Surely Ozil would be the perfect partner for Thomas Partey?

Arsenal, the New Season and Ozil:

If Arsene Wenger’s words are anything to go by, a player like Ozil needs to be fielded in a team with a more defensive minded player by his side and need a little more care and affection. After the deadline day signing of Thomas Partey, I for one had a thought that during the course of the season we would see Ozil shine in a team with Thomas Partey in midfield. Sadly that isn’t to be, well at least until January; where a leap of faith from Mikel would see Ozil make a Final Cameo for the final 6 months of his time at Arsenal.

With so much speculation doing the rounds, what is it that a player of Ozil’s calibre is left out in the cold and the people at the Club say everyone is been given a fair and clear slate to begin with, post the appointment of Arteta. Perhaps, on one side there is an existence of a performance and appearance-related clause which supposedly gives Ozil a chance to significantly increase his earnings at the club and the club are reluctant to add to his already extravagant income. Then on the other there is deeper underlying issue with everything around Ozil, from his level of commitments, to his fitness, his tactical understanding of the games that are now being played, and his state of mind at large. But haven’t we all heard clearly from Ozil’s camp that he has no intention to leave before his contract expires.

No matter how much criticism Ozil faced during poor performances for the team, why is he the only one to be highlighted, when football in particular is a game of 11 vs 11, add to that the constant barrage of information to the players form the dugout and the game changing substitutions. Why don’t we factor in the performance of the opposition?

the tactical nuances that very much define the games and the performance of the teams?

Mikel has got a good grip on the footballing side of things where the level of commitments and progress from all is clearly visible to see. The signing of Gabriel and Partey is a dream to begin with in these testing times for the Club. If we get more performances from Willian, like the one we saw against Fulham we can see him as a successful signing, else it just seems to be the addition of an experienced player to the squad.

If a player of Mustafi’s calibre can be rejuvenated and made to produce performances like the ones, we saw during the first few games after Mikel’s appointment minus the game against Spurs, why isn’t Ozil able to do the same?

Well for now we will be seeing an elephant in the room during every press conference of Mikel Arteta, so much so that we may just know the true factors that have led to this confusing situation of the highest paid player at the club.

So far this season we have seen plenty to be positive about and there is a feeling of sense and calm after many years of fan turmoil and bickering since the takeover by Kroenke.

For now let’s just scream and jump with elation for every goal and win, and also sweat it out during disappointing draws, with the bitter taste and anguish of a defeat every now (hopefully none of that). These in all will make for a fantastic season for the Club and perhaps this New Decade with be filled with Success like the recent FA Cup win and much more.

Bishwaraj Gurung

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  1. Lets get real here! The only “perfect partner for Ozil” is not Thomas Partey. It is an armchair, to rest his tired lazy bones. Talk of playing this virtually comatose ex -playing “player” with our exciting new star is like asking Santa Claus to enter little kids bedrooms and steal all their existing toys. It is just NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

    1. I would really like for you to explain how is Mesut lazy? What made a person of your intellect to come to that conclusion?

      I personally don’t see Mesut as a lazy player so I would really like for you to explain this laziness.

      This laziness song of yours reminds me of Ricardo Kaka who by just looking at him the way he carries himself you could simply be fooled to think he is lazy but he was a very hardworking and very very very strong player.

      I am waiting for your explanation of Mesut’s laziness I won’t just take your word for it.

      1. He’s not lazy ,he plays with a different style which to some makes them believe that he coasts through games ,but if they actually look at his miles covered in games they would see that he was up towards the top in all of them ,but it doesn’t suit their agenda so he’s tagged as lazy .
        Same as this Thief tag that some are using .

        1. This is why I challenge Jon to explain this laziness. You have mentioned data which will be good for Jon to provide if he can get but not necessary.

          The challenge still stands Jon.

      2. HH, Such as easy answer, which is that my eyes work normally.

        1. I easily change my view if convinced that I am wrong. I am very disappointed to see you are trying (unsuccessfully) to run away from the question.

          How is Mesut lazy? You see it but you can’t explain it? The man of your intelligence can’t actually explain something that he sees?

          1. Don’t forget, HH, it was only yesterday
            Jon came up with a suggestion about not mentioning MO at all to “combat these constant Ozil articles” to deprive JA of oxygen! Didn’t last long did it?! 😂

            1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

              That oxygen metaphor is really funny! Perhaps he might be emotionally dependant on these Mesut articles that he realize as he has never missed contributing a comment or 10.

