Surely Bukayo Saka can’t play in every single game for Arsenal this season as well?

Bukayo Saka has played in every league game for the past 83 Arsenal league games; That’s incredible. However, we must agree that there are risks associated with Mikel Arteta’s unwavering strategy of starting every game.

While Saka’s exceptional consistency and value to the team are undeniable, some fans may wonder if this strategy is sustainable and if it puts him at risk of long-term injury. The reliance on him in every league match raises concerns about his physical well-being and the toll it may take on his body.

For the better part of the summer transfer window, there’s been talk of the need for Edu and Arteta to recruit a perfect backup for their star boy. However, that is not happening unless something incredible happens on deadline day.

Even so, Bukayo Saka’s minutes this new season need to be managed. While his youthful energy and resilience are assets, they do not make him immune to the strains and pressures of such an intense playing schedule.

Arteta needs to look at his squad and consider who can be the other viable option on the right wing; Reiss Nelson and Kaui Havertz could be options. Saka can’t play every game in the Champions League and Premier League and then feature for England, where he is also a sure starter, as good as he is.

Finding the correct balance between playing and resting Saka is critical to his development and will ensure his extraordinary skill continues to shine for Arsenal’s success.

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  1. There’s no reason why Saka should play every PL game this season. The whole essence of keeping Nelson should be to provide an option for Saka. Gabriel Jesus could also be used in Saka’s position. And the best way to go about it is to be introducing these prospective options as substitutes whenever the opportunity arises

    1. Isn’t Nelson another player that’s better on the left though? I guess we did keep him to back up Saka, but do we think he can keep us in a title challenge in Saka were to say get injured for even a month and a half? Don’t think so, curious why we re-signed him honestly. He has his own fitness issues too.

  2. To expect Bukayo Saka to play up to 60 club games this season is ridiculous. Should we have got another player…..absolutely. As usual we are a top player short. Yes we have a shout, but the balance of the team is damaged by Arteta, other teams have really improved…we will struggle to make top 2.

    Sorry but the truth is the truth. Maybe if we get Joao Cancelo we could go up a gear…..but it looks like Arteta is done. Not as great a window as many believe.

    1. @Sean Williams
      Truth is, if we make Top4, I’ll be happy, cos we’re not really better off now, than we were last season. (Partly due to Timber’s injury).
      Xhaka is gone and Yes, Declan Rice is an upgrade, but he’s still getting to know his teammates and needs some time to be at his best.
      We loaned out Tierney, the only real left back we have. Zinny and Tomiyasu are both injury prone.
      Havertz? I don’t even want to go there. In my opinion, there were better options in the market for that price, but Arteta decided otherwise.
      Raya? We all know the goalkeeping area was never our problem last season.
      We’re just two injuries away from crisis again. Especially if the injuries happen In the defence.
      I just hope and pray that our players stay injury free till January when we can strengthen.
      Meanwhile, Arteta should be reasonable with his tinkering. If he tries that Partey at right back and inverting stuff against United, the results may not be palatable.

  3. Nelson will replace Saka in some matches.

    Jesus – Nketiah
    Martinelli – Trossard
    Odegaard – Havertz/Smith-Rowe
    Saka – Nelson
    Rice – Fabio
    Partey – Jorginho
    Zinchenko – Timber*
    Gabriel – Kiwior
    Saliba – ?
    White – Tomiyasu

    Pepe, Cedric, Lokonga, and Elneny are surplus to requirement.

    1. @SJ
      We still have space in the squad.
      I’d say keep Pepe and Cedric, maybe Elneny too.
      They may come in handy when we need to rest players.
      Pepe can play UCL games against Lens and PSV. I still rate him higher than Nelson.

      1. You have a fair point about Pepe, but judging by Arteta’s attitude I doubt if Pepe has a way back to the team.

      2. Arteta won’t let Pepe back into the squad because he’s stubborn. I say if he’s staying here he may as well contribute and play the odd game to give Saka a rest. But we all know we’ll never see Pepe in an Arsenal kit again.

  4. Jesus could rotate with Saka, his style of play would be more accommodating for Havertz.

    If the experiments were in the final third it would have been more appropriated

  5. So after all is said and done. Arsenals ambitions have dropped from £200 million to just £100 million “NET” after all ins and outs. What an average club they have become once more. So disapointed he is not using the money from the sale of players to buy those needed in certain positions. He may regret not buying when more players get injured!

    1. I’m sure the Arsenal accountant will pat Arteta/Edu on the head. Two steps forward, two steps backwards. Back to square one. Trouble is, other teams have moved forwards.

      1. Explain the sustainability of continually adding numbers to the squad and spending hundreds of millions, whilst not bringing in millions through sales and not reducing the number of players?

  6. We failed to win the title last season due to squad depth, with Saka and others suffering from fatigue. So this season we have 4new faces, one of which replaces another, (goalie), so in fact only 3 extra, one which is out injured for the season leaving 2. With Xhaka gone from the first team that leaves 1. With Tierney gone on a season long lone and Holding likely to leave also Zinco very injury prone I fail to see where we have increased our squad. We all know Arteta hates to change his team so Nelson will see little game time and ESR even less. Therefore I think we will come short again.

    1. Yea I don’t get that either fans were moaning about lack of squad depth then all of a sudden the same fans are saying we need to trim the squad 🤔
      We have signed 4 (one injured for the season and I believe 6 will be going .
      I honestly think this seasons squad is no stronger than last after 200 million spent .

      1. Trim the squad of the players that have no future here. There’s a big difference. Add actual quality, sell deadwood. We sold/loaned too many players on deadline day instead of finding earlier solutions, and Rice is really the only player that’s going to add to the squad. Timber is bad luck, but club didn’t react to losing him.

        I agree. 200mill spent and squad is basically the same as last season. And Arsenal will drag their feet in January as well even if we are interested in anyone. It all started off so promising but club just couldn’t get the outgoings together and the rest of the window was a letdown.

  7. Rice is an upgrade because he can play in two different positions, unlike Xhaka who could only play one. In the past losing T. Partey would mean our season was over but we now have a good option to replace him if necessary. We’re unlucky with Timber because, at first sight, he helped beef up our defensive line, gave us depth, and or could play in Zinchenko’s place. But -he will return- maybe when we’re most in need is when he regains his fitness. Adding to our firepower, Havertz, will he won’t he, at the least he gives us an extra body in the forward roles -ACM or No9- he needs time we know, so hopefully, it all works out and we’ve added bodies to three areas of the pitch

  8. And I believe he is still showing signs of tiredness (and a drop in belief) from last season.
    Of course he gets kicked regularly, of course all teams double up on him and know he wants to come inside on his left. But an ” early” Saka would try something different occasionally. He has the pace to push the ball beyond a full-back to the goal line. Even a mishit right footed cross could bring dividends, even if it’s an own goal.

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