Surely Jurgen Klopp can’t be serious about Arsenal?

Arsenal’s defeat to Tottenham this weekend has left us 7 points behind our local rivals and a further 2 behind Liverpool in the race for the Top Four, but the Reds boss Jurgen Klopp thinks that the Gunners can challenge Liverpool before the end of the season.

Klopp watched his team beat Souhampton yesterday and made his point after the game. “It was not a brilliant performance, not everything worked quite well, the wind was quite strange,” Klopp said. “It was difficult circumstances and we did the job. That is very important.

“We scored early, got the second goal in the right moment and then controlled the game.

“We don’t have normal weekends anymore. We want to finish the season top four and we need the points. I don’t think nine points from Arsenal is enough to have rest, but it is nine points. There is a lot to go for and we will try to carry on like today.”

Do you think he is being serious? Arsenal have won just one of last NINE away games have lost 8 games already in the League this season. If we are seriously going to overtake Liverpool then Klopp’s team would need to lose three more games than us in the last 11 matches, but the fact is that his team have only lost three games all season! Not to mention that they have a 15 goal superior goal difference!

Surely Klopp should be more worried about Tottenham, who are just 2 points below them, and Chelsea, who if they win tonight will be just 1 point below them. Why is he even mentioning Arsenal in the race for the Top Four?

Darren N


  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    Klopp is just been sacarstic. Better still, He is just sounding nice and not arrogant.
    Seems like some other managers like the fact that Wenger is still our manager.

    They respect him a lot for what he has done for the club (Arsenal) but deep down they know He won’t win the league anymore with Arsenal.

    I can only hope Wenger leaves the club soon. We love him. I admire his achievement but he is beginning to tarnish all that..

    1. jon fox says:

      Only “beginning”? Where on earth have you been hiding this past decade?

  2. McLovin says:

    Yeah, he is just being diplomatic. It’s not like he was going to say the truth:
    “No way are Arsenal catching us, they are horrible!”

    Legacy of Wenger:

    16 away matches against top 6 teams: ZERO WINS.

    In our worst season we have lost 11 times during the campaign, but we still managed to pip top 4. Now we are at firm 8 and miles away from top 4.

    Everyone else is going forward, not much, but forward. We stagnated for years, and the past 2 seasons we have gone backwards.

    Wenger refuses to acknowledge this.

  3. John Wick says:

    What’s really shocking is that the fact we had 20 seasons in the champions league, we have a new stadium that’s only 13 years old plus the fact of massive gate receipts with very little spent compared to other teams and yet Tottenham are a much much better team than us (never thought I’d say that) but that’s the fact of the matter! How on earth has Spurs surpassed us playing in the Europa league and having a smaller stadium until next season at least? That in itself is an absolute embarrassment! the owner, the board, and that dinosaur of a manager should hang they’re heads in shame.. there is no excusing that whatsoever, it just highlights how bad arsenal are run.. Ozil and Sanchez we’re to be the new heartbeat of arsenal then we got the forward we needed for years.. February 2018 Sanchez is at man utd and Lacazette is looking like a waist of money even Aubameyang on Saturday looked out of his depth that’s down to bad management look at Mo Salah for Liverpool cost less than Lacazette and he is lighting the premier league up but would he have done that under Wenger? Heck no chance he would be playing wing back and playing as useless as the rest of the team! Our manager just can’t get his players playing so it really doesn’t matter if next season he starts seeing what the rest of us see and brings in defensive reinforcements we’ll still be rubbish and miles off the top 4, just look at his record against the top teams it’s abysmal his record against mourinho alone is tragic and people saying we only lost 1-0 to a very good spurs team when they smashed everyone else well news for them they smashed us too and it was only 1-0 because of Petr Cech if Ospina was in goal we’d of lost 5 or 6 easily! The team is a mess, we have a good enough squad for top 4 but that’s useless when we don’t have a manager to steer us there. We got no chance of catching Liverpool they’re 9 points clear 10 if you include the goal difference and we can’t win away from home and with Leicester, man utd, Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield left I can only see us getting one away win from that

  4. RoyK says:

    I think he just wanted his players to not become complacent

  5. McLovin says:

    Wenger at £9 million a year.

    If Kroenke is so after money, why don’t he sack Wenger? We can get a younger and more hungry manager at least half the cost. With our current squad (#9 most expensive football squad in the WORLD), surely a new manager cannot do worse than The Deluded One?

    1. gotanidea says:

      If you work for the same company for more than twenty years, in a very strategic managerial position like Wenger, you would have known the company’s dirty secrets. If Arsenal dare to terminate his contract against his will, I think he would not hesitate to expose the board’s corruption.

      1. McLovin says:

        Good point.

        This would lead me to believe Wenger doens’t want to quit, because either he:

        A) actually believes he got something to offer that the other managers don’t (so he’s delusional)

        B) knows his time is up (has been for a while now), but just wants the money since he knows he can’t be sacked (so he’s extremely greedy)

        So which is he, plain greedy or downright delusional?

        1. jon fox says:

          Why use “or”? “Both ” is far more suitable.

    2. Mohamed says:

      If he was managing in Africa he would HAVE a different name by now THE LATE MANAGER

  6. jon fox says:

    Forget what Klopp says as it is not relevant to our problem , which is getting rid of Wenger. Obviously – unless you are like the puppy dog TY from Arsenal Fan TV, lovable but pitiable – we all know we are not getting even close to making top four this season. We are not going to get relegated or make top four so what does it matter where we finish.We are not going to win the Europa either while Wenger stays , so ALL our attention MUST be on getting him out of our club and thus starting the long healing process. Think positively and realise what a revelation it will be to have a new manager; one who will actually admit, even to himself, that the art of defending, as a team at times, is ESSENTIAL to winning titles. Our current misfit flatly refuses to coach defence, buy proper defenders and a DCM of proper qualiy. He also refuses to understand tactics and acknowledge that any successful team needs to be adaptable in style and formation, dependent on oppponents, venue etc. In short, Wenger flatly refuses to do the job of being a normal, sane, successful, dying to win manager. For this flat refusal he is handsomely rewarded with approx £9 million a year. What a scandal! So my friends, forget this total non story about Klopp and concentrate on piling pressure on Wenger to go and on the club to sack him. I am firmly of the opinion he will be sacked in May, but we MUST make sure.

  7. Goonermikey says:

    It could be that Klopp knows considerably more about football than some bloke who rights a crap blog and the ‘incredibly experienced football management experts’ who read it pmsl. You people really need to get a grip of reality and realise that the reason your jobs entail saying “do you want fries with that” is exactly why you are not world class football managers ffs

    1. John Wick says:

      Why you commenting on it then? And neither is Arsene Wenger! Think you need the reality check

  8. Sue says:

    I don’t really care about what Klopp has to say… I’m not a Liverpool fan

  9. Break-on-through says:

    He’s trying to take the pressure off them. Talking as if two from the the three will inevitably have his team in it unless Arsenal can pull back into it. We messed up, v Tott we had a chance to get right back into the mix at one of the teams expense we are chasing. It was a total lack of class by Arsenal, no guts, they really let us down. We’re having a terrible time this season, but could they try and show us they do care as much as we do, they make us feel worse by compounding the situation. Really thought these boys were gonna dig deep for this one, am in too much pain to try and make sense in what goes through these players minds.

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