Surely Riccardo Calafiori will choose Arsenal over Chelsea? (Fabrizio Romano)

Why Arsenal should go all out for Riccardo Calafiori

Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that Arsenal is very interested in Italian defender Riccardo Calafiori after he’s impressed at the Euro’s. It’s being said that both Arsenal and Chelsea are interested in the 22-year-old Italian international, and it looks like the decision will come down to what the player wants to do, although apparently Chelsea are trying to tempt Bologna into a deal by including a player in negotiations. Here’s why I think Arsenal should go all out and do whatever we can to sign him.

For a young player, Calafiori is levels above most defenders his age. He has a sense of calmness and maturity that you don’t usually find in defender of his age and although we have a strong leadership team at the back already, I could see him brining a lot to the team and fitting in well with those already at the back.

Calafiori is very good at intercepting the ball and seems to be able to read the game play very well, getting to the ball and making strong challenges when needed. He’s good in the air and his height plays a bit part in the way he defends. He’s never afraid to put in a challenge and because he reads the game so well, he has a high level of technique when it comes to passing and seems to always find the right pass, into the right channel.

Calafiori would give us a versatile player who can play at left-back or centre back, giving us another level of depth in the defence that I think we were lacking this season. With the injury concerns at left-back, he gives us another option to Tomiyasu/Kiwior/Zinchenko and because it looks likely that Zinchenko will leave the club this summer window, bringing in another defender is a must, and Calafiori gives us that versatile option, just like Timber.

He’s obviously caught the eye of a lot of clubs and a deal might not be easy, but I think Arteta and Arsenal could present a plan for the future that Calafiori would buy into. Because we have such a young group of players and young manager, younger players seem to fit in perfectly and buy into the project. Areta can be very convincing and if it comes down to us and Chelsea, I think it’s a no brainer to pick Arsenal and Arteta.

Of course, things will always revolve around price and what the player wants, and with Italy now eliminated from the Euros we can expect to see some talks going on behind the scenes. I personally think he would be a great fit for our backline and a player who I see a lot of potential in signing. We have a strong backline now, but we need to have more depth, and players who are willing to come off the bench if needed and make a difference.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Calafiori is a great defender and is very talented. Not only did he play well in the Euros but also played consistently well in the Italian league last season and Arsenal were watching him for quite some time. He would be a great addition to the squad and his versatility will be an added advantage. Lets hope Arsenal sign him.

  2. this looks like a deal that might actually happen – and virtually no Arsenal rumours beforehand

    compare to the hundreds of random names linked with Arsenal daily that clearly will never happen

    what is also interesting is centre back has not really been speculated as a high priority for this window – can play left back too which is probably what is behind this

    Tomy and Kiwior fall in to a similar category, may be the persistent rumours about Kiwior back to Italy have some truth to them and this upgrade is pre-emptive of that

    €50m is a lot, not saying not worth it, i think probably is, but is a big chunk of the budget it feels

    with the market very slow then outgoings, and income £££, may be a lot less than hoped

    if so Arsenal can afford one more €50m to €100m high profile signing this window, but probably not two

    that be the case the likely either no big name midfielder or no big name striker coming in this window (if we can’t afford both with lack of outgoings and €50m here)

    that makes this out of left field signing even stranger, but feels like Calafiori might be Arsenal’s first big signing of the summer (Raya does not count as clearly brought in last year with only the finances deferred)

  3. I think I’m beginning to believe the words of a coach from Portugal that said there is so much money than sense in epl. Bologna knows they won’t get more €15m for Calafiori if they sell him to Juve that is why they are creating friction between Arsenal and Chelsea to make enormous profit on the boy sale.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Calafiori missing from the match against Switzerland?

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