Surely it makes sense for Arsenal to cash in on Thomas Partey this summer?

Should we sell Partey?

We are edging closer and closer to the summer transfer window and although everyone is hyper focused on who we might bring in, I’m wondering who we might end up letting go or sell. Thomas Partey is a player who has huge question marks over his head after what has been a very up and down season for the Ghanaian.

The midfielder has only played 11 Premier League games this season and has been mostly absent for the whole thing. Picking up a hamstring injury in his last time-out, that saw him away for 112 days and has only just been able to return. That’s 19 games we’ve missed him for and a massive time to be away from first team football.

Partey is obviously a very good player when he’s fit and playing consistently, but his injury record really speaks for itself. For a player who seems to always be missing or struggling with something, it does leave me to question if we should keep him or try and get some money for him while we can.

Partey’s contract runs out in the summer of 2025 and if Arteta doesn’t see a solid future with him, isn’t it best to sell him off while we can? I’m not sure how much we would bring in, but it would also free up a space in the midfield to try bringing in a player more consistent and for the future.

With the reports going around that Jorginho looks set on signing a new contract, put more questions about the future of Partey at Arsenal and if it’s anything to go by, I expect the club to be open to offers for the midfielder.

Selling him could be harder than expected though as the consistent injuries he has had to face, will be a deterrent for some clubs and will make it harder to sell him. But the Premier League is very fast paced and a lot is expected from its players, if Partey was in a league that was a little slower and didn’t expect so much, he could thrive.

Will I be upset if we keep him? No, of course not, as I said, he’s a great player and has done some great stuff in an Arsenal shirt but if the chance does arise and we have the chance to sell him, we should.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Tell man City to sell kelvin debryne or whatever they call him because he is injury prone

    1. Kevins played 115 games for City in the last 3 seasons

      Parteys managed 79 games in the same period

      36 games more, big difference.

  2. KDB is available more and much better player – not comparable at all

    KDB is getting older, like the rest of us, his time at Man C is coming to an end soon too

  3. If he were two or three years younger it might be a good risk, but we can’t gamble on Partey’s fitness at his age, so if a worthwhile offer is made we should take it.

  4. My Thoughts are: Arteta’s coached Arsenal SHOULD not offload Thomas Partey to the next summer transfer market for sale.
    But still keep him to retain his services for the club for another one full season before his current deal with the club is expired in 2025.
    So that his performance can be seen and judged to see how the now rejuvenated Partey from injury sideline will fare for Arsenal next season’s campaign.
    If Arsenal make the mistakes to offload Partey next summer transfer window. One of Chelsea, Tottenham Hs or Man Utd may sign him because of the world class quality he has and brings to the game at the top level of it.
    The newly promoted Leicester City to the Epl next season. May even try to sign him to replace James Maddison who they’ve sold to Spurs last summer.
    But by and large. It’s all depend on Arteta’s mindset on the matter.

  5. People need to understand that we need to learn to sell at the right time,it’s the right time. Can’t always have an open cheque book!

    1. It’s not the right time, have a look at the pros and cons:

      Pros of selling him:
      – 200k a week / 10m pro Anno of the books
      – A transfer free. (Not many clubs can afford his salery, let alone a fee. Usually 30y plus player don’t generate much if any).
      – Rid if a injury prone player, making space for a new player X.

      Cons of selling, losing:
      – a first choice over Jorginho when fit
      – for me one of the two best midfielders in PL in this positiion (Rodri the other)
      – Tons of experience. He came in in the first year of Arteta reigns and knows what the manager wants. thats important within the squad, but also in the international games

      He wants to stay and has a contract. Probably Arsenals medical team understands his problems the best, he would loose this support anywhere else. Not a bad role model for the kids and backup for a new midfielder.

      I would:
      Cut of Jorginho and Elneney who are both older, less able and out of contract. Keep Partey unless crazy money is offered (25m plus). Sign a new first choice in this position.

  6. If , as seems to be true , Jorginho is being extended,its EXREMELY OBVIOUS, to any realist , that PARTEY will be let go this summer .

    With one meagre year left on his contract, the club will at least TRY to get some sort of fee for his transfer, though I dont see much hope for any but a paltry fee.

    Were he not SO injury prone, then it would have made sense to keep him.

    But as he IS injury prone and ageing too, plainly it does not make any sense. As we will soon all see when the club lets him leave.

  7. Its a tired story from Pat and his friends. I would suggest that Pat must leave Partey alone and tell us how the club is looking at developing players from the academy or how we are going to celebrate winning the league.

    ADMIN COMMENT – I would suggest that sshradrach should write some articles of his own and stop criticizing others opinions because he doesn’t agree with them….

  8. @jonfox you clearly don’t like African players. If it was your responsibility i guess you would have never signed him.Lets appreciate that Partey is part of the positive stories of MA’s reign.

  9. Writers have been advocating for Parrtey to leave the club the whole season.. I do feel he is being targeted for being African.. Even if he does well, you rarely see an article praising him. Jesus has been injured for most of the 2 seasons but there’s no stories like these on him.
    Please, hands off Thomas Parrtey, we are tired of this

    1. Partey is well loved here from what I have read over the years. His fitness and age are valid concerns nothing to do with his ethnicity. And there are stories and posts like these on Jesus too. One currently on top page right now.

      Elneny is also well loved here (I don’t know why) despite making only ceremonial appearances for the past two seasons.

      I have been posting for 5 years here and as a reader, much longer. I have yet to see any instance of racism from writers and I don’t remember seeing one from posters too.

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