Surely Arsenal won’t sell Xhaka as well?

This is definitely one of the weirdest Arsenal transfer windows that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. With just three days to go and the news that Calum Chambers has joined Aston Villa, we have seen ten players either leave or go out on loan, with the only expected arrival is the USA keeper Matt Turner, and he is not going to arrive until the summer.

But the one player that many Arsenal fans still want to see leave is the unpredictable Granit Xhaka, who is probably the most divisive player in the squad at the moment (except pehaps Aubameyang at the moment). It appears, according to La Gazetta in Italy, that Jose Mourinho is still hoping that they can bring Xhaka to Rome. They posted this morning…

ROME: XHAKA TRACK, BUT NEED TO SELL— The Swiss, in crisis with Arsenal, remains one of the main ideas for strengthening the midfield. The midfielder costs 20 million, but to launch the assault Pinto must first sell Diawara.

We are all aware that Mourinho wanted Xhaka in the summer, but the deal was immediately snuffed out by Mikel Arteta, so I would find it hard to believe that Arsenal would sanction the same deal this month, but right now I have no idea what to think.

I know we are out of all the cups and only have the League position to play for, but the way we are clearing out our squad, we are running out of backups, with disastrous consequences as we have seen by January’s results.

My only hope is that Edu has a potfull of signings lined up and we are going to have an explosive Deadline Day, and if one of the new arrivals was to be a top class midfielder, then I probably wouldn’t complain if Xhaka left.

But can anyone see any replacements on the horizon?

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        1. OT
          Juve and Barca both want Auba on loan according to sky sports .
          Some one mentioned on here (no name given( JONNY BoY )that even a club like Newcastle wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole ,strange how 2 of the biggest clubs in the world both now want him .

            1. People shouldn’t be worried arsenal is a scouting club they scout players for other clubs, then devalue their player and cast them off for peanuts
              A club that knows nothing about player management

    1. People just can’t stop amusing me
      As long as it’s Arteta’s decision then there is a way to justify it..
      This guy have single handedly stopped us from playing champions league football. This guy is a guy who have consistently been causing the team more harm than good. Name me a season where we can say this guy have been above average or was a big part in our success

  1. Xhaka should have been sold like yeaterday.No regrets.But when I thought we were two signings away from effectively competing for top honours,our management are so afraid of success that the only thing they can do is to jettison players so as to save on some pennies.
    This is so shameful.

    1. I’d rather sell Xhaka and resign no one than keep him. That’s how desperate I am to have this clown off the books

  2. We ain’t in the dressing room, neither are we on the training ground, nor the meeting rooms, so we can’t say for sure , what’s going on, but I’m sure Edu and Arteta in their capacity know what they are doing.

  3. What does it matter? Due to gross incompetence this season is ruined already. Out of the FA Cup, out of the League Cup, out from 4th place….all in the blink of an eyelid. Xhaka is a football thug/moron anyway. Well in over 60 years of supporting the Gunners I’ve never seen such negligence. Mind boggling. Do supporters accept this?

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    1. Certainly Tojo, of course I will make any changes you want me to, once you have finishing paying for my website, okay?


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            I also see no actual denial of my point, merely an attempt and easily seen through by me, to distract from my precise point.

            Just come out unambiguously and deny it point blank, if you honestly can.

            Your post,when replying to Tojo, indicated a professional connection with DAN. You at JA certainly have SOME form of professional link with DAN.

            (As I also think you have with Kevin Campbell and other non famous ex players, not merely from AFC either, such as Agbonlahor etc.)

            At least that way I could respect someone for telling the truth rather, than evading it, in Boris like manner.

            BTW, I do not quarrel with the general way you run JA and accept the many Devils Advocate articles as being necessary to encourage debate. I too have very often written DA articles. It is a well known and accepted technique in writers of non fiction.

            But I do like transparency and believe we users of JA should not be held by JA admins, collectively as fools, which we so often are.

            A non smart alec and proper response to this last point would be respected, if not perhaps not actually expected.

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          1. Absolutely agree Reggie
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            1. Pat. just keep the site going as you think fit and proper.
              We have such diversity on here, unlike any other Gooner site that I have come across with.
              I don’t watch Dan’s videos, as I prefer to read what he says – perhaps those who dislike his voice (!?!?) should do the same?

  5. If we are getting in a MF , we would need to let one go, similar to CF position, there is not many matches to play anymore

  6. Partey and a new addition, Elneny as backup to see out the rest of the season. Odegaard and ESR compete for the CAM, so not really a problem with only PL matches the next 5 months.

    If we got an offer around 18 – 20 million for Xhaka hopefully they would take it.

