Surely Cech cannot be Arsenal’s only summer signing?

Surely Cech cannot be our only summer signing? by KM

Hi folks. Straight off the back of Arsenal landing in Singapore, Arsene Wenger was asked the usual summer questions of signings. He said “If we find ideally what we want, we are still hoping to do something else”. This statement disappoints me because we should be actively seeking the quality that is out there instead of waiting for it to call us.

“We finished third last season and won the FA Cup. The pressure is on us to do better, but there are plenty of competitors to win the Premier League.” I get a mixed response from this. It’s like “we do our best, but a lot of teams are trying so it’s ok if we don’t do it”.

The fact we finished third and left the CL at the hands of Monaco means there is room for improvement. Even Barcelona after winning the treble make signings. They lift the morale of the club and make sure that nobody is feeling safe for their place.

We need another DM no question. Now I like Arteta, don’t get me wrong. He could do a job against a smaller team, but if we don’t get rid of Flamini and bring in a monster DM, you might feel that we could’ve done better in our title charge. It’s been quite a few seasons in a row, where we were reluctant to make those two additional signings that might actually put us on the level we need to be.

We can improve on the striker front. Giroud’s goal return is not bad, but there’s better round Europe. Lacazette is an option. Rumors are Lewandowski might be up for sale. If he is, we should be rivaling United or whoever else wants him. We could use another CB although it’s not a priority.

Anyway, we don’t need a new squad like Liverpool and Tottenham do. We tried the long term approach which failed for 10 years. Maybe the short term planing can do a job. Wenger still doesn’t like paying too much for a player regardless of the Alexis and Ozil transfers.

I wish we sign players coming from clubs with massive trophy cabinets. If you don’t have players with winning mentality, you can buy them from other clubs. Alexis, Ozil and Cech are prime examples. The trends needs to go in the same direction!

I just hope we do the business and don’t leave it to chance, injuries and bad luck if our title march is done by November. We are as close as ever. Let’s prepare properly this time!


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    1. chill guys I can bet my money Wenger is not gonna sign any other DM. I think there gonna be some matches where Wenger will play Ramsey or Wilshere against the small team where we will not necessarily defend.

      1. i have a feeling that the grandpa only wants to make one more signing…ONE FFS ONE like 1…i know you feel it too deep down and you know thats exactly what he’l do especially after arteta’s contract…even of we buy messi, without a quality dm like sergio busquet if wenger hates the traditional ones , we are going nowhere

        1. Ok, if we’re only a DM and a ST away from challenging just how far away could we possibly be if we ‘only’ acquired one of the two?

          To insist we need two players or the alternative is us going nowhere just seems hyperbolic and full of false panic. Get a grip

    2. If Wenger could only read this article he might of actually be moved to do something on the transfer front. We are i n need of two be honest, yes the cech transfer is a huge one. We are lucky to have got cech. But gk position was not our top priority. We have other positions in need of upgrade or cover. DM we need a cover and on the striker front we need an upgrade to what we have,we need a dzeko or cavani.both suit our style of play. Similar strikers to giroud only with better mobility and technique

      1. I read the first line and just laughed out loud – I should know better but it is worrying if there people on here who genuinely believe such stuff. Come on seancali, we have all heard you loud and clear in the past week – man up because otherwise your health is gonna suffer.

    3. With the Euro being at an 8 year low I highly doubt Cech would end up being our only transfer. Take the Alexis Sanchez transfer from just a year ago, that cost us €42.5m which was £35m a year ago, now that is only worth £29.5m. If anything it would make economical sense for Arsene to dip into the market now – this is a big reason for the number of high profile moves across Europe, big clubs are capitalising on this oppurtunity. It will only be a matter of time Kroenke is forced into his pocket.

      1. Have you ever thought of Lewandowski to Arsenal since Bayern valued him at 35m and he snubbed United ?

      1. Vidal would be a lovely will give us so much. I would settle with cech and Vidal as our only signings.although I prefer a winger which Wenger doesn’t even think we need

    1. That’s the tihing I think we would all be happy with just one more world class signing. But as much as I would like to stay positive I just can see that even happening.Wenger is done in the market,let’s say he is y question is where does the supposed 60-70 mil transfer kitty we have go???we deserve that much I guess,teams are spending twice as that. We fans are being betrayed. We deserve at least one more top class signing

  1. Wow… the writer must be aweful at poker.
    If Wenger said “Yes I want to get XXXXXX player” then that players valuation will increase.
    Instead we can look to get players cheaper than those over inflated prices.

    1. not really bro,

      if we had beat monaco we would have had to beat juve then real madrid to get to the final/
      no chance, both squads are better in every position an have far more experience at that level

      1. Man, that Juve I watched? Naffin scary. If Juve could beat Madrid, we too could have (remember we beat Bayern, Dortmund, City, Mufci…) It’s football, sir. And Barcelona would not have enjoyed playing against us.

        1. We could have gotten to the UCL final yes, only if we had cech,Vidal and cavani in our team.

        2. Such bizarre arrogance to have when we got schooled by Monaco you’re here saying Juve ain’t all that and we would’ve beat Madrid because Juve beat them….

          Ok then chief.

          1. Lol! It’s a pity that Arsene only started doing the right thing toward the end of the season.

  2. Konstantin I think
    Wenger wants the club
    to have the belief we can win
    but not load the expectation
    on to the players that we “should” win.
    The hungry underdog is more our go
    because he knows our players are not
    ready to be title favourite all season.
    2 seasons ago Mou said Chelsea won’t win
    but the year after would be ready and he was right
    Last season Chelsea carried the expectation of winning
    for 9 months and won because it was their year.
    I just don’t think they can win 2 in a row.
    Utd is under incredible pressure to win
    and I think the pressure will get to them.
    City are in transition too.
    So staying in touch while letting the
    pressure get to rivals is a plan I reckon.

