very long would they?So we are in a transitional period in the Clubs history.Now is the time to really SUPPORT THE CLUB if you really cared.But to just dismiss them out of hand at this time shows you in your true colours-Which obviously are not Red and White (or Yellow and Blue).
          Thank god nobody ever bought you a puppy.
          PS-The remark re Lord Jon Fox And his age was pretty pathetic PAL.Like many on this site you are attempting to ridicule someone for his age but it’s YOU who comes across as a stupid little child.This is JA Royalty we are talking about here.
          Ridiculous comment from a ridiculous “supporter”.
          And remember this -You did not choose Arsenal.It was Arsenal that chose YOU.

        3. Most non English fans do need to be convinced in choosing a team to support in England, and if not for glory than there is no other reason to choose Arsenal right now.

          I for once did choose Arsenal to support as a kid bec i used to look up to the players who just happened to play for Arsenal. Thats it! While those fans in England support Arsenal due of History and habit alone. Very comfortable and easy to do as glory is not a main factor here.

  11. We need to wait and hear Sven’s side of the story.Romour has it that he has an irresistible offer from Bayern which is why he has chosen to leave,in which case Arsenal has Very little they can do to stop him.
    The only downside is that we all know Stan is a miser,that’s why everyone is picking on him for failure to provide transfer funds.
    In modern football there is enormous pressure for a manager to perform.Which makes me think that they should be allowed to choose players they believe can make them achieve the expected results.If this means that they participate in suggesting the players they want during transfers then so be it.That’s the only way we can then hold them maximumly responsible for dismal performances.
    I therefore will play the devils advocate in this matter.I can see comments here about Emery wanting only players he has worked with before which of course have no proof,but even if its true then allow him those players and let’s judge him on his results without just condemning him for the sake of it.

    1. Nice theory Cliff about managers having exactly which players they want. Sounds great , til you leave theory land and enter Planet Earth , where Scrooge Kroenke holds the pursestrings. Do you suppose that Emery does NOT suggest the players he wants? He would be a truly strange manager if that were the case, which it is NOT. Also it is common for newish managers to try for players who were successful under them previously. As for Sven none of us knows th real truth andpossibly never will. It would not be the first time an able person left for more money, more influence and better results. Noteworthy that no one has yet called him a traitor, as so many did with Cesc , RvP and others etc. Double standards, I suggest!

    2. It is not hidden that we are interested in Suarez who has played for Emery, looks like we will be getting a loan deal, while not a affidavit, it is well known. Is it Emery or scouting team that want Suarez? Hard to know. We can have a look at the type of players Sven was picking and compare them, how many of them are in their peak? Sven has picked ex BvB players who for me, appear to be signings to make Auba happy. The other players appear to be young ones for the future, not about to hit their peak while being a bit player. We can also see how other ex players of Emery have been listed as potential targets, prior to Suarez it was Banega and also the GK he had but now at Wolves.

      Basically, the patten, hindsight shows us these things and we can come to educated conclusions. Difference in Dembele and Suarez? Sven wanted Dembele and Barca will not let him go, we appeared to move onto other players of that ilk, then we go for Suarez out the blue.

      Sven was after a wide, wide player. Not a wide player who plays narrow.

      As for allowing him those players… What about our scouting? Should we ignore the scout reports if the player wants?

      I personally believe that communication is the real key, not giving managers free reign to mess up, work and communicate with the manager to explore all avenues. Emery came to us knowing that he was here to improve the players, not buy a damned new team!

      Wenger and Dein worked well.
      Wenger and Gazidis was a nightmare.

      Manager was the same. Teamwork changed. That, for me, is the real issue of transfers. We need the manager and transfer guy to know what they are getting and why, not just a who.