  7. The bunch of clowns running our club need sacking. We are turning into a laughing stock. What happened to the days of making a signing then letting the press know and people respecting our professionalism.
    These amateurs might as well set up a centre-forward Tinder account and see who swipes right. Seriously,have any of ‘targets’ shown any hint of joining us? Not even an inkling of ‘I’ve always wanted to play in the Premier League’, let alone ‘I’ve always wanted to play for Arsenal’. We need players now. We needed them before we ‘off-loaded the deadwood’.
    There are gaping holes that need filling, we’ve got no-one showing an interest in filling them and a couple of days flailing around to see if anyone fancies coming to play for a club run by people with no visible signs of being interested in investing the money required to compete at our countries top table-let alone Europe’s-and a manager who may relegate you to the rezzies if you look at him funny.
    Oh, and he will spend 90 minutes screaming at you to let you know you are in the wrong position.
    Know anyone that might fancy it??

    1. BMW
      these clowns have been in charge for the best part of 15 years so nothing has changed as far as I can see apart for us as a club slowly declining in that time
      AW worked wonders and then ran out of steam and should have been moved upstairs to retain his knowledge and experience but no
      We give him a new contract and then sack him
      We appoint UE who In my opinion was the wrong choice at the time
      We appoint a novice after ..on the cheap, who inherits a substandard team and needs to rebuild from back to front
      Award players with contracts that are obscene
      I am all for getting it wrong but at least learn from our mistakes.
      On the bright side I am still optimistic that we will still be in the top 4 😀 ome the end of the season

      1. I love the optimism, but I can’t see it. Arsenal are weakening the squad, alienating their players, and sliding down the table. I pray for 5th, but predict 6th or 7th.

  8. @Kev82… excellent point. Players who are making major contributions to other clubs leaving Arsenal for free.

    Arsenal need a rght back… and Hector Bellerin is on loan at Real Betis.

    Arsenal need a central midfielder; Mateo Guendouzi is tearing it up in Ligue 1 for Marseilles, while Lucas Torreira is having a terrific season for Fiorentina.

    Arsenal had nine center backs at once point, which was just silly. Now they have three; with two outcasts – Mavropanos and Saliba, playing very good football – just not for Arsenal.

    The Aubameyang situation is another case of maddeningly poor management. With both Arsenal’s other striker options out of contract, the captain of the team, who is on big money and signed for two more years, is not only stripped of his title, but sent away from the team. It seems like the stripping should have been punishment enough; all other things considered. Now it is the club who is paying the price for the punishment, not the player. If Aubameyang is really vengeful, he can sit at home, collect big checks, and laugh at his tormentors as they slide down the table to another 8th place finish.

    Hard to imagine an upside to this saga. Best-case scenario, Aubameyang leaves for next to nothing and Arsenal save his wages, but any replacement will cost nearly as much. Meeting Isak’s $90 million release clause, plus his wages, which would have to be in the $250,000 per week range, put his cost over the next two years at or above what Auba would cost. Worst-case scenario, Arsenal have to pay Auba to watch matches and pay similar fees for a replacement; limiting what can be done to improve the team.

    Alienating players seems to be what this management team at Arsenal does. Mesut Ozil, pushed out of the team, made close to $45 million while in exile, bought out of his contract at full price, and sent to Turkey for free. Mateo Guendouzi, benches for disciplinary issues, sent on loan, looks to be moving to Marseilles on the cheap. William Saliba, bought for 17 million, falling out with Arteta, sent on loan, a star at Marseilles, returning (maybe) with one year on his deal. Why would he sign a new one with the way he was treated?

    Aaron Ramsey, offered a new deal, the deal is pulled, moves to Juventus for free.

    Hector Bellerin is benched for Cedric. Cedric. Let me say it again. Cedric. A pint-sized, mini-me, Southampton cast-off. Bellerin is now playing well for Real Betis.

    Nichoaals Pepe outperformed Bukayo Saka last season in terms of goals/assists, but finds himself glued to the bench.

    This is hardly a complete list of Arsenal transfer fails over the last three seasons, but they, and their impact, far outweigh the success.

    Yes, Ramsdale is playing well. Yes, Tomiyasu is terrific. Yes, Martinelli continues to show promise, but it is hard to imagine him blossoming until he learns to play with his head up. Martin Odegaard is showing promise, but he still is half the player Ramsey was at his best. Smith-Rowe and Bukayo Saka are credited to Emery and Arteta, but they are both Arsene Wenger signings.

    Pepe is under used, Ben White and Gabriel are lauded, but are actually performing significantly worse than Rob Holding and David Luiz. Thomas Partey has been no better than Francis Coquelin, though he is injured more. Kieran Tienrey is a good player, but hurt. A lot. Granit Xhaka continues to be Arsenal’s most reliable midfielder – which is not a good thing. Albert Sambi Lokonga shows promise, but no more than Guendouzi before his falling out with Arteta. Nuno Tavares is a good athlete with some serious flaws in his game; just like Sead Kolasinac. Who left for free. To Marseilles.

