Surely Arsenal wont mess up gifted FA Cup draw?

Arsenal have been given the easiest possible draw to reach the semi-final stage of the FA Cup, so why am I not totally convinced?

The Gunners face Conference Premier League side Sutton United on Monday, and following Sunday’s draw, a win would pair them up with fellow Conference Premier side Lincoln in the following round.

The two non-league sides were due to take each other on in their domestic league competition this weekend, only for it to be postponed by the pair reaching the unlikely heights of the FA Cup fifth round, and should an unlikely giant killing occur on Monday, they will earn the chance to take each other on for a place at Wembley.

Should Arsenal win as expected however, Lincoln will have earned themselves a big trip to the Emirates Stadium, with the prize of a place in the FA Cup semi-final on the line.

Our side come into the match with Sutton on a dreadful run of form, having lost three of our last four in all competitions, having conceded 10 goals in the mean time, and with the fans evidently turning on Arsene Wenger currently, the team may lack the support for Monday’s encounter.

Our ability advantage should prove too strong for our opponents regardless of the support the players receive, but the FA Cup has a way of instilling belief in the most unlikely opponents, and this weekend alone will have boosted Sutton, with Millwall and most amazingly Lincoln beating Premier League opposition, as well as Huddersfield refusing to bow down to Manchester City, who will have to face a replay in the coming weeks.

Our players will need to make sure they do not allow complacency to creep into their minds amidst what should be an easy win,

Would we rather have faced the likes of Millwall or Middlesbrough? Should we already be looking at a place at Wembley?

Pat J

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.?
    These articles just go to show how low Arsenal have stooped.
    Seriously, if we can’t beat two non league teams (buttered up as conference premier league) to reach the semifinals,then we deserve to join them in that division…. We would probably still finish 4th under Wenger.?

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      These articles just go to show how pessimistic a bunch of yobs here are about their so called beloved club. They also show how perversely obsessed with the manager some are. And how weak minded some of them are.
      Nothing more.

      1. aluz says:

        I wouldn’t call it pessimism, rather, realism. What happened with Birmingham fa final? And what about last years champions league draw? Even more recently, what happened against Watford when we were expected to close the gap between us and Chelsea? We messed it up! Let’s be honest. As fans we wish arsenal well, but as it stands, arsenal fc are good at one thing – messing it up!

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          It all looks dour when you cherry pick…But hey, whatever bolsters your bullsh*t…

    2. dragunov762mm says:

      That’s a good one fatty, LOL…
      Even The FA “micky mouse” Cup look more shining now. I bet you, Gazidis himself is the man who’s licking up those trophies in order to safe club expense hahaha…

  2. frank says:

    If Wenger loses either of these two games, I’m sorry but he would have to stand down immediately.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I have a good feeling about this game. If we get our tactics right and play to our strengths, with a bit of luck and some dodgy calls in our favor I think we can nick this one. It”ll be a tall order but lets try stopping this lot from bullying Ozil too much. We need to protect Iwobi and Walcott too, lets stop these bruisers from taking advantage of three of Arsenal big hitters.

  4. Jansen says:

    The only thing that worries me is the artificial pitch. It seems a bit ridiculous to me to risk PL players who are the main draw that fans come to watch every week, on a plastic pitch.

    Injuries can be much more severe on these pitches and can happen easily if a player is not used to playing on them.

    Let’s just pray no one picks up an injury. If I were the FA I would protect my players and forbid PL teams to play on these pitches.

  5. ragnorkhan says:

    bloody hell,

    this should be job done

    onto the next match – got sutton tonight then lincoln

    easy route to the semis – lets worry about ther semis when they are upon us no need to waste anymore time on tongihts game

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