  12. Sorry to go OT but I like to watch Ref Watch on Sky… nothing was mentioned about Salah throwing himself to the ground (yet again!)
    And with Nuno (Wolves manager) being sent off while celebrating with his players for scoring their winner… it was the same ref that didn’t send Klopp off when he ran onto the pitch to celebrate with Alisson!! Come on refs what’s good for one should surely be good for all

    1. Actually I take that back… I missed the start of it which is when they said Salah should have seen yellow ? But I still stick with the double standards over Nuno/Klopp

      1. @Sue
        It’s high time Salah got punished. I said it before and I’ll say it again, man is a cheat and will keep on cheating till the day he is punished for it! Same for Xhaka and his diving. Rolled over like a sausage on the pan versus Chelsea, doing his Neymar impression and it will only get worse. Xhaka needs to learn and stop that cheating nonsense. Same goes for Guendozi.

        1. Its part of the game. Shield the ball with your body, and if contact is being made from behind you go down. Xhaka is not mobile enough to turn so he forced to do so, while our youngster has not the strength yet, therefore down he goes.

            1. I’d love to see someone take Salah out with a full blooded tackle, so he knows the difference between it a a touch. He probably wouldn’t get up.
              It was great to see Lacazette stay on his feet and drive through the challenge to score against Chelsea rather than fall to the ground. Then again he has probably realized by now that (unlike Salah) he will never be awarded a penalty in the EPL.

            1. To curb diving make it a red card offence and use VAR to confirm it or not. Why this hasn’t been addressed by the governing bodies is shameful.

  13. I never thought highly of Bellerin as a defender anyway. He hardly defends. He is an excellent winger though.

    I think he is possibly the best winger we have currently

    I think we can finish the season with Lichtsteiner, Jenkinson, Kolsanic, Monreal, Niles as FB or WB

    Even if we got a top notch FB we won’t finish in the Top 4. In fact, with United’s improved performance shows that 5th place is FAR from guaranteed

    We were ahead of United on points all season, now with Mourinho gone we are tied at 44 points currently

  14. I read Sven is leaving as he wanted promotion from his current Head of Recruitment position to the new position of Technical Manager which had already been turned down by Edu and now Marc Overmars is in the frame, currently Director of Football at Ajax.

    1. @Declan
      See I think people are over reacting. Sven was either getting promoted or moving on which means either way he was not going to be doing any more talent recruitment. In his 13 months as head of recruitment who have we brought in? Well some good signings like Aubameyang, Torreira, Guendozi and bad signings like Mkhitaryan, Lichtsteiner. Then we have Sokratis and Leno who I think are there in between but gravitating towards good buys. Sokratis is 30, Auba 29 . I’d say Sven is good but not THAT good. Just as people blame Emery that he only looks towards the old players he used to have such as Banega and Nzonzi, so has Sven also signed old players of his like Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Sokratis. Guys are jumping on Emery’s case like he shouldn’t have a say in transfers yet his opinion should carry the most weight. If the coach doesn’t like a player he will simply leave him out rendering the work of the recruitment team simply irrelevant. As we have seen with Emery ditching Ozil. Anyways, I support Emery over Sven.

      1. Great analysis, you know your football!! and thats what have been saying, Arsenal is not being run as an academy anymore yes we need Banega, denis Suarez those players combine with Auba and Laca can improve us a lot. And Banega regardless his age is a hell of player!! take all we have right now in our MID combine they are nowhere near Banega if you really understand well football game.

        1. If you watch the Arsenal U23’s and follow their progress on YouTube, there is some real talent there.

          1. Agree with you 100% but they are not ready for 1st team can you put those kids against Manu, City and Barcelona and expect to get results?? Barcelona has better kids than most teams but still they are very cautious

  15. Before Wenger used to say we would only go for top top top players while we would end up with buying nothing in the end, nowadays they dont even bother in trying to manipulate us with false lies. There is no money Arsenal fans, so go suck it up! With love, Stan the man.

    Every serious club would by now be moving already while we do nothing. This club is a joke and dead. Emery wont be here for long that i do know. If he keeps on doing a good job while being heavily restricted from help, he as well be a target in the near future to move up towards a better club. A serious one.

    The only way for Arsenal to escape is not up but down.

    1. ks-gunner, so does that mean your with us or against us?
      One things for sure, if your doomsday scenario becomes a fact, the golden oldies will still be there, supporting the club through thick and thin.
      What about you? Permanent or plastic Pal?

      Feels good Phil!!!