  3. All I can say about flamini is that he’s the most undeserving player in the squad. We have got players who can play better then flamini in defensive midfield leaving aside coquelin and Arteta. Its a really bad decision by Wenger to spend so much wages on such a player. Maybe there are just no buyers for flamini, one can suppose. Any decent DM from epl will do a better job den him.
    Ps- am happy we will not face stoke city on Saturday. Always good to avoid injuries!

    1. Flaming needs to be sold. I don’t get all that Flamini bashing, 2 years ago he was the steel and grit that Arsenal needed. He is on 60k pet week, a lot for a club outside the EPL. Maybe the MLS can help out.

      1. DM. If we lose Coq early
        Arteta and Flamini
        won’t cut it.
        Wenger likes attackers.
        The club has only spent 10 mill.
        last season we spent 70 mill net.

    1. @Futbol-Agent said Liverpool lodged 32M for Lacazette in May and Arsenal 35M for Martinez

  4. Well, I think it won’t be Vidal as Bayern M have started negotiation with Juventus in order to replace Schweinsteiger…
    May be getting Sanchez involve could be a plus… Just a thought… I just cannot see Vidal coming here unless it is for better wages (£65,000/week at Juventus which he will easily double at Arsenal).

    The word for the season is “cohesion” (according to Wenger who kept using it during 3 press conferences and 6 interviews…!! Ridiculous!!). He said (and I quote) “We need cohesion and work on it. It is the only way we will improve further and challenge for the league”… Well good luck with that.

    So far we brought Cech (Chelsea number 2, but hey we are not going to complain now) and 2 new physio (one worked for the Mannschaft) in order to reduce or even eradicate our “religious” and predictable injury crisis.

    Do we need more?

    Well, if we want to finish in the top four, we have the elements, hopefully and we need to start the season better with Wilshere on the bench not has our number 10…

    If we want to win the league, we are clearly 2 or 3 “top players” or “very good players” short… Since we all know this is not going to happen, I will assume that option one is the most possible scenario.

    When asked about the transfer market Wenger pointed out that we had Cech in and Giroud, Wilshere, Walcott and Debuchy fit …

    Personally, I think he will bring one more… Is it going to be a striker or a DM? Which one do we need more? We seriously need both…

  5. OT: News from Sky Sports
    Wenger said: “The time where we had to sell our best players is over for sure.

    “We had five or six years where we were financially restricted, we had to balance the books and we had to pay the stadium back. This time has gone.”

    1. True but he sold all of them year by year until we had none.
      The best players we have now are actually Ozil and Sanchez who were bought within the last two years and the likes of Cazorla and Koscielny improved and most likely are still here because we started by big players.
      Pretty sure if we went another 2 to 3 years without buying notable names after 2012 (which was the last time we sold a big player), we would have had to sell Cazorla and Koscielny by now.
      To keep Ozil and Sanchez for long we would have to buy a world class ST at least. They are winners and wouldn’t enjoy prolonged mediocrity.
      Look at Sanchez last season…he wasn’t even excited with an FA cup and was disappointed with the season. He is already saying we should be achieving more.
      An FA cup every year would not keep him here for long I can bet.

  6. The quickness that Southampton use to sign players or replacements is astonishing.
    Why don’t title contenders Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and 4th place contenders who we compete with like Spurs, Everton, Liverpool take a week or two weeks to sign players like Arsenal do?

  7. I still think and hope we sign two players. With vidal off to bayern I’d be over the moon with lacazette and krychowiak. Lewandoski or cavanni will be playing in mu colours next year 🙁 di maria being used as a bargaining chip maybe.

  8. Every football lover out there knows what Arsenal needs to push for d titles, a Dm, World class Striker and a Monster of a defender. Unfortunately, there’s one who, though he knows, but will not do anything Bcos of his pride… Arsene Wenger!!!!!!
    he feels if he does that it means d fans dictate what how d squad operates. Bros of his stubbornness & pride, the team kept doing trial & error. Arsene hates d Arsenal fans….. That’s all I can conclude or how do u explain that?????

  9. The next person who says that the reason Wenger won’t sign a Striker, DM and a CB because of his pride or because he is tight is going to get a slap.

    There are other factors to be aware of!

    1. We have a wage structure – if someone is already earning insane money we probably can’t afford to buy them and break our wage structure.
    2. The other team have to want to sell their player and not every player is up for sale at a price we can actually afford!
    3. Any player we buy must either be considerably better than our existing player so as to automatically bench them OR be happy to not be an automatic starter – the number of these players out there are RARE
    4. The player actually has to warrant whatever price is asigned to them – every signing is a risk and if the player is VASTLY overpriced then it is a risk we cannot take – an expensive flop would massively damage us…unlike Utd, City or Chelsea who just fall back on money bags. Chelsea signed Cuadrado for 23m and now are looking to offload him after barely using him. This is normal practice for them and sucking up a loss of 5-10m is nothing. To us that is another player next season we can’t buy.

    YES. We need to sign. But it’s not just as easy as go out and start making offers. Cech won’t be our last signing, but be realistic in who you believe we will sign.

  10. It’s getting rather frustrating. The word is out that Arteta is still suffering from the calf injury which kept him out for much of last season, only for Arsenal to offer him an extension to justify not purchasing a CDM. Now what direction are we going? if Coq gets injured, what happens then?

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