    It would nice to be optimistic, but objectively, after $250 million spent, more than 22 new players signed and God knows how many sent away for free or near free and a third in three years 6th or lower finish looming it is hard to see positives.

    1. The best and most realistic truthful comment I have ever read on JA. Well bloody said and spot on. Every Arsenal Fan should agree with what Paul35mm has wrote above.

      Well wrote mate

  9. Any signing now, would surely be seen as a “panic buy” surely?
    Wasn’t that what was said about our previous nanager(s) when this happened?
    Of course, we have to judge MA differently, but I seem to remember AW was pilloried for only signing one very good player during one window… funnily enough, that’s a 100% improvement on where we are today, with just over three days till doomsday!!!

    As for Xhaka, I think he should go tomorrow, not because of his playing ability, but because of the disgraceful behaviour he and his family have received from a section of our fan base.

    1. “As for Xhaka, I think he should go tomorrow, not because of his playing ability, but because of the disgraceful behaviour he and his family have received from a section of our fan base”

      100% agreed.

      I wonder if he regret signing a new contract when his loyalty is questioned every Monday because of the Roma rumors.

      Transfer to Roma was a rumor. His signing a new contract is a fact. I might lose my mind just trying to understand how some still doubt his loyalty based on that rumor and completely ignore the fact that he actually signed a new contract. And these fans refuse when they are told that they have confirmation bias which is as obvious as sunlight, perhaps even more.

    2. Let’s not forget AW being blamed by some for the Ozil saga,something they won’t be able to do concerning Auba,since MA is the one giving him his bumper contract.

  10. “We are all aware that Mourinho wanted Xhaka in the summer, but the deal was immediately snuffed out by Mikel Arteta”…do you honestly believe this to be the case Pat??? Xhaka publicly flirted with Roma for the entirety of the Euros and beyond, yet you suggest that the very notion of any such move was “immediately snuffed out”…this is almost as nonsensical as the above HH post where he actually claims that there’s no reason whatsoever why anyone would question Xhaka’s loyalty…pure and utter nonsense by both you and HH

    1. If Xhaka wanted to go to Roma he would’ve gone to Roma. He didn’t have to sign a new contract, no one forced him to. As a matter of fact he had every reason not to due to lack of appreciation and verbal attacks thrown at him on a regular basis from the people who are supposed to support him but he did so consciously and with sound of mind.

      Signing a new contract despite all that speaks loyalty and love for the club to me.

      1. That’s just BS.

        He had no problems going to Roma. The proposed transfer fee was just deemed too low.

        Arsenal gave him an extension with a pay raise, so doesn’t take much loyalty to accept that kind of deal.

        Reason an extension was given, I don’t know.

        1. He extended his contract because he want to be at Arsenal. There is nothing you can make up that will counter that fact.

          I repeat again he didn’t have to. He had all the reasons not to. And by the way some fans treated him he had the justification to force a move if he wanted.

          There are a lot of ways players use to force the move out of the club if they want. Unfortunately for you Granit is a true professional who loves the club.

          But that is how it is. Some would rather support Lacazette who is running down his contract with all their strength than support a player who want to be at Arsenal long term.

          1. Only a club that has lost its self respect and ambition would have extended and upgraded this fraud’s contract .. I have no idea what happened in this window and don’t really care if xhaka goes or stays .. both are indicative of a club that is drifting aimlessly … as we will finish outside top 6 unless there is a bit of quality added in next 72 hours

          2. If he truly loves the club, why does he continue to get red cards, refusing to change his ways and basically becoming a problem every time he tackles, that’s not love, that’s disrespect. He is at Arsenal because no one else apart from Roma wh wants him and probably would not give him the huge wages he has at Arsenal. He is a player who creates unrest with his style and constantly costs us games. He will never be an Arsenal player so he needs to go. For an experienced player, he does not lead by example he leads by disorder and repeated mistakes every time. That is not loyalty, love, or respect for Arsenal.

      2. obviously you didn’t hear his multiple presser soundbites where he specifically spoke of his love of Rome!!! supposedly the whole re-up was packaged as a “plan” to stabilize or increase his valuation for the purposes of selling him, as this became a bone of contention regarding several other players who we couldn’t properly sell-off due to their respective contractual situations which were deemed problematic…let’s face it, Xhaka and Jose conspired in the hopes of forcing our hand…they undoubtedly felt that their openly flirtatious behaviour might have resulted in a reduction of our transfer demands, which in turn would have enabled Roma to pay the player a more amenable wage…ultimately it failed, probably due to the fact that Xhaka showed more in 20 minutes of one Euros match than in the entirety of his time here

        1. Why then did he extend his contract? To make his dream move to Roma even more difficult?

          Between his flirtatious behaviour with Roma and his signing of a new contract which of those two speak the truth of his intentions?