          2. Your question is ridiculous HH.

            JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND NOTICE THAT HE NEVER RUNS FULL OUT, HE CLOSES DOWN ONLY HALF HEARTEDLY, HE NEVER SPRINTS NOR WORKS WITH PASSION AND NEVER GETS PHYSICALLY NEAR THE ACTION IF THERE IS A CHANCE HE WILL GET HURT. He never thinks that he should do his share of work off the ball either. He is absent when the chips are down. Plus his assists and goals have dwindled to almost nothing. He simply wants to take corners, floated free kicks into the box and practically no other REAL actual work at all. He never influences the game these days . Enough for you, I trust? All of these FACTS are why he does not get picked and is dropped from the squad.

            All these things the majority can easily see, Why can’t you then? Please answer THAT question!

      3. Ozil is a lazy player with a weak mentality.
        You don’t need stats to see this. We have our own eyes and have been witnessing his laziness for nearly 8 seasons here.

        This laziness critic has been with him since his madrid days. Didn’t he even say that Mourinho told him off before in the dressing room?

        Wenger just cuddled him and hurt him in a way. Wenger was a Ozil fanboy himself so was always giving him preferential treatment. Now look at how that has ended for him. Ended bad for wenger and Ozil.

        Emery called him out.

        Ljumberg called him out.

        Arteta is calling him out.

        Even his fanbase has been telling us how Ozil is not the type to run about, dominate games, score goals, trackback, defend etc. But hs is the type that will be anonymous for 80 minutes but in the 85th minute can come up with a brilliant defense splitting pass that wins you a tight game.

        Isn’t it?
        Or has the excuse now morphed into something else like we have accustomed to.

        Lol 😂

    2. “Perfect partner” is someone who would allow Ozil zero defensive responsibility while he puts in a half-hearted effort. The ship has sailed, and Mesut is not putting on an Arsenal kit again. People keep thinking Ozil is the same player he was years ago and he’s not. We STILL have to go back to his Leciester match two years ago for his last good performance. His games under Arteta were decent at best.

    3. @Jon
      You have been betting on Ozil not playing for Arsenal ever again since 2018 under Emery.
      It never happened. But the season you don’t bet on it is the season he is told to stay away and concentrate on his social media propaganda, PR STUNTS and victimhood career.

      1. Goonster if you knew anything about pro betting at all, which you clearly do not, as your ignorant post shows only too well, you would know that bets do not work in the simple way you think, though they can in the hands of amateurs, which the bookies love , obviously.
        A pro plays the odds so that they are in his favour and uses percentages , generally over an extended period, sometimes in short spells of the game in ten , thirty minutes etc sections.
        I actually trade, ie buy and sell, the odds as they change, sometimes during a match, more often over a longer period. All pro bettors lose at times but the top ones cover and limit their losses, while maximising their profits. Another thing, kid, you know nothing of my Ozil bets other than possibly, the public one I had over a year ago with Ken. I have had many others on him and on many other personnel AND on political events, including when a vaccine will be first used on the public at large in Britain. You have not a clue how it all works son!

        I HAVE A MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE IN MY BANK ACOUNTS GOING BACK MANY DECADES AND BEFORE YOU WERE BORN! Also young man, it needs a solid understanding of percentages and how the industry works, including traps that bookies set all the time for mug punters.

        I use these traps in my favour and play the long game, though it is not a game, but a business to me. Now you know at least a very little, because in truth there is far more to it than just the flavour I have outlined.

    1. The sooner Ozil and his agent are out of Arsenal the better and can people stop making out he has a place in this team. Arteta has told him what he wanted and Ozil failed miserably (not because he always looks miserable either) and has let himself and Arsenal down. The sooner fans smell the coffee and realise what harm he is doing too our club the better.

  2. This is what Bredan Rodgers said about the Ozil situation.
    I’d be very much like Mikel,” he said. “Ozil’s a talented player, but it depends on your structure.

    “We need every player to contribute to the defensive aspect of the game as well as the attacking aspect.

    “The team have to operate with one brain. They have to function and work together. There will be teams where there is more freedom, but less structure.

    “Ozil’s a wonderful talent and very creative, absolutely. He can make the last pass, but it’s about the team. It’s about marrying the individual qualities of the player into the team and if you feel that player can’t press the game or doesn’t want to press the game, it has an effect on your attacking structure and your defensive structure.

    “If one person doesn’t do their job, then you can suffer. He’s a talent, but, as always with talent, you have to be a working talent.

