Surely Leo Trossard really must play more games for Arsenal?

Should Trossard be starting more for Arsenal?

Leandro Trossard has made a big splash since joining the club and yesterday, after he had scored again against West Ham, I saw a tweet that said that only Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie, two of Arsenal best attackers, have a better minute per goal involvement ratio than Leandro Trossard (of players who have played a minimum of 1,000 minutes for Arsenal) in Premier League history, which leads me to question why he isn’t starting as much as some would like.

Trossard for me has settled into life at Arsenal perfectly and has been one of our best signings in the last few years. He’s fast, composed and looks like he was born to play in red and white. He creates and scores goals for fun and makes our front line look extremely dangerous.

Since joining the club he’s scored 8 goals and 2 assists (all competitions) and has made an impact whenever he’s on the pitch. Coming from Brighton, I think everyone knew that he was talented and was hoping he would be able to slip right into the Arsenal system and Arteta’s plans, but Arteta still seems to favour Gabriel Martinelli over the Belgian, although yesterday he was used in the middle as a replacement for Jesus, and was just as efficient.

Martinelli for me is also a great player and has created a great bond with his fellow attackers but they both are very different players. Although Martinelli has also been great this season they both bring different attributes and for the way Arsenal is playing at the moment, Trossard ticks all the boxes and is able to look a lot more fluid and clinical in front of goal.

I am sure that when Jesus recovers Trossard will be relegated back to the bench, but Ithink if Arteta gave him a good run of starts, he would be producing a lot more than he has been and although he is great when coming off the bench, I’d personally like to see him get more starting minutes.

There are certain games where I think Trossard would thrive over Martinelli but it kind of feels like Martinelli has built this trust with Arteta after being such an influential player in last year’s season and although I agree that Martinelli should be starting some of our more important games, I think were wasting a lot of talent in Trossard, sitting him on the bench.

Of course, this is just my opinion and I’m sure a lot of people will disagree but with stats like those, it does make me wonder how much of an impact Trossard could have on this team going forward. Settling into a new club is hard bit it seems to have been effortless for Trossard and another great pick up from our recruitment team.

Either way, I’m happy to see them both get minutes, but I personally would like to see Trossard get a few more starts than he has.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Based on my observations, Jesus pressed harder and defended better than Trossard

    I also believe Jesus’ duel-won rate is better, but I haven’t checked the statistics yet. I often saw Trossard losing the ball

    Trossard’s playmaking ability seems better though, so he should be more suitable for some games

    But Jesus is still my first choice for the CF role, because he’s physically stronger and trickier

    1. And importantly , also OFTEN INJURED, whereas Trossard is not injured much at all. Unless players are available to b most of the time, I would argue that such types are not much use at all.

  2. Debate should not be about Martinelli and Trossard but Jesus and Trossard because we seem to score a lot when both Martinelli and Trossard start

  3. Trossard is very good but when he starts he sometimes has weirdly anonymous games. Always looks dangerous when coming on though. He won’t take Martinelli spot but his versatility means we can and should give him minutes at winger, left cm and false 9 depending on games.

    1. Enough game time to keep him happy and fit.
      More importantly having trossard means arteta can instruct Martinelli to go full gas for 60-70min and we just drop trossard among tired legs and vis versa.

        1. Seems both Martinelli and Trossard do better when. Coming on as a sub because of their speed against tired legs ! Jesus starts when fit so then it’s 1 of the other 2 and they swap accordingly

          What do they prefer. ? To start or to score ? Martinelli scored 2 late ones and Trossard one late against Liverpool ! Good problem to have as long as they’re both scoring

  4. Maybe Jesus should play his way back into the side on his return rather than automatically dropping Trossard.

    At the moment we are playing better with Trossard in the side instead of Jesus.

    Notice that goal by Trossard? He has the instincts and presence to score that goal, something Jesus simply does not have.

    Sorry but no way I would drop Trossard for Jesus at the moment. Not until Trossard’s form dips.

    1. Agree Durand. Arteta dropped Trossard for Jesus in the run in last season, to devastating effect. Trossard produces. Some players dont produce but are easy on the eye, Trossard does.

  5. Arteta will decide on players according to opponents. Trossard is technically better, Jesus dribbles better, Havertz holds the ball better, Nketiah occupies space better. We have 4 types of CF. Same goes to the trio of midfielders and the pair of fullbacks. Opponents can’t plan for any subdue tactics. Let the manager to decide, not to the words of fangirls.

  6. Not Arteta’s way. Trossard could score 20 goals in 10 games and still will be dropped like a potato sack as soon as a favorite is available.

  7. The combination of Saka, Martinelli, Trossard and Havertz is the way forward. We got a good mix of different abilities that make us dangerous and unpredictable in attack. Jesus should accept he’s better on the wing and let Havertz and Trossard switch between left 8 and cf to keep the opposition on their toes.

  8. For 90% of teams Trossard would start. He is technically excellent and probably our best finisher along with Saka. Personally I would start him, he is at his peak. Maybe he can play exactly where he did as against West Ham. Jesus needs competition and it would make Jesus sharper knowing he HAS to do the business to get in front of Leo Trossard. How can he be dropped?.

  9. Trossard should start our game for now since we going to play Burnley.
    Rest GJesus for our Porto game so he becomes afresh to play against Newcastle united.
    Perhaps come on as a late sub in the Porto game.

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