          1. Seriously???? why would anyone with no desire whatsoever to move elsewhere publicly say jacksh** about another club, especially one who’s manager had already spoke specifically about just such a move…his head was clearly turned, so much so he actually devised a plan to help facilitate just such a move…the failure of this move wasn’t his fault, it was the fact that Arsenal wouldn’t drastically reduce our demands and Roma wasn’t willing to pay both the higher transfer free and Xhaka’s expected wage…if things were different, monetarily-wise, he would now be in Rome…remember we were likewise supposedly flirting with the possibility of acquiring Locatelli at that time, who would have been playing along side Partey…once this was quashed, we quickly turned our attentions back to our underwhelming former “captain”, who now held considerable leverage due to our other recruitment maneuverings

            1. Roma wanted him for nothing, it was Arsenal that said put up or shut up. Roma didn’t put up and didn’t/hasn’t shut up either!!!!! Because they have been given encouragement from Xhaka and his representatives.

              1. Reggie, let’s say you are correct – then why (HH’s valid point) did Xhaka sign a new contract?
                It’s made it harder (HH’s valid point once again) and will take longer for Xhaka to realize his dream move to Roma….. unless, of course, MA promised him something….or…he does actually (HH’s valid point once again) have Arsenal DNA in his blood..

                1. I dont get the significance of the contract he signed. He got more money to the bargain and the truth is it doesn’t tie him to this club anymore than before. We wanted a fee for him, Roma didn’t want to pay it, we gave xhaka a payrise to stay because we didn’t let him go for peanuts. Xhaka was “happy” and now after his misdemeanours this season, we probably would let him go for peanuts. Just typical bad asset management by Arsenal. Xhaka got more money and he may still get a move as well.

                  1. I would say that if we could get winaldum, we would let xhaka go this window, i think he has burned one too many bridges for Arteta this season.

                    1. Reggie, he will be first on teamsheet once again.
                      The contract extension:
                      If, as is being suggested, Xhaka wanted away, but didn’t go because the club wanted x amount of money, why didn’t he just run his, then, current contract down?

                      He surely doesn’t need money, that’s a red herring… but what was / are Roma ready to offer him?
                      It has to be more money, if we take on board your thoughts regarding the cash incentive.

                      I do believe he has feelings for the club and wanted to right the wrongs he perceived he has suffered.

                      Remember, it was said that only the personal intervention of MA stopped him from leaving the club… and ask yourself this:
                      If The Arsenal wanted money for his transfer out, it follows that they were prepared to let him go (for the right price) so why bother to give him a new contract?
                      All they had to do, was sit tight and wait for Roma to come back in…as it seems they have done.

                  2. you’re spot on Reggie….what they keep forgetting is that we were likewise pursuing someone who played in the very same position and on the same side as Xhaka, unless we’re supposed to believe that Locatelli was coming in to take Partey’s spot, which would seem highly unlikely

                    1. Thats right TRVL, he ultimately as per usual didnt want to come to Arsenal. Ken footballers are greedy a la Ozil Sanchez and Aubameyang, they do it for the money, the football is just incidental as long as they get more money. Its called greed. They dont love the club, just themselves.

                    2. He(xhaka) doesn’t need the money
                      This is the funniest comment I have read here..
                      You think lacazette won’t extend his contract if arsenal gives him a pay rise?
                      This guy is just funny

                    3. Pepe, he doesn’t NEED the money…. that’s not the same as saying he WANTS the money.
                      I’ve turned down offers that has more money in the contract, because I wanted to stay at my present employment.
                      Hope you see the difference.

          2. We get it, you are the small minority who think Xhaka is a good player, but the majority along with many football experts think he is no good for Arsenal. Define insanity…Doing the same thing every time expecting a different result, that is Xhaka and his style of football

  11. Xhaka always did acts that held us back. The one I remember that made me realise there was something wrong with Xhaka was with Emery’s team against Brighton. The penalty he gave away ended up costing us, in effect, playing in the Champions League. One of the most stupid tackles I have seen and to this day Xhaka consistently costs us points with great regularity. He is simply not good enough (and often a thug on the pitch).

  12. I have read all the comments here with great interest. Sadly, we are now watching a sport in which ludicrously overpaid players seem to have one on on their next transfer and big pay day, and only half an eye on doing what the fans want I.e. sweat blood for the team. No wonder MA and other managers find these guys hard to motivate properly. As for Xhaka, he is indeed admired by some managers, but for me, he is a liability and we do not have the creative midfield to make up for his lack of creativity. Sorry to be harsh, but a team dependent on Xhaka will always struggle at the highest level.

  13. I want Xhaka gone asap… to see who the next scapegoat for all of AFCs pitch failures is going to be..

  14. Any big 4 match
    Xhaka either gives penalty or red card
    Really dont give a frick about him staying or sold.

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