    “I always say to my attacking players, ‘Don’t run forward if you can’t run back’.

    “You have to be able to do the dirty work. This is the highest level of the game and, at that level, you have to be able to do both sides. You think of any top team in the world and you think of some of the attacking players.

    “If you look at Bayern Munich, the current European champions, and you look at Serge Gnabry and Thomas Muller, for instance, the guys that play down the sides. Look at how hard they work.
    Look at Liverpool with Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane – the work he puts in. That’s what you have got to do. You can’t carry anyone.

    “It’s OK having talent, but, at the highest level, you have to be working talents if you are going to play in the big games for the big teams.”

    1. Sounds like if we got BR instead of Mikel the result would’ve been the same. And people would still be blaming the board, China, or a bunch of other things. If other managers see it then it is a justified football decision. No chance I see Pep or Klopp putting up with Ozil for over a day either.

      1. And Ozil has been a Arsenal for nearly 8 years and I am yet to see any top clubs in England or around Europe coming for him in all his time here.

        Most managers seem to not rate him as high as his social media cultist.

        I try to always do an outsider test on many matters. The Ozil fans have been telling us how he is world class and that if he ever became available big teams would be falling over themselves to sign him. But he ran down his contract in 2017, i did not see a single big club coming for him. Sanchez and Ramsey run down their contracts and they are snapped up by United and Juventus.

        Arsenal have made it clear that they are willing to sell Ozil since 2018/19 season but still not a single big club has ever shown any interest in him.

        Made it clear this summer that we are willing to listen to offers for him. But as always not a single big club seems to even tries to inquire about him. Even if we were willing to subsidise his £350,000 a week wages.

        Am I being biased or this shows that Ozil is just a hype job. His cultists on social media have made him seem like this world class footballing god. But evidence does not agree.

        Can someone please enlighten me on this?

        This ozil hype does not seem to add up.

  3. Partey is a great box to box midfielder and wouldn’t allow Ozil a free role at all. Partey can be partnered with a pure dm like Soumare so Partey can play like Viera not Gilberto. Buying a pure cdm would allow us to play a creative acm in a 4 3 3 formation however I would rather deploy Ceballos or emile Smith Rowe until we buy Aourar in the summer.

    1. And isn’t this why a lot of Ozil fans started turning on Ramsey from 2014/15 season? He was a box to box player.
      He had just come off a good purple patch 2013/14 season but then in 2015 it was not coming off.

      They started calling him holly wood Ramsey that player a very chaotic style, the headless chicken style where he only care about running into opposition half to score goals. And this was one of the many excuses the Ozil fans were using as to why Ozil was underperforming and playing average.

      Ramsey was apparently not partnering Ozil well.

        1. Doesn’t help mate no
          Pepe’s got to do allot more to be considered better then Sanchez
          Saka too early to say he’s improved us
          Lacca hasn’t been any better then giroud or Theo in Ozils first few seasons
          Can I ask who ‘s been our up grade on Ramsey , Cazorla, Wilshire , the OX , Koscielney , etc

  4. Lenohappy

    Love your post. We can no more carry laziness in the term. Arsenal is not the only club available, he can go play somewhere else but he won’t.

    Why? Arsenal has pampered him for years. At some point in time he played only home games

    He feigned injuries often, so called back aches and flu’s

    Wenger gave him that huge contract from 120k to 350k a week to a player who never won us a premier league

    Non of City and Pool players who are world champs now collect 350k a week

    Wenger and Gazidi, thank you for this poor Ozil job.

    1. Havyn Emery dropped him, Freddie dropped him arteta dropped him even the german team dropped now Rodgers said he will do the same if he was to be in his team but still some still think he’s the best no10 in the league.

    2. Who will you blame for giving Auba a huge contract
      He too hasn’t won the Prem
      Well he’s never taken us too 4 either

  5. Rubbish.
    As if he wasn’t playing for us even last season.
    He is finished. Let’s move on. I can’t remember the match he played well last year.
    Arteta tried him too but he failed him and us too. Go share the loot with him.

  6. Dan

    Auba works hard for the team. He doesn’t feign sickness, neither does he choose where he wants to play. Auba don’t ask for holidays while his teammates are preparing for games

    Auba is a team player and not lazy

    1. Havyn isn’t your post a bit hypocritical? You have criticized the huge contract of a player who never won us the league. You were asked a fair question about a player who has been given even a bigger contract yet he has never won us the league either.