      1. I support Arsenal out of nostalgia and habit but not through conviction. The leech wont move as long as this club remains in a healthy state. Something as being between bad and good will get us nowhere. Seen many teams fall into this trap and i do know that our future is going to be very ugly indeed.

        1. ks-gunner and Ken1945, like you I am too moulded on. However in the past, no matter how bad things were, I could look forward to next season with optimism.
          The problem with me is that Kroenke appears to be attached like a leech and it will take salt or fire to get him off.
          If Emery leaves I fear for a future of mid table mediocrity. At least I don’t follow other great clubs like Aston Villa, Leeds, Newcastle United, Sunderland, Blackburn Rangers and Nottingham Forest, which have suffered relegation.

  16. There is no need to bring in another right back when AMN can do a good job in that position.Against Chelsea I noticed that our full backs were more disciplined than they have been, with more emphasis on their defensive duties which in turn meant that our centre backs were able to hold their central positions. The result was a clean sheet which have been few and far between .Hopefully Emery will continue to operate with a tight back four and remind his full backs that their primary role is to prevent the opposition from scoring.In this modern age of playing out from the back and high pressing I sometimes feel Managers forget that we do not lose when we keep a clean sheet.

    1. I agree Grandad, hopefully Arsenal can avoid further injuries and stabilize at the back with the 4 CB’s now available and the return of Monreal, with the options of Kolasinac, AMN, Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson and even Medley.

    1. Now I’m not trying to say this is Emery’s fault but I’ve pointed it out before that are we not gon consider the fact that maybe the intense training sections of Emery might be catching up on our players and weakening them?
      Well that’s a first, halfway through the season, we have 3 important players injured till out of the season.
      Already broke Wenger’s record and created another.
      Intense training weakening our already lazy players anyone??
      just a theory

      1. I’m gutted Eddie… 6 months minimum.. so he probably won’t be fit for the start of next season…
        How many more are we going to lose to injury???

        1. Sue it’s heartbreaking, Hector might not be some Dani Alves but he already showed how important he is to our season, and it’s sad to see this happening to our players when they all picked form, Welbeck scoring and playing well, Holding being solid, Hector helping up front, all out of the season.. it’s annoying

          1. It sure is, poor sod must be gutted. I thought he played well on Saturday & popped up with an assist, then this happens… so cruel

            1. Eddie and Sue, this is the most sickening run of long term injuries that I can remember.
              I know we had lots under AW, but Bellerin, Holding and Welbeck are such damaging injuries in two respects:
              1. For the players themselves.
              2. The repucussions for the club and UE this season.
              All three injured players come from areas of the pitch that have no recognised replacement (until Kos returned) of similar quality.

              Eddie, your point about the training methods made me smile.

              The “lazy” players that got injured and took too long to recover were all because of AW and his backroom medical staff.

              Now your hinting that poor old UEs tactics might be a factor in this tale of horror.

              Pretty soon everything that goes wrong with the club will be down to this power hungry manager who has even kicked Sven out, wants his favourite ex players signed, has signed dross players and won’t stand up to kronkie….now where have I read that kind of garbage before?

              1. Ken1945, you are so right. Injuries are a fact of life in spoot, particularly a contact sport like football.
                The fitter you are the less chance of injury, although top class athletes are operating at high intensity over relatively long periods. Unfortunately luck does come into it; just look at Rob Holding.
                Imagine the hits that Rugby League and Australian Rules footballers take.

              2. No Ken, like I said, I’m not stating this is Emery’s fault. yea fitness level would rise, I’m just worried because it was never this bad under Wenger. 3 first team players injured for minimum of 6 months? Tell me you ain’t worried at all about that

  17. It’s unlikely that the owners will invest! Hector will be missed, he has improved under emery and just having him in the team on Saturday we looked better with the qualities he has to offer. It will be maitland niles put of position for the rest of the season! But to not be all doom and gloom when cashley was injured a young flaminI took over at full back and it turned out alright! Forever the optimist, best wishes to all you gooners

  18. I saw some statistics floating around that the distance covered by the team against Chelsea was the highest ever recorded for an EPL game but not sure if it’s 100% true

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