Surely Arsenal will now return for Caicedo as Brighton give the green light for his exit?

Brighton has a message for Arsenal: “Moises Caicedo can now leave; come for him.” by Sam

Even though Arsenal has been flying for most of the season, Mikel Arteta isn’t confident his midfield is where it should be. He was eager to bolster his central midfield in the winter transfer window by signing Moises Caicedo.

Despite three reported high-value bids and the player lobbying for the move, the deal fell through because the Seagulls were unwilling to let their midfield engine leave halfway through the season. Caicedo stayed, and fortunately, he provided excellent performances for Roberto de Zerbi. The Gunners, on the other hand, signed Jorginho, which didn’t turn out to be such a bad deal after all….

Brighton is poised to play in Europe after defeating Southampton 3-1 over the weekend to secure Europa League qualification. With the season coming to a close and the summer transfer window approaching, all eyes will be on Caicedo.

Interestingly, the Gunners and any of Caicedo’s suitors have just received the best news from Brighton: The Seagulls manager Roberto de Zerbi has admitted Caicedo and Mac Allister are likely to play their final game at Armex Stadium on Wednesday night as Brighton play Manchester City, as their final game of the season is a trip away to face Aston Villa at Villa Park.

The Italian told BBC Sport in the pre-match presser for the Manchester City game that he is prepared for their exits, saying: “It can be the last game, but I don’t know. They can have the possibility to change [clubs] because they deserve to play in another level.”

That sounds ñike Caicedo has just been given a ticket to leave Brighton, but obviously for some good money. Different clubs will be keen on his services, so Arteta and Edu, the ball is in your court. Moises made it clear he wanted to join Arsenal in January, hopefully he will be even more keen this time around…

Sam P

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  1. Rice, Caicedo, Moses and a quality two footed defender that can cover the back four positions. Use the £200 million plus the sale of swap of players.

  2. My view is that we are DEFINITELY keen on buying CAICEDO. And separately, that we are also keen on Rice. Such reports are too long andstoo consitently repoted without ebing denied, to be not true But realist will observe that our squad nedds very nany nw w players in attack, midfield and defence Money is not endfles , so choice will be made. PLAINLY!

    So whether or not those two players arrive depends on WHICH choices our club most chooses as spriorities .

    Unusually for me, I will give my personal opinion on INCOMING transfers. I THINK CAICEDO WILL COME, but Rice will go elsewhere.

    I would love to have both, but realists KNOW you seldom get all you want in life and football is part of “life”.

    1. I’m afraid you may well be right Jon. I can’t see us getting both with other vultures circling around but personally I would go for Caicedo ,partly because he should have a longer shelf life, and for me he just ticks a few more boxes.To get Caicedo we will require to move quickly as there are strong rumours suggesting MacAllister could be going to Liverpool, and I can’t see Brighton selling off their two diamonds in one season.

  3. Yes Arsenal must get this deal done early, £80 in my opinion will do the trick.

    It won’t surprise me for a minute Brighton sell both Caicedo and MacAllister and getting exactly what they ask for.
    They will replace them and seamlessly too, how they do it year in year out is beyond me.

    Hopefully this is the first peice of business to address the midfield before we move on to Gundogan, I suspect Rice will be the hardest of the trio to get across the line.
    In my estimation Rice is not valued beyond £60 mill but because he’s British and for political/ PR reasons we should not pay in excess of £90 mill .

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