      Feign illness, choose when to play, asking for holidays: do you have proof of these accusations? Like medical reports for feigning illness, choosing when to play is a breach of contract I am sure you know that, at least enlighten us about the holiday bit.

      And it would be nice if you answer back because I have seen those who are against Ozil more often than not never reply when asked hard questions (with the exception of one or two) unlike those who support him.

      1. HH Your post is rather silly. “Proof” as in a legally signed and properly witnessed document, CANNOT exist when one is merely watching a lazy player refuse to try. So actual,legal, “proof” cannot be given That is obvious to those who think rationally and thus your post was a silly and pointless one!


          1. Sure DAN, so ask away and you will get the answer that ALL other players work far harder than OZIL COULD EVEN DREAM OF DOING. Though hard work would be a nightmare, not a dream to him! Enough for you?


      2. HH, I have to say you really are a breath of fresh air! You just challenge comments without resorting to name-calling…don’t recall you ever losing your rag…and tbh, I’m not even sure you’ve ever slated any of the team! It’s a peasure talking to you!

        1. Sue I really appreciate your kind words. Your wonderful words have made my day. And the same goes to you.

          You are one of the oldest readers and commenters of this site, and the facts are you are really nice, popular and widely respected.

          It’s really commendable that you always give your support to all commenters regardless of whether they are new or old, regardless of their foreign sounding names, regardless of their “intellectual” capacity and regardless of their broken English.

          You make everyone feel welcome and unafraid to express their views. Blessed are those who have you in their lives.

          Thank you for that.

          1. I meant ‘pleasure’ doh!!!
            Aww, I’m all emosh ☺ That is such a sweet thing to say… I can’t thank you enough 🥰

    2. That’s wasn’t your point
      You implied Mr Wenger was crazy paying someone who’s never won the prem such a big contract
      That’s exactly what we done for Auba
      I would also say auba can be lazy
      In terms of work rate , lacca is more involved

      1. Ozil £100,000 per week more wages than Aubameyang, a striker scoring at a rate of about 2 goals every three games for Arsenal.

  7. Ozil doesnt care about football anymore it is very very obvious yet people are falling for his PR campaign that him and his agent are orchestrating. It is very obvious Ozil was not going to be in future plans for Arsenal. This was SURELY relayed to Ozil’s team during the entire summer and he was free to leave. He CHOSE to stay and not play. So perhaps he should do just that. Don’t complain, accept your decision not to play football, make your money, and leave in 2021. The theatrics is purely Ozil trying to disrupt the fanbase, draw attention to his brand and name, and it’s sad to see people fall for it. Ozil is satisfied with his career and is cashing in. Fine, the club offered him the dumb contract. Least he could do is stop messing fans about with fake sympathy and feigning dedication to his career. He wouldn’t still be here if he cared about playing football. And he wouldn’t be dropped by 3 managers if he cared about football still.

    1. Well Emery brought him.back when he realised he had nothing better ( hence played in Europa League Final)
      And first thing Arteta did was to reinstate him which led to 1 defeat between December – March
      Since post lockdown when dropping him.have lost 6 times with zero creativity
      If we finish outside top 4 due to lack of creativity it ‘s been a bad decision

  8. Dan you keep saying we lost just once before the lockdown, was ozil the defender or the goalkeeper or was he the architect of us winning? How many assists did he create during this period? You keep blabbing about how good he is, and shouldn’t be bothered with defensive duties, is he better than modric, Silva, guodigan, and other midfielders who consistently give assists and not 1 assist in 10 games, yet they still defend and put in the hard work. You’re entitled to your opinion as ozil being your god, others don’t agree to such nonsense so why does it bug you so much to respect others opinions and end with the blabbing always! Funny thing is rant now till you go gray your god ozil ain’t playing for arsenal nomore and that’s the reality so get it!

  9. Ozil may not be lazy. By there is a reason why the media and the previous managers have left him out of the match day team on many occasions

  10. Cannot blame Rodgers for mocking Arsenal about Ozil missing. Check how many times Ozil destroyed his team. BTW if we could find anoher lazy player who scored 102 goals and make 177 assist in a career I would employ him. Note that all the #10 players in the Premier League who run up and down madly like ghost ants are no where even close. Please get the facts. I bet a dollar and keep it for souvenir that Ozil and Partey would be devastating. Ozil always need a strong or confident player behind him. His best partner so far is Santi. BTW he has always run distance from mid to top of all players in every game he is accused of being lazy. The problem is that puppies never understand how bird flies.

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